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what does 3:55 mean

by Connie Lou Neal - 9/23/17 2:25 AM
I woke up today @ 3:55AM. What does that mean?

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Y'all so one sided

by LokiTheLizardKing - 12/23/16 7:04 AM
55 is not just the number of Mary. S+A+T+A+N=55
Satan has another name. Samael.
Samael is an Angel of the 5th Sefirah,the Ruler of Gevurah. The number of Angels is 11.
X is the Symbol of Death.
10 is the number of God
5+5. 23 is the number of The Hanged Man, the path which leads to Gevurah. 2+3=5
Donald Trump was Elected
88=Hitler 88=HH, Heil Hitler
Hitler was born in 1889
1889=19 88
1 Sun 9 Planets 88

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RE: Y'all so one sided

by Anonymous - 7/28/17 7:01 PM
Thanks man. I do know 8 means time and 88 means eternity.

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by Zach Knight - 11/01/16 10:29 PM
You don't have to see a number to know He's there with you. He is always with you. I work at a sawmill, almost crushed my arm today, basically did. Was veryyy painful, started praying on it immediately for the pain to go away in the name of Jesus, it was gone in 20 seconds or so. Exrutiating pain, then nothing. God is good.

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RE: God

by Anonymous - 7/28/17 7:00 PM
But he does show it to his people filled with his spirit! I see 11, 42 which both mean "Judgement" 42 months of Hell on Earth~Revelation 13:5. I also see 22, 44 & 111 they all have meaning research it to know!

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So am I a Angel or a human

by Kim - 6/05/17 1:06 PM
I see 333 555 55 33 111 1111 10 1010

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by Ya ahamedh tanveer - 3/18/13 1:14 PM
I jus wanna know this is the most powerful number or any else number beats it

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RE: 55

by Zach Knight - 11/01/16 10:24 PM
The Lord has helped me through so many things and have saved my life many times, I'm sure without me even knowing it sometimes. When in school I would look at the clock once or twice a day, everyday I would unknowingly lookup at 9:11, didn't realize what psalm 91:11 said. I also just moved to TN and my appt number is 55 😊.

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55 appearing

by Catherine Williamson - 11/29/15 7:43 PM
I recently purchased lotto products totalling $555.55, and I noted one of the tickets totalled $5.55. This week we have 2 draws of $10 million and the Thursday draw 3/12/15 = 3+12+2+0+1+5 = 23 = 5. I have the number 5 in one of these games. Do you think this means I may finally be lucky?......

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RE: 55 appearing

by Anonymous - 5/13/16 4:37 AM
means this world is controlled out of the sight of physical but mental/mind, by an unseen energy,, the kind that controls each atom in universe down to its numbered purpose & location, making up matter, which means we are in a very super advanced computer, where numbers control everything

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other numbers

by Anonymous - 5/29/14 7:35 AM
I also see the #'s 11 22 33 then 55
ALWAYS what more info do you have that coincides w/ these #'s

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RE: other numbers

by Anonymous - 12/16/15 11:09 PM
11 for those with the indwelling Holy Spirit is for Comfort and Safety and the Comforter--But for the Unholy 11 equals Terror and Acts of Terror 2=Christ or 2=Anti-Christ 2x11=22 Double Terror 33=the builders of the tower of Babel/Babylon 33=Masonics/Builders with clay bricks for Stone and Slime for mortar. 33 for those of the Spirit is the Stone. I'm not sure of the 55 yet I will have to pray and search the scriptures. Seems to be some saying it is for Satan and a lot about Mary and the Rosary. I can tell you that 50 = Jubilee/return of heritage or 50= transfer of Powers/Monies/Lands and 5=Gifts of the Spirit or 5=Wizards (the 5 sons of Magog) 5+5=10 10=Law/Order or 10=Lawlessness/Chaos/Confusion

I'm confused

by Anonymous - 8/17/15 11:51 AM
19,55,80 as been haunting me for months I don't understand what it means. Please if you understand please help me

