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by amit - 11/22/15 1:39 PM
from past few months I was keep on seeing the number 69 every where what that this means it means that something bad is going to haapen to me or with my loved because from the past few months my relationship with my girlfriend is going in a bad situation I don't no what's wrong happen with our relationship plz help me I really don't want to loose her plz help me and plz email this is my email id amitmagar1325 plz mail me if is there any solution and why this no is keep on seeing 69 thank you plz mail me

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RE: 69

by Sujeet - 9/09/17 4:37 AM
Hi Amit, I am in the same situation, please help me if you get rid of the situation

Specific numbers keep sticking out to me

by Makayla - 6/20/17 2:24 PM
Yeah I have been seeing the number 69 EVERWHERE. My phone percentage, snap chats, writings, etc. I also have been seeing 9:11 and 1:22

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Cell phone time stuck for 12 minutes and 69 1111 2323 2222 44 1001 etc etc

by Anonymous - 6/04/17 2:57 AM
I keep seeing those angel numbers and now my phone drains to 69 and somehow i see it . And one day my cell phone time got stuck for 12minutes until i was about to show my friend. The phone was perfectly okay. All other apps and sverything out in the android phone was working well except the stuck time. Do anybody have any idea about the stuck time. Got stuck at 1.02pm to 1.16pm

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by Akhil - 3/17/16 6:39 AM
Yeah,im also seeing the number 69 for the past two months everywhere.Mostly my mobile battery at 69%. .So there are also others seeing this number...??Great!! whats happening???!!!!

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by Anonymous - 4/08/17 2:40 AM
I always seeing also my battery 69%...


by Anonymous - 5/06/17 5:55 AM
OMG!! Samee heree
For the past 1 1/2 year I have been seeing 69 everywhere. It just seems to throw itself out on me.
I feel there's a message trying to he delivered to me and I found this website during the quest for the meaning.
Soo amazed to see you all having the same experience, what does it all mean?


by Amul - 5/25/17 11:39 PM
I am also seeing 69 everywhere... what it means


by Anonymous - 6/04/17 2:50 AM
My battery drains to 69 all the time

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need help

by james - 12/16/15 9:52 PM
I'm a number 6 and my boyfriends a number 9 for numerology what does this mean for us?

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RE: need help

by Anonymous - 6/04/17 2:50 AM
Im having the same situation about life path number.
And number 69 11:11 23:23 22:22 and many doublets keep following me.


by pepijn demoor - 6/02/17 4:31 AM
almost every time i look at my battery % its 69
is this a sign

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by Anon - 5/26/17 11:23 AM
Satanic occult - eagle brotherhood - illuminati

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Alan Rickman and David Bowie

by Anonymous - 1/14/16 12:46 PM
I also just stumbled on to this site wondering about significance of "69" number when both Alan Rickman and David Bowie died at age 69.
Anyone ever here about Occult symbology in the media? I recommend checking out the website freemantv
Freeman has a lot of good info on this topic

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RE: Alan Rickman and David Bowie

by Anonymous - 5/26/17 9:42 AM
I too see 69 all the time along with 22, 33, 44.

Yes you are heading in the right direction. There has been a satanic occult that has been gas lighting / gang stalking me for 3-5 years making me slowly lose my mind and lose everything i had. They had stole my life from me. Ive spent a great majority of my time trying to figure out who exactly and how these people could do such things to another. The persons comment above yours probably knows everything! as he seems to know the encoding they use. See these people would come into my home day/night as frequetly as they would like. I still am baffled by how they did it....maybe manipulating time / switching demensions / teleporting....idk. i would walk out of a room for a few seconds and then back in the room and there would be what looks like some satanic writing, a string of numbers, and some sybology inconjunction with lining things up pointing or leading whatever in certain directions. There have been times when ive been able to see and what i like to call... more...


by Aya - 5/17/17 12:41 AM
im here cuz i see this number alot for about 3 years now ... idk what that means but i have to know why do we ppl see this

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Read this

by Diego - 2/26/17 9:06 AM
If you keep seeing the same number it means you've been abducted by aliens

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by Brandan - 10/05/14 4:07 AM
I think it's telling the people who stay on computer's all day to stop using it and go find you're own desire without computer. ( Maybe for stuff like jobs or apprenticeship's what not, But i hope someone see's this because there are other people who see this frequently, And I think whoever read's this can relate to how much time we spend on computer's and not on family and desire's

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by Penok - 2/07/17 11:58 AM
Were you from this small city called Brandan, Sumut?

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69 everywhere

by nj - 11/16/14 9:35 PM
I am seeing 69 every time I see a number like cell phone battery. Time of games but I hav
e to decide some things about my life hope I wish what it is meaning

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RE: 69 everywhere

by Angel - 10/14/16 9:29 AM
I saw a number 69 always when my battery is empty and also the age of my mother is 69 what is thd meaning of this? Please

RE:69 everywhere

by Anonymous - 1/30/17 7:57 PM
I see 69 everywhere i go, just when i forget about it, it pops up somewhere..its driving me crazy, id like to know why...

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by Anonymous - 2/01/15 9:29 PM
My husband was born 6/9/69. I have often thought that there is some meaning to this.

