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Properties of the number 6







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80 Comments for Number 6 Symbolism, 6 Meaning and Numerology

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by Anonymous - 12/03/17 12:47 PM
Could this paragraph be explained in more detail?

"Numerical value of the Hebraic letter Waw, connecting the active to the passive, representing the ratio of Ego with the Not Ego. This letter has the form of a hook, a nail, a link. Charrot sees in this form " the link or the grapple which binds and tangles up in currents ideas, all the opinions; it is the man who makes himself free by working or slave by the laziness."

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6 God is Watching...Just be prepared to Face him

by DANE KEAMAN the 6ixer - 11/10/17 9:36 PM
6 God , put both hands together that's amazing grace
6 God , selfish with the love 6 need all the praise


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6ix 6ix 6ix

by ADEN DEJEL6ix - 11/10/17 9:29 PM
Sex Love Beauty 6666666666666ix
VENUS πŸ™πŸΏ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ’•β€οΈ
Born on 15= 6
Life Path 33 = 6

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by ADEN DEJEL the 6ixer - 11/10/17 9:25 PM
600 60 6 ...6ixx to the WORLD 6 worship

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United States GS-0318-07 Secretary-Stenographer Office Practice/Clerk-Typist

by Mildred Marie Hall - 8/21/17 12:34 PM
ABC Stenoscript Shorthand history today.

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District 6 27 Courthouse Square Rockville Maryland 20850, Montgomery County 1776

by Mildred Marie Hall - 8/21/17 12:29 PM
1632 Founded Maryland's History

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6'th child born on the 6'th day of the 6'th month but on a Sunday In 1982

by Taniah - 6/28/17 12:43 PM
These are my birth numbers. They have always stuck me as odd that the number 6 is always connected to me. I have 6 kids myself. Can anyone with numerology wisdom tell me about the numbers and how they fall at my birth...

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Double 6's

by Crw - 12/12/16 10:44 PM
Everywhere i go- im Constantly seeing double 6's!! EVERYWHERE ! What does this mean?!! (been happening about the past 4 months)

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RE: Double 6's

by Anonymous - 12/12/16 10:46 PM
Hey posted that on "6"! And at 10:44 (9)-- and 9+6 is 6 again!

6 ruined my life

by be warned - 12/01/15 12:18 PM
I was born June 6th, 1999. This year I turned 16, that's when everything changed. My first mistake was breaking a cup, it came in a set of 6. I woke up with 6 scratch marks on my stomach, that weekend I had a birthday party. I wore a crop top, the marks practically faded since then. Then my friends grandmothers saw me, it was hysterical. She cussed at me in Italian, the whole party stopped I call her crazy and delusional but she insisted that I was marked. She warned me, and forced me out of that house. That's when I yelled, "Satan isn't real". That was my 2nd mistake, I lost my ability to sleep, I'm not hungry, I hear constant sounds and noises, my marks dropped, I got kicked out of all my extra curricular activity's. Today is December 1st 2015, I know theyre coming soon. I'm posting this as a warning. If you feel something is off, theyre watching you. they hunt for prey and bodies to feast upon. Its just a few things, you may have not even picked up on them. Open your eyes.

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RE:6 ruined my life

by Anonymous - 12/02/16 11:14 AM
Six is everywhere for me too. I have six letters in every one of my names, I was born on the 6th day of the week at 6am, and I always feel a presence around me. Anyone know what could be going on?

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repeating sixes

by john - 9/17/16 7:02 PM
the mahjong game I play frequently ends up with four sixes in it, one for each suite in the deck. does thst mean my computer is evil?

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to the c to the a to the double ee

by Anonymous - 9/01/10 1:45 PM
so is it a good number or a bad number.

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RE:to the c to the a to the double ee

by Anonymous - 8/23/16 6:57 PM
So if you have the number 6 repeating several times and actually means something good

RE:to the c to the a to the double ee

by john la berge - 9/16/16 8:00 AM
c to a to double e what rubbish is this you put forth? the concepts attached to the number 6 placed one behind the other for four times in a row is not spoken of. it may be considered 24, 1296 (root 3) or trinity the base of the many religions. as for it a emblem of the female womb and birth canal all I can ask is how did you come up with that idea? putting it in that form puts you in the same cast as the woman hating paul, a pitiful state of mind.

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6 everywhere

by Anonymous - 9/01/16 3:34 PM
What ever number might be the total is always 6, even if i try to avoid i end up with 6 someway or other.