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RE: I'm confused

by Anonymous - 12/16/15 11:00 PM
55 is the atomic weight of Caesium and Caesium formate is used in drilling fluids, in 1980 a Texaco oil rig drilled through Lake Peigneur into the Diamond Crystal Salt(now Cargill) mines beneath turning the fresh water lake to salt water. Waters made bitter. 80 is the atomic weight of MERCURY. Caesium is also a fission product extracted from waste from Nuclear Reactors. 1955 is the year the Pentagon announces plans for ICBM and the USS Nautilus first Nuclear Submarine launched from Groton Connecticut

Synchronicity and 55

by MEW - 10/27/11 7:38 PM
Ever since I watched "The Secret" DVD (Law of Attractions Theory), I have been having synchronicity experiences especially with numbers 444, 911 and 55. My research revealed that 444 is a message that I am surrounded by angels that love and help me. Haven't figured out 911 and I don't think it has anything to do with 9/11/01 and all the tragedies. Today (10/27/11), I saw #55 23 times! On my odometer twice 55,955 miles, 4 exit signs, 8 speed limit signs, 2 phones numbers with 55, 5 license plates with 55, 4:55 on the clock and my horoscope on FB today said my lucky # today you guessed it 55! I have been going through a lot the last 2 years - a divorce, transfers at work, financial difficulties, health problems, difficulty with family members and special needs children. Tons of stress. Well, it is coming to an end my divorce will be final soon and the eye of the storm has passed. I have recently become more spiritually awakened. I'm not sure what seeing 55 means but I hope that it is a good spiritual message for me.

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RE:Synchronicity and 55

by Denise - 7/30/13 10:44 AM
I find it so interesting the path my Life has taken over the past couple years. I am the author of a couple postings above and would like to report an update! Jesus our Messiah guides us everyday, through Him we are able to use the power of the Holy Spirit-that is "The Secret". God reveals to us his plans for our lives. When we put ALL into Him, anything and everything is possible. You see, when we have disbelief, we are hardening our hearts to what we want in our lives. Because of our disbelief, we stop what we want, which is Gods Devine will in our lives. Praise be to God for revealing His secrets and making me a key to unlock it. My journey started a long time ago. I had desires in my life, but due to disbelief, they never manifested in my life. God then delivered "The Secret" to me. Although the movie leaves Jesus out of the scenario, God still made it a blessing in my life. "The Secret" is actually out of the bible. We, because we've been conditioned through religion, disbelieve and do not follow what... more...

RE: Synchronicity and 55

by Anonymous - 6/03/15 6:09 PM
I was seeing 911 all the time too, and then 9111 was on a building I go to all the time. I didn't figure it out until I was pointed to Psalm 91:11 which reads "For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways". It was a very clear message to me at that point. Hope this helps. :D

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My Social Security Number

by MK-68 - 4/06/15 12:16 PM
I was just wondering why the speed limit used to be 55 and why my social starts with 55.

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RE: My Social Security Number

by MK-68 - 4/06/15 12:18 PM
And... why they chose (555) to be the 'movie' area code.

Number 55

by Rick - 2/14/15 4:53 PM
I've seen the number 55 for the last several years. They are positive numbers it lets me know that a angle is close by and watching over me. I do believe the number 55 has a religious meaning to it. When I see 55 and I've seen it a lot over the years many times it brings me a sense of strength that everything will be all right. That I'm on the right path and things will work out. It lets me know I'm not alone. When I see it I pay close attention to what I was thinking about. It's always been a positive sign for me.

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Advice on 55

by Jack - 1/07/14 3:56 AM
Hi, I've been seeing 55 every were I look I'm talking hundreds of times through out the past few months I worked out my numerology and it turns out its 55 does any one have any insight about this a lot of time I feel both male and female I to have just recently found out about the law of attraction the secret, my numerology sounds exactly like me this mentions life path a lot as we'll. any help would be appreciated

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RE: Advice on 55

by Carla Travis - 4/02/14 4:29 PM
Correct, ask God to show you and lead you to your purpose.

