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Pentagon 555

by Bob - 10/17/17 5:51 AM
The Pentagon has 5 sides, 5 rings and 5 levels high. 555

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by Anonymous - 10/07/17 9:11 AM
what does it mean

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by Anonymous - 10/07/17 9:08 AM
what is he meaning

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by Anonymous - 7/23/17 12:14 PM
I dreamed that I was driving a bus. A man fell under my bus and with help we carried him into a house and put him on a couch. I looked down and found 3 5 doller bills on the floor. I picked them up and gave the other two people in the room one each of the $5s and I kept one. Also before I went into the house someone put a wad of money in my hand. I looked up the #s for bus and they were 5558. what could this mean?

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555 has been my lucky number

by Anonymous - 11/10/11 1:38 AM
I actually had 555 tattooed on me on friday the 13th, had to save my tattoo artist's life, just after he finished the outlining he couldn't breath, had to grab his oxygen machine from his room on the 2nd floor which he couldn't make it to. plus i was born on friday the 13th, 555-13, i see a large paradox in what happened to me involving these numbers, but either way, I found this page very interesting and would love to hear more

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RE: 555 has been my lucky number

by Anonymous - 2/16/17 4:46 PM
I had a dream last night of a man with 555 across his back. Weird

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12th imam

by Anonymous - 2/16/17 4:44 PM
Obama is the 12th IMAM

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i see 3 or 13 or 31 or 33 or 331 or 333 or 3331 and now for a few years have seen 555 and Z

by Till we meet again - 10/21/15 3:49 AM
I saw 3331 which are important i don't know is it 3 or 33 or 331 or 333 or 3331 all i know is it was during the start of not a bad time in my life but instead the worst and the very reason for my fall and eventually my death because of that time in my life. When i see it everywhere because of it being associated with a bad period in my life its fear when I see it that comes from within me also now for a few years I've seen 555 and Z but not together. I asked God for the next 3 lifetimes. I gave him an option to show him his humanity has him at heart even under the rage and hate. I said you can take me but instead i need and you must give me the next 3 lifetimes to get what I missed in this one. I've always known I'm truly special always. I see visions as they will be in that moment in time but getting control is what I haven't grasped in any aspect. I hear him guide me but my mind was transformed from bad times in life and from the worst time i spoke of before, it changed what God had in plan for me, so he... more...

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RE: i see 3 or 13 or 31 or 33 or 331 or 333 or 3331 and now for a few years have seen 555 and Z

by Anonymous - 11/03/15 5:20 AM
13 is tied to superstition. Which has pagan association. Knowing that in mind, that of which human error supposes is good in the sights of The Lord is not. What the majority supposes is evil is misleading. When we spell it backward it = Live. All who live are inherently evil, because it is the opposite of the Only One who IS Good, GOD. To strive to be As Above GOD is our evil exercised. We do this by the outputting of ourselves to love ourselves in such a way as to be our own worshipped god's. Aka to doubt The Word of The Good Good Father GOD, and to go forward with our own agenda at the hands of Satan's agencies for not considering GOD as our only Authority. Like the garden of Eden. All there failed to consider both GOD and to assume responsibility for their own actions. It began with blame. Which is to be lame. Meaning that without an upright walk. One cannot be righteous by blaming others of unrighteousness according to a limited and personal world view in society. To be righteous by GOD is only by His... more...

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by Tempest - 11/02/15 7:47 PM
A is to beginning as Z is to...

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by Anonymous - 11/02/15 8:39 PM
See also Acts 4.

Meaning 3331 and 555

by Tempest - 11/02/15 7:46 PM
Holiness deceived by really attaining to erect self glory. 333 common thought of holiness in number, of a falsified GOD. 1 is who really ought to be worshipped and humanity's efforts to be in 1rst place, like Satan. 555 he laughs as the world cries over being deceived. 33, Jesus wasn't 33, a lie told by Satan's disciples. Yeshua's disciples figure 37. 33 aged of The Leather's and Silk's life,and lies revealed. The Agreement to reveal has been made by all parties.

