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by Jo - 7/30/15 8:41 PM
I see number 52 many times a day. Everyday. When I told my family I guess they thought I sound crazy to think it's more than coincidence.. So they have witnessed how it is not only that I simply notice this number. They watched me scratching a phone top-up card and it's a 14 digit thing.. where I scratched first number 52 appeared. They were wowed. Other person went to order some take away for us and their number display stopped working , but he came back with the ticket saying 52. The next food place had their display working and it went up to 52 at the if I'm going schizophrenic so are they. So I kept letting my family know when I see 52.. But I was like "funny how I never saw it on car number plates" and funny how that day I saw it on more or less 10 cars. And also I saw 5 Z that from far looked like 52 to me. At first I thought it was a reason to worry .. Now I love it.i would feel sad if it stopped happening.

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and 52 again...;)

by Dana - 7/18/15 8:01 AM
been told a few days ago that I am scheduled for 52 hrs....not even mentioning anymore the daily glances at the clock..:)or smth else..

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by Charlie - 6/08/15 10:30 AM
I was born on May 2nd (5/2), noticed that there are 52 cards in a deck, and 52 weeks in a year. I notice this number a lot in media and other places (for example, in the movie 'The Giver', the main character's number when drawn is number 52). I consider this to be my special number and sometimes I almost feel as if it's my guardian angel.

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RE: Birthday

by Dana - 7/11/15 8:59 AM makes me feel darn special, too :)

Just a few more on 52

by Bobby - 6/10/15 9:19 PM
Just a few more on 52
The Number 52
Messiah (Ord) [Dan 9.26]
The Word of the Lord (Ord)
Davar YHVH
Let there be light (Ord) [Gen 1.3]
Yahi Aur
A Great Light (Ord) [Is 9.2]
Aur Gedol

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RE: Just a few more on 52

by Dana - 7/11/15 8:58 AM
Now wutt is this, Bobby boy?

52 52

by Monique - 9/03/10 9:27 AM
My car insurance company told me they couldn't help me in an accident I was involved in, being hit by someone we thought was hit and run. The fact is they could. I talked to a rep telling her I was very upset being told misinformation in the ER room about my policy. Being told this gave me emotional and financial duress. I spoke to that rep 52:52.

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RE: 52 52

by Dana - 7/11/15 8:57 AM
I do believe that there is smth most special about all of us..yesss..This is to me communication fr the other world, for sure..part of it, anyway.

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Queen Loves 52 (DREAM)

by Konnor - 7/04/15 9:14 AM
This number has not come up a lot for me, but I am typing this as I just woke up this morning from a dream that I think obviously means something. I was somewhere I did not recognize with my mother and many other people, including my best friend. We had been boating all together until something weird happened when we had stopped- a truck driver, in the middle of the night, drove his truck into a deep lake. We didn't know what to do, so... We watched him drown himself, and for some reason it was very detailed. Afterwards, we continued boating. A boy that I've had my eye on for a while comes into the room I'm in and congratulates me. It's my birthday. He says "Yknow, I'm pretty bad with birthdays. But when I remember, I make it special." He starts simply touching my arms and as he moves around the body he continues to sing happy birthday in a hushed tone. Then, he vanishes. I had the biggest smile on my face afterwards, and was looking all over the boat to find my best friend so I could tell her all about what... more...

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Number 52

by Bobby - 6/10/15 3:11 PM
Incarnated Jesus Birthday 52 weeks in the year Jeremiah 52.31 (a)And it came to pass (b)in the seven and thirtieth year (c)of the captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah, (d)in the twelfth month, (e)in the five and twentieth day of the month, (f)that Evilmerodach king of Babylon (g)in the first year of his reign (h)lifted up the head of Jehoiachin (i)king of Judah, (k)and brought him forth out of prison,

52 is the number of the last week in the year. It begins on the 12th month and the 25th day of the month.
31 is the number of days in that month it is also the number for covenant.
Jer 31.31 Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:
Jer 52.31
And it came to pass in the seven and thirtieth year:
7 is the number for perfection and rest.
30 is the number for (blood, & sanctified). The two numbers meaning, 12+25 was Gods (perfect timing for the sanctified Birth) of the Lord. For the 12+25=37 thirty seven is the number for... more...

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Other strange/out of the ordinary occurences besides 52?

by Dana - 9/28/14 2:34 PM
I was wondering if anything else to stand out about us besides this obsession with #52. Please share!
Philip, I have to tell you...amof, ask you: do you live in a wht house w a bed of wht flowers in front of it? I emailed you and email came bk unfortunately. I wanted to share this amazing White Flowers Day I had a few days ago...jasmine, perhaps?...

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RE:Other strange/out of the ordinary occurences besides 52?

by Claude - 5/20/15 9:59 AM
I am the same lol... Reason for me finding this site!! I've been seeing the number 52 for around four years now, on average ten times a day. Even my family know and are amused by this. After reading everybodies comments I still feel lost in knowing what is the real reason for this...

