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First number 66

by SLee - 1/09/12 9:25 PM
Ok here’s my story…
I was born on the 66 day of the year. My first number I ever knew was 66 even before 1 to 10. This number followed me on an everyday bases and turns out to be a very lucky number for me. I cannot explain it but it’s my favorite number and I love the look and the number. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic School till I decides at early age of 8 that Catholic religion was not for me. My mother recalls me, of talking about I high power (Creation) but not in form of a God at age 8 and I also use to tell told her I lived few times on earth. My mother told me that was reincarnation and at age 8 I didn’t even understand or heard of the word reincarnation. In my older years I seem to feel and I know more about people and events but I keep is all to myself in fear. Over the past 4 years I been having odd dreams and I know when someone going to pass over before everyone else and knew things. A few times I heard someone tell me in my mind important events that has happen (very short sentence) and I had a psychic tell me I have an ancient with me. Sorry get off topic here but my whole life and events have tied into this number 66.
Any thoughts?

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RE: First number 66

by Henry - 5/01/12 7:20 PM
The Bible does speak to reincarnation:

And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment, (Hebrews 9:27, ESV)

And Jesus Himself instructs us to pray directly to the Father:

This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:9-10, NIV)

A few other verses about praying to God:

He prays to God and finds favor with him, he sees God’s face and shouts for joy; he is restored by God to his righteous state. (Job 33:26, NIV)

Now we pray to God that you do no wrong; not that we ourselves may appear approved, but that you may do what is right, even though we may appear unapproved. (2 Corinthians 13:7, NASB)

Now forgive my sin once more and pray to the LORD your God to take this deadly plague away from me." Moses then left Pharaoh and prayed to the Lord. (Exodus 10:17-18, NIV)

And as far as praying through the prophets:

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; (1 Timothy 2:5, KJV)

RE: First number 66

by Anonymous - 5/10/12 3:03 AM
Jesus is is only one in the line of prophets. There are nine numbers in the entire universe created by God therefore there has to be nine prophets of God. Jesus is number 6 in the line of Prophets of God. His symbol is the Star of David which is a 6 pointed star.

RE: First number 66

by Anonymous - 5/10/12 3:07 AM
Read prophecy twenty five twenty

RE: First number 66

by Anonymous - 7/23/14 5:48 AM
IN 1966 I was three and went to sleep saying do yo know me ut then I turned four and became a sleep walker by day and by night and you forgot me and I forgot the lot. PS Dreams are not necessarily the answer to everything

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your not looking deep enough

by M.Wolf. - 7/02/14 4:16 AM
None of you have been taking my instructions. Ignoring it wont do any good. I know you've tried because when you mention it to someone they come up with the same garbage advice."ignore it your looking for it". Meditation is your key to access your dormant powers, and believe me some of you can become quite powerful like me...I am here to tell you that you have the abilities to influence the world around you, but if you keep clinging to your same ideals you will never achieve greatness. those of you extremes, need to experience crushing disappointment. The "death of your ego is absolutely necessary for you to awaken your true self, to awaken the demi god inside of you. If you think jesus christ is God then you still have a lot to learn and go trough. He was A god!! A man who awakened the sacred fire (energy)(spirit) of the all known as the Christ. That primal force is what awakened all of his powers. He is a comrade who walked a path we should all be on. Not our lord. The only one you have to answer to at the... more...

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RE: your not looking deep enough

by Anonymous - 7/23/14 5:44 AM
Absolutely right if Jesus prays to GOD why on the Earth would he say pray to me and I'll kiss it all better
"you can't not come unto God unless through me" is no more than a Magickal formula soul/ spirit odessy

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66 the meaning

by charlie - 6/03/11 11:48 AM
I feel tht the number 66 represents man.
man was created on the 6th day.
Man has a pineal gland called the 6th charka
That gives man the number 66.
Now if you study the bible
You'll also notice beast was created on the 6th day.
Satan sits in the temple of God declaring he is god.
The church is looking for a temple in Jerusalem.
God says his temple is man. 1Cor3:16-17. God tells us many times we are his temple.
Satan wants to open mankinds pineal gland so he can sit on the seat of the soul declaring he is God. The world will receive another spirit,another gospel, another jesus. 1cor.11:1-4 Eve is a picture of the last day church being deceived by satan. Satan openes the eyes of Adam & Eve. Pineal gland has been given many names it is called the 3rd eye also. Its located in the middle of the forehead. The mark of the beast is on the forehead or hand.
If mans number is 66.
He has his pineal gland opened he is demon possessed w/ a beast
because beast was also created on the 6th day.
You get... more...