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I was born at dat time

by Rishabh - 12/29/13 5:34 AM

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RE: I was born at dat time

by boss - 7/23/15 4:51 PM
Me too....


by claudia - 2/10/09 8:25 AM
I see the number 555-it is such a mystery to me-but its like deep within myself i know thas important and meaningful!!but have not yet found the answer

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RE: 555ated

by Anonymous - 6/25/15 9:20 AM
Thank you!May God continue to bless you!

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Hitler's Nazi Member Number was 555

by Josh Levin - 2/03/15 3:21 PM
Hitler's membership number in the NSDAP (Nazi) Party was 555. Actually, he was the 55th member, but they boosted all the member numbers by 500 to make the party look bigger.

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RE: Hitler's Nazi Member Number was 555

by Anonymous - 6/21/15 7:51 PM
I seen this on the History channel when they were talking about Hitler, very interesting. In the the movie The Devil's Advocate, when they are looking for the chicken that play's tic tac toe. The awning right behind them say's 5 5 5.


by spiritual warrior - 8/18/12 2:18 PM
70 AD
time times & a half
555 + 555 + 555 + 277.5 = 1942.5 AD + 70 Ad = 2012.5 AD

Do you get where i am coming from?

23 08 1964 23 08 2012 seems to be an importand day 666.

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RE: 555

by Haven - 6/10/15 3:03 PM
Are from Australia???


by Anonymous - 3/10/08 6:02 AM
So do I. Also at 1:11 and 11:11 .

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RE: 5:55

by Anonymous - 5/13/15 12:48 AM
555 is taste good example 555 sardines made in the philippines

There is no god

by TheVoiceOfFreedom - 11/24/13 12:31 PM
Jesus, if he ever existed, was a kind hippy years ahead of his time who helped people and a load of cack was made up about his origin to manipulate people and justify space fairies. The world needs a new Jesus, an atheist who can free people from the tyranny and lies of ALL organized religions which are behind nearly every war and conflict in history.
The 10 Commandments are common sense, be good to other and fight evil. Call it humanism, atheism whatever you want but believe in the PROGRESS OF HUMANITY - WE WILL RISE ABOVE THE RELIGIOUS NONSENSE!

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RE: There is no god

by 555 - 5/04/15 11:52 AM
its everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ali Mahdi

by we believe in a god - 12/23/12 8:30 AM
555 is the sign of a man who was born to fight the demons and their master Satan until you come to Jesus Christ, who will prophecy says that one glance destroy Satan. this man has been born and lived among us, but he did not know it was him. prophecy says that the angels in one night to prepare and give him the knowledge which will be able to fight against the demons and their master Satan. The prophecy says that his soul is hidden between two of the world in order to be protected from Satan, because he will be the first and who will lead an army against the demon to the re-arrival of Jesus Christ

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RE:Ali Mahdi

by mico - 2/05/15 10:30 AM
Ali mahdi i have dreamed this number and im a little bit scared. I dreamed with a bible verse and i searched every versea. But i cant find the eaning of 555 can make me an email i realy need your help


RE: Ali Mahdi

by Anonymous - 4/18/15 4:40 PM
I am a male luciferian and I am of the white race for Lucy but I cant race because of the English language plus I've already won and everyone is antisocial around me and my track and I am the one left behind andishowsoul

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555 meaning

by Randy Carson Thompson - 10/17/14 5:02 PM
My name's number IS 555.

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RE: 555 meaning

by Anonymous - 4/18/15 4:29 PM
I have 5 letters in each of my names andishowsoul

555 Answers

by Debz - 12/01/10 8:20 PM
Hi all. It's great to see so many people experiencing this.

I, too, have seen 555s EVERY day for the past 20 years. Really! It started out from many different sources--receiving $5.55 in change, on clocks & signs, license plates, etc. Then it mostly came via license plates--I'd never seek for it, but would always just happen to turn my head at the exact moment necessary to be able to see it--or a car would be right in front of me with a 555 plate--or I'd be on a back-road bike ride and the only car to pass me the whole time had a 555 plate, etc., etc., etc. Way beyond coincidence, and seriously, every day for 20 years!