RE: Other strange/out of the ordinary occurences besides 52?

by Anonymous - 5/27/15 6:57 AM
Hey there, Stanley!

Any other strange happenings in your life besides this?

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52 recently

by Joanna - 4/30/15 12:22 PM
I just told my husband today and am so happy he took me seriously and agreed not to go to work on May the 2nd. Seeing 52 everywhere began some weeks ago for me. It seemed like a coincidence. Seeing it on the clock can be explained,that I just look at the clock in exact intervals or whatever. But then I really have no control of my phone battery showing 52% when I look at it. It could easily be 53 I can't inconciently predict that! I have no idea what it means. No special meaning to so far. I got worried about the date though where I come from we see may the 2nd as 02.05 but anyway.. Feeling worried.

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52 from a very young age

by Michelle - 3/29/15 3:58 AM
I've seen 52 from a very young age. It was in our phone number, on mine and my sister's basketball jersey (4 years apart and we did not get to pick our jersey.) It became prevalent when I had an accident and could have been killed. The only car available to rent while I searched for another car had the license plate 052. I really started noticing it afterward, license plates, phone numbers, times, random places. A couple years later I was bit in the face by a brown recluse. The only urgent care facility open at that time was on 5205 ? Rd and Suite 205. I saw several license plates with 52 on my way to my doctor the following day. I met the love of my life whose birthday happens to be May 2. To me it seems to be a protective number. Like a reminder that I'm protected and that I should also protect others. I don't know for sure. Still trying to figure it out. It plays a huge role in my life I must say. I love seeing this site and others trying to figure out this mysterious visible number!

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RE: 52 from a very young age

by Anonymous - 4/16/15 2:38 PM
I see 52 everywhere too, and y eyes look at the clock automatically at every hour at :52, people in line will have 52 cents due at the store, new job, everything says 152 or 1052 in it, everything 52, it started last December NOTICIBLY, BUT SINCE 2003 IVE LIKED 52

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#52 world awareness

by Dana - 3/22/15 7:19 AM
Hello folks! Just wanted to mention that besides the everyday's 52 seeing, 2 days ago Road Games was on, w Jamie Lee Curtis. Number 852 appears twice in the course of the movie AND during the break there was an advertisment that if you'd put a gun to my head and I still would not remember what it was for. There was an electric clock pictured there w the time reading 8:52 and during the same advertisment, they show the clock by the end showing what the heck is that about>?I truly believe that that was purposely done! smb like you and I.

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by Christian Matthew - 3/12/15 9:17 PM
Keep seeing the minute 52, houdini died at age 52, i picked a random number from 40 - 70 and picked up 52, new 52 characters from WB, etc

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RE: 52

by Dana - 3/13/15 12:58 PM
What's WB, Matthew?

11:11 and 52

by Anonymous - 11/27/14 9:04 PM
I see 1:11 and 11:11 all the time. It is not a coincidence. Then I started seeing 52. So much that it scared me. I didn't know why. Then I found out that it was the sum of the 11th odd and the 11th prime number. 11.11. Don't know what it means, but I'm certain that it's other worldly.

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RE:11:11 and 52

by Dana - 2/28/15 2:58 PM
and how could I forget to share with you ppl that yesterday I had to chose between going to different places, both at #520..on in Mhtn, one in Bklyn..smth, ah?

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bygone ones

by Dana - 2/25/15 3:03 PM
I should've mentioned, Leslie that just this past Sunday I met the only Leslie I know and she told me that she lost her entire family..I wonder now if that may be you..strange things happen to me all the time so it wouldn't be that surprising.

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by Dana - 2/25/15 2:55 PM
None of the bygone ones has left, Leslie. There's another world amongst us..the one of the unseen..Cheers!

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by t. leslie - 1/18/15 5:41 PM
I've seen 52 for the last 15 years. It started appearing to me after my high school boyfriend passed away. I took his death extremely hard. I knew it was him that opened my eyes or drew me to the number because it was a number associated with his childhood that he had shared with me. The 'sightings' come and go as I've gotten older, but they always reappear during tough times, which confirms that he is looking over me and has never left.

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by Chandra - 11/19/14 2:03 AM
I have seen the number 52 a lot lately. It started when I was a teenager, 13 -14 years old. It has stopped until just recently. I see 52 every where. On the clock as 12:52, I asked my husband what time it was the other day and he said 7:52pm. What is the deal? Seeing it on gas price signs, my phone my computer. What does it mean!!?? I feel like I am going crazy!!!

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RE: 52.....

by Anonymous - 11/22/14 7:04 AM
Hello Chandra!
Please tell us: any weird coincidences in your life?

