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Properties of the number 66







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Word of God

by James - 3/11/16 8:59 AM
Two Score says never has this world been close to the last of it's life given by the Creator truly it has a Beginning and a End. Now is the time for rewards to those who are deserving and punishment for those who are not. How is it that most cannot see their Father coming? The Holy Bible is a Record of what did happen and so is the book of Revaluation,not what's going to happen Truly this World is deserving of the Fathers coming then maybe they will see what they could not understand. Fools they are, Word of God they cannot UNDERSTAND. Always Love the Father and Welcome his coming it is so very soon. Amen Two Score

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Sixty Six

by James - 3/10/16 6:31 AM
Two Score says he knows the meaning of the number sixty Six. It is a Blessed number from the Throne. The number Sixty Six is in fact a date for the end of the world. Two Score says he loves the Father in Heaven and knows when he comes,it is so very soon lets all that love and wait for him,lets prepare for his coming.

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66 Occurs

by One who speaks - 2/28/16 6:57 PM
I've seen this number pop up a lot. Especially when been active in the world and having a foot part in the Kingdom of Christ and Part in the world. Perhaps needing the faith to completely come out of the world and being a true complete member of the body of the lord.
I think it's a warning telling you that what you are doing is not in conjunction with the word of God. That darkness is ruling a lot of the things/individuals you are associating with. The totality of the actions are not corresponding to the true gospel message and actions. 666 is the mark of the best or Anti Christ. Demon's/demonics exists. Things we can see and cannot!

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by Bethany Summers - 2/05/16 11:08 AM
This is cool but refers to the Bible too much. We want to know facts about the number itself and not what uses the number. It is kinda confusing too...

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by niC0ras - 2/05/16 7:51 PM
Hello BethSumRs.

Today my Irish Wolfhound and me took a walk over the lawns beyond our village. On highest point some lizzlefizzling spray became a heavy rainfall, following us step by step. My mind was away with something about fish and that a*g●d*of rain & clouds & light'n'yin was once born "Satan's son". i asked for explanation to these thoughts i found in the current ...
Then i lifted my rainwashed head and through floaty eyesight i marked a parked CAR, we were to encounter next.
On the firmary Emblem i identified a "Ve" over a "Double-U", so "VW" or "VVV", which is kinda "666" or "18"(for the sixth letter in ALePhBITh tells VaU [nail, hook], and V equals 6; in ROMAN ciphers "vvv" would reach number 15.
On the number plate first i read the last two ciphers: "50".
The letter "N"(= 50) in Hebrew symbolizes "FISH".

The whole code spelled "GM - IG 50".
G equals 3, M counts 40 or 600 (when in the "end") and I gets to 10.
Alas, •GM * IG * 50• counts (43 + 13 + 50 = 56 + 50 =) 106.
106. the letter... more...

Delving into Meaning

by Linda - 12/12/15 12:48 AM
I'm feeling a sense of someone or someone trying to tell me something... If that makes any sense! I was born on the 23:12:66, and everywhere I look lately, or anything I deal with, daily, is related to either 6,23, 66 or 2. My life is certainly at a crossroads right now , so as you can imagine , I'm looking for answers....
I'm making every effort to be conscious of what's going on in my life and trying to find harmony with my inner self and work out my purpose.
Alas!!!! It's getting more confusing by the day!

I get the feeling I'm reading way too much into it and need to simplify....
23 and 6 dominate my very existence right now as they not only appear in numerical form but manifest in all things , almost to the point where I stop in disbelief. The answers of course must lie within myself... But I need a little guidance. I know nothing about numerology nor divine intervention... Can anyone help shed light on what's happening with me?

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RE: Delving into Meaning

by Tevin - 2/01/16 11:12 PM
One thing I notice about everyone seeing the number is that they are all at a point in their life where they are trying to find purpose or direction. I keep seeing the number. I feel different too it's weird. I lost my taste for music and I read a lot more too. Another thing I notice that is different is that there have been a frequent number of times where I've thought of something and it happened. It always affects someone around me too. It happened 9 times last month. I've been seeing 66 for almost 2 years now.

I don't think it's anything bad like this site says though nowhere in the Bible does it say 66 means you're losing faith.

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11:11, 33, 144, 114 and 66?

by Devan - 1/27/16 3:04 PM
I'm confused on why the numbers I have posted in the title are showing up. For a while I was thinking that 66 was just a sign of 33- 33 being a beautiful sign. But lately I have also been noticing a lot more of 66. Now, if all the other numbers I have been seeing everywhere are popping up and they are beautiful and powerful how come I am also seeing 66 which says I will be losing my faith?

