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by ylm - 1/16/14 12:50 PM
I am an Hispanic 39 female living in Miami and I have been experienced the number 44 for more than a year. It comes all the time. Actually it comes EVERY time a see the clock, even if its not mine, the minutes are always 44.
At the beginning I thought it was something random but even my son realized about that! I have been wondering the meaning of that persistent number in my life... But this page just make me more confused!

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by Anonymous - 2/21/17 5:22 PM
i can feel the grace of God during this time but in a sense i feel like evil has a legal right to torment me and its very depressing.not to scare anyone.some ppl have good experiences with the number but unfortuantly for me i have been experiencing humiliation and sorrow to the point of suicidal thoughts and all.but i do thak God i am here everyday but this time is so advice to anyone reading this is to not play around with the grace of God and remember that the enemy of our souls is very real.i wish to tell my testimony of everything that i am experiencing but for the sake of time and my testimony not being complete i will wait for the perfect time. be blessed and keep God first in everything

RE: 44

by Anonymous - 4/19/17 10:02 PM
I have been seeing the number 44 for a month or 2 months now,like when i look at my time it would be 4:44 or 8:44 just always 44 would appear not just my phone but when i look at other places too i just really want to know what it means.


by Adrian C. - 1/05/18 3:09 AM
This is crazy! I just seen the number 44 when I forgave my deceased aunt for something she did or might have said because it was pretty innocent. I'm a life path number 11 in numerology but all of a sudden the 44 appeared in the air. I don't tell ANYONE this but I see things all the time and I'm not afraid of it. It's actually pretty interesting. For instance, all I have to do is ask a question and a Y for Yes or N for No appear. It's pretty funky but cool. I'm glad it happens as my life is more interesting with it happening. I wanna tell my mom kinda but I know she'll freak. I don't want her to think I'm hallucinating because I don't think that's the case! Date: 1/5/18.

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by Does it really matter? - 1/02/18 4:18 PM
Look at the 5-pointed star (representing man - 1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs) and turn it upside down (no evil intended). Note the number 4 and a mirrored 4 that make up the star. If we stay with the star representing man & if each #4 represents an entity, then 2 souls (sharing the shoulders) make up this 'man'. Imagine then, TWO people in one body. To the first (for example) "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Who are you? What have you sacrificed?" and then to the other, "Jesus Christ Superstar - Do you think you are who they say you are?" If I'm not mistaken, in the New Testament, 'The Lord Jesus Christ' was used BEFORE His death & Resurrection, and AFTER 'Christ Jesus, The Lord' was used... 44 = the boy, Lucifer (The Mysterious Stranger), not Satan.

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significance of number 44

by Anonymous - 3/23/15 1:11 PM
I thought that I was all alone but it is nice to see that others see the number 44 frequently displayed in digital form . I think that we might all be specifically chosen by the Holy Trinity. I believe that God is indicating that he is with us. I see 44 when I am most afflicted and depressed. It indicates do not worry God is on the case. Trust is what he is asking of us his chosen ones.

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RE: significance of number 44

by Anonymous - 11/22/17 1:15 PM
Amen. God is revealing things to us. Satan mocks God all the time

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Obama is the anti-christ

by Nobody - 9/27/17 3:48 PM
Obama is the Anti-Christ he has blinded the non-believers so they can not see the destruction coming down upon them.

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RE: Obama is the anti-christ

by Anonymous - 10/27/17 7:32 AM
Trump as well! Leading the slow ones into a cave like on the poltergeist

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RE: 44 & Seraphim

by Voln Gharst - 9/09/09 5:52 AM
Arabs call Jerusalem, "Al-Quds"

Al-Quds = 528 (Reverse Hebrew)

And match with just about all values of 'Jesus' (ie. 515, 18, 444, 74, 555, etc)

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RE: RE: 44 & Seraphim

by Anonymous - 9/27/17 3:44 PM
2 Corinthians 4:4
 Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.


by 44 - 9/26/13 10:21 AM
My first name comes to 44 and my last name comes to 44 too but that´s not all. My birthday comes to 44 also??

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RE: 44,44,44??

by Anonymous - 8/24/17 4:26 PM

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by Anonymous - 6/19/17 7:56 AM
Reading through comments and years of studies into all kinds religion, numerology, geometry, and everything bizzare I've been lead to believe that 44 is closely associated with the evil eye/ eye of horus-ra/ LUX-LUXOR programming/ Lucifer. So it's pretty long to discuss. Long story short those are all one entity that lure one in with using the light and good fortune to stealing,use, alerting and shutting off energy that most people don't even know exist anymore. Research LUX/ evil eye and you'll find that they offer SHORTCUTS using 44. One should be very wary of any and all who claim shortcuts!