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RE: 66 the meaning

by Anonymous - 7/23/14 5:39 AM
Excellent work there dearest what your saying is that Jesus didnt have any open pineal gland and those who do are possesed Well how the hell could Jesus ever have communed with god. What the bloody hell makes a Christian more holy than anybody else " We suggest you reread the the good Samaritan parable again" Because it easily states tht often those who say they are holy are not and that a person from another faith can in fact show more mercy benevolence and charity
IS tht Bible belt you are talking about the one which supports your politicians and war machine (good money making and sellin arms isn't there)in the killing of women and children in Afganistan, Yemen and South America in the name of PEACE (did you know that the toilet seat for a B52 bomber used to cost 10,000 dollars!!!)
Do you think there is any honour courage let alone valour in sitting in an office in America piloting a drone which selects targets overseas willy nilly see documentary Dirty War by an American
AS for the flood you might... more...

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This is a trick, simple as pie

by Everyone here - 11/22/11 3:34 PM
People. Almost a year I had been seeing this number over and frickin over. I was so freaked out. People are using it it to try to lead you into some following. Listen. All you have to do is ignore it. It is the devil trying to play a trick on you so that yu will think that evil is following you and you must bond to others for a higher calling, but when you do he has you in the trap. I started looking at the meaning of numbers in general and instead of JUST this one. Some people believe that other spirits, Angels, and maybe demons in this case, are trying to use numbers to communicate a message to us, or misguide us in this case. Once I started concentrating on the possibility of being communicated through spirits with numbers and opened my eyes to other possible combinations I started seeing insane amounts of triple digit numbers many times in sequences, many times in quick succession, and always the meaning were relevant to my thoughts and the events at the time. If you have gotten this far, you must believe... more...

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RE: This is a trick, simple as pie

by Anonymous - 3/06/14 2:59 AM
thts what im thinking

RE: This is a trick, simple as pie

by Anonymous - 7/23/14 4:44 AM
OK people I don't know everything but it seems to me a lot of are making an easy task harder than it should lets get some things straight God is everwhere including on your TV and at the movies try using good program sense and turn your TV or viewing time into a pack of Tarot cards = Kabbalah = numbers words sound light colour
try also looking at key historical events based on 66 ie 1966
666 = the number of man = 18 the moon (illusion and other stuff) = 9 the moon again check Beatles number 9 because it just keeps repeating it self over and over again 9 = magic number is always reciprocal of itself
now 666 + 6 = 24 =6 (the solar number)
if you believe that computers are evil then consider DOS = the father in spanish = ABBA the father and a rather famous group ( can anyone tell me the secret to the word ABBA (its quite logical)
The Bible has many misquotes and magickal flaws in it only those above the Abyss can see the light in it
ie Why would Jesus say " Satan get yeh behind me?" last place I would want that... more...

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by Elizabeth - 11/03/13 9:03 PM
I agree Roell. Chat with me again on FB. I"ll message you.

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RE: Group

by M.Wolf. - 7/02/14 4:23 AM
Contact me

just checking in

by ROELL B. - 1/19/13 12:54 AM
its been a while since ive updated my theories, i dont know how many of you are still being tormented by the number 66 but id like to offer you some hope, i've tried to ignore it and see if the L.O.A was behind the manifestation of the number and just as i thought its the primary cause of it, i've meditated many nights on this matter and what im realizing is that LXVI and the people chosen by it (that being us) wield great power. id love to get all in detail about it but ive also realized that would be very stupid. i have no idea who you are or what you would do with it,(dont get me wrong im not a saint) but if i die tomorrow i want my existence to mean something . I want to use this power for good, to bring about positive change to the world, a chance to leave our future generations something other than garbage and false ideas on the stupid stuff we think we need in order to live a fulfilling life. I am looking for those that are gonna keep on fighting to achieve true enlightenment by self discovery by any means necessary. If you feel like i do then walk with me, we can make difference together.

