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42 number

by andy - 1/19/18 9:32 AM
been seeing number 42 for the last 6 years,it constantly follows me around.on average i see it 6 times every day.ever since it started,i have lost everything in my life,(death,money,relationship,business home,and my once happy life and personality)its a bad number not a good number for me

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42 Spiritual Calling

by Diana - 4/18/16 12:43 AM
42 isn't a bad omen. I have always dreamed of numbers which till last year I thought were lucky lottery numbers. But I never did win 😂. I couldn't understand why I would see numbers in my dreams. But after a bit of research I discovered numbers are actually a form of communication from the spiritual realm. I'm a Christian so believe it's Gods way of guiding us and showing us our true life's purpose. This is the meaning of number 42 that I read on website scared scribes angel numbers

Angel Number 42 is a message from your angels about pursuing your passions and life purpose. When you do things you love, and put your heart and soul towards achieving your goals, the angels give you guidance and assistance every step of the way.

The repeating Angel Number 42 is a message from your angels indicating that you are to maintain faith and trust, and know that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. Your angels are working very closely with you and are assisting with achieving your success. You are... more...

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RE: 42 Spiritual Calling

by Anonymous - 12/30/17 7:36 PM
I have been seeing 42 also. I want to think it is a positive but my life has been a struggle for over three years now. Keep praying but it is like God doesn’t hear me. It is interesting that some see it as a positive and some as a negative. It would really be nice to know for sure

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42 means war

by Anonymous - 12/18/17 10:00 AM
Just a heads up,the Christians,Mormons,and Satanists are throwing the curse of the number 42 at each other. It's a war of religions number.

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by Tony - 1/25/11 2:16 AM
I will tell you one thing; Do not be afraid. Be glad that you are priviledged to be amongst millions of people chosen. Most of you seeing these numbers ask yourself this; How has your life been over the years? Family, health, job, etc...
This number represents a turning point.Life is a repeat. We all have 3 strikes, and after that its all over.
Continue to do the things that you do. Most of you seeing these number are going through a very rough time, but still find a way to keep a smile on your face. Sometimes you even ask yourself where you got the positive energy from to move on the way you do... The number 42 is filled with huge amount of energy. We have been constructed by the greatest scientist of all. Such that words alone cannot describe His works, which is why most of us refer to it as miracle.
He knows each and every mind, and you are one of His.
There is a HUGE road ahead my friends, one lead to life and the other to destruction.
You already have a a stamp on life on your forehead. Now making... more...

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by Anonymous - 4/18/16 2:47 PM
I've just turned 18 and have been seeing the number 42 for about 8 months now. Everyone is telling me I'm going crazy and I am starting to believe them. This blog made me feel better about it but for some reason I am still scared


by Thyagu - 8/31/16 8:19 AM
Got my answer.. All the dreams wt i see becomes true the next day wow.

RE: 42

by christopher allen hetherington - 11/21/16 5:19 PM
Did any one else have the sky open up and a ring above my head was every animal of the animal kingdom that has paws was in a circle

RE: 42

by Axl - 5/23/17 11:14 PM
Wishing to explore the universe know if me seeing 42 has any thing to do with it?

RE: 42

by Anonymous - 6/18/17 4:00 PM
Hello Tony my name is Johnny Please call me i need to talk to you about 42.

RE: 42

by Jamie Fay Renee Parenteau - 6/21/17 1:44 AM
I need u to contact me asap plz about the genitle thing btw ive noticed bleeding and my parts calapsing into eachother and other people around me trying to keep a smile on my face some others hard to read but I wanna do whatever it takes and the people around me I have a game plan. To better the world. I need to work on my dreams and affirmations though as im writing i happened to look @ the time 12:42 i had seen a receit w my #s 47.53.&42. Its all over everywhere my head is clouded though i have an angel on myside.

RE: 42

by Christina - 7/09/17 9:17 AM
Thank you, Tony. I have been researching the number 42 since I came to realize that both myself and my mother had transformational spiritual experiences at the age of 42. 42 feels like it's telling me I'm on the right path to awakening, having come through the first 42 of darkness and now it's time to be awake and aware

Your message has been recieved.

by Tim Best - 8/24/17 12:49 AM
I've noticed the number 42 quite often. A lot more than the occasional repetition of the number. I follow numerology and have my own philosophies on life but I can't seem to figure out what there is for me to do with this major change to come. The real problem is, I have not the slightest clue in what this change or transition is for me yet.

