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by icebound_ambler - 4/27/16 1:01 PM
The 42 is a cool number hah isn't it

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I counted 42 stars in my dream

by Evelyn - 4/25/16 5:28 AM
The meaning of the number 42 is a real stir to me. I dreamt of counting 42 stars and paying a 100 naira for each which amounted to #4,200 i gave it to a woman who promised to do something about it. D explanation given makes it very clear to me that God has a purpose for my life.

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by Tony - 1/25/11 2:16 AM
I will tell you one thing; Do not be afraid. Be glad that you are priviledged to be amongst millions of people chosen. Most of you seeing these numbers ask yourself this; How has your life been over the years? Family, health, job, etc...
This number represents a turning point.Life is a repeat. We all have 3 strikes, and after that its all over.
Continue to do the things that you do. Most of you seeing these number are going through a very rough time, but still find a way to keep a smile on your face. Sometimes you even ask yourself where you got the positive energy from to move on the way you do... The number 42 is filled with huge amount of energy. We have been constructed by the greatest scientist of all. Such that words alone cannot describe His works, which is why most of us refer to it as miracle.
He knows each and every mind, and you are one of His.
There is a HUGE road ahead my friends, one lead to life and the other to destruction.
You already have a a stamp on life on your forehead. Now making... more...

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by Julie Jones - 10/09/15 7:05 PM
I don't see the number 42,and wondering why? I am going to be 70 yrs. old on Oct. 21st! My husband is 64yrs and together we have been raising MY daughter's 3 kids, which we've kept in church We switched from our "lukewarm,Church of Christ to a Pentecostal Solid Rock Church that's on fire for GOD! I've gotten re-Baptized and a few weeks later, got the "GIFT", of the"HOLY SPIRIT", but I haven't been seeing the number 42!! Am I doing something wrong? I PRAISE LORD JESUS,day and night!


by Julie Jones - 10/09/15 7:13 PM
Any Suggestions as to why I am not seeing the # 42 ??

RE: 42

by Anonymous - 1/07/16 11:10 AM
Wow I needed this and have been looking for answers on this subject for years

RE: 42

by Anonymous - 2/23/16 10:02 PM
Email me . I need answers of how strong my dreams are. The 42 is everywhere for me. How do I contact you

RE: 42

by Anonymous - 3/01/16 9:51 PM
what you wrote really resonated with me. my apt number is 425. the planet jupiter is made up of the numbers 4 and 2.
thank you for your input. it really spoke to me. i feel there is a connection to the 2 witnesses with this number.

RE: 42

by Anonymous - 4/03/16 6:00 PM
I would love to know more about this, I see the number 42 everywhere. Please help.


by Anonymous - 4/18/16 2:47 PM
I've just turned 18 and have been seeing the number 42 for about 8 months now. Everyone is telling me I'm going crazy and I am starting to believe them. This blog made me feel better about it but for some reason I am still scared

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42 Spiritual Calling

by Diana - 4/18/16 12:43 AM
42 isn't a bad omen. I have always dreamed of numbers which till last year I thought were lucky lottery numbers. But I never did win 😂. I couldn't understand why I would see numbers in my dreams. But after a bit of research I discovered numbers are actually a form of communication from the spiritual realm. I'm a Christian so believe it's Gods way of guiding us and showing us our true life's purpose. This is the meaning of number 42 that I read on website scared scribes angel numbers

Angel Number 42 is a message from your angels about pursuing your passions and life purpose. When you do things you love, and put your heart and soul towards achieving your goals, the angels give you guidance and assistance every step of the way.

The repeating Angel Number 42 is a message from your angels indicating that you are to maintain faith and trust, and know that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. Your angels are working very closely with you and are assisting with achieving your success. You are... more...

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#BLUE42HAIDES 42 is Pluto aka Satan, lord, GoddoG

by Anonymous - 4/03/16 7:04 PM
Mokech, haides, Pluto in Capricorn black hat, One eye blk dragon beast

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No 42

by Mariska - 3/31/16 10:51 PM
A few nights ago I had a dream with the no. 42 in it. Therefore I was searching for the meaning of it and came accross this web page. For many years now, since I was young I have been seeing the no. 11 or 11:11. And have read up about it a bit. I am a Christian and believe in Jesus. But have read up on it from Christian aswell as non-christian sights, because I believe that there are truths in hidden all over. As Christians it is however important to seek these truths out prayerfully. My question to you is this. Can it be that different groups of people see different no. throughout their lives related to their purpose or calling? That the inherrent meaning of the no. is somehow directly connected to what we are supposed to be fulfilling in our lives. Or even for a season in our lives?

