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by Karen - 10/29/14 8:12 PM
Hi all you seven lovers. Seven is the number that creates. It is the number of the principles, that when lived will bring you the greatest joy, personal power and a beautiful relationship with God. I am in the process of writing several books on this subject. The beautiful correlation between the number seven and how to re-create yourself and your life are amazing and staggering. I have lived this process and now I am teaching the principles to people and they are having the same experiences I have had. If you are interesting in knowing more about it let me know and I will put you on a email list for when the books are done. One is finished but being edited now. And then on to the publishers!!! If you want to understand seven you must understand God also and know that He is telling you how to create, just as He created the world on the seven days of creation!!! SO BEAUTIFUL AND COOL!!! The working title is "the Seven Hidden Keys of Creation".

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by Anonymous - 9/10/15 3:14 PM
Karen, with all due respect, have you accepted Christ as your Savior? If so, what is the Holy Spirit telling you about "this process"?
Just because someone (including myself) mentioned God doesn't mean he/she is born from above. Be watchful and alert brothers and sisters! Pray and read the Word. May God give us discernment.Amen!


by Anonymous - 4/21/16 4:08 PM
Just because you do not understand the concept of the number 7 does not mean that you have to question ones "personal" savior, last I check the savior you speak of is suppose to be for the world, not a personal individual, God does not play favorites.

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by Angel - 3/29/15 9:01 PM
Has anyone known of someone who had the number seven marked on their body.

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RE: ?

by ben - 2/10/16 9:19 AM
I do on my hand, would like to know what it means


by Anonymous - 3/17/13 12:14 PM
I was born seventh month, seventh day, at exactly seven o'clock.

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RE: 777

by Terry - 12/12/15 4:55 PM
Hi, I was born on the 7th day of April in 1967, I'm 5'7" tall, and may last name contains 7 letters. Does this mean anything such as luck or spiritual wise?

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Born with 7

by Devon - 9/05/15 1:31 AM
I was 11-16-77 (1+6=7) 7lbs. 7 oz. at 7:17. I was born in the state of Oklahoma which shares my birthdate except the year. Oklahoma became a state in 1907. My name rhymes with the number 7 and the other number in my birthdate 11.

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RE: Born with 7

by Anonymous - 9/08/15 8:58 AM
you are extra special sound like

Bible Key

by Marvin Tom - 7/19/15 2:21 PM
The Bible is constructed of Seven WARS that are between Good and Evil in a total fight. Number One was the hardest to see but once seen it makes the others correct.
BATTLE NUMBER ONE: Genesis one verse one and two. A Battle raged before OUT era came on the plan. This was the hardest to note but the states of God "to replenish the earth" by child birth makes it clear that something existed before us but is only identified by the name DEMON. Evil lost this fight totally.
BATTLE NUMBET TWO: This called NOAH. It was the fight totally of Good and Evil demonstrated by giants. The war again was lost by Evil totally and was wiped out by a flood never again to occur.
BATTLE NUMBER THREE: This one is called MT. SINAI where Good and Evil fought with a man called Moses to establish the people of faith we call JEWS. NOT A RACE but total committment to Good. Evil faith and lost again.
BATTLE NUMBER FOUR: This one critical for it was a rage of WAR between Good and Evil called THE CROSS. Jesus was the one who bore the title... more...

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God is in me

by Luis Garcia - 7/08/15 1:36 AM
When i felt God i felt way different i didn't no What was that i felt When it touch me when it touch me i had for 2 past days goosebumps cold chills tough my body in my hair of my legs was up for 2 days in l save 2people life in ICU I GOT ON MY KNEE I HOLD THEY HANDS IN I DID A PAEY IN I JUST A ANONTHER LIFE MY DOB IS 07/24/1983 add the numbers 34 is the numbers 7 i will felt something before it happen

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by Joy - 6/04/15 5:25 AM
I love learning. 7 is usually a good thing but also can bring a great deal of pain. I love learning. I love other cultures and what people believe.

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by Sheila - 5/01/15 4:15 PM
Hi, I have always wondered why the number 7 has always been in my life. Is it the Universe sending me a message or have I left a message for myself from a previous life??
I was born on the 7th day of September (originally the 7th month - Sept is the french for 7)on a sunday morning (7th day of the week).
I am the 7th daughter going both ways in the family (13 girls - 6 younger than me and 6 older than me).
I have moved house several times during my adult life. All the homes I have lived in were numbered either 7 or a multiple of 7. I now live in number 14.
My marriage lasted 14 (2x7) years. It took another 7 years before the divorce was finalised.
I am now 56 (7x8) years old.
There have been many more incidents of the number 7 turning up in my life.
My car's licence plate starts with the number 7.
Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this 7 that I have questioned most of my life??

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Meaning ?

by Mady - 4/10/15 7:11 AM
I`m born on 25.07.1987 at 7 o clock in the morning ... :D

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Question on 7

by Anonymous - 3/16/15 9:50 PM
Just a quick question: What is meant when above it was stated that the number seven is neither fathered nor a father? (Bullet-point one) Thanks!

