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Properties of the number 48






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i live on 48 i see the number 48 everywhere i go i do angel readings and i thank you for this information

by Denise - 3/07/10 10:28 AM
thanks again

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RE: i live on 48 i see the number 48 everywhere i go i do angel readings and i thank you for this information

by Anonymous - 2/14/16 3:02 PM
On the cross inri (the number of the letter in the Alphabet 9+13+17+9= 48

RE:i live on 48 i see the number 48 everywhere i go i do angel readings and i thank you for this information

by sasha - 9/09/17 4:30 PM
To be honest I love the number 48 y ? It because I started loving 48 cause my crush was born on the 4th and I was born on the 8th so I started to love the number and I look it up and find out that it is also a angel number.

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every 48 min

by mayra - 11/14/16 3:37 PM
It's been a few times that every time I wake up the time was 3:48am I fall asleep and it's 4:48 am I go back to sleep and then the 48 comes agent in my clock that same night I hear a dog howling there are no dogs in my neighborhood that's what keeped on waking me up every 48

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RE: every 48 min

by FatFreddy - 3/14/17 6:02 PM
The same thing is happening to me, everytime i look at the time i seem to notice the number 48 far more than any other number. i feel like this all began when i had a lecture on the 1848 revolutions...

training exams

by Roxanne - 11/23/16 12:49 PM
I have been doing training exams to prepare myself for a big test and all my results up to now are always 48%. I do some big efforts when studying and try different types of studying, but i always get this 48% mark following me. Not only that i don't even get the 60% mark to at least pass, but i wonder how it can be related to these symbolism meanings and definitions...

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RE: training exams

by Anonymous - 2/15/17 9:40 PM
more studies my friend.

The 48 Gods

by Anonymous - 1/17/17 1:11 PM
I see 48 all day, every day. I can never get away from it. The 48 overlords have blessed me with this beautiful gift. Sometimes I even use ouija boards to communicate directly with them. I also constantly have dreams about seeing 48 for the first time. I imagine that it is the greatest thing to ever happen to a person. Additionally, I have used demonic rituals to sacrifice my blood. 48 is immortal. 48 will never die. All hail 48.

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by Anonymous - 1/17/17 12:33 PM
I walked into a store and I looked at all the things in the store as a normal person would and I found an isle that was just filled with 48s they were on everything it was $48 or 48 cents for everything.

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7 x 8

by Anonymous - 4/25/16 12:30 PM
7 x 8 =56 not 48

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by Anonymous - 4/19/16 9:03 AM
I usually dream about numbers and animals and whenever i look up its meaning I usually follow it. I believe its God's way of talking to me.

With these news and prediction of a huge quake coming soon I was thinking I hope it wont happen.but this dream of mine kinda bothers me knowing that these news are going out around the internet. So I had a dream about a month ago. It was Easter Sunday, I was hiking on an island with the view of the ocean, lots of people on the beach swimming, parasailing and being happy. then a heard a huge sound, followed by a very bright light from the sky. People looked at the sky including me, there were images. on the left side was Morgan Freeman (yeah, thats really weird.Probably from watching too much natgeo.He got a show there talking about Gods), in the middle was an image of a woman holding a child, and on the right was a demon image looking down to the earth. then a voice of a guy said "on the 48th day, the world will end".

with the weird things going on with nature lately, this kind of dream really bothers me.

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by bhongzkie - 9/25/14 8:05 PM
wow..after many years I found out im not alone seeing 48 all the time

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by Freya - 11/22/15 11:09 AM
My OCD causes me to do things 48 times,I don't know why but I used to love 48 and think it was lucky but now only bad things are followed by the number 48, I HATE 48 so much since what it causes. It always follows me.


by RE 48 - 2/27/16 10:35 AM
To each of you not liking the number 48, it may be a calling for you to seek God and your Savior. Bad things happen because they are times we usually turn to God in prayer, draw you closer to God.....I read while searching the meaning of 48 that it is bad but it is a number calling us to renounce ourselves to the "worldly" things and seek selflessness. That is the walk I am walking now and BOOM I was given that number for me too seek and it affirmed what I am doing. God is mysterious and if you love mystery, I challenge you to walk HIS walk and see HIS light and HIS way. It is a pretty awesome journey. Good luck but most of all GOD BLESS.....

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by Anonymous - 1/08/12 9:26 PM
On a day this year, I wished a friend a silent happy birthday with my thoughts. She turned 48 that day and I feel like I've fallen in love with her and she is often in my thoughts, as if communicating with me. Sounds crazy, but I'd love to know if it's really her. God bless

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RE: 48

by Emunah - 7/03/15 11:14 PM
OMG there asre exactly 48 posts on this topic scary ...