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, maybe what it means to me is what it means to me but I couldn't help but look it up after so long of seeing it

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RE: 11:11, 33, 144, 114 and 66?

by Schenksgoth - 1/31/16 10:32 AM
HO . Healing i offer to you freewillently on the eighth creatwinsday by count thirty and one. Behold that you will be presented naught but the CentralNervCirculateLooping Echoes of a transient but allincluding truthful/real MIND !?
So possibly, unintentional, ..we.L.Y..

... something devilish.
Please, don't feel depressed when experiencing the negative Tension of any number. You also will be shown the An•tensioN, the sinister (left) shadowcast forgotten TWIN of every•sin•gle Count ... with in Will you dare ?!
i send my heartwarmed prayer to yoursUSalONEness - that my scrip's may lead US to best•your•own understanding ! Allow ...

"Neither coming here nor going -
- neither Heaven here nor Hell."
(current 93)
66, you think (?), has itself intro•revealed to you as something [ur]OLD, evil, WickeD which lurked you to step a foot aside from your yellowbrickbuildt Path, back into the pitchshade wood called "unSure".
... like riding on rustyng bicycles down Route 66 into dusk o' night... more...

66 is following me all around

by L.Ashley - 1/16/16 7:12 PM
All I know is that 66 is following me everywhere I go. I get goose bumps when reading these posts. I believe something inside of me is changing, but we're human, so we are constantly changing with or without a symbolic reason. I need to get a better understanding of what this really means before I can choose to ignore it.

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by navyblueroyale - 1/16/16 2:23 AM
Imagine if nature has not configured eyes in humans but with the same brain capacity. You would be using all other senses to satisfy your understanding and configure an image of universe! (but now with eyes you know you would fall too short of the real picture!). Likewise nature may not have configured a sense in you which could possibly respond to another powerful dimension of universe like light and sound. So whatever you try to figure out even with eyesight, it falls too short of the real thing! Now observe a cat. Try teaching maths to it. Will it ever learn? Likewise nature has imposed restrictions on you too by which you would never be able to analyse certain domains or possibly which you would never know to exist! When you are encountering 66 repeatedly it is not a coincidence! It is a sort of message. But when you are in a human body you are limited in power. Try yourself explaining universe to a blind cat! It is likewise impossible to explain why you encounter this number repeatedly. Though I would... more...

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whats the meaning of 66 ?

by dzl - 12/27/15 11:38 AM
wherever i randomly look i see this lucky numbers are 24 14 20 and 8 . i get a 66 here as well . And my middleschool number was 66. My mom was born in 1966 . İf you tell me what does it mean id be glad . İts important for me . İts like somebody trying to tell me smth through this

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The Number 6

by Meghan - 12/08/15 5:02 PM
Ever since I was small the number 6 has been stuck to me. My grandpa was 66 when I was 6 and thats when it started. A lot of important things on my life have been marked with a 6 or a 66. I live off of exit 66 .. When I moved away it was my sign that I was almost home. I graduated in 06, a testing center for my licensure placed me in testing area 6. The number shows its self to me constantly. I know it's a number people associate negativity with but I associate it with luck or something different. I have always been curious of my number and why I see it and always looking for answers for it

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Who is the founder of that number 66?

by Patrick. Paulus from Pacific in p. N. G - 10/15/15 3:40 AM
Further informations

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The symbolism of 66 in numerology.

by Mr Malgas Frans Mpho - 8/28/15 3:52 AM
The fundamental origin of numbers is that of the Ancients whereby mysticism is expressed in a holistic manner,whereby numbers are able to unfold the obscured enigmas,it is whereby reason is applied by reality and cognitive elements that enable us to construe the essence of the flow of Chi that enables tranquility within those cosmic heights and terrestrial bases,the number 66 in my perspective defines an Era of music whereby the reincarnation of a divine being is manifested within music to enable balance of the universe, whereby chi is maintained,6+6=12>1+2=3,the number three being the ultimate conclusion that permits those fundamental elements to be in union,so the significance of creation may suffice within the Grand-design,the three dimensions,Even in our existence between space,time and matter the idea of creation is conjured by those expressive mannerisms of how trinity was manifested during the celestial moments of the first time,it is by virtue that we must always embrace constructive pathways so that... more...