RE: 42

by Autumn - 11/08/17 7:30 AM
This number is everywhere, EVERYDAY, and EVERY time I look at any number. Its just there. I have the worst luck... But I maintain and stay strong. I feel special and set out and away from the world and people in it but I don't know why. I have 7 kids... I do music. It was my passion... I still do it here and there,but my dream and direction isn't the same as everyone else's. Such as I dont wanna be famous. I feel God is the only one that's supposed to be idolized. I feel I cannot allow people to praise me.. God should have all the praise. I love my privacy and doing things at my own pace. I dont wanna be rich. I feel money is the root of all evil and ruins most. I love the struggle. I love the everyday challenges. I just dont know what this life holds for me. Im single and celebrant. I have a dream guy... That's in a relationship with someone else so he's hands off but idk why I can't move on and beyond him...I can't understand what this number 42 is though and why I see it 24/7 EVERYDAY all throughout the day. Im 36 yrs old. At times I feel maybe when I turn 42 I will die... Becuz 42 is my number of death. I just cant say yet that I understand! And must I remind any and everyone that I've been seeing the number42 since the age of like 19-21 yrs old.

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42 has not been a bad number for me

by Anonymous - 9/24/17 1:43 AM
It's my favorite number and has been for years. So, if you see it everywhere, don't start to panic. I've seen it everywhere for periods of times before. Everything was fine. My sister has before too and so she took it as a sign to reach out to me. Anyways, I don't know the spiritual meaning associated with the number, but it has always felt special to me and I think that it has a special meaning the applies to me in some way.

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by collins - 9/21/17 6:37 AM
i belive now all bse am born again, i have discovered more

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These are important numbers.

by Dawn - 10/22/15 10:56 PM
More information? Input?

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RE: These are important numbers.

by Anonymous - 8/10/17 9:52 PM
My friend and look at the clock everyday at 10:42 & sometimes 1:23. Does this mean anything??


by Johnny - 6/18/17 3:57 PM
Oh my. This is mind blowing. Ill finish in my next post here. I must sit down and gayjer myself. 42 is my home affress i was born in this house and my father passed away in the room i now sleep in. He died with a huge smile on his face. Now in my life im going thru very difficult times but as described i have energy to keep going. Theres so much detail i cant finish now but i will.....

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fellow 42'ers

by 42'r - 5/24/17 8:59 AM
i see the nu;42 many times a day since i was 17 now im 27 , it is something bigger then us . it is allso the number of travels that the hebrews did in the sinay desert towords the prommesed land . 42 is a invitation to a state of mind by the upper force who is everything

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The sign of the woman giving birth in the heavens

by S. N. Lee - 1/25/17 12:14 AM
In revelation 12 " The woman and the dragon " her child is "Caught up by God " she is nourished in the wilderness 1,260 days " a time , times, and half a time . 1260 divided by 3 is 42 , sir Isaac NNewton theorized these "days" represented years on earth and days in heaven

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RE: The sign of the woman giving birth in the heavens

by Garcia - 3/10/17 1:36 PM

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number 42

by andrew - 2/22/17 12:52 PM
I have found number 42 has been unlucky.four years ago i was very happy,successful business of 15 years,engaged to be married.nice home,holidays etc etc.then i started seeing number 42 all the time.on average 5 times a day.i wasnt looking for it,it just appeared.ever since then me and my ex split up,my business started to falter,2 years ago it closed down,last year i lost my home.totally broke.suffering from stress,depression and anxiety.not the person i once was.i still see number 42 on a daily basis.whether its connected or not,who knows.just very life fell apart after starting to see the number 42

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Conform, Shall We?

by Milk - 10/18/10 10:41 PM
I'm Milk, I'm fourteen.
For the past few years I've noticed the number 42 popping up here in there in my mind. When ever someone would ask me for an example using numbers, or said to pick a number, it was always 42, or 420, 4,200, or something along the lines of that. Then I started noticing that-not always-but many times when I checked the clock, there it was. ?:42. Now I see it everywhere. When I went to the hospital, 42 was my patient number. In-not one-but TWO of my classes, my book numbers were 42. Many times when I'm counting things-say random objects, there ends up being 42 of what ever it is I'm counting.

