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by MajorGreen - 1/02/18 9:52 AM
I was born on the 1st of the 7th month 1979. My birth name adds up to seven, and the owl has always been my spiritual animal and also represents the number seven. And if you ask me; Seven stands for death(spiritual and actual), for change and rebirth, for magic, union of the other numbers into one, intuitive knowledge etc.
And for those that think that number seven appears in their life because they are quite special like that., ya'll be left disappointed sooner or later, I promise ;)

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Backwards seven

by Shoobear - 5/24/12 7:13 PM
I have a backwards seven scar on my forehead does it still have the same meaning as a regular seven?

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RE:Backwards seven

by Jorgen - 10/14/17 10:37 PM
Sounds like just random chance. I'm pretty sure it only means you have a scar. Now maybe if you had something like "3+4=7"...

RE:Backwards seven

by Jessica Lopez - 11/13/17 2:44 PM
I got the same thing on my write hand on the first finger

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I have 4 - 7's in my social security number, What would this mean?

by Pam - 5/28/17 4:04 PM
I have always wondered what the " 4 - 7's in my social security number" might mean? is there any relevance to this that you may know?

Thank you,


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RE: I have 4 - 7's in my social security number, What would this mean?

by Anonymous - 10/29/17 7:40 AM
Wow, I have four sevens in my SSN too!

July 7

by Jessie - 1/29/17 4:55 AM
I was born on the seventh month on the seventh day. Pretty cool. When I was six, I would count towards my birthday and I think that was the time I realized how special 7 is to me. I realized one day that there were 7 days til my 7th birthday on the 7th year (it was 2007) of the 7th day on Saturday (which a lot of people believe that Saturday is the 7th day of the week. Look it up) til my 7th birthday.

Ever since then, 7's pop up EVERYWHERE. Even my friends are always pointing it out and noticing it when they are around me. Like one time, I was a library with my two friends and I grabbed a book out randomly and it was a star information book. I joked around and told them, "I'm going to close my eyes and flip through this book for 7 seconds and that star sign will be mine."

The star sign it landed on was Cancer.

That's my sign, it's partly for the 7th month of the year.

I almost dropped my book.

I almost convinced myself that these recurring 7's were just my brain sorting through billions of info and... more...

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RE: July 7

by Anonymous - 10/21/17 3:31 AM
No. I also believe you are blessed. I too recently discovered number 7 has a powerful meaning. My son was sick for months. He was always on the Seventh floor. Came home for the first time after 7 months!!! Recently, I discovered that Seth's timeline of procedures... the dates always was link with our families birth dates.

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Romans 1:20

by Sean - 6/12/17 5:04 AM
Re: Romans 1:20 - God's divine nature clearly seen in creation. 7 continents, 7 Seas, 7 colors in the rainbow, 7 primary notes in music, 7 forms of art, 7 measurements for all matter, 7 basic groups of living beings, and last, time and space- 7 days in a week, and 7 layers of atmosphere: exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, space, and heaven.

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by God son - 4/02/17 3:18 PM
Life knowledge power will hearing seeing speech.

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RE: Truth

by Anonymous - 4/02/17 3:19 PM
Thoughs are the seven attributes to the god.

Hawkwind Seven by Seven

by Soupdragon - 3/16/17 1:37 PM
Space is Deep

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RE: Hawkwind Seven by Seven

by Soupdragon - 3/19/17 2:27 PM
Hawkwind - X In Search of Space version 7 by 7. Born to Go -
Triumph Bonneville Norton Commando ...
Fish and Chip Shop Cafe Racer ...
Down through the Night ... Hawkwind Visions.
Enjoy ♠️

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Backwards 7 with 3rd eye activated look sun

by Anonymous - 2/02/17 1:12 PM
Need deep answer not fake truth I came to far to higher level of meditation 7-7-7 died 7times ,came back to life 7timespredicted world end end of times of our planet for 7
Today just few minutes ago I meditated while 3rd meditation seen backwards 7thru my 3rd eye all my chakras are in line and fully functional I've been to the divine everything that I'm telling you is the truth honesty loyalty peace happiness love care equality

If anyone knows or believes

Help me

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RE: Backwards 7 with 3rd eye activated look sun

by Anonymous - 2/18/17 3:36 AM
stay on your meds.


by Sheila - 5/01/15 4:15 PM
Hi, I have always wondered why the number 7 has always been in my life. Is it the Universe sending me a message or have I left a message for myself from a previous life??
I was born on the 7th day of September (originally the 7th month - Sept is the french for 7)on a sunday morning (7th day of the week).
I am the 7th daughter going both ways in the family (13 girls - 6 younger than me and 6 older than me).
I have moved house several times during my adult life. All the homes I have lived in were numbered either 7 or a multiple of 7. I now live in number 14.
My marriage lasted 14 (2x7) years. It took another 7 years before the divorce was finalised.
I am now 56 (7x8) years old.
There have been many more incidents of the number 7 turning up in my life.
My car's licence plate starts with the number 7.
Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this 7 that I have questioned most of my life??