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Word of God

by James - 3/11/16 9:24 AM
Two Score says never has this World been so close to the last of it's life given by the Creator truly it has a Beginning and a End. Now is the time for Rewards to those who are deserving and punishment for those who are not. How is it that most cannot see their Father coming? The Holy Bible is a Record of what did happen and so is the book of Revaluation, not what's going to happen truly this World is deserving of the Fathers coming. Then maybe they will see what they could not understand,fools they are. Word of God they cannot UNDERSTAND. Always Love the Father and wait for his coming Amen. Two Score

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Word of God

by James - 3/10/16 9:53 AM
Two Score Word of God.Says this is a World with many church's and all kinds of men and women in them yet for all their years and all their wisdom they cannot see the Father coming. Two Score says first resurrection did occur 1000 AD man kinds calendar. Two Score says he is the star that fell from Heaven to End this world. 5 26 61 his are the years that number according to the king James Holy Bible when they End in number so does this thing called time that I and my Father have no need of. Two Score says only mankind hath need of time not his Father or Two Score Word of God

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Bad feelings

by Anonymous - 12/31/10 10:42 AM
I am so relieved to have found this page and that I am not the only one. For the past 4/5 years I see the number 42 all over the place. I feel like im just going crazy sometimes but when I see it I get a really bad feeling almost like its a warning that something really bad is going to happen. I dont know how just the sight of a number can make me feel like that but im scared something really bad is going to happen in relation to that number.

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RE: Bad feelings

by Sam - 4/17/15 7:45 PM
Please no. It's not Illuminati. It's God. The irony is that God's warning you against a conspiracy like the Illuminati. Please believe me, I know what I speak of. A time of trial is approaching us. There is only one hope and that is Jesus. There's a reason the name Jesus is so well known. A man will come to great power soon, all will seem to love him, but he is doom! Do not fall for the great liar or he will consume you! Look for these signs and you will know that I speak truth when they come true.

RE:Bad feelings

by Anonymous - 3/01/16 9:55 PM
jesus did not exist. go to bill donahue and check out his videos.

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Being followed by 42

by Anon - 2/28/16 5:49 AM
The number 42 has been following be for about a year and it appears when I walk around on my street, it is the most frequent time I see e.g 12:42 and I just see it everywhere!!! I still have no idea what it means and my friends don't know either I I can't really put these explanations in my life? Anymore people who have the same number following them?

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42ers unite!

by Anonymous - 6/19/15 3:08 PM
I'm glad I found this. The number 42 has been following me for about 15 years. There are times in my life when it becomes infrequent (or I stop noticing) and other times, such as now, when I see or hear it multiple times every day. I've actually started taking pictures whenever the number pops up somewhere, I guess to prove to myself and others that I'm not crazy. My mom passed away unexpectedly 6 months ago and since then, sightings of the number have been more frequent than ever. It's also been a tough few months for other reasons as well. I don't believe in God, although I might consider myself spiritual, as I believe there are unexplained forces in the universe and between people. As some of you have suggested, could it be a number that appears more often when life is tough? Or could it be a message of some kind? What do you guys think?

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RE: 42ers unite!

by Anonymous - 2/24/16 9:57 PM
It isn't a message, but it is a way of showing you that although you're facing many challenges in life right now, God is with you, and you will get through it

Conform, Shall We?

by Milk - 10/18/10 10:41 PM
I'm Milk, I'm fourteen.
For the past few years I've noticed the number 42 popping up here in there in my mind. When ever someone would ask me for an example using numbers, or said to pick a number, it was always 42, or 420, 4,200, or something along the lines of that. Then I started noticing that-not always-but many times when I checked the clock, there it was. ?:42. Now I see it everywhere. When I went to the hospital, 42 was my patient number. In-not one-but TWO of my classes, my book numbers were 42. Many times when I'm counting things-say random objects, there ends up being 42 of what ever it is I'm counting.

I asked a good friend of mine who's into numerogoly what he thought of my "Haunting". He searched some things about it, and said something from the bible, and simply told me I needed to respect my elders. I have much respect for this person's opinions, but I highly doubt that that was the case-just me being how I am. I don't and wont pass it off as nothing, because if it was nothing, I wouldn't notice it so boldly. Obviously something is trying to reach me-and appearently plenty of other people. I'm not too sure what to think of this.._."