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RE:just checking in

by chico - 4/09/14 4:39 PM
try open your email,66 emails,66 coments,66 replies,check weather forecast fore the day,high temp 66 for the day,should joan jett on internet,she is 166 cm

RE: just checking in

by Anonymous - 4/14/14 3:02 PM
me too

RE: just checking in

by Anonymous - 6/04/14 1:39 AM
That's exactly how I feel and how I analyze it. I think God had chosen us to do something good in this world. The Number 66 is a gift we now have to unit the people god had chosen to do a difference in this world. I am starting by posting positive inspiring and give hope to my friends on my Facebook page so far I got many acceptance and appreciation on the posting. life is getting mean and ugly we see lots of sorry and pain and I feel that its effecting us to view violence and terrible photos of children's getting tortured and killed or raped in other countries and we do nothing about it. Look at Angelina Jolie she is a saint for what she does. instead of posing naked or doing a nasty movie she visits all the children's who don't have food to eat in Africa and other poor countries. That how we should all be help kids that don't have hope in life after watching their parents get killed right in front of them. I drive in the car pray to go and ask him why doesn't he uses hme to do help t

RE: just checking in

by Anonymous - 6/19/14 3:10 PM
I thought i was the only one with pure hearted passion i'm not alone the number66 is everywhere in my life as u spoke we the chosen must do somthing God has spoken 2 me i once was a hopeless drug addict who is a walking miracle i've known from childhood i was here for a reason now i know the evil in this world today is different more evilish God is here in are hearts where heaven lys my name is michael hasch from pittsburgh pa we must unite as one i've already swore the oath of a knight be without fear in the face of ur enemies,be brave and upright that God may love thi,tell the truth always even if it leads 2 death, safegaurd thr helpless , and do no wrong! The movie kingdom of heaven a must see for all

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by Jidge - 3/12/14 8:01 PM
For about 7 years I've seen 66. But it's been around me my whole life. My hometown is where Phillips 66 is located, my dad and his dad have worked there my whole life. Phillips 66 gas stations everywhere. My hometown is where the 6666 ranch is. I live off Route 66. The exist I take to get to my house off Route 66 is exist 66. My house is on lot 66. I have 66 in my DL.
But I've never feared the number. I don't feel like it's demonic, I think it's from God...but I don't know why. I don't think it's been revealed to me why. I've always thought that it meant to turn my focus to the bible (66 books). But lately I'm wondering if it's specifically trying to remind of Revelation (66th book).
God bless. Jesus is king!

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RE: 66

by Yes - 6/04/14 1:24 AM
I do think that's what that means you need to get closer to god and the bible that's what I am going to do I have all that hints or the number 66 and my friend died taking me on route 66 I am now analyzing it and I get nothing but the number 66 everywhere I go. I think its a gift we just need to do something good from all of it, Keep looking for the direction gods sending you.


by prophesyguy - 1/17/14 7:40 PM
The [number of the beast is a general statement]. So that means when you count the number of the beast,you are actually physicaly doing something ,up to and including finding the beast. For example. If you add the number of the word [computer],you get 666..Get it? So the reason some people cant figure out what it means is because they don't know what to [ask the numbers]. Ok, here goes. Count just the [BEAST].BEAST = 282 did you get it? So counting the number of the beast reveals something. Like I said you have to know where to look. So 282 also is the word[ Barry]. Now the bible says theres a first Babylonian empire and a last Babylonian empire. The first was named Nimrod .the last might be Barack. barack+Nimrod=666 ,Ok hold on.The bible says theres a seventh ruler of the Roman empire ,number 6 was NERO. NEROs name=AFRICAN Do you see what I mean? You have to know what to look for to figure it out. OK Hitler said he was sent by god to put his country into the Riech, which is what revelation 17... more...