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by Marlen Silverstein Gottman - 5/06/17 9:15 PM
Hidden (hi-DD-en) - (he-44-en)

Four (400) hundred years after Jamestown was established; Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president.

And he was 44th president; -- and Donald Trump is the 45th president -- But he will be only the 44th person
(the 44th male), to actually hold the job.

Because president Grover Cleveland - served TWO non-consecutive terms:
He won the election in 1884, but lost in 1888 -- and won again in 1892 —
So, he is considered both the 22nd and 24th president.

So, Trumph is actually both "44th and 45th" president.

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RE: 44

by Anonymous - 5/14/17 4:12 AM
Very interesting. Barack Obama appears in the Bible. Also take Santa Clause. Rearranging Santa into Satan.. definition of Clause is an old old word deriving from another meaning lighting. Best I can remember.

44 66

by Nickdavijhon - 4/16/16 1:53 AM
I'm seeing two numbers, 44 and 66. I had a few crazy experience taking hallucinative drugs. Eversince this numbers been appearing to me. I wouldn't not try to talk about it, because it would be to much.

Normally I see 44 but I would say 80 percent of the time 66 will follow. I can not avoid it, I feel like God is telling me something and I just don't know what it is.

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RE: 44 66

by Anonymous - 4/05/17 9:24 AM
Me too I see 44 66.. and I dont know what it means or if it has any meaning..

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Infinite Energy

by Sir Diamond - 1/23/14 2:46 PM
It is equivalent to the infinite of number 8. If you turn number 8 sideway, it is an infinite symbol. This is why Immanuel ( Jesus ) chose the fish to feed to the people.

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RE: Infinite Energy

by Gina John - 2/20/17 10:15 AM
Thank you

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by Anonymous - 12/06/16 12:52 AM
They are meaningless mental constructs. You cannot focus on the road if you're consistently looking at the road signs. Keep following your own intuition, dance to the beat of your own drum and ignore everything else. Including "magic" numbers.

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by Anonymous - 12/05/16 5:29 PM
"Darkness", Ignorance, Disharmonious such as the Modern Standard Tuning of 440hz producing a "disharmonious" frequency in opposition to the harmonious 432hz

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RE: RE:44

by Anonymous - 12/06/16 12:49 AM
This is new age crap. Listen to some 440hz music. Then listen to 432hz. It doesn't sound good.


by Meagan Alise - 6/06/14 9:53 AM
A very wise woman that I met passed away 44 days after she taught me and a friend of mine very important things, and she was a God fearing woman, with the sweetest spirit I've ever known. I can't help but to think that maybe her very short role in our lives was linked to her destiny and once completed, she was taken home 44 days later. This woman changed my life in a matter of 3 days and I am curious as to see what relevance those 44 days could have to the total equation. My experience with her presented so many 2's and 5's, 2 representing separation and 5 representing grace. At this time, me & the person I was with had not been getting along. We were what some would call divided. I believe that God graced us (5 being the number of grace) to be able to work together for a greater purpose. Also, 2 representing the # of people God dispatched to important assignments. Can anyone shed some light on the possible significance of 44?

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RE: Help!

by Anonymous - 9/15/16 11:34 AM
44 is is how many times the word tribulation is mentioned in the bible.oboma is our 44th president

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by Anonymous - 8/15/16 10:07 PM
The,,,44th President, 44 years ago we had an attack at the Olympic games that 11 killed victims of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre was commemorated on Wednesday 3 Aug,2 016 a ceremony at the athletes' village in Rio. Two of the widows of those killed in Munich were present and said the remembrance had brought closure. in an official ceremony organized by the International Olympic Committee.

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by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:12 AM
Sign of sacrifice own spiritual needs to satisfy greed of other people.

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RE: Sacrifice

by Anonymous - 7/07/16 12:33 PM
I like this meaning: please elaborat. Very interesting point

44 meaning - Perry Stone talks about it in the Hebrew and English

by Dave - 6/25/16 2:32 PM
go to Sid Roth It's Supernatural web site under
television tv-archives June 20, 2016
I cannot put links here

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It's a personal thing

by Anonymous - 2/24/13 8:44 AM
I too have been seeing 44 for several years now and have been trying to figure out what it means. Searching sites such as this one (and others) gives me such wildly diverse answers to what 44 means that it does not help me at all.

