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Properties of the number 70







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by rodney leon - 2/13/18 3:44 PM
What does this mean:
In the Bible, 70 numbers are multiple 30, and the sum of their occurrence gives 405.

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by Anonymous - 8/27/16 7:39 PM

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RE: 24723

by Anonymous - 10/29/17 11:07 PM
President Trump has declared opioid addiction a public health emergency, which officials say will allow the federal government to waive some regulations and give states more flexibility in how they use federal funds. It does not provide any additional funding to deal with the crisis. God Bless our great Country and keep our Youth
safe from this terrible disease, Please bring all our funds necessary to treat and care for all children that has been afflicted with the opioid
epidemic now. Amen Amen

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# 70

by Anonymous - 1/16/17 9:40 AM
Psalm 90:10 The days of our years are threescore years and ten... (70 years) The things that are happening right now is totally amazing! God Bless you all, I await what comes next with excitement and wonder!!! By the way did anyone see how uninformative the news was (here in the US) about the UN conference in Paris? Sad!!!

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RE: # 70

by Rick - 2/25/17 7:48 PM
To start I'd like to mention that 2017 is the 50th year Jubilee since Israel retook Jerusalem in the 6 day war against Egypt in June of 1967 and 2018 will be the 70th year since Israel became a nation. We have two sets of prophetic numbers so these next 2 years will be interesting. May the Lord our God be with us.


by Debra - 1/15/17 9:42 AM
This is very telling. No coincidence that 70 nations gather in Paris to divide God's land.

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The Number 70

by Paul A. Morris - 1/27/11 4:58 PM
There is also another factor of which from what I did not see above and that is: After MOSES, "God" said in the length of the age of a man's life should be no more than 70!

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RE: The Number 70

by Anonymous - 8/08/15 2:31 PM
Paul A Morris, where does is say that after Moses....only 70 years?

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by evelyn - 7/05/15 9:36 AM
dreamt I was in an audience w my sister. The seats were folding chairs. The floor was sand. There was a stage up front and a has been band was going to play. Next scene have the seats were gone n we were in front row w lots of space between us and stage. I was called up as one of three. We were encouraging three animals to race to the stage. Mine was a small turtle. It was three way tie. The leader of the band pulled me to the side and complemented me on my enthusiasm. I was the most enthusiastic. And showed me three scores on white paper. The number 70 on each. God made a promise to me about two years ago for a much needed-now more than ever-financial blessing. I have taken the persistent widow stance n plead with him day and night showing scriptures to Him proving my case. I know this dream means something. I just can't figure it out

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70 Symbolism

by Elohimette - 6/24/12 7:45 AM
70 days Sirius (dog star) is hidden by the sun, Egyptians worship dog head gods 'Anubis'- the sirius effect causes rain (Aquarius/water bearer)....

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by maya - 3/29/12 7:46 AM
wow such a research

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