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by my son has 6 letters for first name - 8/10/15 8:53 PM
is the number of his names
do I have to worry

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RE: hello

by Anonymous - 8/23/16 2:04 AM
Did u not think about this when u named your child?

genel in society

by noen - 6/14/16 10:35 AM
I have no comment but I would like to say that this text is not like enough to under stand the purpose (I think so I am not sure)

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third six mark of the beast

by Francine Andrea medina - 5/23/16 9:56 AM
I'm a six

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6 is dominant in all numbers.

by Tracy Neer - 4/23/16 7:40 AM
My birth date,SSN drivers payments and random numbers assoiciated with me contain numerous sixes. Is there some additional information?

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by Andrew - 12/03/15 10:32 PM
23 day 4 month is my birthday and paranormal things happen constantly to me

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about 6

by Anonymous - 9/04/14 3:44 AM
Hi there
i m born in 17 06 1981
What does mean

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RE:about 6

by about 6 - 8/31/15 12:53 AM
I'm born on 6-26-1994. What does it mean.. and I'm also seeing always the number 6 when i check the time. and seeing 8 written everywhere.. thats our monthsary with my boyfriend..

RE:about 6

by paul - 11/25/15 11:03 AM
I was born 3-23-1980.I have need for months seeing 6,7 or 8 on the clock in different segments.what does that all mean

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number 6 in birth

by becky - 4/06/15 7:41 PM
I was born 6/6/56. I weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces. I was born at 6 minutes before 6. Any special meaning?

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RE: number 6 in birth

by Anonymous - 8/19/15 6:25 PM
yes I am confident in regards to implications here, that you are an idiot and will be sold copious amounts of various items that you do not require for satisfying life thanks

turning 6 on the 6th day of the 6th month

by mom - 6/05/15 3:00 PM
turning 6 on the 6th day of the 6th month and being a gemini

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huge in my life

by --julie-- - 9/15/10 8:52 PM
i was born December 6. so 6+6=12. & then being born on the 6th. also, my soccer number is 33. 3+3=6. another occurrence is one of my best friends lost her life in a car accident on my 18th birthday. 6x3=18. also, it falls on 12-6. also, my numerological number is 6. so as you can see, the number 6 plays a huge part in my life.

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RE: huge in my life

by Anonymous - 2/13/15 8:06 AM
I'm born the 6th of Aug but was supposed to be born on the 13th.Is anything freaky about that.

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I want to know the interpretation focus on it means

by Izzy - 1/27/15 1:36 PM
I please want to know what this is!?! I'm trying to do my homework not read about the bible god

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number 4

by patrick - 2/24/11 7:22 AM
a while ago i was getting changed and looked in the mirror and caught a glimpse of what looked like a number on my right forearm and at first i thought it was the number 14 but soon realised that the one was most lykly just a vein but as for the 4 it is the perfect 4 and it is really weird and now that film has just come out"i am number four" its all weird but i dont know what to think of it.

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RE: number 4

by Anonymous - 10/27/14 11:29 PM
Add the number's. ALLthe numbers, Why focus on it being bad, fearful or fixate on things being dark. Many of this website users could use a dose of pro-active possitivity . Look for the possitive or you keep looking for the dark, you may just invite it in. Blessings. This was a respose to ALL the spook seekers. Be a light seeker, invite this energy in instead, k ? Ill practice this too. Much love to all.

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by herman thomas - 10/26/11 5:33 PM
i was born on nov 6 my name has 6 letters my last name has 6 letters what does this mean this scares me

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RE: 666

by Anonymousu - 10/27/14 11:00 PM
Does it have sixhundred and sixty six letters ??? A single six or sixtysix (wich equels 3 anyways) stop worring or putting a dark energy on a number wich is the most balanced single diget numer then anyother single diget. You may have hyper 6 in your life to remind you that you should consider your sixth sense and promote and use energy work fo healing yourself and others. We own what we focus on. Use your focus wisely !


by witchick - 6/21/12 3:09 PM
Simple Numerology 7 symbology
60 seconds in a min...60 min in an hour... 24 hours in a day and 2+4=6 aka 666 by hyman design...1582 Flanders adopts Gregorian google Bush family Tree...Obama's in there so is Cheney so is Lincolon so is Vlad tepes aka Dracula aka Satan. I think it's so funny that there's a new movie out called Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, why couldn't they all just play Family Fude?

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RE: 6

by anonymous - 10/27/14 10:37 PM
Lol, that was a great comment !