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Properties of the number 54




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I''m another 54 Person - I get it everywhere. I even have a Blog on it and a Facebook Group

by B R E T T - 9/25/10 7:31 AM
Hi Guys,

Perhaps there is a place where all of us that see the number 54 everywhere, can get all get together? I have a blog about it that has been going for years.

And I even set up a Facebook Group on the subject, and whilst I type to you now, I have changed the settings of this group from closed (friends only) to OPEN (Anyone can now join), so feel free to drop in at and join in the discussions.

You can find this Facebook Group by searching for the subject " The Number 54 Mystery - 11:11 and Angel Numbers " in Facebook Groups.

Looking forward to hearing what others have to say about there experiences with the Number 54 and see if we can't shed some more light on the subject.

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RE: I''m another 54 Person - I get it everywhere. I even have a Blog on it and a Facebook Group

by Anonymous - 3/23/15 12:46 AM
Is the group still going on FB?

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54 the meaning

by Anonymous - 5/04/11 7:04 PM
I don't ask anymore. Cuz I figured it Out. Point blank if ur the choosen one whO sees this. U are very special and need to rePort as u see this. Timing is everything and mOst importantly not on ur time. U are not flesh but immortal. It is a calling.. Go towards it.... NOW.. Want more info hit me uP ASAP. God blessed u! So relax and enjoy the ride!

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RE: 54 the meaning

by The Pieces - 12/05/14 4:05 PM
Today I was looking out of our school window downtown and I saw "110110" which in binary code is "54" it was odd because I have never noticed it on that building before. It was a reflection on the building. Only one of my friends noticed it as well after I pointed it out to her. Does this mean I should venture into that building?

RE: 54 the meaning

by Anonymous - 12/20/14 6:42 PM
Tell me more. It sounds very interesting. Reach me at socialpfb

RE: 54 the meaning

by Anonymous - 1/12/15 2:22 AM
What does this mean? Report to where? I dreamed of 54. 53 had a line drawn through it and the number 54 remained. Boh numbers were formed by clouds.

RE: 54 the meaning

by Anonymous - 3/02/15 7:42 PM
I am the chosen one if that's the tittle. Whats next? I'm tired man my soul is tired and my heart is tired when will the trials ease and allow me some happiness if only for a time?

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54 = TWISTER!!!!!!

by Kevin (The Twister) Dengel - 6/16/14 5:05 AM
54 = Twister, Twister is great therefor everything higher then 9 is great and we all know everything higher then 9 is 54.
Meaning 54 = Greatness

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RE: 54 = TWISTER!!!!!!

by "Magic Hands" - 6/16/14 5:50 AM
Revelations; chapter 2 verse 54

"God, who creates and conserves all things by his Word, provides men with constant evidence of himself in created realities. And furthermore, wishing to open up the way to heavenly salvation - he manifested himself to our first parents from the very beginning."6 He invited them to intimate communion with himself and clothed them with resplendent grace and justice. "

God is 54!

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Angel Numbers

by David Christo linmendo@yahoo - 5/31/13 8:54 AM
Google "Angel Numbers 54" and you will get a ton of info on the number 54 and some of it's meanings
Please check it out.

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My Book on 54 Cinquantaquattro excerpts

by Anthony Ossei - 8/28/11 4:06 PM
One may ask why 54 lives? I conceived the idea to write this book at the age of 54 years in 2008. 54 has always been special number for me as if is reserved for me! These days  virtually bothering on an obsession, most things are occurring to me on the 54th minute of the hour. I wake up in the morning and open my eyes and the digital clock in my room reads 3.54, 4.54, 5.54am! I receive most vital calls on mobile phone on the 54th minute. Numbers assigned to me have 54 in them. I was born in the year 1954, I am 5’ 4” tall, my high school number which was assigned which became my lifetime trademark was C54.
The only time I staked and won the National Lottery in my life was at the age of 17years; and I won with 54! I was in form 5 and I had been sacked from school for non-payment of school fees. I had gone to the Kumasi Central Market to inform my mother, a petty trader and single parent who sadly had no money for my fees. In my confusion at a very busy pedestrian crossing adjoining the market, I was... more...