I asked a good friend of mine who's into numerogoly what he thought of my "Haunting". He searched some things about it, and said something from the bible, and simply told me I needed to respect my elders. I have much respect for this person's opinions, but I highly doubt that that was the case-just me being how I am. I don't and wont pass it off as nothing, because if it was nothing, I wouldn't notice it so boldly. Obviously something is trying to reach me-and appearently plenty of other people. I'm not too sure what to think of this.._."


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RE: Conform, Shall We?

by Anonymous - 12/24/16 7:57 PM
42 speaks of a lifetime. We have a lifetime to return lay down our will and choose God the Father's will. After we take our last breath it will be too late and we will be eternally separated from His will - Life

RE: Conform, Shall We?

by S.N. - 1/25/17 12:23 AM
42 can be a bad or good thing I've had the same occurrence as you with the number "333" and as all numbers mean many things both bad , good , or neither all I can say is meditate on it , when an answer or thought about it pops into your your mind that you realize doesn't seem like something you would normally think of or say then you may have an answer from the ethereal realm also follow your gut do you have a positive or negative feeling about it? If neither then it is more than likely either telling you about something dealing with another person you know or know of or simply something out of your control, but remember the minds of intelligent people often look for and find patterns in things that actually are nothing at all . Our society is based around the number 12 or multiples of 12 , 60 seconds in a minute , a dozen is twelve 12x2 hours in a day , so 12s and3s occur a lot and 12 x 3 is 42

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Strange dream probably nothing

by Redbeautician - 12/06/16 7:05 PM
I had a dreAm last night. People were trying to attack me, kill me. For some reason it felt like a bunch of tests. Then one man who had come after me said I am on your side. Then there was a young man I think he was dead. There was this coin had numbers around it then a smaller coin in the middle of that coin with numbers around it to. The two coins you could turn and no matter what direction you turned the coins the numbers when lined up equal to 42. And with that over the young man I started making symbols with my hands like sign language but more shapes than anything else. Wierd part is I wake up. Not even two minutes later my boyfriend who's sleeping says BABE! 10 I said to him what are you talking about? He tells me I was dreaming of the number 10. I don't know coincidence or what but it was strange and has been on my mind all day. Weird just weird.

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Number 42

by Debbie - 9/23/16 6:04 PM
In 1983 I had a dream a man came and knocked on my door and asked me to come outside he needed to show me something, when I went outside he told me to look up to the heavens and when I did the sky opened up into 3 sections the one on the right had the number 42 the one in the middle had the kingdom of Heaven and the one on the left was a coffin, the lid was slightly opened, but I couldn't see what was in the coffin, he told me it wasn't time but when it was I would know, and then I woke up. and for many years that number followed me. Let me explain what this number has meant to me both in the past and in my life time. My great grand father died at the age of 42
My grandmother died in 1942 she was 42. My mother died at the age of 42, and my son died in 1998 when I was 42, that same year that my son died my nephew and my sister also passed way My nephew died on the 4th of June, my sister died on the 19th of June and my son on the 19th of July which equals 42. My oldest son who is very ILL went into the... more...

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RE: Number 42

by Sycova - 9/26/16 3:00 PM
I am sorry for the losses you have suffered. The universe is a tricky place, it will trap us in illusion if it can. I have seen your situation before many time, now and in history. The illusion is this is nothing but a play on the mind, an endless circle of nothing, its real but meaningless. Your dream had the number on the right representing the material world, on the left is spirit, a coffin..this is change through spiritual understanding, and centre was the goal, heaven. The situation is a distraction, the remedy is to go forth and live in the now. The number is a passing curiosity.


by MDK - 9/15/16 11:48 AM
I have been seeing the number 42 all my life. I'm sure it has no reference to religion since I've been a non-believer since 9-11. Seeing this number all the time sometimes drives me crazy. I also see this number with a 5 or an 8.

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RE: 42

by Anonymous - 9/20/16 6:01 AM
"nonbeliever since 9-11", that's just funny.


by icebound_ambler - 4/27/16 1:01 PM
The 42 is a cool number hah isn't it

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I counted 42 stars in my dream

by Evelyn - 4/25/16 5:28 AM
The meaning of the number 42 is a real stir to me. I dreamt of counting 42 stars and paying a 100 naira for each which amounted to #4,200 i gave it to a woman who promised to do something about it. D explanation given makes it very clear to me that God has a purpose for my life.

