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Properties of the number 49





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55 Comments for Number 49 Symbolism, 49 Meaning and Numerology

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by Rajan Udugade - 5/22/16 7:01 AM
It's appears always I see this number on bus car truck and tv etc..

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49 on license plates

by Wojo - 5/16/14 12:03 PM
Hi, over the last 10+ years, i'll driving along, no matter on the highway, city, wherever, whenever and i'll randomly glance ahead, beside and notice 49 in the license plate number. I mean for no reason I'll look up at a license plate and it will have 49 in it. I don't look at license plates without 49 in it, only the ones that do. WTF?

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RE: 49 on license plates

by alex49 - 3/14/16 11:35 PM
same here

49 follows me

by Keli - 1/21/16 6:00 PM
Since my 1st memory 49 was my bus # as a kid, 149 was my class room # for my ld classes, so I adopted 49 as my pager I'd # growing up. My license plate of one of my cars started with 49 by random. As I got older I figured out I was born on the 49the day of the year, and when someone huge in my life good or bad happens I see the number 49.

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Clocks with 49

by Anonymous - 10/19/14 7:58 PM
Every single time I look at the clock I see the number 49. I'm not sure why and am really wondering. It is usually 7:49. And suggestions?

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RE: Clocks with 49

by Anonymous - 1/15/16 11:54 AM
This is happening to me too!! For like 6 months now. Every time I look at the clock, it is xx:49!!
I was just looking up if 49 had any meaning

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Im a SF 49er fan, and now see it everywhere!

by Diana-Goddess of the Hunt - 1/23/15 11:01 PM
I will be 58 years young in a few days, and I want to know how come since childhood, being an avid fan of the NFL team, my hometown of San Francisco, CA...the SF 49ers football. For the past decade or more, everywhere I go, every and every time I glance at a digital clock at home and at travel, it reads :49 seconds after the hour? I have just read the above and find it most fascinating! Are there anymore stories or articles, maybe even an online group support regarding the 49er club here?

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RE: Im a SF 49er fan, and now see it everywhere!

by Anonymous - 11/10/15 6:10 PM
funny we are both the same age, and you wrote exactly what I was going to write! are we twin-SF 49er fans? lol

ok i just looked at my clock after reading

by ronnieisthename5 - 10/03/15 12:52 PM
and it said 11:49 o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

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49th comment O_O

by ronnieisthename5 - 10/03/15 12:45 PM
i heard someone say there phone is 49 so i came to check here i know it has a meaning like 69 does ---_____---

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49th year

by Deborah - 9/02/15 1:26 PM
Is the year 2015 a "49th" year? Also, I heard it mentioned Harbinger's 49th

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by Anonymous - 8/12/15 8:27 PM
ive seen this number more than 15 times a day everyday for 5 years now.

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I see 48 and 49 many times over. Yeah just looked at the clock - 48/49 right there again

by Warren - 6/28/15 7:47 AM
All I can make from this is I was conceived in mid May of 1948 and born on February 10th of 1949. Birth of Israel May/48 - National Emblem for Israel on 2/10/49. W.S. designed it - my initials too.

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the person I know saw the number 49written on a piece of paper in his dream

by Anonymous - 4/01/15 11:01 PM
He is feaking out and stuff so i want to know what it means

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RE: the person I know saw the number 49written on a piece of paper in his dream

by Anonymous - 4/27/15 4:25 PM
I keep seeing the number 149 every were I've woke up at 149 I've looked at my phone it's 149 this has been going on for a few weeks now

just started to see 49 when im already seeing 27.

by kitty. - 4/06/15 1:55 PM
Idk what it means but its getting on my nerves..I really need to know the meaning of this..

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49 crazy

by Anonymous - 10/29/11 2:53 AM
I was reading on 49 n commenting OMG, It s everywhere .... my birth was at 9:49 without me knowing until I told mum.... Are we chosen? I am from russia

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RE:49 crazy

by Duke - 2/15/15 1:25 PM
To Someone : 49 is crazy : bro i have the same thing as you evensince imet my girl ive seen so so so much 49s everywhere espescially 149 !!

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by brother in christ....+++ - 1/21/12 4:58 PM
i've got the tune ...paradise coldplay in my mind.....and followed by paul carracks ....move gotta move on forget the past whats done is done....fresh start awaits

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RE: 49

by 89 - 4/24/14 5:40 AM
Hello, to all of you wandering about the number 49...I was also looking for the explanation. I realised in these two days that I made a book with 49 pages, I counted the number of crystals in my box, which I never do, and I counted 49, and as I know that symbols always apper in triplets, I was wondering what is the third sign, and I remembered that my husbund turned 49 this year. Whenever you see a reoccuring event, whether it's a number, or any other sign, animal or whatever you notice is repeating it's a message. We might not always be realy to understand what is the meaning of the messages we are recieving, but you might ask your gurdian angle to send you a message which it understandable to you. I kept noticing the number 89 showing up everywhere, on my bills, on car plates driving before me, on significant days in hystory, my baby son kept saying eight-nine, eight-nine, my grandmother died when she was 89 years old. When I had a chance I asked a numerologist to tell me what is the meaning of 89 for me. She literally told me the karma of my family 3 generations back. What the reocuring number means to you may be different from case to case, but for sure it's a very strong message.

