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49 Comments for Number 6 Symbolism, 6 Meaning and Numerology

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huge in my life

by --julie-- - 9/15/10 8:52 PM
i was born December 6. so 6+6=12. & then being born on the 6th. also, my soccer number is 33. 3+3=6. another occurrence is one of my best friends lost her life in a car accident on my 18th birthday. 6x3=18. also, it falls on 12-6. also, my numerological number is 6. so as you can see, the number 6 plays a huge part in my life.

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RE: huge in my life

by Anonymous - 2/13/15 8:06 AM
I'm born the 6th of Aug but was supposed to be born on the 13th.Is anything freaky about that.

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I want to know the interpretation focus on it means

by Izzy - 1/27/15 1:36 PM
I please want to know what this is!?! I'm trying to do my homework not read about the bible god

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to the c to the a to the double ee

by Anonymous - 9/01/10 1:45 PM
so is it a good number or a bad number.

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RE: to the c to the a to the double ee

by Anonymous - 10/27/14 11:51 PM
6 is NOT an evil number. There are other more insightful readings of a six out there, I've read them so i say, do some research. I think 666 is a number for many secret societies. My belief is this world is held together by numbers wich are ftequincies,we can use our numbers to create or to destroy. thats proven in physics... so if there is duality and numbers are important, more than our little minds can comprehend. The more i know , the more i know i dont know in this big. Beautiful universe.

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number 4

by patrick - 2/24/11 7:22 AM
a while ago i was getting changed and looked in the mirror and caught a glimpse of what looked like a number on my right forearm and at first i thought it was the number 14 but soon realised that the one was most lykly just a vein but as for the 4 it is the perfect 4 and it is really weird and now that film has just come out"i am number four" its all weird but i dont know what to think of it.

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RE: number 4

by Anonymous - 10/27/14 11:29 PM
Add the number's. ALLthe numbers, Why focus on it being bad, fearful or fixate on things being dark. Many of this website users could use a dose of pro-active possitivity . Look for the possitive or you keep looking for the dark, you may just invite it in. Blessings. This was a respose to ALL the spook seekers. Be a light seeker, invite this energy in instead, k ? Ill practice this too. Much love to all.

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by herman thomas - 10/26/11 5:33 PM
i was born on nov 6 my name has 6 letters my last name has 6 letters what does this mean this scares me

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RE: 666

by Anonymousu - 10/27/14 11:00 PM
Does it have sixhundred and sixty six letters ??? A single six or sixtysix (wich equels 3 anyways) stop worring or putting a dark energy on a number wich is the most balanced single diget numer then anyother single diget. You may have hyper 6 in your life to remind you that you should consider your sixth sense and promote and use energy work fo healing yourself and others. We own what we focus on. Use your focus wisely !


by witchick - 6/21/12 3:09 PM
Simple Numerology 7 symbology
60 seconds in a min...60 min in an hour... 24 hours in a day and 2+4=6 aka 666 by hyman design...1582 Flanders adopts Gregorian google Bush family Tree...Obama's in there so is Cheney so is Lincolon so is Vlad tepes aka Dracula aka Satan. I think it's so funny that there's a new movie out called Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, why couldn't they all just play Family Fude?

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RE: 6

by anonymous - 10/27/14 10:37 PM
Lol, that was a great comment !

about 6

by Anonymous - 9/04/14 3:44 AM
Hi there
i m born in 17 06 1981
What does mean

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RE: about 6

by Anonymous - 10/27/14 10:30 PM
Congrats, Your life number is a 33 ! Thats a healthy number. Look it up. You'll be happy.


by dyna - 1/25/13 3:03 AM
My birthdate is 6-6-2006, do you think what does it mean?

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by Anonymous - 10/27/14 7:09 PM
Dear not quit 666,lol. Are you a good kind person ? If your a six well, i'm presuming your a good egg. If not -you wouldn't be worried about it !! Think it over,I think youll find this correct.

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life number 6

by anonymous - 10/27/14 7:01 PM
The numbers 666 and just 6 are as differant as night to day ! Stop worring you wonderful 6's ITS A GREAT NUMBER ! what someone hasnt told you is we live our higher selves or our lower vibrational selves, six in a high vibration is a HEALER much like 33. We are the co-creators of our REALITY & lives!!! WE ARE THE HEALERS OF OUR OWN AND EARTHS ENERGY !!!!!!

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life number 6

by mimi - 10/27/14 6:35 PM
The "sixth sense" the tailing of 33. The space around the five pointed star is six ,representing nuturing space,supporting mankind. It is a connector energy. Grateful for your SITE & insight. 😀 THANK YOU !

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RE: number 6 mark

by Anonymous - 6/12/11 10:24 PM
Hmmm, most interesting. I have recently discovered a dark mark or freckle or perhaps an early age spot on my right hand. It looks like the number six. I did some symbol research and it also looks alot like the ancient egyptian symbol for wheat.

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RE: RE: number 6 mark

by Anonymous - 8/21/14 3:06 AM
i have 3 corresponding 6's in my ssn....

this is our monthsary

by junra - 9/24/12 10:41 PM
i want to know if this number six is bad number? because i'm worried about this topic that they said to me you'll have a bad relationship between you and him you will hurt each other in unexpected day.. i'm scared i want to know right now as possible if all of this are true? and it give me a bad day... i guess yes i still remember when the day come (6) our monthsary i'm not happy bec. we fight i mean we quarrel i don't know why...