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by 85 - 3/07/15 6:26 PM

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by Anonymous - 1/14/15 10:56 AM
I was born on the 7th day of the 7th month on the 7th day of the week with 7 letters in my first and last name all my best friends have a 7 matched on their birthdays I the street I live on spelled out has 14 letters 7+7 I only know 7 blood relatives too much seven things been bugging me out lately

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RE: 7's

by Anonymous - 2/24/15 6:05 PM
omen? idk ive been watching a lot of supernatural lately.. seven seems to balance on the spectrum of light and dark. good and evil. do some research about it its actually very interesting...

Moonbeam 34

by dp7 - 12/23/14 3:44 PM
gossamer light, shifting, drifting, floating effortlessly, and yet deliberately executing the seventh movement of a most magnificent symphony

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The Meaning of (7)

by Sheila Marie - 11/15/14 12:36 PM
I woke up one day and most of that day I saw Repeapedly the #7 over and over I was born 12/07 I just thought maybe there was some reason for just that.

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Puzzled by this #7 theory

by Gigichild - 11/03/14 2:32 AM
Hi I have been puzzled by this #7 theory recently. I have been with the same partner for 7 years, and recently I just returned to the same job I met her at 7 years ago, which is weird cause she also returned to the same job also from 7years ago. And this year is 2014 which equals 7 when you total it up. Coincidence I wonder. As I'm typing this I just figured out that her birthday is March 1 and mine is November 1 which if you add the months and day, both of ours together will give you 7. How weird is that? Could this really mean something or am I just freaking out for no reason??

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where in the Bible

by Anonymous - 9/25/14 3:08 PM
where in the bible does it say " the number of the punishment, the purification and the penitence"

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lucky number 7

by hetty - 9/12/14 11:28 AM
I love this number!!!!! i just feel that I'm connected to it somehow. like, everytime the number seven pops up, it's destined for ME!! like, in year 4 we did snow white for a school play and i was the narrator and my opening speech was exactly seven lines long!!!!!! and i ALWAYS come seventh in relay races even though i can run fairly fast. and im the seventh person sitting from the teacher's desk in class!!!!!!!! don't think these are stupid reasons for 7 being my lucky number!!

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RE: lucky number 7

by hetty - 9/12/14 11:30 AM
and even if you do think they are stupid reasons then please keep your opinions to yourself!

lucky 7

by Anonymous - 7/28/14 2:49 AM
july is 7, the accident happened to us is at around 7pm, i suffered 7 wounds, on that day we travel 7 times, at night we are 7 person in our house, without knowing it my wife bought 7 medicines for my wounds, supposedly im flying the following day so i already prepared my things when my wife counted my white t-shirt it is 7 all n all same with my short pants and my socks. is this all a co incidents?

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by claire read - 6/23/14 9:45 PM
17/07 22years old ... Lucky number 7 the person I'm in love with 17/07 letters, the number just seems to bring me good look joy happiness "follow" me ? But brings a wormth to my heart very strange or very very cowincidantal :/ 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

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7 lucky

by vinit kumar - 5/30/14 11:43 PM
7 number is also my lucky number & associated with my love, bank account,birthday,& many jobs get to me on 07th,17th dated & many others life tragedies.

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RE: 7 lucky

by Anonymous - 6/23/14 9:31 PM
Wow thiS is pretty much the same as hoW I'm "assosiatied" with seven It reily makes me over think things, and the meaning of this could u help or any advice?


by claire read - 6/23/14 9:22 PM
7 keeps accuring in my life so much so its quid unordanary, my love life,lucky accasions and also the month and date of the man. I think I love ?

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#7 symbolism

by reading logic - 5/30/14 1:25 PM
The number 7 is a great number.Im a reading teacher,do you think that I can use this to teach to all my classes?

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Backwards seven

by Shoobear - 5/24/12 7:13 PM
I have a backwards seven scar on my forehead does it still have the same meaning as a regular seven?

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RE: Backwards seven

by MeToo - 2/21/14 4:48 PM
Must have hit a wrong button. Was about done. To finish, I can only see it in reflection, where it appears as a normal-facing 7. As I said, just observations. Maybe food for thought.

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Number 7

by M - 2/11/14 10:43 PM
I read in my tarot I was associated with number 7 and I needed to decipher the meaning for myself is why I looked this up

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RE: destiny

by victoria davis - 10/28/11 11:01 AM
I have also felt that 2012 is change. The recent world news and events in every ones personal life indicate that change has started. I see things, through dreams, visions and feelings at the edge of my perciption. I long ago surpressed these things in my life. However, my sixth sence overwhems me at times. I've seen a need for being vigilant. Upheaval, on a personal and world level. An awareness where peacefullness will prevail. We are all connected and the cosmic thought will enlighten us.

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RE: RE: destiny

by Anonymous - 11/17/13 11:27 AM
All 3 of my children were born on the 7th. Sept. 7th, May 7th, & the third is due Feb. 7th. And...nothing noted on the 7 colors in a rainbow!!