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Properties of the number 70







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# 70

by Anonymous - 1/16/17 9:40 AM
Psalm 90:10 The days of our years are threescore years and ten... (70 years) The things that are happening right now is totally amazing! God Bless you all, I await what comes next with excitement and wonder!!! By the way did anyone see how uninformative the news was (here in the US) about the UN conference in Paris? Sad!!!

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RE: # 70

by Rick - 2/25/17 7:48 PM
To start I'd like to mention that 2017 is the 50th year Jubilee since Israel retook Jerusalem in the 6 day war against Egypt in June of 1967 and 2018 will be the 70th year since Israel became a nation. We have two sets of prophetic numbers so these next 2 years will be interesting. May the Lord our God be with us.


by Anonymous - 8/27/16 7:39 PM

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RE: 24723

by Anonymous - 1/15/17 9:43 AM
Yes it is! Praise God!


by Debra - 1/15/17 9:42 AM
This is very telling. No coincidence that 70 nations gather in Paris to divide God's land.

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The Number 70

by Paul A. Morris - 1/27/11 4:58 PM
There is also another factor of which from what I did not see above and that is: After MOSES, "God" said in the length of the age of a man's life should be no more than 70!

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RE: The Number 70

by Anonymous - 8/08/15 2:31 PM
Paul A Morris, where does is say that after Moses....only 70 years?

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by evelyn - 7/05/15 9:36 AM
dreamt I was in an audience w my sister. The seats were folding chairs. The floor was sand. There was a stage up front and a has been band was going to play. Next scene have the seats were gone n we were in front row w lots of space between us and stage. I was called up as one of three. We were encouraging three animals to race to the stage. Mine was a small turtle. It was three way tie. The leader of the band pulled me to the side and complemented me on my enthusiasm. I was the most enthusiastic. And showed me three scores on white paper. The number 70 on each. God made a promise to me about two years ago for a much needed-now more than ever-financial blessing. I have taken the persistent widow stance n plead with him day and night showing scriptures to Him proving my case. I know this dream means something. I just can't figure it out

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70 Symbolism

by Elohimette - 6/24/12 7:45 AM
70 days Sirius (dog star) is hidden by the sun, Egyptians worship dog head gods 'Anubis'- the sirius effect causes rain (Aquarius/water bearer)....

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by maya - 3/29/12 7:46 AM
wow such a research

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