Why us?

by Dana - 10/15/14 4:40 PM
You are the only one that seems to communicate here, Philip and I really don't mean to cut off the conversation. It is much too important to me as I need to find out what is the reason why 52 has become our obsession. Sure, other ppl have other numbers constantly appearing to them but why is it that with us it's 52??
I'd like to believe that integrity and character beauty characterize us all but is that it? So many unanswered questions...I wonder if you guys have any siblings, kids. Were you wanted before you were born. Did you go through hardships, outstanding ones..Please share.

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RE: Why us?

by Anonymous - 11/06/14 4:38 PM
Hello Anonymous!
No, not crazy at all. It may be our code to divinity or whatever you care to call it. People like Gregg Braden explain stuff like this. Check it out!Only that he talks about it but do not think experiences it.

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biblical meaning of the number 52

by Anonymous - 10/18/14 7:11 AM
biblical spiritual meaning of the number 52

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RE: biblical meaning of the number 52

by Dana - 10/18/14 8:53 AM
well, keep on going...please.

Reply to Philip Smith not appearing

by Dana - 9/28/14 2:30 PM
Why is it that my replies no longer appear?

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52 obsession

by Dana - 9/17/14 7:41 PM
I am so glad to have found have no idea! I knew I wasn't alone!
It started with number 11 years ago for years..11:11 to be more precise not just 11, then 4 and 19 for awhile and now, for the past few good years it's been 52..yes, wherever I look, the chicken label shows 52cents,on the phone, the pc, like a magnet attracting my, or vice-versa:)rather vice-versa as I do feel that I have a magnet in my eyes..and I strongly feel that there's another world amongst us and it communicates with us this way..and many other ways. To state whatever for certain I don't feel it's right, though because it's all suppositions.
Someone here said that we are part of the 144K..what 144K?? I am not a Christian really..There's a muslim here with our obsession. This has nothing to do with our has to do with our character I believe and who knows what else..who knows? Nobody.

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RE: 52 obsession

by Phillip Smith (RSA) - 9/20/14 12:31 AM
Hey Dana. Not sure what the 144k thing is about. I'm 35 and I'm a Police-Diver. Very energetic person and helpful where I can be. If there is something really special about us then I would love to know too. I must say I do feel different from others....nothing great I must add.

Is 52 to much....

by Phillip Smith (RSA) - 9/08/14 12:00 PM
Since I was 25 the number 52 appeared to me at least 10 times a day. My cellphones numbers add upto 52. My house number is 52. My dad died 52 days after he moved out of his house into a oldery house where people people looked after him. When I look at the clock sometimes I see 52 most times. My Doctors house number is 52, my ex cell number ends with 52....and so the list goes on. I'm not a religious person but I do believe in a Creator. I somehow believe this 52 controls me. I would appreciate advice but must say I'm glad to see there's more people like me.

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RE: Is 52 to much....

by Dana - 9/18/14 9:24 AM
I would love to see more communication on this board. I would love to get to know more about ppl like myself...


by N.A - 7/01/12 10:52 AM
Since i was 12 i started seeing the number 52! ALOT!! i also kept it to myself until i felt like it got serious ! i told my whole family about it .. But then it stopped at .. 15 ? now I'm 17 and its all back again .. i don't know what its about but i would really like to know its getting really freaky to me :s i don't know if its about the right path or right decision cuz i don't really think about something when i see it ... I see it:
-In a digital clock 52 past!
-Random car plates as if my head turns to see it !
-At a song past 52 seconds perhaps ?
-Open a book on the page 52 RANDOMLY
-touch my phone and the minute is 52 !
-Wake up and the clock says 52!

This is really scaring me ! i would really like to know what is it about ..

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RE: 52

by Dana - 9/16/14 9:48 PM
Based on what are you making these statements?

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my car slk 350

by dino - 8/07/14 2:06 PM
52 izit a lucky number? i have no choise to take other too expensive..

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52 otherwise used

by Jaroslav - 8/03/14 5:48 AM
Jacob/Israel has 13 children(12 sons+daughter Dinah) with 4 women in total:13x4=52,the Maya calendar...Hunab Ku,the Maya male part-Creator has 5+2 letters...Septahindu,the SEVEN RIVES,the craddle of India civilisation is divided on Punjab=5 Rivers and Doab=2 rivers...Maya has the gematria value of 52;and so does Yama,the god of the dead and Black Hole in Mesopotamia(Dark Rift)of Milky Way...Yama means Hole in most of Slavic languages,as Babylon means babie lono=Female lap,as all Mesopotamias resembles it,including the Valleys of Queens! Ben and Neb have aslo the gematria value of 52.Neb or Nab was known the Great Sphinx as the symbol of Creator...Nabulus was known as Sechem,which also means SWORD...The Yama-Black Hole(CygnusX1=Swan)lies toward the star of De Neb(Deneb)in the constellation of Cross in the Dark Rift=Mesopotamia in Milky Way...

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