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43 means somthing..i know it.

by Paige - 9/20/10 3:36 PM
So i got this forutne cookie and for the fisrt time i paied attention to the lucky numbers i was given. So far almost each of the numbers has shown up in the past few days giving me actual luck. for example, 23 has always been my main lucky number all my life since jr.high, and its one of the lucky numbers. Well i was reading my horoscope (which i always do and they have NEVER benn worng)and it said on the 23 i was suppose to start some serious relationship with some one which is the same day that will be enjoying my vacation in NC. Now, my sign is Aries and an Aries is from 3/21 to 4/19, and the guy that ive kinda been seeing, his birthday is on a 21st. See what i mean? In one day all of my numbers 43, 38, 25, 23, 10, 2, all apeared in front of me with beautiful signs, but i just cant seem to figure out 43. Maybe someone else could?

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RE:43 means somthing..i know it.

by axiang - 1/08/14 10:49 AM
soo what the meaning of number 43 for us ? iam from Indonesia i always seen too

RE:43 means somthing..i know it.

by Val - 12/18/17 1:57 AM
43- I will have days where I literally see 43 every hour of the day:
9:43, 10:43, 11:43, 12:43....etc...and also 4:30, license plates, clocks, oven clocks. The girl I am in love with has the birthday April 3rd (04/03)! There is a movie called 43...and I believe it's about soulmates, and back in the day with pagers, 143 means I love you. Maybe 43 is hinting a soulmate connection is being established, or it's your soulmate telepathically saying I love you.

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by 43 - 11/27/17 6:37 PM
What is the numeric number for forty three??

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by 43 - 11/27/17 6:37 PM
What is the numeric number for forty three

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About me all is weirs

by Isaac - 6/10/16 11:00 AM
well here I am trying to find the true about who I am supposed to be I have 4 points in the centre of my pectorals which make a triangle pointing to the floor with the fourth point in the middle I have been born at 12/02/96 43th Gregorian day. I am Aquarius and interesting to know what does it means.

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RE: About me all is weirs

by Anonymous - 9/17/17 9:57 PM
Hi Isaac,I'm in the process of writing a book,I'm 43 yrs old and my mom came to me in a dream pushing stacks of money to me and the numbers 43 came up. Don't know what that means still trying to figure it out. Waiting on GOD to reveal the answers to me. So in the Process of me researching that number I came across a website earlier and found out some very interesting things on numbers that I think would be helpful to you.This is maybe my third time responding to someone's question online being that I'm a cautious person, but I felt moved to give you a little information about me surrounding the number 43 and pass the information I read today to you. Pray it is helpful.The website is called Bible Numbers For Life|Number Meanings-Hidden Manah in God's Word. Have a Blessed day.

BOLD 43.

by agent Susan - 5/14/14 8:16 PM
what does 43 mean I see it everywhere and Im reviewing a murder case and all over these sheets they have numbers but Only the 43's are bold Is 43 a relevant number for a gang or a group die to the west side area(ex Cali)

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RE: BOLD 43.

by Anonymous - 8/09/17 10:02 PM
Does anyone know of a movie (besides Movie 43)that the number is relevant?

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by gian - 2/11/17 1:49 AM
43 is the Jesus'number.

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RE: science

by Jim - 5/09/17 4:10 PM
The Jesuits are at 43 Queen's Park in Toronto


by Colton Hidges - 4/14/17 11:55 PM
A couple months ago,I found out that my mom was cheating on my dad. This was the same time that timbres that ended with the number 43. I thought that this was a sign and everytime is see a time ending with 43, I get a really bad feeling. My mom said that she had stop cheating but this number continued to follow me around. Two weeks ago,I found out that my mom had started cheating again. She has since stop (or so she says but this number is still everywhere. Could it still be a sign of the same thing?

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RE: 43

by Anonymous - 4/25/17 6:57 AM
Look within for the answer. You keep searching for answers you already know.


by Neil - 8/05/12 9:37 AM
This number has been following me around everywhere and making me crazy. It started off when I kept seeing 11:43pm on my digital clock but then it crept over to every single hour. Now when I see a clock and it's not 43 my brain does math with the numbers to make it 43... like just now it was 11:32, I immediately looked at it and thought 11+32=43. I've been hearing this number on the radio and even when driving yesterday I came across an exit 43. I'd like to know more about this and why it is happening to me. I read somewhere that 43 says there are angels and spirits around you, but it's just creeping me out!