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RE: this is our monthsary

by Anonymous - 11/24/13 2:09 PM
were'nt there six bottles of water that jesus turned to wine? the numbers only mean what we allow them to, they are patterns, potentials, tendencies, triggers, but we (with God within) are the ultimate arbiters of our fate.


by Anonymous - 12/11/12 12:26 PM
I was born July 6th,my first name has 6 letters and my last name had 6 letters..

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Number 6 is in my life.

by KendalMay - 10/24/12 11:23 AM
Kendal= 6
Helen May= 8 i have 2 middle names= 8-2=6
my last name[ not given] is 6 letters as well.
my birthday is 11.24.94
11=24=94= 129= 9-2-1= 6
take the first numbers and put them together:
129 = 9-2-1=6
now take the last:
144= 144/6= 24= 2+4= 6

MY address was 321 SW 18 st.= 3+2+1= 6
18/3= 6
my new address is 600= 6+0+0= 6
my nieces are 11, 8, 5
there ages go by 3 and there is 3 of them= 6

weird... i know.

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by junra - 9/24/12 10:33 PM
this topic is true? i want some topic about six

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by tania covarrubias - 7/23/12 12:50 AM
life left

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RE: money

by Anonymous - 8/07/12 1:17 PM
i love u


by james sunderland - 3/26/12 9:28 PM
this is very intresting! 6 is my favorite # and anytime i see it i think of it as a good luck charm...but its cool to read up on it. i see 6 all the time too...

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If Six Were A Letter, It'd Be Three (G-O-D)

by Chris Landreth - 2/13/12 12:37 PM

6:00 (min/hr hand at 12/6)
1:26 is opposite 23:34 on a clock face

God's Numbers = 137 (english)
13.7 minutes = 822 seconds
8/22 = 234th Day


6:00 PM = 18:00

18.00 seconds = 0.3 minutes
1/0.3 = 3.333

What are God's Numbers? = 213 (english)
213 seconds = 3:33 (min/sec)

What are the King's Numbers? = 234 / 333
The Number of the Messiah = 234 / 333

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by Adrian - 7/25/11 12:58 PM
6 6 6 666 satan evil come on people get a life
these are just number stop believing in bull or you will get insane

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RE: Adrian

by Anonymous - 1/01/12 10:42 AM
nothin evil bout right triangles

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Multiple 6's

by Em - 12/27/11 10:13 AM
My Birthday is March 6, my husband's August 6th. We were married on April 6th 1996 and our Golden Retriever was born on January 6th and will be 6 this coming new Year 2012! I remember as a child at a Birthday Party (I was quite young) the hostess of the child's party had but 1 floater for the water (they lived by a lake) so we all got to choose a number for this floater to use in the water. I chose # 6 and that was the number that won. I couldn't swim, so I was pretty excited about that! I have had people tease me about the 6's being the "sign of the devil", and I love to joke about all the 6's that surrounds our life, but in truth I am very proud of them and consider them a wonderful blessing :-)

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number six is my life

by Alier - 9/12/11 5:04 AM
the number six always turn up where ever am at at random times first i thought it was like but then it happen and happened again, like i was born on june the six month, i was reading a book and the first page had the number six in it, i was trying out for basketball and they gave me the number six, i was applying for a driver's license and i was at the six counter, i was paying a audio book for 23 and when i was about to pay they offered it to me for $16 i had a basketball jursey with the number six for 7 years tried to get throw it away but it always finds me back to the audio book that i bought for $16 well when i got home i found out the full langth is 6hrs and when i pressed played and looked at the clock it was 6:06pm and my found number as 66 in it. so the number 6 is my life.

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by Anonymous - 6/12/11 9:58 PM
A recent mark or freckle turned up on my right hand. It appears to be in the shape of a 6 (if I'm looking at it) or a 9 if someone else is looking at my hand. Anyone had a mark show up on their hands or anywhere on their body recently?

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number 6

by Anonymous - 4/29/11 12:31 PM
there are many and many explanations for the meaning of the number 6, so i don't really know what to believe in. my life is connected with the number 6, everything in my life is leaded with the number 6. i really love the number... i don't think it's a bad number, i love it, and it's my lucky number :D

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numbers 2, 6, and 26

by Pacco Martinez - 9/18/10 3:45 AM
ive been seeing these numbers (2, 6 and 26) in sets. all in the same day.. the most recent was in one nignt at 2am... i saw 2 bats fly over head while walking to my car.. than while drivind down this road i was followed by 6 dark colored dogs for 2 blocks while passing 26 black cats... where i live there are like no black cats... any insight on what this might mean?

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RE: numbers 2, 6, and 26

by Anonymous - 3/01/11 8:22 PM
I have read on the internet and heard in a video on Numerology that the number 8 (which is what 2 and 6 add up to) is the number of God. What helps me believe this is that the infinity sign is just an 8 flipped on its side. Time is such a special mysterious concept and so is God. Also there is no such thing as time supposedly and many believe there is no such thing as God.

god- infinite?

Also when there is a very special moment in my life the time adds up to 8. I was with someone and they pointed out oh its 11:33- my favorite number. (not knowing i have a thing for numbers)
or my phone will light up showing the time that equals 8 when something special is happening or just happened.
One night I was praying and I was like God! blah blah blah blah! all enthusiastically.. The clock across the room equaled 8 and the time on my phone equaled 8 and my clock is not set at all to the right time.

Another thing that just came to my mind is that that clock, I just recently noticed, now says the right time. The... more...


by Ashma - 1/10/11 9:00 PM
my life number adds up too 6!!!

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