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RE: My Book on 54 Cinquantaquattro excerpts

by Anonymous - 3/14/13 9:35 PM
Fifty Fo

I bet you are full of it ; )

Meditate, Study Basic Chi (Qi, Ki) Theory: Qui Gong, Thai Chi. Become a force so beautiful and powerful your value will never be forgotten. Or not, your choice.

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54- the number has always shown up for me

by Eddy - 11/13/12 10:15 AM
I've asked what it means for me. I'm 60 now. The only sense I get is that it reflects a tipping point, a tie-breaker, in my favor, of the way things turn out for me. I've had so many cliff-hangers. And yet everything in my life has been a continual upgrade.

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by Jacob - 11/02/12 11:01 AM
I've been seeing the number 54 my whole life but now it's been appearing to me more often now. When i check the clock, when look at a bus, and even when I'm playing video games. I do not understand the reason 54 is in my life but if anyone could explain to me please do.

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by Jordan - 3/15/09 2:09 AM
ok, i HAD this friend that was really close to me and all, we were best friends, and one night over the summer of 08 we were just chilling and talking, and he was telling me how him and his friend have been seeing 54 alot lately.( at the time i havent seen it before) then a couple months later, his ex and I hook up and ever since that night, the number 54 has been showing up everwhere.(time,tempature,street address,etc.) well they got back together and that number is still haunting me...

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by John - 8/30/12 5:16 AM
l hope it means well because l see the number 54 everyday without fail on the digetal clock mostly, is this a meaning or someone trying to tell me somthing.

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Devine wisdom

by All - 3/26/12 2:05 PM
We are all chosen: we are all eternal: light love & peace to all light beings for the greatest and highest good

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by Ed (54) - 1/18/12 11:23 PM
Adding up the corresponding numbers to the letters that spell love you get the number 54. Remember this everytime the number shows up in your days and think of those you love and who have loved you.

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by john - 1/09/12 7:44 AM
54 is my favourest number. its part in my life . because in any kin of suitvation i will see where .i love my number 54

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A message from my Angels

by Sage - 11/22/11 8:35 AM
So today I had a message sent to my from my spirit guide. I was walking out of a classroom when I noticed the person in front of me that had "the square root of 69 = 8something" and 69 is my special #. So I did the math and added up the last 12 decimal places & got the number 54. Right as I figured out that number, a crow flew over my head. And the crow is my spirit guide. This just made my day(:

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by santosh pakhare - 11/18/11 12:04 AM
54/77 car number

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by Caroline - 2/13/09 7:43 AM
Oh my gosh i have this same issue...I see 54 EVERYwhere on the clock at school on homework absolutely every where and it also turns out that its my ex boyfriends football jersey number..idk its just creeping me out.

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RE: 54

by Anthony - 8/28/11 3:33 PM
1 was born in '54, my school number was 54, I am 5'4". I see 54 on the clock like most of you. Since I started my book at age 54 on the 54 chapters of my life "Cinquantaquattro" I.e Italian for 54, it has become an obsession for me looking out for car number plates with 54/ 5 and 4. Fortunately I see angels in them when they appear to assure me that they there with me! Thank God I am not alone.

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been going on and off for years

by Salvo - 8/07/11 1:45 AM
I remember I started seeing 54 mostly on the digital clocks in the bus I used to take to get to uni , since I was 20 or so. I mostly associate it to a message , something is trying to warn me about events to come. In a way it's like a bad omen, but I am not sure the meaning is 'bad luck' or 'good luck' . It's been very much present at all the turning points of my life. In the past 9 months it's been a constant. I see it everywhere, it's even on my credit card. Could it be that I see it mostly when I am very stressed because of difficult events in life? Who knows. Sometimes it scares me, I even try not to look at the watch because I know a big flashing 54 is lurking there waiting for me to look. Does it happen to you too?