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RE: 6/9/1969

by Anonymous - 1/16/17 10:31 AM
I was born in 69 also
69 does have some significance in the history of the captivity of Judah in Old Testament. It is mentioned in the 70 week prophesy of Daniel. Daniel was so terrified at what he saw in this vision he was sickened. So it an omen of captivity and judgement and death. Thankfully there is salvation in the works of it's lunar symbolism representing change from Dark to light. Deception to truth
The astrological sign for Cancer was the numeral 69. The crab represented how Christ(Yehshua) held his people in his grips and would not let go
Actually the Hebrews taught about 12 Constellations represented 12 Tribes of Israel . There are biblical significance to everyone and some are mentioned in the Old Testament.
I think it means great change and huge trials of life are to in store myself but that only my opinion.

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by Me - 10/08/16 7:53 AM
It is weird.I don't expect to see people like me here. I see this number everywhere that leads me here. Even here 269 comments when I writing this comment. I even think about adopting Taoist because of that.
Please inform me if someone know anything

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RE: 69

by Anonymous - 12/31/16 9:53 PM
Don't worry God is with you

69 again

by Anonymous - 7/24/14 5:18 AM
I see this all the time, I notice many people who have posted were born in july, my birthday is 1st july. I have been seeing 69 for a while now, ever since it started I have felt an immense amount of energy, and so many drastic things in my life have changed, and despite feeling like being cursed for awhile, everything has worked out for the better, I feel like I have shed my skin and feel more in tune with spirituality.

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RE: 69 again

by Anonymous - 10/05/16 12:56 AM
Same here 2nd july!!

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by Asim - 8/27/16 7:28 AM
Holy crap! That's weired

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by Bear boucher - 6/07/16 12:18 PM
My favorite position my ATV racing number for ice.

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Number siteings everywhere

by Starr - 8/06/15 10:46 AM
I've been seeing the number 69 a lot! Everytime I look at my phone, app notifications, email notifications. It's just wierd!!!!

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RE: Number siteings everywhere

by Anonymous - 6/01/16 8:08 AM
I see it everywhere. What does it mean?

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The # "69"

by Robert Prince - 4/13/16 2:34 PM
Israel will be "69 Yrs old May 14th 2017, very important year, I think so. "69 week, in Daniel.

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RE: The # "69"

by Mcname - 4/13/16 2:36 PM
What do you mean in Daniel?

69 brings me here

by hari - 3/21/16 6:59 AM
69 brings me here ..after seeing 69 around 6 months I got bike accident with my brothers ..still happening to see this ...and more i wonder is see everyone's comments timing numbers ..all got neither 6 or 9 ...wonder

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by Liyah - 3/04/16 6:06 PM
For the past one or two months, I have been seeing the number 69 EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY. I would always catch my battery percent at 69%, I would always see price tags that are $0.69, I would see it all over. I have been paranoid because of what happened to those two guys who died at the age of 69 by cancer, and it's creepy. But I came on here to search for any signs and I definitely found out some interesting stories/information.

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Symbolism of David Bowie and Alan Rickman pass at the age of 69

by Anonymous - 1/14/16 1:45 PM
Just found out that Alan Rickman passed away today and it's crazy because this is four days after David Bowie passed away. They both passed at the age of 69 and had cancer. Can someone discuss more about the symbolism of the number 69 and these two performers passing.

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RE: Symbolism of David Bowie and Alan Rickman pass at the age of 69

by niC0ras - 2/07/16 12:49 AM
Hello Spaceboy, you're sleepy now by Grabthar's Hammer !?

Coincidentally i started commenting the "herein pages" on 01/08/1008+1008 (= 2016), so on David's birthday and "BLACK STAR"-presentation; and it's my name day too.
The day after his celebrated finale i began tributes to *db* under no. 777 !
To my woe the latest two of them were deleted after a week, probably due to the fact that meanwhile i was far deviating from 777-theme.

60 is the count of the letter S(aMeK), describing a "pillar, staff, stake, pale, post or support".
9 counts T(ITh) which means "serpent".
A serpent climbing in spirals up a staff, i am shown at pharmacies:
Aesculap's Staff, a symbol of medical support !

"69" rotated a quartercircle becomes the astrological symbol of "CANCER".

The TaroT's Grand Arcanum according to "cancer" is
• VII. the CHARRIOT [Cancer▪Ch = 8▪ChITh = fence = 418].
"Davy ... Jones" middle name "Robert"(RUBÆRT = 200+6+2+1+200+9) i summed up to 418.
By Aleister Crowley "418" is the number... more...


by Anonymous - 1/16/15 6:16 AM
69 means you need balance in your life. Something may be obstructing your potential for growth.

Leave your bad addictive habits. It can be playing games, materialism, or it can be alcohol. Pinpoint whatever it may be and know that you have to grow out of it to leave room for new upgrades and fresh air.

To do this, you have to reshape your view in life to a more positive-focused one.

It reminds you to never be excessive in things, nor to be lacking in them. Moderation's best when it comes to matters like this.

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RE: 69

by Anonymous - 2/06/16 5:35 PM
Thank you, this made sense

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Weird indeed huh?

by Nonamehere - 1/14/16 10:39 AM
"The 69 is the zodiac sign of the cancer"Alan Rickman and David Bowie both died aged 69 this week, from cancer...weird.

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by hey - 12/09/15 12:24 PM
i have a sign of 69 plantated on my back

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