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Dream of number 45

by Anonymous - 6/11/12 2:13 AM
I had the oddest dream that lead me to research the number 45. I usually have lots of prophetic dreams but i had no knowledge of the number 45. In my dream i was in some sort of ruins. A voice spoke softly and my dream was filled with warm golden rays from the sun. Usually i hear this voice speak to me and it tells me things to come. In this dream this voice told me about God being in the form of a goat and the devil is made of 45 skulls. And when he said that an image of a red pyramid formed of skulls appeared. I dont know what it ment till i read what was on this site. I understand what it said about demons cause ive had a horrifying experience with one whether you all believe me or not. I started my search of the number 45 with asking whos the 45th president... obama is our current and 44th. I was unaware of this. May our 45th be the devil himself thatll lay mankind to ruins. I hope this voice that speaks to me every night is all just a dream and nothing more but a dream.

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RE: Dream of number 45

by Anonymous - 11/09/16 1:09 AM
I was googling what does 45 mean biblically? This post is what I found. Donald Trump was just elected as president. God help us!

RE: Dream of number 45

by Anonymous - 11/09/16 3:57 AM
Sounds like you are being visited by demonic spirits and should reconsider your walk with the Lord Jesus. God is not in the shape of a goat, and the devil WILL appear to you as an angel of light and make himself beautiful to you.

RE:Dream of number 45

by Anonymous - 12/21/16 9:26 AM
Believe it because it is a prophetic dream. I know because I had them too. The change will start very very soon. Our world will be in ruins and Christians will be persecuted and killed. A new world will born from the ashes of the old world and humanity will start a new journey living under the light and love of God.

RE:Dream of number 45

by Spud - 8/18/17 8:39 AM
"The change will start very very soon. Our world will be in ruins"

Jesus and Paul were both prophesying that the world would end very very soon. But 2,000 years have passed since their inaccurate prophecies. They were mistaken (if not liars, or fools).

In my lifetime I have heard numerous predictions that the world will end soon (1968, 1973, 1980, 1982, 1999, 2000, 2012, etc).

Each and every prediction was foolish nonsense.

Wake up. Live today for today. Be kind to each other and plan for a long future.

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45 in the one dollar bill

by j3 - 6/30/12 7:30 AM
Is hidden betwen the conbination of numbers and simbols meaning who ever reaches the 45th will be the ''deaceaver''

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RE: 45 in the one dollar bill

by Anonymous - 8/14/17 7:13 PM
>>It's hidden between the conbination of numbers and symbols meaning who ever reaches the 45th will be the "deceiver"


by Anonymous - 2/04/17 10:21 PM
45 means "What" in Hebrew. The world was like "What!!! When Trump was elected

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RE: 45

by Anonymous - 8/14/17 7:06 PM
Evangelist Perry Stone preached in October 2016

January 1973, Roe vs Wade

by Stephen - 7/04/17 9:13 AM
Killing children has always been a tool of The Watchers. I saw that someone had a dream about a goat... this is relative to The Truth. The Goat of Greece is not The Ram of The Lord. An altering of God Given names for titles happens continually, suddenly a title becomes the only known name, but it is not a name, but a title. His Name is Immanuel Yehushua. Immanuel means " The Lord Among Us"... giving His body as The Foundation of Heaven... The Earth Accepted Him, yet people still call this place Earth... as if it is still void and without form. We are in The Womb of Creation, Adam is " Altered". Even the name Adam is not a proper name, it just means " man". The name " God", itself, is recognition of Wotan/godan/Oden of Norse mythology. Its an offensive name. Because of this, mankind wails and gnashes their teeth because they do not understand the Mark of Man... " ? ". Inverted, it is The Letter Jay, the birds of the sun worshippers. Truth... the letter J was created less than 500 years ago. To calculate... more...

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RE:January 1973, Roe vs Wade

by Anonymous - 8/01/17 5:53 PM
Kali yuga

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Colon cleans the body

by Wen - 7/22/17 3:04 AM
45 means he is the colon of the body...helps remove fecal matterI think it is very important for people to know we are all important but we are not created equally in the innerspace of the body animals are dead people
..Why then are they taking a human form????Because everyone has been so afraid to know the truth about who they really are....So the president is the cleaner of the body..He is wise.

