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93 Comments for Number 44 Symbolism, 44 Meaning and Numerology

Comment on Number 44 Symbolism, 44 Meaning and Numerology

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by oo - 3/04/15 7:56 PM
Faith=44 in English ordinal a=1 b=2 c=3 judah=44

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RE: 44

by RAW - 9/20/15 8:52 PM
It's 944 and I'm seeing 44...144....404....444....I was called my favorite little Arian. Or David by my dad's friend who is the most influential person in my life. 44 was my baseball players favorite number. "Eric the red Davis". I wore 44 for baseball. I'm Birthday is 8-14...I have blond hair and blue family all has brown hair brown eyes.


by angela - 8/25/15 3:21 AM
Well it have a year that i see number 44 everywhere but i don't know is bad or good in China people believe that number 4 is unlucky number and number 44 mean dead but here i saw that number 44 is sign from angels. what will i do ??

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frequently occurring in my lifetime memories, home address,busSee,son's football #

by Anonymous - 7/03/15 4:12 PM
See above; even using it as a security no. because it is so frequent in my daily live; trash bags purchased had a quantity of 44; strange; why 44?

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by anonim - 6/19/15 2:18 PM
it's a sign from angel i know it you must wish something good when you see number 44 and that wish will be real but don't forget that will be a good wish

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by Rokhihero - 4/24/15 8:46 AM
The fallen 44 saf commando,is dead after the war in mamasapano mindanao phillipines to biff rebels.

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by Ronald - 4/24/15 9:02 AM
God say to me!My son keep up the good work have faith to me with body,mind, and soul.Is the 44.


by 44 - 9/26/13 10:21 AM
My first name comes to 44 and my last name comes to 44 too but that´s not all. My birthday comes to 44 also??

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RE: 44,44,44??

by Jenny - 4/02/15 2:09 AM
Or 888.. which is the number for Jesus😊

significance of number 44

by Anonymous - 3/23/15 1:11 PM
I thought that I was all alone but it is nice to see that others see the number 44 frequently displayed in digital form . I think that we might all be specifically chosen by the Holy Trinity. I believe that God is indicating that he is with us. I see 44 when I am most afflicted and depressed. It indicates do not worry God is on the case. Trust is what he is asking of us his chosen ones.

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by ylm - 1/16/14 12:50 PM
I am an Hispanic 39 female living in Miami and I have been experienced the number 44 for more than a year. It comes all the time. Actually it comes EVERY time a see the clock, even if its not mine, the minutes are always 44.
At the beginning I thought it was something random but even my son realized about that! I have been wondering the meaning of that persistent number in my life... But this page just make me more confused!

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RE: 44

by Anonymous - 3/14/15 1:52 PM
I am from west Virginia now for two13 years. I have been. Seeing the number all44 every time I look at a clock or my phone. This site as well is confusing me too. What does the44 mean in plan English.?

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The number 44

by Wayne - 4/08/13 3:24 PM
There are many occurrence's of four in the bible and all seem to have significance of starting or ending some event. Forty days of rain needs no explanation. Moses lived three forties. Israelite's wandered in the wilderness forty years. Sun made on the fourth day. Four hundred years of not hearing from God...Malachi to Matthew. Jesus born 4000 years after Adam. There are many other "forties and fours" and these few are samples of what I'm getting at. Four hundred years after Jamestown was established Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president. Obama is the 44th president of the US of A. I believe that he is the last president of the United States, or at least the elected head of state.

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RE: The number 44

by Anonymous - 11/13/14 7:13 PM
144,00 tribes of israel

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Blood+abola+Obamah+ 44 president. All have 44 the numericle value the same

by Justice - 10/20/14 9:27 PM
Yes in bible codes the number 44 is the value the same Blood, Abolah, Obama president each one matches 44 as he is the 44 th president.

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by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:12 AM
Sign of sacrifice own spiritual needs to satisfy greed of other people.

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A New Beginning

by Jansen Simanullang - 7/13/14 5:44 AM
God chose pairs of 4 males and 4 females to escape The Flood, refill the Earth and started a new beginning for mankind.

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by Meagan Alise - 6/06/14 9:53 AM
A very wise woman that I met passed away 44 days after she taught me and a friend of mine very important things, and she was a God fearing woman, with the sweetest spirit I've ever known. I can't help but to think that maybe her very short role in our lives was linked to her destiny and once completed, she was taken home 44 days later. This woman changed my life in a matter of 3 days and I am curious as to see what relevance those 44 days could have to the total equation. My experience with her presented so many 2's and 5's, 2 representing separation and 5 representing grace. At this time, me & the person I was with had not been getting along. We were what some would call divided. I believe that God graced us (5 being the number of grace) to be able to work together for a greater purpose. Also, 2 representing the # of people God dispatched to important assignments. Can anyone shed some light on the possible significance of 44?

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Infinite Energy

by Sir Diamond - 1/23/14 2:46 PM
It is equivalent to the infinite of number 8. If you turn number 8 sideway, it is an infinite symbol. This is why Immanuel ( Jesus ) chose the fish to feed to the people.