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RE: 7

by Chris - 1/23/17 6:42 AM
I'm bombarded with 7s lately...I have done enough research and I still not sure if it is good or bad entirely but I'm slightly leaning towards it been a Number of Satan after reading this site and comments...

If you read the comments...nothing has come out of it...Number 7 seems to create more drama in ones life through co-incidences...

I don't think god would play around our life with Code, Magic and Mystery at the same time keep us guessing as to the significance of 7 while making our lives miserable...also, 7 seems to give HOPE a lot...which is clearly a Satans habit...Hope is Satanic by default.

If you are Hoping that 7 is good or Confused...I don't think its from God.


by Anonymous - 3/17/13 12:14 PM
I was born seventh month, seventh day, at exactly seven o'clock.

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RE: 777

by J We - 1/22/17 10:19 AM
My mother died July 7, 1997 at 7:00am (that is the date and time on her death certificate). She had 7 children. I am her seventh. She had spent 7 weeks in the hospital before she died. As mentioned previously, I am her seventh child, she was the seventh child of her siblings, and her mother was the seventh child of her siblings.

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number seven

by caroline - 1/20/17 3:46 AM
thank you for the insight&knowledge of the number i was born on 7thjuly thats month&date nut my main problem is how much i have suffered inlife yet the number is for perfection,,demons molesting me its like cycle repeatin itself in my life because i gave birth to my first son on 17 so i relly wonder is it connected does GOD have a divine purse for my life

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The Number 7

by Al Supreme - 12/25/16 6:46 AM
My social security number adds up to the Number 7.

Join the military 9/25
My number was 007

My section number was 268

I was discharged on the 16th day of of Apr.

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by Brenda - 11/16/16 2:30 PM
My Bday is 7/17/70. Last digits on my SS is 7477. My wedding date is 7/7/06. My husband is 7 years older than I. Every landline I have ever had has always had a 7 in the last four digits. My 1st husband was born on the 7th, the list goes on and on. When I happen to look at the time, either a 7 or 1:11 or 11:11. I'm new to this so what is the signifigance? What am I supposed to be knowing with 7S? Thank you so much in advance for any knowledge or advice or opinion.

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RE: 777

by phylicia - 12/09/16 8:36 AM
Hi!.. My Birthday is also 07/17/1970 :)

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one more thing . . . .about God

by Charlie - 10/14/16 4:40 PM
I cannot OVERSTSATE that for the past 18 mos. I feel as if God has forgotten me, and I've almost lost faith. Here's only a FEW things to hit me HARD: My wife did a 180 degree personality turn, and now, the only woman I ever married has ripped my heart to shreds. The cat I had developed the closest, most deep bond with (Maverick) My "little buddy" for 16 years was diagnosed with oral cancer last year, and for 61 days, 24 hours a day, I kept him as comfortable as possible, giving him IV's for fluid, liquifying his food, feeding him with a syringe, cleaning his face and loving him as best I could, with ZERO help from my wife. I didn't sleep or eat during that time. I paid no attention to my OWN health, and ended up in the hospital 2 days after I had to let Maverick go. I lost 36 pounds in those 61 days, (all muscle mass) became very sick, then fell into a very serious depression. I LOOK like I'm 75 years old at only 56. So, with no family, and my wife ignoring me, I truly thought God would comfort me. Instead,... more...

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RE: one more thing . . . .about God

by Anonymous - 11/16/16 2:36 PM
He is there and honestly you can not know the good without knowing the bad. We were promised free will with no interference. Your wife is exerting her free will, God is not making her do these things and nor is he going to stop her because of free will. I am so sorry for you for your cat but I am happy that your cat has gone home... Free from pain. We hurt here because we do not know That is just a drop in the bigger picture and it is meant to learn from. In your case,i see a human loving another spirit so much and sacrificing so much is lifting to me... To know that someone is capable of such devotion and love is amazing... You are amazing!

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Why me too

by Ruth - 10/14/16 2:52 PM
I have this too ....i was Born in THE month 7 my first child isborn in month 7 and also my first grandchild my house nr is 7 my bank account ends with à 7 my phonenr ends with 7 my pincode of my banking ends with 7 and my wedding day on the 7 my erea code is 2525 wich makes 77. No matter how manny times i look at the clock it always 07,17,27,37,47,57.somtimes it would freak me out. But now it always reminds me of Jehova Shammah meaning that God is there. So now it puts à smile on my face knowing that he is.

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RE: Why me too

by Anonymous - 10/17/16 8:32 AM
Bless that

Number 7 Symbolism, 7 Meaning and Numerology

by Boxy - 10/17/16 8:21 AM
The pineal gland, "third eye" of the human fetus forms on the 49th day after conception or at exactly 7 weeks. The soul is delivered the next day. "The Feast of Weeks" called Shavuot (the giving of the Law to Moses at Sinai) and Pentecost, ( the disciples and a group of true believers receive illumination of consciousness from the Holy Spirit, 7 weeks plus 1 day after the Messiah’s resurrection)refers. In Tibetan Buddhism, the bardo is the 49-day transition period between death and rebirth.