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RE: 666

by Lori Leigh Herman - 4/17/14 7:53 PM
numerology 6 is associated w love

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by Julie - 4/07/14 6:58 PM
This May will begin the 66th year that Israel became a nation in 1948. The Parable of the fig tree alludes that the generation that lives while Israel became a nation will live to see the coming of the Lord. Unfortunately, the Anti(instead of)-Christ will come first, claiming to be Christ. When the Anti-Christ does come. He will set up a false peace and this will be during the Season of the Locusts which is May through September. Which May through September is the question. Two witnesses will speak against Satin and he kills them in the streets and they are left there to be viewed. They rise 3 and a half days later. This is when Jesus sets foot on Mount Zion. Amen

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Number 66

by Anonymous - 3/10/14 4:11 PM
I wish that you had had a person who speaks English write this.

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by Ruca - 1/16/14 2:53 PM
I got crazy number 66 is on my card medical and presonal money has show it up too it crazy too and even everytime i see pictures gallery it show me number 66 that too. What is goin gon??????? And i been looking all over even i have read all the Bible and i have read about enoch and all that and everything and i can\'t find the answer cuz it keep saying 66 why i keep see it? I feel so strange about that number 66 cuz it somethhing else? i'm try to figure it out what exactly mean?

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by Anonymous - 3/06/14 3:10 AM
iseeit around 6 a day

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by STEVE REYNOLDS - 10/15/11 2:20 AM

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by Anonymous - 12/08/13 8:27 PM
god heals the people,not you


by Anonymous - 3/06/14 2:57 AM
thats what im talking about

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so...pretty much

by Rollie - 2/20/14 2:31 AM
WE are/COULD be the "TANK or COLLECTIVE" of awakened beings, 66 stands for transformation. 6 being a perfect number being the early design for humans 66 represents the "super-man" you seeing this number are/Should be in the middle of a transformation, the journey of self mastery and divination. Upon reading your comments most of you are still "sleeping", and the ILLUMINED have stepped back waiting for you to "wake" on your own. It seems you will need a little help getting there. I won't open the door for you or tell you which route to take to get to your destination, but I will give you some clues; Alchemy Gnosis Hermetics Genii Sexual Transmutation. Your guide book will be the "Kybalion" start there and the force will guide you if your spirit is worthy....

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by constantine - 1/23/14 4:48 PM
Why am i seeing 66 everyday for the past year? I cannot go anywhere without it being flashed in my face. Can anyone please tell me why we all are seeing this number?

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i got some answers

by Roell Bravo - 10/17/13 5:44 PM
Its been a while since I last checked in. Can I trust you guys to be mature enough? If I give you my number are you going to waste my time with prank calls? Or are you ready for the next level of consciousness. There's a lot of work to be done and I can't do it alone. I asked for a GROUP I can work with and its time to get started

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RE: i got some answers

by Anonymous - 12/25/13 10:01 AM
I too am seeing that number repetitiously and it's worrisome.


by chico - 11/17/13 3:36 PM
appears everyday to me,i do work in honor of exposing Obama's lies.lies lies

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RE: 66

by Anonymous - 12/25/13 10:00 AM
Thank you for that! I do too!!

My name adds up to 66

by Anonymous - 12/17/13 5:10 PM
My name adds up to 66
The place where I was born adds up to 66, also.
The vowels in my name add up and reduce to 6
first = 6
middle = 6
last = 6

not nuts about that.

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I keep seeing it

by John - 3/16/13 4:47 AM
I keep seeing 66. I thought it was just me. I thought i was going crazy. I'm a young individual in his mid 20's and a devoted christian but as of late I have been commiting a lot of bad deeds (going to strip club, drinking and cheating on my fiance). I feel like God is telling me to repent. I know I made a mistake doing these things and realy want to change. I just kept seeing this number at a restaurant, tv, newspaper, plate number, at a bus stop, phone number, it wud be that consistent number 66!.

My fiancee has split with me reasons for our relationship not being as it was before. It felt like a warning to me of what has happened. I am now repenting to the Lord for my actions.

Please any help is apprciated.

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RE: I keep seeing it

by Anonymous - 11/17/13 3:38 PM
go reply,i agree it is a sign,buit not a bad one,as for your boyfriend apologize to him,he should be very understanding,i just keep It to mtself all the time

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I have been seeing the number 66 and befire this 11 & 1111

by Brooke - 11/13/13 5:43 PM
A few months back I was seeing the number 11 and 1111 everywhere. .. it was too often to be a coincidence and I had a strange feeling that it meant something... I am now seeing the number 66 everywhere??