For the first seven years, I knew it was something significant, knew 5 was associated with Grace, but just thought that when the Lord was ready to reveal to me the meaning, He would in His timing. On January 15, 1997 (that's the 15th: 5+5+5), I saw 7 different cars with 555 plates--definitely more than the usual for one day. That night I went to a church service and the first thing... more...

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RE:555 Answers

by Anonymous - 10/11/13 8:20 AM
I am the 5th child and was born on the 5th December and the planet most associated with me is Jupiter which is the 5th planet. I get alot of 5s and I get alot of the number 20 like God is saying "Wait, I have a task for you, but wait."

RE: 555 Answers

by Anonymous - 12/08/13 10:45 AM
Have you finished your book?

RE: 555 Answers

by Anonymous - 1/21/14 3:18 PM
i have experienced for some years now i look at the clock at 5:55 and then something bad happens or i get bad news about something. I have tried to overlook it thinking its just coincidence but this is constantly happening. i would appreciate a response from a Godly person with insight. i am lost as to the meaning and it happens only associated with something bad. most recently i looked at the time it sohappened tobe at 5:55 then the very same night my husband was in a car accident then last night again the same time on the clock and i recieved some troubling news today. my husband thinks im being silly but i have to trust the negative discernment i feel with this number in sequences of three. any help is appreciated.

RE: 555 Answers

by GG - 11/30/14 8:53 PM
Have you finished you book? I'm interested!

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awakened from sleep 555

by Chris - 1/02/13 7:53 AM
Ok, so now having understood somewhat the 144 I feel a nudge this morning while sleeping and look at the clock,5:55am.Anyone else experience this order of sequence and what to expect next or are we all going through this at the same time.I notice a lot of folks recieved 555 many years ago.Why the time lapse?

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RE: awakened from sleep 555

by Anonymous - 11/26/14 8:59 PM
Yes, its been happening to me for weeks, that is why I researching it.

what does mean?

by justina aviles - 2/04/14 5:04 PM
my birthdat is may 14,1969 when u add 1+4=5 and month of may falls in 5 and 6+9=15 so 555 is in my life. what does mean..

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by Ross-----Ro555 - 1/04/14 10:01 AM
my last 3 numbers in the UK army= 555, I was known as trouble 5, or tripple 5, , Ex army buddies refer to me as 555, my last 3 digits on on my bank card are 555

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RE: 555

by Anonymous - 1/04/14 10:03 AM
forgot to mention you can contact me at Rossgrant555


by Pearl - 10/31/13 2:38 PM
I have been seeing 555 almost everyday and I dont know why?

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by Choice - 11/02/10 7:36 AM
Wow. Some of you profess Christianity but condemn others in the process. You speak about education and knowledge, but God does not reveal all truths. You criticize someone else’s spelling or vocabulary but that isn't very Christian-like. Many of you adhere to political and religious ideology based on your education, and combine them, but that is not what Jesus was about. You are hypocrites. We know nothing with certainty...only what we believe. We are supposed to trust God to guide us, and not man. I want all the answers, but none of us have them. That is what faith is all about! We have to trust God here.

Many will come here looking to believe in something....they are sensing something beyond their ordinary be kind even if the kindness isn't returned.

God doesn't care if we can spell, or if we curse.

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RE: 555

by Anonymous - 9/17/13 7:18 AM
Beautifully said. These are funny days and most seem led a stray with a mind of there own. We need more free thinkers in these times

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Meaning of 555

by Rey de los Reyes - 8/29/13 12:27 AM
This means that you ended tree times already and ready to begin the fullness of you where you will met yourself (the real god which is you)

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looking for me hmmm

by Aaron Daughdrill 555 - 2/24/11 11:58 AM
All you are so misled I am 555 the numbers stand for ppl with great gifts like the Entropy. I am the choosen one known as the 5th which is choosen by god to help againest the anto christ in the coming years so please get it right. I'm tiered of seeing all you wounder about the numbers. You all aren't suppose to know about us so leave it be.

-Aaron 555

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RE: looking for me hmmm

by Ali Mahdi - 5/17/13 8:26 PM
if you ar 555 tel me who is 12-th IMAM??? and I beleve you that is you 555

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