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RE: 43

by Anonymous - 4/04/17 2:12 PM
Don't be embrace this will learn a lot from the bible...and yes..u do have angels protecting will teach u be humble..find peace in your heart,love...the bible says u need humility to get in yhe gates of heaven...also analyzing, looking more in ward..yhe bible speaks of contending..embrace your number..its yours fill your home with positive energy..have a great day

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43 humility

by Phillyloco43 - 4/04/17 1:59 PM
43... I use to try to ignore it...1st time I noticed 43 it scared me...i would often see it during a bad period in my first serious relationship..i had a feeling that I was being cheated on...sure enough she was..years past and I meet my wife...together for 10 years...i start seeing 43 constantly again...bad feeling in my gut...i find out my wife was period for me...the Lord, his angels..are warning you...protecting you..if you look in the speaks of contending...maybe I was suppose to win there hearts? What ever the case was this number taught me says u need humility to enter heaven..humility and meek go hand and hand ..humble kind hearted, selflessness ..the number still speaks...but now the number is a positive patient..put out positive energy...ultimatley...find peace in your hearts...god is speaking... embrace #43 ..143= love...u will learn humility ..thwn humble..more positive...remember angels are protecting u...have a great day #team43

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Dont fear

by shaila - 3/24/16 5:56 AM
I started to see this num after an accident in which I was saved.I felt like an angel came in between to save me.I was in shock for a long time that how did it happened.After that I started to look around myself more.I got more relegious believing that Allah is there watching every move of us.I am still busy reading Quran and other scriptures.The more I know,the more I cry.Its a transition going on in my soul really fast.I still see 43 num.sometimes I see 42.Non of us who see this num is crazy.Its like a see,to listen,to know why we are here on this earth....where we will be going after death.Before seeing this number,I did not understand the holy Quran much but now the more I read the more it reaches my soul and more I cry. . . .I see with the eyes of my heart now.I am not the same person anymore.I became more forgiving,more generous,more tolerent and more loving.

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RE: Dont fear

by Anonymous - 3/03/17 7:47 AM
Do not be deceived by the crown the Bible is the answer the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is the god that we serve

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by Lars - 2/07/17 11:39 PM
In simplest terms, what is 43? Whenever I look at the clock it has 43 (11:43.1:43 etc) I always see this number my birthday is also the 7th (4+3=7) does this have meaning to me?

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Fear not

by Michael - 1/20/17 6:02 PM
Fear not I am he that liveth and was dead.behold am alive for evermore and have the keys of death and hell.

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by Devin - 1/20/17 5:58 PM
43 It means Love

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What does the number 43 mean

by James - 1/04/17 6:13 AM
I got up at 743 the weather is 43 degrees and I'm 43 year's old

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If you are reading this, be careful.

by Shankliddle. - 11/22/14 12:09 PM
I was seeing this number everywhere. Than me and my friend found out something interesting about 43s. Connect with me if you are afraid or worring. But i should warn you. Its crazy. Dangerous. Dark and not a good thing. Be careful and stop thinking.

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RE:If you are reading this, be careful.

by Laura - 1/27/16 2:29 PM
I have this number on my atm card , visa card, my cell number, inssurance card .. i do see it everywhere but it makes me happy somehow , im always smiling seeing 43. So tell me please why should i becareful and why it is a bad number ??

RE: If you are reading this, be careful.

by Zoe - 4/09/16 4:55 PM
My mom has been seeing this number. If you could please tell me what this number means

RE:If you are reading this, be careful.

by Shankliddle - 9/24/16 4:24 PM
I wrote this ages ago and i am really surprised how many people are interested. There's a thing called selective senses. It's about brain. When you notice something, or sth happens to you- you start to realize in your everyday life. For example pregnant woman tend to notice other pregnant women in the places they go. So does the rate of pregnant women rise? No. you just start noticing things.
what i was talking about wasn't about religions. it's something really different.
What i am trying to tell is, you all are probably having the effect i just told you. But. There's a slight chance that we could be taking about the same thing. The danger. The people. You can contact me from black_cat_hates_you (my oldest and first mail)
Have a good day.

