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Properties of the number 68






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Anon think about what numbers that are a part of you

by Anonymousfemale - 3/01/14 12:22 PM
I mean that the number 68 and 6 and 8 may be a part of you or connected to someone you love or loved. Just think of all the important stuff you own and see and experience, where you live, and other people too. The numbers mean something. Someday you might find the answer if you study numerology enough.

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the number 68 keeps popping up ever since my bf left me in 2011

by Anonymousfemale - 3/01/14 12:16 PM
68 is the number on a key my ex gave me and that i got rid of or gave back to him. its also on a sign on the street i live on. this number pops up a lot and i wish i knew why. I said sorry, but that got me in more trouble with my exbf. The number 6 and 8 is connected to him and i was born on the 7th month which is between these 2 numbers. This is weird. Anyone know what this could be about?

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Seeing 68 Evwrywhere

by Jenny - 10/11/13 5:08 PM
I have been seeing the No. 68 everywhere that I go lately. It's been on the license plate of every car I've driven behind for 2 weeks; the parking spot No. assigned to me at work; seen when glancing at the time; etc. Just realized that it is in my birthrate too. Coincidence or message from the Universe?

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luck and hardwork

by srinivas - 10/09/13 6:57 AM
number 6 is related to venus and 8 is related to saturn. saturn gives troubles and if person is industrious and honest, he gives good luck and venus is the symbol for luxury, worldly material, money etc. if saturn is combined with venus, someway the person gets food with hardwork and saturn turns venus. Tell sorry for your bad deeds and in turn be affected by venus.

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Number 68 in a dream

by Anonymous - 9/14/13 5:05 PM
I had a dream where I found a woman pierced thru her skull & hanging on an inside clothes line. I go the woman down & she said, "68 is in the house". What could THAT mean???

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by Anonymous - 12/12/10 6:57 AM
the number 68 chases me, like literally, i cant get away from it, my house number is 68, im not even sure if thats what started it, like, im haunted by the number, earlier today i went to an atm to check how much money i had.. it came up with 68.68 .. that isnt a coincidence. thats something else like, wherever i go, no matter what. i am constantly seeing this number . anyone know why ?

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RE: 68

by Anonymous - 1/26/13 7:25 PM
my email address and all my username's on the internet has/have always been my last name followed by 068. never any occurances until my dad died in his 68th year. within a week of his death i've had 5 more experiences since. my brother's cab ride to my mother's house was $68, my mom's phone had 68 callers on it while we were at the house, the night my father died jagr #68 was leading the nhl in pts, i opened a furniture flyer they were having a 68% off sale, a commerical for a car came on tv, in it the girl turns the digital heat reading from 75 down to 68. weird!

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i am number 68

by CayleGrantham - 4/05/11 2:32 PM
i am the number 68, so much that i have it tattooed on my chest, i dont understand how some people think it is chasing them, or it is a spooky number, it is a number with the prime factorization of 2*2*17=68, there is nothing ot be tripped out about, I am the number 68 and im not hurting anyone, but honestly if you think about it how much do you see the number 11 or 4? a lot, it is just a number

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RE: i am number 68

by Anonymous - 11/15/11 1:14 PM
68 seconds = 1:08 (min/sec)
--->1:08 PM = 13:08
--->The Messiah's Numbers = 1308 (english gematria)
--->Yehoshua HaMashiach? = 1038 (english gem.)
------->Jesus the Messiah (Hebrew Language)


by I am interested in 68 - 1/19/11 6:11 AM
I have recently become interested in the number 68. Usually i prefer odd numbers but there's something about 68. What is its significance?

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by Unkown68 - 9/12/10 8:43 AM
The number 68 is also short for a post code or area code, known to be gang related.

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Meaning of a check for 68.00

by Anonymous - 7/28/10 12:19 PM
I dreamed someone wrote me a check for 68.00. What does that mean

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