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Properties of the number 43




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If you are reading this, be careful.

by Shankliddle. - 11/22/14 12:09 PM
I was seeing this number everywhere. Than me and my friend found out something interesting about 43s. Connect with me if you are afraid or worring. But i should warn you. Its crazy. Dangerous. Dark and not a good thing. Be careful and stop thinking.

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RE: If you are reading this, be careful.

by Anonymous - 1/11/15 5:27 PM
Me and my friends have been seeing this number EVERYWHERE for the past couple months. We really want to know what the meaning is behind this. Please reply ASAP

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43 there's something about this number

by Anonymous - 10/30/14 9:29 PM
For the last 10 years the number 43 has appeared in my life everywhere clocks on cars it honestly everywhere I'll go sometime with out seeing at the most a day. But it's wired I've thought about all kinds of reasons I see it but I'm still confused. lol at the end of the day it's just a number and if there is a meaning I don't think I'll ever know.

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by Neil - 8/05/12 9:37 AM
This number has been following me around everywhere and making me crazy. It started off when I kept seeing 11:43pm on my digital clock but then it crept over to every single hour. Now when I see a clock and it's not 43 my brain does math with the numbers to make it 43... like just now it was 11:32, I immediately looked at it and thought 11+32=43. I've been hearing this number on the radio and even when driving yesterday I came across an exit 43. I'd like to know more about this and why it is happening to me. I read somewhere that 43 says there are angels and spirits around you, but it's just creeping me out!

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RE: 43

by Anonymous - 6/29/14 12:19 AM
Wow that is EXACTLY what happens with me! It fallows me everywhere just like today I woke up and rolled over and saw that my clock said 8:43 and at the rec center today on that special water fountain that u fill up water bottles at and it has the number of waste saved from a number of plastic bottles the number it said after I filled mine ended in a 43! Also my locker was 43 at school and it is everywhere! Oh and also i find it in books I read and shows I watch and I'm creeped out but I hope it's not unlucky😊😇😇😇😇

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by Syl - 6/04/14 3:31 PM
Omg same symptoms as Bella! This is crazy! On Pandora the number that shows up is well, you know. And then there is the clock. Every time I look up. At first I thought it was a coincidence but now that I have seen this website, apparently not. My bff cursed me.Help!!!

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RE: 43!

by Anonymous - 6/04/14 3:53 PM
I'm the BFF ;) I cursed her43 43 43 43 43 43 43


by Bella - 6/04/14 3:18 PM
When i got my first locker when I was in sixth grade, it was #43. Shortly after that, I began seeing 43 almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I looked at the clock. Then I was also seeing it every time I checked the tempature, it was always my total price when I went to stores, it was in lots and lots of the math problems I solved, and more. To this day, it still fallows me, but even more ironically it started fallowing my best friend as soon as I told her about how it was fallowing me!

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number 43's influence

by Delmar W. Arave - 5/27/14 5:14 PM
I have noticed for years now that a lot of bad things happen to people in their 43 year, such as first arrests and automobile accidents that are serious. Also the mid life Crisis is at that age of 43 in a lot of cases, although I had a mid life Crisis at age 34!

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BOLD 43.

by agent Susan - 5/14/14 8:16 PM
what does 43 mean I see it everywhere and Im reviewing a murder case and all over these sheets they have numbers but Only the 43's are bold Is 43 a relevant number for a gang or a group die to the west side area(ex Cali)

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43 means somthing..i know it.

by Paige - 9/20/10 3:36 PM
So i got this forutne cookie and for the fisrt time i paied attention to the lucky numbers i was given. So far almost each of the numbers has shown up in the past few days giving me actual luck. for example, 23 has always been my main lucky number all my life since jr.high, and its one of the lucky numbers. Well i was reading my horoscope (which i always do and they have NEVER benn worng)and it said on the 23 i was suppose to start some serious relationship with some one which is the same day that will be enjoying my vacation in NC. Now, my sign is Aries and an Aries is from 3/21 to 4/19, and the guy that ive kinda been seeing, his birthday is on a 21st. See what i mean? In one day all of my numbers 43, 38, 25, 23, 10, 2, all apeared in front of me with beautiful signs, but i just cant seem to figure out 43. Maybe someone else could?

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RE:43 means somthing..i know it.

by Aimee Wade - 8/13/13 10:56 PM
When I first met my husband He asked me if I knew pager codes. He told me the numbers 143 & 43. I understood the firt set which is I love you, but the second set I couldnt tell you. After he told me them numbers Ive been seeing them everywhere everyday. Now 2 yrs ago i asked Jesus to be my savior and what I believe that God is showing me with them numbers is that he loves me 143 and 4+3=7 so the first word he revealed to me was FORGIVE that has 7 letters, and then he started revealing more to me, PERFECT, TRUST ME, AWESOME, AMAZING, PROTECT, PROVIDE, GLORIFY, MIRACLE, TEACHER, COMFORT, LESSONS, GROWING, BELIEVE, WORSHIP, KINGDOM, HEALING, BLESSES, CONTROL, JEALOUS, FULFILL, PROMISE, RESPECT, LEADING, and GUIDING. To me I believe all these words pertain to GOD. The number 7 is aslo the perfection(completion)of God if Im not mistaken

RE:43 means somthing..i know it.

by axiang - 1/08/14 10:49 AM
soo what the meaning of number 43 for us ? iam from Indonesia i always seen too

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by Phil - 7/09/13 9:40 PM
it's taken me years to figure it out..
I'm 41, I'm a fireman..... I'd always see digital time as XX:43.
Started when I'd take screen shots of my iphone.
It's 343

I assumed 2043 was my year of expiration.