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by layla - 9/15/16 12:18 PM
i have been seeing the number 7 alot....everywhere i go! i was born 7th of june but i dont understand why it keeps appearing everywhere! people keep saying its god giving you a message but i dont believe in god... so WHY does 7 follow me!?

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RE: why

by Gary George Winters Jr - 10/15/16 10:47 AM
Please tell me the importance of my birthday 720 271 and the Seal of Solomon and lesser key of Solomon

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Layla, Ruth - June 7th and the number 7 appearing!

by Charlie - 10/14/16 4:17 PM
Layla - JUNE 7th! my birthdate too, and I just happened to check out this site NOW? Kinda freaky, don't you think? My 1st and last name each have seven letters! Layla and Ruth - I always have caught the number 7 quite often. I enjoy a lot of college football (of course, a touchdown + the extra point is 7) But VERY OFTEN it's the TIME CLOCK with 7's ! 7 min. left, 57 sec left, or 07, etc. whenever I look at the time clock. Michigan's football games this season has scores like 14 - 7, 78 - 0 just two examples, or combined score totals, end up with a seven, too. It's freakin' me out (just a little) What do you think?

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by Angel - 3/29/15 9:01 PM
Has anyone known of someone who had the number seven marked on their body.

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RE: ?

by Jeremiah Carpenter - 9/14/16 9:30 PM
Hi I had one appear on my ribs out of nowhere. It's just the number seven. I'm kinda freaked out, but crazy someone else had had this happen before.

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i had a vision

by adam kube - 8/11/16 7:45 PM
I had a vision of a circle with a 7 in the middle of it. do you know what this means?

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by Karen - 10/29/14 8:12 PM
Hi all you seven lovers. Seven is the number that creates. It is the number of the principles, that when lived will bring you the greatest joy, personal power and a beautiful relationship with God. I am in the process of writing several books on this subject. The beautiful correlation between the number seven and how to re-create yourself and your life are amazing and staggering. I have lived this process and now I am teaching the principles to people and they are having the same experiences I have had. If you are interesting in knowing more about it let me know and I will put you on a email list for when the books are done. One is finished but being edited now. And then on to the publishers!!! If you want to understand seven you must understand God also and know that He is telling you how to create, just as He created the world on the seven days of creation!!! SO BEAUTIFUL AND COOL!!! The working title is "the Seven Hidden Keys of Creation".

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by Anonymous - 9/10/15 3:14 PM
Karen, with all due respect, have you accepted Christ as your Savior? If so, what is the Holy Spirit telling you about "this process"?
Just because someone (including myself) mentioned God doesn't mean he/she is born from above. Be watchful and alert brothers and sisters! Pray and read the Word. May God give us discernment.Amen!


by Anonymous - 4/21/16 4:08 PM
Just because you do not understand the concept of the number 7 does not mean that you have to question ones "personal" savior, last I check the savior you speak of is suppose to be for the world, not a personal individual, God does not play favorites.

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Born with 7

by Devon - 9/05/15 1:31 AM
I was 11-16-77 (1+6=7) 7lbs. 7 oz. at 7:17. I was born in the state of Oklahoma which shares my birthdate except the year. Oklahoma became a state in 1907. My name rhymes with the number 7 and the other number in my birthdate 11.

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RE: Born with 7

by Anonymous - 9/08/15 8:58 AM
you are extra special sound like

Bible Key

by Marvin Tom - 7/19/15 2:21 PM
The Bible is constructed of Seven WARS that are between Good and Evil in a total fight. Number One was the hardest to see but once seen it makes the others correct.
BATTLE NUMBER ONE: Genesis one verse one and two. A Battle raged before OUT era came on the plan. This was the hardest to note but the states of God "to replenish the earth" by child birth makes it clear that something existed before us but is only identified by the name DEMON. Evil lost this fight totally.
BATTLE NUMBET TWO: This called NOAH. It was the fight totally of Good and Evil demonstrated by giants. The war again was lost by Evil totally and was wiped out by a flood never again to occur.
BATTLE NUMBER THREE: This one is called MT. SINAI where Good and Evil fought with a man called Moses to establish the people of faith we call JEWS. NOT A RACE but total committment to Good. Evil faith and lost again.
BATTLE NUMBER FOUR: This one critical for it was a rage of WAR between Good and Evil called THE CROSS. Jesus was the one who bore the title... more...

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God is in me

by Luis Garcia - 7/08/15 1:36 AM
When i felt God i felt way different i didn't no What was that i felt When it touch me when it touch me i had for 2 past days goosebumps cold chills tough my body in my hair of my legs was up for 2 days in l save 2people life in ICU I GOT ON MY KNEE I HOLD THEY HANDS IN I DID A PAEY IN I JUST A ANONTHER LIFE MY DOB IS 07/24/1983 add the numbers 34 is the numbers 7 i will felt something before it happen

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by Joy - 6/04/15 5:25 AM
I love learning. 7 is usually a good thing but also can bring a great deal of pain. I love learning. I love other cultures and what people believe.

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