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Properties of the number 71




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no such things as coincedences

by Anonymous - 11/18/16 2:54 PM
my name comes out to a total of 71, my birth day which is 4/26 spelled out "april twenty six" comes out to a total of 71. I remember dislocating my knee on my birthday and all I could remember was how unlucky I was to have such an injury on my birthday. "patella dislocation" comes out to 71. there is something spooky to this all.

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number 71

by gregoria - 9/25/11 11:16 AM
Found a stone with number 71 and also 17 was amazed but what I found.

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RE: number 71

by Anonymous - 10/07/16 12:26 AM
I found a stone on which was the number 16, and alternately when turned upside down was 19. It was formed by what was apparently slate for the numbers, set in a surrounding of limestone rock. The numbers were so well formed so as to have the appearance of having been deliberately done, with the extra flair of a calligraphic style rendering! They were set so that they had this stylish appearance BOTH upside down and right side up!

71 Jules, Watts, AMPS ... WHAT?

by Chris Landreth (clock numerology) - 11/15/11 11:59 AM
71 seconds = 1:11 (min/sec)
--->1/111 = 0.0900900
--->9:00 PM = 21:00

21:21 = 9:21 PM
--->Yehoshua HaMashiach = 921 (Jewish Gematria)
--->Jesus the Messiah (Hebrew Language)

11/1 (nov 1) = 306th Day
--->3:06 PM = 15:06
--->What is Yeshua's Number? = 1506 (english gematria)
God = 156 (english gem.)

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