A couple other articles I have read say that 44 can mean "chosen" which I thought was awesome yet another pointed 44 to "perdition" (not so awesome).

I have concluded that this is something personal between God the Holy Spirit and myself. It may mean nothing specific but is simply a reminder from Him that he is with me. It helps to keep Him in my thoughts as I go through my day.

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RE: It's a personal thing

by Juliyah - 5/29/16 12:47 AM
Hi yes. It's personal or a special something between you and God. I agree. Sometimes people ask me what a number means, but I think the best is to help people with ways and websites to get to YOUR answer. As many different personalities there are on the planet so many different relationships will there be with our Lord... He loves the diversity... Can I share what works for me... I type in biblical meaning of 44 and then pray and write down what the Holy Spirit fixes my attention on. I also type in gematria 44. And I would look at the fourth hebrew letter and make a study on that. Look at scriptures verses of eg. Isaiah 44 :44. And what I saw on someone else's comment blessed me so deeply because 44 means Judah if you take it according to the english alphabet. And that's the name the Lord told me will be the name of my boy.Oh! Also look at frequencies 44 mkhz and dna coding. Happy hunting :) always reminded of the verse: it's the glory of the Lord to conceal a thing but the honour of kings to search it out. Let your heart always search for Him. Be loved by Him.

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Not seeing the word "tribulations" 44x in the Bible ?

by Peter - 3/04/16 9:36 AM
I was initially confused by the "tribulations" word counts above. I now believe the 44, 11, and 33 "counts" are actually a kind of shorthand(?):

"tribulations" (PLURAL) is found "4x in 4 verses" in the Bible; thus, the "shorthand" of "44" for it. And "11" refers to the single "1x in 1 verse" occurrence in the OT (1Sam 10:19); and then, "33" refers to the "3x in 3 verses" occurrences in the NT (Rom 5:5; Eph 3:13; 2Thess 1:4).

[Btw, I believe "beast" is found 44x (in 33 verses) in the book of Revelation].

God bless.

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by john miguel - 11/07/15 5:58 PM
I am not the light but a photon. My numbers are 3 and 6. I was born on 9/22
My birth name was Matthew
At 6 weeks my name was changed to John Miguel.
I am 39
Frequent number sequence:

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RE: 44

by Anonymous - 11/07/15 6:00 PM
I mean 555

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by oo - 3/04/15 7:56 PM
Faith=44 in English ordinal a=1 b=2 c=3 judah=44

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RE: 44

by RAW - 9/20/15 8:52 PM
It's 944 and I'm seeing 44...144....404....444....I was called my favorite little Arian. Or David by my dad's friend who is the most influential person in my life. 44 was my baseball players favorite number. "Eric the red Davis". I wore 44 for baseball. I'm Birthday is 8-14...I have blond hair and blue family all has brown hair brown eyes.


by angela - 8/25/15 3:21 AM
Well it have a year that i see number 44 everywhere but i don't know is bad or good in China people believe that number 4 is unlucky number and number 44 mean dead but here i saw that number 44 is sign from angels. what will i do ??

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frequently occurring in my lifetime memories, home address,busSee,son's football #

by Anonymous - 7/03/15 4:12 PM
See above; even using it as a security no. because it is so frequent in my daily live; trash bags purchased had a quantity of 44; strange; why 44?

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by anonim - 6/19/15 2:18 PM
it's a sign from angel i know it you must wish something good when you see number 44 and that wish will be real but don't forget that will be a good wish

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by Rokhihero - 4/24/15 8:46 AM
The fallen 44 saf commando,is dead after the war in mamasapano mindanao phillipines to biff rebels.

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by Ronald - 4/24/15 9:02 AM
God say to me!My son keep up the good work have faith to me with body,mind, and soul.Is the 44.

The number 44

by Wayne - 4/08/13 3:24 PM
There are many occurrence's of four in the bible and all seem to have significance of starting or ending some event. Forty days of rain needs no explanation. Moses lived three forties. Israelite's wandered in the wilderness forty years. Sun made on the fourth day. Four hundred years of not hearing from God...Malachi to Matthew. Jesus born 4000 years after Adam. There are many other "forties and fours" and these few are samples of what I'm getting at. Four hundred years after Jamestown was established Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president. Obama is the 44th president of the US of A. I believe that he is the last president of the United States, or at least the elected head of state.

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RE: The number 44

by Anonymous - 11/13/14 7:13 PM
144,00 tribes of israel

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