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by Ron grady director of evangelism fcc church poteau okla. - 3/07/14 1:06 PM
The sum of the current year 2014 is 7 Gods perfect number. Since after the death of Christ i began adding the sum of every year beginning with 1 a.D. There are 55 years ending with 2014 where the sum is 7. Is this a sign?

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by Carla Travis - 4/02/14 4:24 PM
Yes, Judging time for Church Buildings, must correct now.

birth path number 55

by weblife - 1/28/14 1:56 AM
I live it I defeat any enemy crush any evil and have divine judgment and brilliant intelligence. Artist as a god given talent.

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im a little worried

by luc - 7/02/11 12:01 AM
i see the time 1134 every day or 1143 every single day...1134 upside down and backwards is hell soooo should i be worried...ive lived my life well

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RE: im a little worried

by Anonymous - 10/15/13 5:16 PM
Stop worrying!! Just have faith in Jesus, that is all you need and your love will guide you forward. Those who are in Christ will rule 1000 years with Him. Stay focussed on Jesus.

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The number 55

by Junior Beckles "Barbados" - 7/06/10 6:40 AM
I been through a lot in life and this number 55 play's a part in all that have happen to be. I can say for I am bless in many ways. But i think they is more to my life because of this number. i would like some help in some way to understand what is happening to me and if I am sane for this number is in everything I do and gain in life. I also have dream of things that happen in time and a natural sense of people good and bad. I am not crazy this I know but I need help like yesterday. any information you can give I thank you. We can chat on the thing in my life if you like to get a batter understanding. e.g my national ID Number ends in 0055

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RE: The number 55

by Anonymous - 10/15/13 5:14 PM
Be blessed for God loves you and always have faith in Jesus because He watches you and He loves you.

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by Colleen - 6/12/11 5:41 PM
I am an alcoholic in recovery. I believe in Jesus Christ as My Lord and Savior. I am a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. I have been very quiet in contemplation recently. I want to write a book, that will help many, and for the past several days, seeing the number 55 EVERYWHERE. Starting with what may have been The Kennedys Property, somewhere in Hyannis..................

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RE: 55

by Haqq - 1/25/13 9:38 PM
Beautiful the networking of the web to be able to share experiences with others. I too recently have been experiencing 55. Only two occurrences but I am watchful and know it is a message. My last day of work on a contract was today. So I am sold on 55 being a new beginning. Also, I made a comment to my Mom how unnecessary it was to say Hail Mary, so I believe also it may refer to her since Mary was used 55 times in scripture so i owe my mother an apology :)

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Who is E.Bindle?

by Nelly - 9/18/12 3:12 AM
Hello I am very curios about who E.Bindle is that wrote that nu. 55"Represent the limit of the humanity" If anyone knows please answer!

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22,33,55,66 and sometimes 77

by anonymous - 3/14/10 11:26 AM

Also, I know I'm not crazy because I shared it with someone close to me and when that person is with me I ask if they see it too, and they do. SO now this person is my witness that I'm not crazy and that what I am seeing is real and not my imagination overworking itself. I think it is there for everyone to see, but we are PAYING ATTENTION and I thank God for the communication and I let God know I sense his/her presence at all times.

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RE: 22,33,55,66 and sometimes 77

by 4th dimension - 12/14/11 6:59 AM
Cool me too,master numbers rock

22,33,55,66 and sometimes 77

by anonymous - 3/14/10 11:20 AM
Yes I do. I see these numbers everywhere. First it started with 66 then 22,33,55 and sometimes I see number 77. These numbers mean something and I do believe God communicates with numbers. I believe it is a good thing. I even see them in my dreams. They are everywhere every day of my life.

I even saw a lottery drawing showing all the different games and every number was on my screen, and those that don't go up that high showed the number twice, beside each other. It was the weirdest thing. SO I'm hoping I will win the lottery. lol

Also, I looked at the gas prices on the sign the other day and the prices numbers after the decimals were 22,33,55,66 and all in a row on the board.