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need meaning of number 43

by ... - 8/02/16 11:30 AM
I want to what this 43 really means?..I always seeing this number...someone tell me it's good or bad

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RE: need meaning of number 43

by Anonymous - 8/10/16 12:26 PM
I think it's good. I see it everywhere too. But I'm conditioned to see it. It was my HS sweethearts jersey number. ❤️

Number 42 and 43??

by Jack - 1/22/12 7:35 AM
Hello I'm seeing the numbers 42 and 43 in all different kind of ways am I bio g crazy
I hope not but I see them every where and when I tell ppl around me they think I'm bonkers!!!
Am I, plz help

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RE: Number 42 and 43??

by Will - 9/30/12 10:56 AM
Same I see 42 alot too...

RE:Number 42 and 43??

by shaila - 3/24/16 5:23 AM
That means am not crazy since other people seeing this num too! i see it everywhere especially on clock! am trying to know what does it mean.

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43 is following me for 4 years now

by anonymous - 4/22/15 12:23 AM
It's kinda creepy. I feel weird. Sometimes it feels like I have a superpower or something. Whenever I see this number, may it be the time, plate number, grade, etc, something good is happening.

Then I've seen this website and read all your comments/experiences but no one has answered our questions why it kept following us.

Do you think we have something in common?

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RE: 43 is following me for 4 years now

by Lulu - 11/17/15 11:13 PM
It follows me everywhere too. I see it all the time but I don't know what it means. I've heard it's a good thing but I need an specific answer.

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The Meaning of 43 explained.

by Mr. VERY - 11/16/15 12:17 PM
This #43 is associated with bad luck. It's not following anyone per se. There is a gang in S.F. that uses it & says it's bad luck. This was told to me by a wise friend decades ago. I've been tracking it daily for almost 30 years. Yes it's real. If u watch Ur clock, it actually takes longer than other minutes to click over,,,,,(no, I'm not just imagining this). I'm an expert on this # & will explain what I believe makes it bad luck. It's the breaking apart of the prime #7, as in breaking up lucky #7. In chinese the #4 sounds like the word death in Chinese. #3 is very lucky in Chinese,,,, so the 4 is killing the 3 so to speak. If you see this # it's ALWAYS associated with something bad. The examples are ENDLESS!!! But if I had to name one it would be that 430 firefighters died on 9-11 in the world trade center. If u see something bad, but don't right away see the 43, look more closely, it's there. I'm not & u don't need to be afraid of it,,,I just laugh about it now. But I will not get on an airplane if ANY part of flight info. Has a 43 in it. I'd rather walk. Lol! So please stop obsessing over it, I've done enough of that for all of us already. Bottom line: it exists & don't worry about it. Godbless.

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by purple rose - 9/17/15 8:20 PM
i should say that this number 43 is not something that would freak people out. people, this is just a number and the only meaning of this is "NUMBER". that's it! i may be the one that sounds crazy but of course, everywhere we go there are always numbers. in class, work, home, church, hospital, etc. just because anyone sees this number unexpectedly and repeatedly, that does not mean there would be either good or bad luck to appear. i myself experienced these types of incidents and i only call it a "coincidence" because i believe it is it. so FYI people, do not freak yourselves out because anything you think its true is totally wrong. the only thing you have to believe is that everything around us occurs naturally and when something seems weird, it is what's to be done NATURALLY...

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by J - 8/29/15 9:38 PM
I am bound by 43. 43 came to me. I dont know how old these posts are... I would like some insight on 43. lightwork? Need to know what it all means.

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Forty Three

by Chris Landreth (Inventor of Clock Numerology) - 3/20/12 4:46 AM
43 seconds = 0.71666 minutes
71:66 (hr/min) = 72:06 (hr/min)
72:06 (hr/min) = 3.06 (day/min) or 3.6 (day/min)

The Name of God = 306 (Jewish)
3:06 PM = 15:06
156.0 seconds = 2.6 minutes
God = 26 (english)

min/hr hand at 3/6 = 3:30
330 seconds = 5.5 minutes
God = 55 (reverse english)

min/hr hand at 3/6 = 6:15
615 seconds = 10:15 (min/sec)
10/15 = 288th Day

28.8 minutes = 1728 seconds
17:28 = 5:28 PM
Yehoshua/ Yashuah (Salvation) = 528 (Hebrew Gematria)