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Comment on Number 44 Symbolism, 44 Meaning and Numerology

by Katnea - 3/31/13 7:26 PM
I would also like to add that the date of 4/13/13 may be important as well. As 1+3 = 4 and so this date is also a kind of 4/4/4 combo.....

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RE: Comment on Number 44 Symbolism, 44 Meaning and Numerology

by no1mamasom - 1/02/14 3:58 AM
I was born on 4/13, on a Friday,with a full moon. My mother explains that as being why I have alot of bad luck. I don't believe it because you make your own destiny, right? Oh yes, it was also rush hour. Bazinga!


by Diego Romtella - 5/09/10 1:39 AM
My name is Diego and I see the number 44 all the time. Help me, please.

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RE: 44!!

by Manukea irvine - 7/26/13 10:49 AM
Hi. My names Manukea. I see 4:44 everyday, 2:22, & 11:11 a lot. Do you know something about this? I saw you asked Diego about fb. I was born at 4:44AM 8/8/82 could you help me to please?

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New Earth-Judgement

by Anonymous - 3/16/13 6:05 PM
New earth 44 Judgement

You are a candidate to move on to the new earth. You've been hand picked by God. Judgement is coming on the world. Don't get caught in love with the beast system like the worldly. They are left behind reserved for wrath.

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RE: New Earth-Judgement

by Diamond - 5/09/13 1:00 PM
Hi, how did you came to this conclusion? Did God tell you?
Diamonddistricts at gmail dot com

44 in plain sight

by Anonymous - 5/02/13 11:00 AM
i was born on the 44 (august 29 96) and i personally believe that it's a manifestation of karmic energies coming to action, from the unseen and beyond. the angels bear their presence with this number, especially the guardian angel.

blessed be, to new manifestations

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by SS - 5/01/13 2:45 PM
When i see an abundance of fours popping up with synchronicity it means that the angels are surrounding and protecting.

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I find meaning in John Paul I

by Anonymous - 4/01/13 11:49 PM
Born on the "22" ("Light", 17-Oct-1912 OR 1+7+1+0+1+9+1+2), died on the "44", 33 days after his ascension to the papacy. Double numbers always have important implications for Karma, even we can't always discern it as mortals. The death of John Paul the First most certainly had profound implications for this World: a child of Light was brought down very quickly (and perhaps mercifully?) through the Grace of God. God Judges The World and he sees it as sinful and lacking at all times. The Grace of Jesus Christ does not cover the World as it should be: it is up to the faithful to pursue that path for all those of this Earth.

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Comment on Number 44 Symbolism, 44 Meaning and Numerology

by Katnea - 3/31/13 2:31 PM
I too have been seeing the number 44 come up as well.(4:44) I've a hunch that on 4/4/13 something may happen. 1+3 = 4 and so one could look at the numbers as being 4/4/4 or 4:44. Who knows really....

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It's a personal thing

by Anonymous - 2/24/13 8:44 AM
I too have been seeing 44 for several years now and have been trying to figure out what it means. Searching sites such as this one (and others) gives me such wildly diverse answers to what 44 means that it does not help me at all.

A couple other articles I have read say that 44 can mean "chosen" which I thought was awesome yet another pointed 44 to "perdition" (not so awesome).

I have concluded that this is something personal between God the Holy Spirit and myself. It may mean nothing specific but is simply a reminder from Him that he is with me. It helps to keep Him in my thoughts as I go through my day.

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RE: It's a personal thing

by Anonymous - 2/27/13 6:39 PM
me too...for about five years. i think the Lord is speaking to me about ez 44. that ch distinguishes between the faithful zadok priesthood and the levitical priesthood who mixed unclean things with worship offered to God. ive taken this to mean the Lord is calling us to walk in holiness and seperate from compromise. sometimes I'll even fly out of bed from a sound sleep at a 44. i always take time to declare that the Lord is HOLY. does any of this ring a bell?

It's a personal thing (follow up)

by Anonymous - 2/24/13 8:46 AM
Note the timestamp on my previous post. Wow.....

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44 the millininial generation

by badokra - 11/20/12 9:41 AM
In Matthew 24: Yeshua ( Jesus) said "This generation will NOT pass until you see me come back again",.I think "This Generation" Yeshua refered to is the age of the Ecclessian Church age as a generation that Yeshua begat from himself speaking to his disciples as a whole part of this church age as a generation. Before the church there was From Abraham to the birth coming of Yeshua 42 generations between. Yeshua is the 43rd generation ( the church generation) still among us until His return again. His return will be uniting us all among from all faiths in Him with Israel. This will be Zion in the new millinium,.. this new united Zion will be the 44th generation or age. My hope is in this that I will be a part of that 44th generation in complete faith in the Messiah. If you are born after the death of your old self and He is your Messiah,.. then like me and many others of us are seeing the number 44 because that is our future ! The Generation We will become with Lord Messiah on earth ruling directly over Us as... more...

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number 44 mean

by elias - 11/11/12 8:39 PM
44 ancient Kings of Israel
44 calling code to UK
44 Obama President of USA
and a movie call 4:44 last days on earth
44 numerical meaning for Judgement of the World
is there a pattern here or what??????

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