This goes on with everything. Most of the time I see the numbers in pairs like 22, 33 or 33 and 66, but on occasion I see them all together in some form or another, or each number by itself, but all the numbers throughout the day appear.

It is a good thing. I feel very spiritually connected to another... more...

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RE:22,33,55,66 and sometimes 77

by martin - 9/23/11 4:50 AM
that is an absolutely amazing post....i couldn't have put it better myself....i've been seeing all the relevant digits on the gas meter electric meter and the clock on the oven in the kitchen. the fact we've all ended up here is symbolic in car reg has a 55 in it....but if your ready for the next step...check out the books on mary magdalene by margret starbird...epecially magdalenes lost legacy and the keys of jeshua by glenda green. for anyone else reading this post when 77 starts to appear . you have done really well but its time to slow down a bit and enjoy your enlightened humble and helpful...." cast not your pearls before swine lest the rend you" share your wisdom /zen with those who are of genuine intent like yourselves and are looking for what you were looking. it would be wasted on someone who is dense and and horrible. 77 is also a reponsibility to quote star wars " your a jedi master" ie...strong enough in faith to tackle the hostile world . you can beat the influence a... more...

RE: I see master numbers everywhere!

by Anonymous - 3/19/11 4:05 AM
i saw 555.55 on the way to Doha
I saw another poster that said 55 QR
I had 55 game requests on Facebook
I saw something priced at 55 riyals

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no. 55

by Anonymous - 2/10/11 1:28 PM
I was born in 55, I am currently 55, 55 is in my adress, 55 is in my phone no. and I see 55 everywhere I go. Also I have other double associated with me. Is this weird or what?

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RE: no. 55

by Anonymous - 3/03/11 8:20 AM
No it is not weird. It is only weird for those that will not pursue an answer. This is happening to the entire human population at this time. The only one that communicate this way is God Our Creator.


Me too!

by Tia - 11/26/10 2:57 PM
I am constantly catching the time at 11,22,33,44 and 55 minutes past the hour. It is getting to the point that it is kinda frustrating! I am trying to understand it.... but to no avail :(

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RE: Me too!

by Anonymous - 12/08/10 1:06 AM

You need to understand these symbols with your soul and spirit not with your mind, It is through ones soul and spirit that these sacred spiritual light codes become known to the mind.


I see the number 55

by 55 Sense - 11/08/10 7:51 PM
For the past several years I have been seeing the number 55 and did some research about it. One theory explained which one is running out of time. For the past several years, I've been evaluating when and where I've been seeing this number. The one thing I realized was that people around me or that I know from afar has been passing away. It usually starts with seeing it for a few days before the passing of a loved one or friend then later realizing that he or she has passed a few days later. If it was the first occurence than I wouldn't make a big deal of it but this has been the 7th occurence and everytime it happens a few days before someone passes. After the passing, I stop seeing it for awhile but eventually comes back. Can some explain this or had similar experiences.

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RE: I see the number 55

by Anonymous - 11/10/10 12:01 AM
The number 55 is 10 back to 1 again. The 0 symbolically represents the Creator. Could mean one returns back to the Creator. In my case there are several methods of communication that is sent to prepare one for a souls passing from this world into the next. The soul knows it is leaving before the actual physical event of death occurs. Souls communicate in a manner that the mind fails to see except for those that are willing to investigate the spiritual messages being presented. In your case 55. Now that you are aware of this message one needs to investigate and become awake as to the spiritual significance of the repetitive occurrence taking place in ones life.

Take care


22 33 55 66 88 99..........6699

by liverpool england - 11/05/10 11:49 AM
hello brothers and sisters .....your not losing it ...i to see these. the divine human ( jesus) has returned in yourself....the next human age is upon us......and we are here to witness and help....satan is the opposite of christ. the uks emergencey service is 999....if you see a 666
be jesus's 999.....try to stop hate, sepratism , drugs etc...and do your recycling bit....and tread as lightly with earths resources...peace respect and understanding

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