Queen mentioned 48 times in the bible

by Terrill TC - 3/31/15 2:03 PM
But below us under the surface of the earth is worlds of 96 the teaching explains.. In In reference to when the Lord revealed that I was little fire his son and the sun was in magnificent of him being the actual sun.. (hot).. the father of Jesus Christ a consuming fire.. In my first years of college this experiencing came about.. but below us is the world of 96 a complication which equates getting back to simplicity.. A opportunity given from the Lord. Nine for birth and six for man.. Why was man born..? What is are purpose...? In conclusion the word queen is used 48 times in the bible... That in which Jesus was born of a woman in begging come why he was born.! Relic/Terrill TC

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by A.G. - 3/06/15 8:03 AM
48 = D and H it means draw heaven.

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by Anonymous - 8/02/14 7:44 PM
7x8 is 54 u have an error in your introduction

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RE: 48

by potroastrinism - 3/03/15 11:03 PM
8x7=56 in this universe Rain Man.


by Craig - 12/25/14 6:30 PM
Was looking at the name of the album 48:13

The more I have learnt from gematria numerology I thought this doesn't add up excuse the pun then u read all this stuff and I've only started scratching the surface

Night night world

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numerical direction is worth all the time in the world

by Princess Y''sreah Hosannah Raffah Hussein Al-Sayeed Aziz - 11/02/14 12:53 AM
My name will not be changed but...... if anyone has any links to.more of this teaching pleade email the links to mellodee.linda

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compiliations of number sequences and music

by Mellodee Rose'Spirit - 11/02/14 12:50 AM
I need to thank you for this study, as God had given me a number that represents who I am, as I asked him to since numbers do not lie. In doing so, it came to be the number 48. A number I am.unfamiluar with, and could not figure its meaning in either aramaic nor hebrew. I read your study and new why God chose 48 as my number. The significance of the number 48 being of the forces, laws, and worlds that confound our souls is itrinsic to solving the mystery of life being lived in the holy spirit and not under the laws of man. Fairly speaking I shall add how compiling the evidence of numbers always returns us to the world outside the box, or as I call it the matrix of life. Thank you id love to study all your work and publishings all you put online id love to have a list or website to receive more instruction as to the direction a number is leading me. Thank you for releasing my soul from THE SIX LAWS OF SIN.

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i take it as my lucky number

by omar - 9/19/14 7:21 AM
I see 48 as many time as possible in different places

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Unlucky one

by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:24 AM
Being abused by others. Paying debt of 'own karma'.

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unexplained event

by Isaac - 7/17/14 11:30 PM
Okay well,I hope I dont sound crazy when I say this but I have noticed that the number 48 has been noticed by me and I see the number everywhere I go and everyday I show everyone and they are like "wow thats crazy" and its just unexplainable I had a dream of an old man telling me 48 and ever since that day i have seen that number everywhere and every day! I need help of what it could mean...

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RE: unexplained event

by poisongas - 7/21/14 6:37 AM

48 Ya!

by Anonymous - 12/11/10 9:52 AM
To me, 48 represents that I am on the right "PATH". When I don't experience the number 48 for a long period of time, I consider myself on the wrong path.

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RE: 48 Ya!

by Anonymous - 7/14/14 10:43 AM
Is 7 x 8 = 48?

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Major typo!

by Anonymous - 5/19/14 6:32 AM
48 is a product of 6 x 8 not 7 x 8.

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by David - 4/20/14 4:26 PM
I'm from the Czech and I always see 48 every, I love this number.

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Numerology 48

by Sbily - 11/26/12 2:10 PM
I need help on selecting my witch name my numerology is 48 please send names for me.

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RE: Numerology 48

by Anonymous - 2/25/13 12:44 PM
according Chinese, number 4 is death and 8-success.


by mr magdalene xp - 11/23/12 2:58 PM

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by Anonymous - 11/14/12 2:59 AM
I've seen this number everywhere, everyday atleast 5-10x a day, (alot on the time) for about four years now, im a practical person and i don't know if i believe in any meaning...

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48 Hrs.

by Robert Walker - 8/09/12 8:29 PM
I am the author of fifty books on Kindle, and so I spend a lot of time researching and posting STUFF on facebook, twitter, etc. I posted a long litany of instances where I see this number come up all over the place like it is stalkin me. Nice to see most feel it is a good thing and benevolent and more good connotations than not. Makes me to relax about it as it creeped me out for a long time..... Doing better with it nowadays. Thanks for everyone's honest sharing.

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RE: 48 Hrs.

by Robert Walker - 8/09/12 8:31 PM
PS.... my birthday is 1948...this is why it kinda unnerved me originally. An amulance goes by with a giant 48 emblazoned on it...and whamo, I would wonder. This being the followup of maybe tn such occurences in a couple of days.