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66 and 3 always see them

by Erick - 7/12/15 9:43 AM
I always see the number 66 and 3 but most of the time when I look every where I see 6 then I turn and the6 is there and I was born on the 6 too but I also see the number 3 a lot I don't why but it happens a lot and I have so much luck I don't know we're it comes from I'm always getting new ways to start a life or always have to he ablittlie to make people give me luck form some reason

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your not looking deep enough

by M.Wolf. - 7/02/14 4:16 AM
None of you have been taking my instructions. Ignoring it wont do any good. I know you've tried because when you mention it to someone they come up with the same garbage advice."ignore it your looking for it". Meditation is your key to access your dormant powers, and believe me some of you can become quite powerful like me...I am here to tell you that you have the abilities to influence the world around you, but if you keep clinging to your same ideals you will never achieve greatness. those of you extremes, need to experience crushing disappointment. The "death of your ego is absolutely necessary for you to awaken your true self, to awaken the demi god inside of you. If you think jesus christ is God then you still have a lot to learn and go trough. He was A god!! A man who awakened the sacred fire (energy)(spirit) of the all known as the Christ. That primal force is what awakened all of his powers. He is a comrade who walked a path we should all be on. Not our lord. The only one you have to answer to at the... more...

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RE:your not looking deep enough

by navyblueroyale - 10/16/14 12:12 PM
how long will you go in search of higher powers dear friend, till your leg tires you, history tells that all who have toiled for heavenly powers by exertion of ones pride were brought down by the solid scripts of nature...maybe the character of jesus was donned only just to control the animal culture fanned heavily by ceaser...the story of world is lil bit more than a simple win of good over evil...definitely there are so much concealed from you but it was the same to those who lived hundered years ago and maybe by now some are realising some dimensions of truth...where you have lived a righteous life without pride and stood strongly for the good of the world its damning to get the treatment reserved for animals and harder still the punching from nature while balancing the life at the forehead at the cross...but the truth is no one has ever won against nature and if nature decides to hit you no matter who you are you will have to take the blow and hold your weapons down...still victory rides to you because... more...

RE: your not looking deep enough

by P. Lyons - 5/31/15 9:37 AM
M. Wolf... In my eye, you are right on spot, with your thoughts...

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I keep seeing the number 66

by Sal - 4/02/15 7:10 PM
It's been at least a year now but this time it's getting more like every day this number will appear to me multiple times

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RE: I keep seeing the number 66

by Anonymous - 4/30/15 3:00 PM
Same for me. It started a year ago, everything from my phone charge being on 66% almost daily when I randomly look, to the room temperature being 66.
I guess I'm tuned to attract that number, just don't know why.

My name adds up to 66

by Anonymous - 12/17/13 5:10 PM
My name adds up to 66
The place where I was born adds up to 66, also.
The vowels in my name add up and reduce to 6
first = 6
middle = 6
last = 6

not nuts about that.

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RE:My name adds up to 66

by Anonymous - 4/24/15 4:09 AM
"Number Of The Beast" in the English Reduction system equals 66, which reduces to 12, which reduces to 3

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by Anonymous - 4/22/15 9:10 PM
This is 365 ' bless Jesus Christ

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ROELL BRAVO and Marian Ayres

by Jesse Allen - 5/21/12 8:36 PM
If you guys check this sometime and read this post please try to get ahold of me on facebook or email everything ive been reading from you guys is very similar to whats happening to me. So much so i get chills reading some of this stuff. ive actually been going through a transforming time involving my job and a sense of opening my eyes to things i didnt know about. i actually prayed for God to open my eyes to something more and things started happening and like matthew 21:22 says and whatever you ask for in prayer, you will recieve if you have faith. i would like to talk to someone about it that might have more insight. My email is allenbro03, thanks.

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RE:ROELL BRAVO and Marian Ayres

by Roell B. - 3/24/15 4:33 PM
Im easy to find I am the only roell bravo that exists on Facebook

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by Ron Robins - 2/27/15 2:39 PM
Can you please expound more upon the following:

Properties of the number 66


Represent the reduction or the loss of the faith to the Divine Plan, having to causes the bad tendency of the individual initiative to want direct that only by the intelligence and the human reason.

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There are 66 words in the Lords Prayer

by Dr. Ken Belin - 12/10/14 11:43 AM
How many time 66 come around Israel 66 years old this year

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RE: There are 66 words in the Lords Prayer

by Elizabeth - 2/05/15 8:14 PM
Very interesting ...


by Vilde - 1/26/15 9:50 PM
Date of birth 06-03-66

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by Elizabeth - 11/03/13 9:03 PM
I agree Roell. Chat with me again on FB. I"ll message you.

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RE: Group

by Elizabeth - 10/13/14 9:03 PM
M Wolf how do I contact you?