343 has been branded in our eyes ever since American Choppers built the " fire bike"

I also seem to associate with when we reflect upon pictures of elders when we realize we are now their age in the picture. 43

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seeing the number 43.

by Anonymous - 5/15/13 6:03 AM
i have seen the number 43 four times.

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I keep seeing the number 43 and 34.

by katie - 3/10/13 8:53 AM
I also keep seeing 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and 1111. Its kinda getting creepy. Anyone know what this means?

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Number 42 and 43??

by Jack - 1/22/12 7:35 AM
Hello I'm seeing the numbers 42 and 43 in all different kind of ways am I bio g crazy
I hope not but I see them every where and when I tell ppl around me they think I'm bonkers!!!
Am I, plz help

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RE: Number 42 and 43??

by Will - 9/30/12 10:56 AM
Same I see 42 alot too...

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by Will - 9/30/12 10:55 AM
I see this every where too!!!! WTF is going on?

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by Anonymous - 5/29/12 12:53 AM
There were also 43 kids born with my name when i was born and it was for two years 1999 and 2000

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by Anonymous - 5/29/12 12:51 AM
Why is 26 not mentioned in religion

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43 :'(

by Anonymous - 2/13/11 9:47 AM
omg i've been seeing this number EVERYWHERE for a whole month now.. ugh everytime i look at the clock its (#):43.. i opened a fortune cookie and the lucky numbers were 3, 43, 4, 44, 33.. I DONT THINK ITS LUCKY AT ALL. i read a text msg, and the time's always (#):43... i was driving around i look to my left and the house number is 43 WTF IS THIS

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RE: 43 :'(

by Lissa - 17 yrs. old. - 5/28/12 3:17 PM
I see number 43 and 4+3 equals 7 and 7 is NOT a lucky number for me, my lucky numbers are 17 & 13 .

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The number 43

by Rachel - 4/08/12 11:05 PM
To me the number 43= 4 which which represents the earth/with a cross (inside a square) and heaven which represents heaven or triangle. Thus, 43 is the perfect union of heaven and earth. The comment about 58 represents Venus/Virgo and the golden ratio 1.618 because every 40 years Venus inscribes a 5 pointed star in the sky but it takes 8 years for each link in the star to be transcribed. 8 also represents eternity. Merely put it on it's side:)

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The number 43...

by Cali - 2/03/11 4:40 PM
Ever since my ex started football this year ive been seeing the number 43 everywhere. We were together when he started football and then we broke up, but his number was 43. Now I see this number everywhere, my days havent been good for months. I'm starting to think the number 43 is anything but good luck.

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RE: The number 43...

by Anonymous - 3/29/12 1:00 PM
I think it could possibly mean something like too much info or something unseen or not revealed. There is something with the # 3. The only thing i can think of is the trinity of blah....

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Forty Three

by Chris Landreth (Inventor of Clock Numerology) - 3/20/12 4:46 AM
43 seconds = 0.71666 minutes
71:66 (hr/min) = 72:06 (hr/min)
72:06 (hr/min) = 3.06 (day/min) or 3.6 (day/min)

The Name of God = 306 (Jewish)
3:06 PM = 15:06
156.0 seconds = 2.6 minutes
God = 26 (english)

min/hr hand at 3/6 = 3:30
330 seconds = 5.5 minutes
God = 55 (reverse english)

min/hr hand at 3/6 = 6:15
615 seconds = 10:15 (min/sec)
10/15 = 288th Day

28.8 minutes = 1728 seconds
17:28 = 5:28 PM
Yehoshua/ Yashuah (Salvation) = 528 (Hebrew Gematria)

4+3 = 7
0.7777 = 7/9
Yeshua = 79 (english)

4-3 = 1
John 10:30 "I and the Father are One"

4x3 = 12
min/hr hand at 12/12
-->Hands at the Most High (Luke 1:35)
-->00:00 - 12:00 midnight (First and Last/Rev 22:13)

4/3 = 1.333
1:33 PM = 13:33
1333 seconds = 22.21666 minutes
-->2.16666 minutes = 121 seconds
-->13:00 (min/hr hand at 12/1)
-->John 10:30 "I and the Father are One"
1:00 PM = 13:00

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The Number 43

by McKayla Rodriguez - 6/10/11 1:23 AM
So, the number 43 has been following me for quite a while now. Does it mean something special? I noticed it around last August; when my mother turned 43 years old. I was in a Girl-Scout troop a long time ago and our troop number was 43. I used to walk home from school on this street where all of the adresses had the number 43 in them. Everytime I looked at the clock, it says #:43. The last fortune cookie I got said my lucky number is 43 along with some others I can't remember. But that particular fortune said "Look closely at your suroundings", and everytime I do, I seem to see this number EVERYWHERE. I tell my friends, and they think I am crazy.

There are several numbers that I see; this is the order of frequency I see them in:

43, 34, 48, 13, 32, 72, and 14

So can someone help me out and tell me the meaning of this, please?

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RE: The Number 43

by Anonymous - 11/11/11 12:47 PM
You are not going crazy, as this is happening to me. The number 58 has been following me for quite sometime now. Everywhere I go the number 58 pops up. Lately, I have been ignoring it but its like 58 is thrown right at my face. When this first started, I saw the numbers around every 3 - 4 months, then monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and now its there more frequently! I do not understand why this is happening to me. However, I looked up the meaning in the number 58 and it means great success.

I also see numbers in this order: 5, 8, 11, 17, 21, 23 and 28.

p.s. My lucky number is 5, 8 and 58. I was born on the 5th, 8 is the number of the scorpion and 58, the year I was born... So I too wonder what this means and can't wait to turn 58 and see what happen... Best of Luck on your research. Hope I was able to shine some light... (43 = 4 + 3 = 7) Play your numbers... I believe you might just win the lottery. You never know...