4+3 = 7
0.7777 = 7/9
Yeshua = 79 (english)

4-3 = 1
John 10:30 "I and the Father are One"

4x3 = 12
min/hr hand at 12/12
-->Hands at the Most High (Luke 1:35)
-->00:00 - 12:00 midnight (First and Last/Rev 22:13)

4/3 = 1.333
1:33 PM = 13:33
1333 seconds = 22.21666 minutes
-->2.16666 minutes = 121 seconds
-->13:00 (min/hr hand at 12/1)
-->John 10:30 "I and the Father are One"
1:00 PM = 13:00

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RE: Forty Three

by Anonymous - 5/26/15 1:50 PM
Well, should have looked BEFORE making a statement pertaining to the Forty Three posting. Couple of problems, from this seat anyway. Some of it is pretty cool, and likely intended to be just as you break it down.

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The Number 43

by McKayla Rodriguez - 6/10/11 1:23 AM
So, the number 43 has been following me for quite a while now. Does it mean something special? I noticed it around last August; when my mother turned 43 years old. I was in a Girl-Scout troop a long time ago and our troop number was 43. I used to walk home from school on this street where all of the adresses had the number 43 in them. Everytime I looked at the clock, it says #:43. The last fortune cookie I got said my lucky number is 43 along with some others I can't remember. But that particular fortune said "Look closely at your suroundings", and everytime I do, I seem to see this number EVERYWHERE. I tell my friends, and they think I am crazy.

There are several numbers that I see; this is the order of frequency I see them in:

43, 34, 48, 13, 32, 72, and 14

So can someone help me out and tell me the meaning of this, please?

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RE:The Number 43

by Anonymous - 5/26/15 9:10 AM
By the way, I noted the statement ending your idea "That goes for all of you". Perhaps I should be frightened, as I actually have taken the time to watch this movie, as my posting should indicate? Or, should you be upset - either as a fraud in the literal sense, or as a fraud who actually is very well known. Your knowledge will be legendary, were you the one I refer to. Your pride and arrogance...well, you know. It would be quite interesting to be able to communicate with someone whose fate is sealed. Since I have no alarms going off inside, I presume you are only a boy, playing a beautiful, fallen Cherubim's part in this play. Either way, I found the next plane during Shavuot...yesterday and the day before - that is when I became again.

I know not everything - but have ideas, and a Book full of answers and directions to take.

I hope to prevail, and finish the race.

He who authored the 66 Books, He is the one I seek. Not the fraud, or the liar. I am already capable of both of those - I desire to be transparent, pure, whole, real.

Guess I shouldn't expose as much...but the light must be seen. It cannot hide, nor will it be possible to hide it, especially with so much Genesis One describes.


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Number 43 on a Montreal Canadiens Jersey with the name Tabernac

by Roy Ethier - 4/26/15 1:36 PM
This is what I found when researching number 43 and Tabernac -

Only 43 verses exist for Exodus chapter 28 (chapter 40 is the last chapter). Your range will extend only to the last verse (verse 43). Please update the range in the URL.

Exodus 28:41 - 28:43

Now viewing scripture range from the book of Exodus chapter 28:41 through chapter 28:43...

Exodus Chapter 28

41 And thou shalt put them upon Aaron thy brother, and his sons with him; and shalt anoint them, and consecrate them, and sanctify them, that they may minister unto me in the priest's office.

42 And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach:

43 And they shall be upon Aaron, and upon his sons, when they come in unto the tabernacle of the congregation, or when they come near unto the altar to minister in the holy [place]; that they bear not iniquity, and die: [it shall be] a statute for ever unto him and his seed after him.

Notice in the URL for this page reference is 28-44 and the last verse of the chapter only actually goes to 43 .....

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43 there's something about this number

by Anonymous - 10/30/14 9:29 PM
For the last 10 years the number 43 has appeared in my life everywhere clocks on cars it honestly everywhere I'll go sometime with out seeing at the most a day. But it's wired I've thought about all kinds of reasons I see it but I'm still confused. lol at the end of the day it's just a number and if there is a meaning I don't think I'll ever know.

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