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#BLUE42HAIDES 42 is Pluto aka Satan, lord, GoddoG

by Anonymous - 4/03/16 7:04 PM
Mokech, haides, Pluto in Capricorn black hat, One eye blk dragon beast

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No 42

by Mariska - 3/31/16 10:51 PM
A few nights ago I had a dream with the no. 42 in it. Therefore I was searching for the meaning of it and came accross this web page. For many years now, since I was young I have been seeing the no. 11 or 11:11. And have read up about it a bit. I am a Christian and believe in Jesus. But have read up on it from Christian aswell as non-christian sights, because I believe that there are truths in hidden all over. As Christians it is however important to seek these truths out prayerfully. My question to you is this. Can it be that different groups of people see different no. throughout their lives related to their purpose or calling? That the inherrent meaning of the no. is somehow directly connected to what we are supposed to be fulfilling in our lives. Or even for a season in our lives?

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Word of God

by James - 3/11/16 9:24 AM
Two Score says never has this World been so close to the last of it's life given by the Creator truly it has a Beginning and a End. Now is the time for Rewards to those who are deserving and punishment for those who are not. How is it that most cannot see their Father coming? The Holy Bible is a Record of what did happen and so is the book of Revaluation, not what's going to happen truly this World is deserving of the Fathers coming. Then maybe they will see what they could not understand,fools they are. Word of God they cannot UNDERSTAND. Always Love the Father and wait for his coming Amen. Two Score

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Word of God

by James - 3/10/16 9:53 AM
Two Score Word of God.Says this is a World with many church's and all kinds of men and women in them yet for all their years and all their wisdom they cannot see the Father coming. Two Score says first resurrection did occur 1000 AD man kinds calendar. Two Score says he is the star that fell from Heaven to End this world. 5 26 61 his are the years that number according to the king James Holy Bible when they End in number so does this thing called time that I and my Father have no need of. Two Score says only mankind hath need of time not his Father or Two Score Word of God

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Bad feelings

by Anonymous - 12/31/10 10:42 AM
I am so relieved to have found this page and that I am not the only one. For the past 4/5 years I see the number 42 all over the place. I feel like im just going crazy sometimes but when I see it I get a really bad feeling almost like its a warning that something really bad is going to happen. I dont know how just the sight of a number can make me feel like that but im scared something really bad is going to happen in relation to that number.

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RE: Bad feelings

by Sam - 4/17/15 7:45 PM
Please no. It's not Illuminati. It's God. The irony is that God's warning you against a conspiracy like the Illuminati. Please believe me, I know what I speak of. A time of trial is approaching us. There is only one hope and that is Jesus. There's a reason the name Jesus is so well known. A man will come to great power soon, all will seem to love him, but he is doom! Do not fall for the great liar or he will consume you! Look for these signs and you will know that I speak truth when they come true.

RE:Bad feelings

by Anonymous - 3/01/16 9:55 PM
jesus did not exist. go to bill donahue and check out his videos.

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Being followed by 42

by Anon - 2/28/16 5:49 AM
The number 42 has been following be for about a year and it appears when I walk around on my street, it is the most frequent time I see e.g 12:42 and I just see it everywhere!!! I still have no idea what it means and my friends don't know either I I can't really put these explanations in my life? Anymore people who have the same number following them?

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42ers unite!

by Anonymous - 6/19/15 3:08 PM
I'm glad I found this. The number 42 has been following me for about 15 years. There are times in my life when it becomes infrequent (or I stop noticing) and other times, such as now, when I see or hear it multiple times every day. I've actually started taking pictures whenever the number pops up somewhere, I guess to prove to myself and others that I'm not crazy. My mom passed away unexpectedly 6 months ago and since then, sightings of the number have been more frequent than ever. It's also been a tough few months for other reasons as well. I don't believe in God, although I might consider myself spiritual, as I believe there are unexplained forces in the universe and between people. As some of you have suggested, could it be a number that appears more often when life is tough? Or could it be a message of some kind? What do you guys think?

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RE: 42ers unite!

by Anonymous - 2/24/16 9:57 PM
It isn't a message, but it is a way of showing you that although you're facing many challenges in life right now, God is with you, and you will get through it


by Alexa m - 1/24/16 7:58 PM
I have seen the number 42 whenever I look at the clock my phone percentage my fathers age and I even saw the number 42 written in my basement ( I have never been to the Part it was written ) recently my uncle and grandma died from cancer and my uncle bubby died . Ever since my uncle died from cancer I've been seeing 42 . Everyone says it's bad but after reading all these comments and doing some research I think that God is telling me to stay strong and it will be okay

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