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Glad in not Alone

by John - 11/07/13 5:15 PM
I see 6 and 66 about 10 times a day, I just feel like its a sign or something.

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by MB - 2/10/13 8:15 PM
I just very happy to learn that im not going crazy.. I see 66 multiple times a day. I just need to know what it means, :) but i see im not alone!

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RE: 66

by Anonymous - 11/06/13 6:39 PM

66 everyday, everywhere, everytime....

by Bernardo - 5/16/13 5:54 PM
Hi to all, it just pop´s at me, i´m not looking for it and suddenly there it is, 66, i don´t know what to think about it, it´s some kind of madness from me, or is a sign... I think that it´s a sign, but i get angry because i don´t know what it means. I´m Portuguese, living in Portugal, from where are you guys? Is this some kind of connection between us? Or are we just all a bunch of crazy guys that see 66 everywhere? Cheers to all.

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RE:66 everyday, everywhere, everytime....

by cccv - 11/06/13 6:29 PM
again todat,66 was on my doctors summery,then on my way home a bus passes me and the bus no. was66

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Fanatical religious nutjobs

by the sane one - 1/31/11 7:23 AM
I see 66 everywhere just like the rest of you i dont believe in jesus or god or any of your mystical god bothering crap seeing numbers is a figment of your imaginations and if you concentrate on any number or have subliminal tendancies to believing you see that number its almost guaranteed that the number will "stalk" you until you snap out of your subconscious fantasy crap 66 means nothing just like 11:11 means nothing

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RE: Fanatical religious nutjobs

by Anonymous - 9/21/13 1:09 PM
Yeah u bish. Get a life

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MY input.

by Anonymous Believer - 8/14/13 1:32 AM
..We are seeing these things for a reason. People are gathering and seeing these numbers occur on a daily basis. The people who DO see these numbers can't help but feel there is more to what is being shown and there is. A time is coming in our lives whether humanity believes in it or not. 11:11 1:11 66 ...They are "messages" if you will. They are "calling" us. These are signs of being enlightened and to be prepared for something greater in our lives.. Many people with very deep intuition already feel it. It is a sign of being chosen for something greater. Keep believing. Keep staying true. Keep spreading truth and love to all..There are things all around us that tell us what is happening..Do not break your faith..These are higher power signs telling us to further enlighten ourselves with the truth or to be judged.

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Connection 66

by Juls - 6/29/13 12:10 PM
My favorite number is 36. 6x6=36. Am I looking for this in uncommon things or is there some meaning I have yet to understand because I don't have the abity to yet? I don't see it everywhere but I see it a lot and it is driving me insane.

Although I don't believe in numerology, I do believe the bible. Knowing each letter of the original text of some (if not all) of the old testimate in its original form had a numerical value as well as a letter value. I think it quite plausible that there are things and sources of information in the bible that we can't understand because they are beyond our comprehension at this time. Hidden until such a time that God reveals it. If the number 66 has a biblical value, we might not know it YET. Maybe Gods directing us into the bible out of our own curiosity. If the bible has a numerical value then it is not out of the realm of possibility that for those that see numbers, He is sending a clear message to study the bible for the answer and not try to glean it from... more...

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RE: Connection 66

by Anonymous - 7/13/13 9:59 AM
There are 66 books in the Bible, the "word of God.". The book of books, Isaiah, has 66 chapters. (See Isa. 66 = II Thes. 2 parallel.) On page 66 of James Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible are found the word topics, "anoint, anointed, anointedst, anointest, anointing," which is the meaning of the word Messiah/Christ.
There are 1189 chapters in the Bible. 1189 = 66 x 18 + 1. Eighteen is the same as 6 + 6 + 6. Hence the total number of chapters in the Bible immediately follows this line-up of 6 6 6, illustrating an immediate juxtaposition of exact opposites: the word of God versus the antichrist.
There are 66 words in the Lord's prayer.
In Isaiah, there are 66 verses that have the word "righteousness" and/or "salvation."
Entering "Zephaniah" into the Infobases scripture search program yields 66 hits. Zephaniah is an obscure yet very significant Old Testament book.
Entering "not desire" into Infobases yields 66 hits ["and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him."... more...