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RE: Conform, Shall We? NEVE

by Celeste A. - 2/10/16 2:09 PM
Hi! ive been scrolling down this page for a good amount of time now just endlessly reading and searching, making little comparisons in my mind. Your post freaked me out the most though, the first person that has had more than one of the same exact experience as I have. The number 1:42 appeared on my blue black light on my radio and my radio is broken, only works on rare occasions so it just popped up on my radio and it became brighter. Def. do not be scared of this, ever notice those people who you try to talk to about this stuff and they are simply like I have never seen any repetitive numbers your crazy dude! so that leads me to believe only certain people are operating on that particular frequency, enough to actually notice these numbers. Also numbers are the universal language. NASA sent out a message into the universe consisting of just 1's and 0's and with that they were able to explain in depth how our planet is and what we are all about here on earth, they also explained information about our... more...

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by Alexa m - 1/24/16 7:58 PM
I have seen the number 42 whenever I look at the clock my phone percentage my fathers age and I even saw the number 42 written in my basement ( I have never been to the Part it was written ) recently my uncle and grandma died from cancer and my uncle bubby died . Ever since my uncle died from cancer I've been seeing 42 . Everyone says it's bad but after reading all these comments and doing some research I think that God is telling me to stay strong and it will be okay

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Pretty confused

by Anonymous - 1/18/16 5:41 AM
Hi, lately basically every night I have been randomly waking up at around 5:42-5:47 am, so I decided I should look this up and it brought me to this link. Sonwouldnanyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening?

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Can anyone help

by Arick Cordero - 3/04/15 5:58 PM
If 16 and I've been seeing the number 42 everyday for the past few months on several occurances. My grandma is all about Angels and Jesus and what not and my mother wants me to go to church with her everytime she goes but the thing is I'm Buddhist and yes she knows but she would prefer me to be Christian. I don't know if this matters but I would like somebody to reply giving me any information.

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RE: Can anyone help

by Anonymous - 6/14/15 5:01 PM
I have the same problem. If we can call it a "problem". II'm also 16 and I see number 42 everywhere. I just noticed that my name also starts with "A"...

RE:Can anyone help

by Arick Cordeeo - 12/14/15 9:13 PM
Thank you everybody so so much. All the information will be put to great use and my wisdom for these powers on this planet will continue to stack up. I'm very greatful once again for everyone that gave me feedback on this topic. Much love to everyone. I'll come back to this in the future if any questions come to mind.

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by Anonymous - 7/06/15 9:48 AM
Okay so I had a dream last night about the time 10:42 and I am a Christian i believe in God and Jesus. But from what I have herd about the number 42 I'm kind of scared. What if the number 42 keeps following me I mean I'm only 11. I just want more awnsers about the number. I am however glad this website exists and I know that I am not crazy.

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RE: 42

by Anonymous - 12/12/15 9:02 PM
I really was wondering why i was seeing this number so often now am sure its s good reason thanks for sharing these even my dreams sometime came thro

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we we see 42

by Anonymous - 2/14/11 1:54 PM
I would like to weigh in on this 42 situation. I have been seeing 42 for a while now, and I am 43 now, and was 42 the previous year. I was afraid of turning 42 because I believed my life would change and I have already been gifted with the power of premonition and empathy. I am beginning to believe that is a change number, because being 42 was extremely challenging, think Job from the Bible here, but actually I needed to change, and it was good I changed... I am on an evolutionary journey, we all are...So now I am beginning to see 43 more often and I believe it is because I am more willing to accept God'd new life for me. and willing to put more energy in my new better wonderful life, than in my old sick pathetic 42 life.. and as I am follower of both Science of Mind and Law of Attraction, as well as Jesus, they believe this also.. we get what we think about..think about magnificent wonderful good things! Good everything! and 43! 43! 43! Good!

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RE: we we see 42

by Anonymous - 11/11/15 6:13 AM
thank you - same here...

These are important numbers.

by Dawn - 10/22/15 10:56 PM
More information? Input?

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by Anonymous - 11/22/09 1:58 AM
I have a habit of seeing 42 in the oddest places. At my last job, in the public closet, there was a pipe with a tag that had 42 on it. When I applied for college recently, the envelope containing my information was labeled with a 42. I'm 24 now, the house I'm moving to in Washington State is 4828. 42 pages in the booklet for my favorite game, and other than that, I always see a 42 somewhere during my day without even looking for it. It really is a special number for me, but I cant figure out why.