I'm turning 49

by Paul - 5/25/13 8:59 PM
I'm a Buddhist novice but in Buddhism the number 49 seems to have a lot of symbolic importance, like you stay in the "bardo" state between your death and your next incarnation for 49 days. And the Buddha sat underneath the tree for 49 days until his enlightenment. I went on a retreat recently in Nova Scotia that was 49 days long and that started exactly 49 days after my mother died, in November. This year I'm turning 49. I feel it!

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RE: I'm turning 49

by Anonymous - 4/01/14 10:16 AM
The number 49 reduces to a 13 (4+9=13). The number 13 is associated with major life transitions. Notice the Grim Reaper on the #13 Tarot card.


by 2149 - 5/07/12 3:37 PM
I am 32 years old. I have been seeing the 49 everywhere since 8 years ago. Especially the time 21:49
My wife now started to see it too. Everywhere.... I am SOOOO curious about what it means....

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RE: 2149

by vas2149 - 12/30/13 3:53 PM
49 is everywhere...for years... I'm from cyprus.. 2149 is my number at work...

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by john - 2/16/13 2:36 AM
i been seeing the number 49 for 2 months on clocks, address driving to work,km on my car on garbagge cans, at gas stations today when i try to see the number 49 i don't see it it's only when i'm not paying attention i was reading thats its Gods time ,sabbath of sabbaths ,the return of the messiah,the 7 churches // daniel 9:24-25 can anyone help out

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RE: 49

by 49 - 12/30/13 3:40 PM
Anywhere I look, anywhere I go, whatever I do, I see in front of me the number 49... its been years.... many years... I didn't find an answer....

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by 22 JM ACTS1214 - 11/18/11 9:19 PM
eli and the 49ers - No idea what this means!!!

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RE: 18

by Anonymous - 10/14/13 1:02 PM
When I'm in the car we pass this exit it's number 49 every time I pass it I assume that's the way to get home every single day I do the absolute thing over and over without even remembering I did it the other day was this mean ?

my 2 year old and the number 49

by Anonymous - 9/27/13 9:43 PM
hello i have a 28 month old who looks at atm cards, menus, weight scales, receipts, and always says the number 49. She associates numbers with 49. This has been occurring since she was about 24 months. Does anyone know what this could mean. her birthday is 6-7-2011. thanks!

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by Anonymous - 7/15/13 1:48 AM
it's just a number :)

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since before i could remember

by Anonymous - 8/11/12 1:41 PM
Contradictory of my subject. I remember being young and watching a family video and in the video i was probably 3 years old and i just kept saying 49 over n over again. N ever since i watched that video I've been obsessed with the number 49. And on another note. I'm. 28. I was born on 8-8-84. On my 24th birthday the date was 8-8-8 n then i realized that 8x3 equals 24. And that ever since the year 2000 my birthday adds up to my age

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RE: since before i could remember

by Paul - 6/12/13 12:44 PM
I was born on the 28th. You're 29 now? I'm celebrating my birthday this year on the 29th (Because the day before is Friday, a workday.) And I'll be turning 49. Are you coming to my party?

The number 49

by Wes - 6/15/11 10:22 PM
I have been seeing the number 49 everywhere from the time on the clock to the score of a game even people have just started saying 4 9 around for no reason. I was wondering if anyone could give me an explanation

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RE:The number 49

by crazycali49 - 6/09/13 8:46 AM
I also have been seeing the number 49. Every wheir I want to know what is the meaning. I see it on cards ,letters,books,addresses,my Id cards,even on the internet the numbers pop up everywheir.I want to know the meaning please help is driving me crazy

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by john - 4/29/13 1:42 AM
its April 2013 and i still see the number 49 on clocks i bought gas the gas station address was 5495 elington only see this number when iam not looking for it iam 44 it been happening since dec 2012

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In 410 page.15 line of Finnegans Wake "the gander maybe at 49 as it is a tithe fish" appears.

by Tatsuo Hamada - 3/05/11 5:03 PM
"What does 49 mean" is my riddle.

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RE: In 410 page.15 line of Finnegans Wake "the gander maybe at 49 as it is a tithe fish" appears.

by Warren - 12/18/12 7:22 AM
The Japanese hold 49 as very unlucky. 4 = shi the sign for death. And 9 = ku the sign for eternal agony. I was born in 1949. And yes, I see it everywhere.
I hope the Japanese are wrong about 49.

49 pages

by Frindo Kveiks - 8/26/12 12:40 PM
One night I saw a weird dream which is still haunting me. In this dream I saw that on page number 49 is a very important message for me, which I have to read. "Which book?" was my first thought after waking up. As it often happens to us all, I only remembered few fragments of the dream and the book title was not one of those fragments unfortunately. I even can't remember if the book had a title but because this vision still haunts me, I have decided to follow the dream and find the message.

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