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jan 19 2015

by village of fathima - 10/12/14 4:15 AM
eaglos valos vamo

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This is a trick, simple as pie

by Everyone here - 11/22/11 3:34 PM
People. Almost a year I had been seeing this number over and frickin over. I was so freaked out. People are using it it to try to lead you into some following. Listen. All you have to do is ignore it. It is the devil trying to play a trick on you so that yu will think that evil is following you and you must bond to others for a higher calling, but when you do he has you in the trap. I started looking at the meaning of numbers in general and instead of JUST this one. Some people believe that other spirits, Angels, and maybe demons in this case, are trying to use numbers to communicate a message to us, or misguide us in this case. Once I started concentrating on the possibility of being communicated through spirits with numbers and opened my eyes to other possible combinations I started seeing insane amounts of triple digit numbers many times in sequences, many times in quick succession, and always the meaning were relevant to my thoughts and the events at the time. If you have gotten this far, you must believe... more...

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RE: This is a trick, simple as pie

by Anonymous - 7/23/14 4:44 AM
OK people I don't know everything but it seems to me a lot of are making an easy task harder than it should lets get some things straight God is everwhere including on your TV and at the movies try using good program sense and turn your TV or viewing time into a pack of Tarot cards = Kabbalah = numbers words sound light colour
try also looking at key historical events based on 66 ie 1966
666 = the number of man = 18 the moon (illusion and other stuff) = 9 the moon again check Beatles number 9 because it just keeps repeating it self over and over again 9 = magic number is always reciprocal of itself
now 666 + 6 = 24 =6 (the solar number)
if you believe that computers are evil then consider DOS = the father in spanish = ABBA the father and a rather famous group ( can anyone tell me the secret to the word ABBA (its quite logical)
The Bible has many misquotes and magickal flaws in it only those above the Abyss can see the light in it
ie Why would Jesus say " Satan get yeh behind me?" last place I would want that... more...

RE: This is a trick, simple as pie

by Anonymous - 10/06/14 11:33 PM
66 is from god,he shows it everyday to me all the time,im saying it if you dont believe me,oh well.......but anyone in here dont believe in Jesus or GOD,your loss...i know i dont deserve this kind of attention,but he has found me worthy to send out his message........i love you GOD you have been amazing

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First number 66

by SLee - 1/09/12 9:25 PM
Ok here’s my story…
I was born on the 66 day of the year. My first number I ever knew was 66 even before 1 to 10. This number followed me on an everyday bases and turns out to be a very lucky number for me. I cannot explain it but it’s my favorite number and I love the look and the number. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic School till I decides at early age of 8 that Catholic religion was not for me. My mother recalls me, of talking about I high power (Creation) but not in form of a God at age 8 and I also use to tell told her I lived few times on earth. My mother told me that was reincarnation and at age 8 I didn’t even understand or heard of the word reincarnation. In my older years I seem to feel and I know more about people and events but I keep is all to myself in fear. Over the past 4 years I been having odd dreams and I know when someone going to pass over before everyone else and knew things. A few times I heard someone tell me in my mind important events that has happen (very short sentence) and I had a psychic tell me I have an ancient with me. Sorry get off topic here but my whole life and events have tied into this number 66.
Any thoughts?

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RE: First number 66

by Henry - 5/01/12 7:20 PM
The Bible does speak to reincarnation:

And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment, (Hebrews 9:27, ESV)

And Jesus Himself instructs us to pray directly to the Father:

This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:9-10, NIV)

A few other verses about praying to God:

He prays to God and finds favor with him, he sees God’s face and shouts for joy; he is restored by God to his righteous state. (Job 33:26, NIV)

Now we pray to God that you do no wrong; not that we ourselves may appear approved, but that you may do what is right, even though we may appear unapproved. (2 Corinthians 13:7, NASB)

Now forgive my sin once more and pray to the LORD your God to take this deadly plague away from me." Moses then left Pharaoh and prayed to the Lord. (Exodus 10:17-18, NIV)

And as far as praying through the prophets:

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; (1 Timothy 2:5, KJV)

RE: First number 66

by Anonymous - 5/10/12 3:03 AM
Jesus is is only one in the line of prophets. There are nine numbers in the entire universe created by God therefore there has to be nine prophets of God. Jesus is number 6 in the line of Prophets of God. His symbol is the Star of David which is a 6 pointed star.

RE: First number 66

by Anonymous - 5/10/12 3:07 AM
Read prophecy twenty five twenty

RE: First number 66

by Anonymous - 7/23/14 5:48 AM
IN 1966 I was three and went to sleep saying do yo know me ut then I turned four and became a sleep walker by day and by night and you forgot me and I forgot the lot. PS Dreams are not necessarily the answer to everything

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