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sometimes I wonder...

by Anonymous - 1/11/11 8:06 PM
somtimes i wonder how everything is so connected in this world. trips me out d00d.
definitely a cool thing though, cool cool

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RE: sometimes I wonder...

by Kyle - 5/18/17 10:35 PM
WaterGate 1972
Donald Trump - 2017
45 years.
45th President

This came to me...happy to see im not crazy


by yuo - 2/18/17 9:07 AM
I had a dream too but i don't live in usa so i know it is not connected with the president i still have to find out what does it mean but this is first time my dream spoke to me.

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RE: 45

by Anonymous - 5/07/17 11:55 AM

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the dreamer

by seer - 1/27/17 10:40 PM
i had also a dream last sept. 2016 , it was also 45 , i thought it was a caliber 45 and im afraid. when pres. trump was elected as the 45th pres of the usa i had alrdy a vision in my opinion. DEVILS/DEMON
ARE already playing or doing their task. they also form like human but their SPIRIT is black. try to read [1peter5:8 ]
the end is near behold your FAITH until d game FINISH. some of my dream turn to reality! THE DEMON ATTACK ME AND I WAS LOSE but i believe as long as there is life there is stil hope

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RE: the dreamer

by Anonymous - 4/13/17 11:55 AM
Pray for help and mercy from Jesus. He died for our sins and wants to save you from your sins.


by julie - 3/07/17 9:40 AM
Trump fits the bill! Carson's statement of slaves/Imigrants appoling,,, A.C. and his Band Of NIHILISTIC 45. Hold tight to the Trinity, its gonna be a rough ride. Adversity Gives Us the opportunity to GROW. AMEN? AMEN!

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by Anonymous - 1/20/17 8:44 PM
Donald Trump is the 45th President!

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RE: President

by Anonymous - 2/20/17 9:38 PM
Watch Perry Stone on Its Supernatural..Sidroth..he explained the meaning


by 45 - 1/24/11 9:17 AM
This is interesting: Take the alphabet a-z numbered. The words Holy Bible add up to 45. Check it out yourself. So for instance, for H, the number will be 8 and so on. When you get the list of numbers, add them and youll find 45.

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by Anonymous - 2/08/17 12:34 PM
8 15 12 25 2 9 2 12 5

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Number 45

by Damaris - 10/03/10 1:23 PM
My son wrote my a poem when he was in fourth grade in which he write William , It means loving, fun caring , it means the number 45 , its like the blazing sun warming the earth, its playing video games with my mom. its is the memory of mother Damaris who taught me honesty and the concepts of life. When she put soap in my mouth for lying. my name is William it means I care for other people without thinking of my problems. So the question is what the 45 number means.

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RE: Number 45

by St. Michael - 1/23/17 12:03 AM
Fidelity Investments will fall flat, Asia will dock war ships on the west coast and Americans will be striped naked and loaded onto ships. many will die from biological war and nuclear bombs.# 45 the antichrist has risen and the demonic spirits thrive - America will end and all shall die.

Your dream of 45

by Guest - 1/08/17 9:06 AM
It looks like you may have your answer.

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45: What does it mean?

by Kelly Dixon - 8/15/13 5:55 PM
My deceased brother has been trying to get a message to me and he emphasized the number 45. On another website, someone else claims to have experienced something similar. I discovered that the number 45 means preservation, but I am not certain of how that relates to me and what I am supposed to do. Does anyone out there have any ideas?

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RE: 45: What does it mean?

by Jo JO - 11/08/16 9:13 AM
the Holy Bible teachings never want us to communicate with the dead.. that is a sin..

