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Properties of the number 69






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me too

by Anonymous - 4/22/14 6:43 AM
Everyday I see it

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by Christian - 4/21/14 3:51 PM
So when it says to detach yourself from material obsessions, does that mean i should stop playing video games?

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by Michel - 4/11/14 4:18 AM
Angel Number 69 is a message from your angels that it is time for you to detach yourself from your material possessions and items, particularly if you have an obsession with anything in particular. Your angels ask you to ‘let go’ and ‘release the old’. It is a message that assures you that whatever leaves your life at this time will be replaced with ‘new’ and ‘better’. Be open to receiving all that you deserve as you are ready for an upgrade in your life.

Angel Number 69 also suggests that an important phase or cycle is ending in your life, and this is happening for very karmic reasons. These necessary endings and closures will lead you to find your true life path and purpose which you are prompted to fully undertake. Your angels encourage you to get to work on your Divine life purpose and soul mission safe in the knowledge that all of your monetary and material needs will be met along the way. As you focus on and spend your time energy and efforts on your spiritual interests and passions, the Universe will provide for your needs. Give any fears or concerns to your angels for healing and transmutation and be prepared to live your spiritual truths

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Me too

by Anonymous - 3/19/13 4:51 PM
Every time I check the battery percentage on my phone or iPad it is at 69%!!

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RE: Me too

by Anonymous - 1/23/14 7:31 AM
Omg me too !

RE: Me too

by Golds - 4/05/14 5:31 AM
same here dude, whenever i keep checking my cell phone the battery indicator shows 69 % often, wish it ended here, afraid not, i keep checking others phone battery meter 69 is what I am seeing

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So weird seeing this!

by Al - 4/04/14 7:05 AM
Over the last few weeks I have been seeing 69 literally 4-5 times a day, hence I googled 'keep seeing the number 69' and here I am! So weird people have been saying the same thing too in the last couple of weeks like on Yahoo Answers etc

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I have this too

by Milan - 3/29/14 11:55 AM
Wow i have this also, i see every where 69 at the right moment, if i instal something on my pc and i take a look it is 69, 69 likes everywhere WTFFFFFFFF is going on????????

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by missy - 3/17/14 8:54 AM
Potentially you are about to embark on path that could lead somewhere bad, or you may be going through hard/ tough times, you may be reaching a crossroads in your life or feel unable to cope. This symbol is a message / warning / reassurance that you must remain grounded and balanced or things could go very wrong for you. It isn’t anything bad- be assured that there are people/energies that really care about you, and this is just a reminder to not go off the path.

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I keep seeing the number 69 ( I am a Christian )

by Charbel - 9/11/13 10:57 AM
Why do I keep seeing 69 ?

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RE: I keep seeing the number 69 ( I am a Christian )

by spiral33 - 1/22/14 1:11 PM
the number i see most is always 3's, but something interesting has been happen with my 4yr son. He has a great deal of speak issues, and is very ADHD . That being he is a amazing little boy , but communicating is a challange for him. But out of no where he started saying 69 all the time. He would pretend to read by saying 69 over and over again . He inserts it on everything, and that is alittle kere

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by Cindy - 11/23/13 1:25 AM
my Birthday is 6-9 ... my phone # is 9669 ... Lord's prayer starts at Matthew 6-9 ... many Bible verses that are meaningful to me are 6-9 ...

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by ummmmm - 3/26/13 9:31 AM
If you flip 69 over is it the same thing?

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RE: Questions

by Anonymous - 9/23/13 5:39 PM
show me


by rick - 7/09/13 4:42 AM
i love the number 69. it is a good number. haha. especially the hippie meaning.

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by brother - 12/30/11 2:10 PM
more thoughts on gadaffi saddam and kim jung ......the prophecy of i see three ships as in the advert for that spanish lager......time has just dipensed of 3. The above mentioned being 3 of that kind of human.....but i believe we are all born a black canvas /clean sheet. too much money too much power too much control.....leads to diasterous consequences.....DEMOCARACY....warts and all is the way forward..however we need firm law and order....if you have a failing justice system and the bad people outnumber the good you society is in trouble.....can you imagine being from another planet in the cosmos and hovering above the would give humanity a much potential...but so much chaos...i believe in god and humanity is on its own journey.....but that one or two or more bright indivduals who will invent ...our techological breakthroughs that will see us travel the solar system and beyond will not be born until humanity changes its way.....god will not allow us to take our trash and... more...