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que significa ver a cada momento el numero 54?

by az - 7/11/11 8:01 PM
en todas partes veo el numero 54, en el reloj, casi 12 veces al dia, en los indicadires de tenperatura, en muchas partes, tienes que haber un mensaje, cual sera?? ya nose donde buscar

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the number 54...

by loli - 7/01/11 8:25 AM
I was just having an (unusual for us) conversation about "signs" with my boss earlier. Now sitting in a coffee shop in Cape Town my waiter (whom I've met for the first time today) came up to me and said that he doesn't believe in co-incidence, but I was sitting at table 54 and my bill came to R54.00 ... I decided to google and see what this means and what I read makes a lot of sense as to where I am in my life right now... Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see, but who knows, maybe there is more to everything than what society tells us to see...
I think I'll learn more about this fascinating thing called numerology.

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54 is awsome

by Anonymous - 5/30/11 9:42 PM
54 rules thats why i searched it its my lucky number

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Seeing 54 for seven years now

by John - 5/09/11 9:11 AM
I've been seeing 54 for about seven years now, especially on digital clocks. Whenever I look at the clock (without even thinking about it) 50 percent of the time it is always 54 mintues past the hour. Creepy.

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RE: Seeing 54 for seven years now

by Anonymous - 5/26/11 2:41 PM
buddy that makes two of us. i hv been seeing it since the last 2 years

54 is new to me

by Mark - 2/21/11 11:12 AM
I notice nobody has posted here for a few years but I decided to search 54 because it has been showing up several times a day for me. For a few uyears I have been noticing numbers like 333 444 555 and so on but now I too see 54 minutes after the hour 4 or 5 times a day. I may wake up in the midle of the night and it will be that way as well. If my dishwasher is running and I walk into the kitchen there will be 54 minutes left on the time.I thought it might have to do with 9 in numerology but why wouldn't I just see the number 9 then? I wish I knew what it was about.

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RE: 54 is new to me

by Anonymous - 5/04/11 7:06 PM
#9 is heaven. 9 54 is a good thing lol....:)

54 Jewish and Christian Meaning

by Ricardo - 2/07/11 8:45 AM
The number 18 is the Jewish meaning of life. In Jewish tradition gifts are given in multiples of 18. The holy trinity is 3 and the death of christ was 3:00pm. 18 x 3 = 54

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does anyone else see 54 as a talisman for safety??

by $wiss - 11/23/10 3:30 AM
i have been trying to figure out what the number means to me and all i have came up witj is that it is some sort of sign teooing me that somethimg is safe, and its usually at moments when ii am thinkimg about somethumg or stressing on somethimg in my head,..

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by sujith.s - 9/19/10 11:29 AM
yaa ,guys this is really interesting,the number 54 is there right frm my child hood,its my hostel no,its my bike no,it haunts me everywhere,i donno its bringing me gud or not ,but i cant understand why the only number 54 haunts me,do any of u about it plz tell me

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number 54

by deb - 9/02/10 4:14 PM
Number 54 follows me everywhere. Its in each of my credit cards, in employee id number, in my date of birth, etc. 5 used to be my lucky number I had not realized it was part of number 54. What does it mean? I would like to know.

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by izo - 4/10/10 8:58 AM
so weird.. 54 has been my favorite # since i was a kid.. i had a hat that my dad gave me from his dartmouth graduation with a 54 on it he graduated in 1954. iloved that hat, and i thought thats why i loved the # then i realized that my gradmother who was very important to me lived at 54 harrison st and always played 4501 as her lotery # 45 also shows up constantly in my life it is in my daughters social security #. I alway notice 54 in licence plates and house #'s they pop out and i feel reassured somehow. I recently asked my mother for information on my birth time for a birth chart and had never seen the information,i was shocked to see that i was born in room 540, weird. what is with this. 54 added together is 9 which is a powerful # in numerology. I never realized other people had an attraction to this #.. Cool.. What the does it all mean?

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