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Correlations & Parallels

by Shiloh - 8/09/16 2:55 PM
Israel has had 44 kings in they're history. Obama is the 44th President. The fulfillment of Psalm 45 is close at hand

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45 decoded

by Woody - 5/06/16 8:49 AM
Gestation is made up of two periods: 4 months (baby quickens--kicks) (120 days) and 5 months (baby devel) (additional 153 day). I was shown when I asked why the upcoming 45th president is so important--Quote: "45 decouples (i.e. decodes) as "1" then "5" then "3" (this [remainder] 3 'carries' up and over the 5). Giving 1-5-3.

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RE: Dream of number 45

by Shawn welling Goodwater - 10/03/15 6:00 AM
I to have been attacked by demons a plenty, they would only flee at the Name of Yeshua Messiah

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by lilred - 2/27/14 1:10 PM
45 is the biblical number for inheritance

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RE: 45

by Anonymous - 10/03/15 5:47 AM
Where did you find that meaning?

Republican presidency

by Mark patrick seymour - 8/12/14 7:39 PM
I am republican president elect mark patrick seymour the first president in american history to be president elect for two years before living in the whitehouse no other president has ever done that

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prequil to numerology

by Anonymous - 8/08/14 11:27 PM
45 if you connect to simple numbers 4 saying your connecting and 5 being a surprise of sorts(therefor you may or may not see what is coming but there could be a gut feeling) cause they are put together in one number your events are probably happening rapidly if you add or substract the number you get 9 and 1 which tends to symbolize creating one, that could be one within your self or looking at the fact that we are all uniquely connected as one

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Im 45

by Roland - 4/16/12 6:30 PM
I Love Number 45 and My Favorite Is 45

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RE: Im 45

by Ms. CITY HALL - 4/03/14 9:01 PM

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by samie - 10/03/10 12:23 PM
thats so like awesome

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RE: 45

by Jessica - 11/20/13 7:19 AM
Every word repeated in my perception of reality comes to symbolize in depth and simplicity, but in depth iswhere all words are transformed later after me questioning its repentance. I'm a unique one because I'm smart but I was blindsighted by history. Education is very important. I'm being educated with repentance of words and numbers and it's history. I project that info in my own way along my path, this cycle of life


by Anonymous - 12/06/07 9:31 AM
where and when in the bible was the number 45 mentioned? kindly give the scripture chapter and verse.

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RE: #45

by Anonymous - 8/25/12 9:47 PM
I've always wondered what the symbolism was behind the # 45. I was born at 4:05pm and that number follows me everywhere. My parents' address and where I grew up is 415, my dorm room # my freshman year in college was 415, I work at 5410 Trinity now (which is crazy considering what it says about Trinity) and on and on with things in my life that have had to do with this number. Wish I could remember them all now because this is really neat. The number 9, the sum, also comes up a lot for me. Bery interesting.

al Aqsa mosque on the temple mount has 45 columns

by Anonymous - 6/01/12 1:54 AM
al Aqsa mosque on the temple mount has 45 columns on the inside. It has 33 columns of white marble and 12 columns of stone.

There are 12 months in a normal year. The muslims do not add intercalary months like the hebrew calendar to keep the season lined up with the months. As compared to the gregorian solar calendar, it takes 33 years for the month of Ramadan come back into the same position with the sun. The Muslim calendar regresses 10 or 11 days per solar year.

The muslim calendar and Hebrew calendars are in agreement only 3 of the 33 years (1st month = 1st month).

So 12 months in a year plus 33 years = 45.

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Yea So It Is WriteN Shall Evolve So~ EACH Planet is Developed Properly.

by Me$$iaH - 3/02/12 2:44 AM
As We have been Within the spiritual realm for such a moment Linear. We have not develop the skills that a flesh is needed to control that desire vehicle of existence. Yet asleep in bodii as the soul weathers away.. With no progression. Well one has engaged now leading into the play of game so we all awake can transcend onto other elements of the Universal cycle of LIFE.. Once completely exposed as humans that are driven by extraterrestrials they will surrender to our development as Cosmic beings transformed. Then we can extend our universals experiences past the planet EARTH.. Already have the development of Mars, under going and ~~~ONCE EARTH Is Conquered by DaMessiaH born out of PuritY~

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