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by J nethery - 6/11/13 3:39 PM
I too see 69 all day time mileage on my truck battery % anything that could use this number does but with me every time I see it I feel this evil... angryness inside of me feel like I have sinned and am being reminded of it

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by a123 - 6/07/13 3:25 PM
it appears everywhere,a few days ago i saw i picture on facebook which had 6,9K likes i 69 comments and battery had 69% wtf :OOO,i am scared a bit

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What We know??

by pulsar - 2/26/13 6:48 PM

First, it was starting for me nearly 1 or 1,5 years ago...or maybe earlier, but i didn't realise that, only when i noticed, that everyday i 'have to' watch the clock at 6.09 ... if i was sleeping, i woke up for a moment, and i feeled, that i 'have to' watch this number. After 2-3 weeks, i told it to my roommate, who said 'You are crazy', but after i was always showing or telling him that... so he now belives... I wanted to find something about that, but i never found anything, but i know, that have to mean something. I always see this number in many shapes like 609, 906, 1609, 1906, '21.06' etc... always something or 'somebody' make me to watch my clock... i feel it... i want to know, what this message meaning.
Is that bad, or good?! God, satan, fate's , or !!!aliens???

Sorry for my bad English!

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RE: What We know??

by Anonymous - 6/04/13 6:24 PM
You used "2-3" which is 1/3 of 69


by Felix - 5/24/13 11:11 AM
I see this number every where example in my battery %, in game scores,televicion channel, im facebook likes,ect its crazy i think maybe someone or something is trying to tell us something

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This number follows me around everywhere!

by Clyde - 5/13/13 10:41 AM
Everywhere I look I see this number!! I thought it might have some meaning to me and everyone was thinking I was trying to be funny. Even now I am making the 169 comment!! I like the explanation about discharge of bad karma!! As if someone is protecting me.

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RE: This number follows me around everywhere!

by Clyde - 5/13/13 11:01 AM
The summer of 69 was playing on the radio as I made that 169th comment. Three numbers on the back of my debit card 269, I wa given a valet ticket and a coat check ticket with 69 in it on the same day different places. I went back to the same venue and got another coat check ticket with 69 in it. My battery in my watch died at 6:45(6 and 9) I Stillo wear it

Not alone

by Andrea - 5/09/13 1:21 AM
I see 69 every where!!! I tend to jump at times where I see it back to back and get so creeped out .. My battery percent is always on 69 . Then I screenshot it to prove to my bro how many times I see it a day and guess what! It was 69th photo ! Oh wow ..

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im not freak?!

by Naina - 5/03/13 6:57 AM
i'm so glad im not alone here. it honestly creeps me out. my batterys ALWAYS on 69 whenever i check my phone. iand the number just appears everywhere.

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I'm not alone

by Rebbeca - 4/15/13 7:04 PM
i always see the number 69. sometimes it's 96 but mostly 69. my birthday is in 1996 so i think that thats a little weird. i'm glad that i'm not alone and is just crazy :)

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Number 69 Symbolism

by Lance Godfrey Lyttle - 8/14/12 12:01 PM
The year i was born was 69 1966 jubilee year with #69 Zodiac sign cancer.

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RE: Number 69 Symbolism

by dews69 - 2/13/13 7:27 AM
me to now only i know that may last digit of my car plate no is 69..o my god,,,but im happy i was born in this symbolsm....GOD BLEsss all


by PURSHOTAM - 1/29/13 4:04 AM

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Cancer 69

by LoveLife - 10/21/12 1:50 PM
69 occurs just as 1 2 3 for me...the man I love...bday adds to 69, my child's father bday 6/9/69.... My iPad, my phone, my mutual friend, all will in someway shout 69 when I either least expect or actually look for it to happen.....I'm 7/16... - and 69 cancer everyday I breathe.....69 stay just as you are...for me.

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RE: Cancer 69

by Anonymous - 1/13/13 6:07 PM
good to read its not just me 69 its like an old friend


by sam - 1/13/13 6:04 PM
I also see the number 69 every where i take it as a good omen though and a kind of guide. last year I had decided to go back to school to get my degree my student number that was allocated to me had 69 in it and so did the pin to allow me to log on for me it wasnt a case of wanting to but having to and Ive really enjoyed it so far. so for me its a good sign and i like to see but it is bizzar

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by King - 1/07/13 10:11 PM
I think it cold mean up or down god or bad idk I'm a king

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69, a number of Love and Peace.

by Andrei from Romania - 10/04/12 12:45 PM
I readed all the comments and i feel great now that i found all of you here .I am like most of you , who see number 69 in everything and everyday, and this is just from this year(2012).I read some are scared abt this number ,but u need trust on this number.I think God gived us something special, much much love which we need give to the others people.I feel gratitude when i see this number, and next second i know God think to me.Im sure in future i will do great things, because Love will allways win.So all of you need to feel gratitude !!!

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