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RE: Reply

by Sam - 4/17/15 7:58 PM
God is using that number to communicate with you. Trust me, I see it everywhere too. It especially pops up whenever I'm having a deep spiritual conversation about God with someone. 42 is prominent in the Bible. It is a sign. The Bible speaks of how young men and women will have dreams and visions, that there will be signs and wonders. We are in those times now. Cling to God, he is using me right now to tell you this. He is the only hope to survive the coming trials.

Im still concerned...

by Sierra - 6/27/13 7:49 AM
..Because I am an Israelite believer in Y'shuah here in the U.S, And at an early age of 17yrs old, I started to see it on the clock...then later realized that every hour that I glance at the clock and see 42 ,something bad was going to happen , wheather it be a bad argument at home, or something major out in the hood that involves me...I have seen the number on the clock went out with no worries, but later arrested. saw the number on the clock, then got robbed at gun point, saw the number on the clock before leaving my home, then lost a bus pass or something and was stranded....list goes on...everytime I SEE IT . It's bad not good .

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RE: Im still concerned...

by Sam - 4/17/15 7:52 PM
I like how you call Jesus by his Hebrew name, I always thought it sounded so beautiful. I want you to know that you are not alone with 42 and believe me God is with you. 42 represents trials, but it also represents something much greater and that is that God is with us! No matter what lies ahead, know that God and his Son are fighting for you! They love you so dearly. Do not see 42 as a curse! God is with you my brother! I am glad to hear that you are a completed Jew, that is wonderful. It is sad how many Jewish people do not know their Savior. Please spread the love of Jesus to those around you, they need it! God be with you my brother in Christ. I am praying for you.


by Anonymous - 10/21/09 3:02 AM
I keep having dreams about number 42.. and now it has started following me!
Wiki has some good pop culture references. In Douglas Adams' The Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy, '42' is the meaning of life. Level 42, the band, got their name from the then fictional band mentioned in a Clockwork Orange.
I don't know what this number means for me but there must be a reason it keeps appearing in dreams. Hmm :)

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RE: 42

by Sam - 4/17/15 7:47 PM
YES be strong in God, for He is guiding you with that number! The season is upon us, cling close to the Lord and let nothing deter you from Him. God be upon you my brother.

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by Daisy - 1/18/15 5:17 PM
The numbers 42 and 24 has been shown to me in different ways for 2 years. Please need help. My son was born 2:24 and died 10 days later @5:42 and everytime I look at the time it's always on the 42 minute. I have my children's fathers name tattooed on my neck and his name is Israel. Help it's starting to interfere with my daily life

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RE: 42

by Sam - 4/17/15 7:30 PM
The number 42 is significant to God. He is there, speaking to you in a convenient way that you'll notice. Please know that he loves you.

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This Helped!

by Anonymous - 3/17/15 7:46 PM
I am a Christian who recently started finding the number 42 EVERYWHERE. Thanks for making this page :D

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RE: This Helped!

by Sam - 4/17/15 7:22 PM
I'm glad to hear you're christian. This whole 42 thing is definitely a sign. We are coming upon some heavy times my brother. Cling close to God.

Now I know I'm not alone

by Ndianefo Chigozie - 4/15/14 8:01 AM
Its all around me. I was D 42nd person in my class. And my reg numb ended wit 42. My downloads somtimes hangs at 42 percent and den I check d clock and it reads something 42. Counless number of times I will pause as if something controlled me and I look at d clock and it reads 42. I always think something significant would happen but nothing does. Till dis one time in a degree Exam in d University, d lecturer was randomly countin students and came to me and wrote d Number 42 on my Script. Behold afterwards I was accused of Exam malpractice(falsely). I still havnt graduated Cos I still yet to face a panel. My fav Band Coldplay has a sing titled 42". Its all around me. I think We are meant to connect somehow. My email is donmafold. Anyone dat feels d need. Take care.

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RE: Now I know I'm not alone

by Sam - 4/17/15 7:20 PM
Wow, you're the first person to describe exactly how I see the number. That part about feeling like you're being controlled to look at the clock and then you see it, I KNOW what you mean! Amazing, God is putting himself out there.

10 years now,

by Badtripp from Montbello - 2/15/15 4:48 PM
My girlfriend at the time (2005)
told me she always sees 3:42.
Then i started seeing 3:42.
A.M. and P.M. for 10 years now.
Power of suggestion? I think not.

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