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Pompeii 79 AD

by Jeff - 12/16/17 7:44 AM
Power and curse both used 79 times in New and Old Testsaments, respectively. Could Pompeii being destroyed 79 AD by POWERFUL Vesuvius eruption have been judgement (CURSE) on Romans for 70AD destruction of Jerusalem ?

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by Maxine - 11/21/16 12:35 AM
I dreamt that I was offered a job making $79,000 a year $98 an hour when I went for my interview I was offered the position. on my day my first day of training I saw a terrorist enter the building with machine guns they were mostly women and they were in their garment their eyes were covered and the outfit was black they told us all to get down on the floor which we did somehow a gentleman appeared next to me I was married to him and he spoke Arabic he said something to the woman with the guns. we had two sons together he was trying to protect our sons. somehow I escaped when I looked up I saw a little hill with a mango tree I looked on the mangoes and they were huge about the size of grapefruits but they were very ripe I climb the hill and pick three of the mangoes off the tree. I saw another mango which I reached for and peeled back it was very yellow and very juicy. As I was hiding behind the tree I saw a little girl coming towards the tree she looked up and she saw my eyes and she came and hid with me then I woke up.

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RE: dream

by hugh mungus - 7/16/17 5:22 PM
Typical dream of an old white christian.

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by Rick - 6/11/17 1:31 PM
Dreamed 2 white birthday cakes one behind the other. Both suspended top facing me with #79 in large letters

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by Chancellor - 5/03/17 12:13 AM

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Born on 1/23/79

by Anonymous - 3/23/17 7:47 PM
Any thoughts on this?

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Interesting commentary on 79

by Anonymous - 10/04/12 10:12 AM
I dreamt last night of the number 79. Gold was also an element in the dream. I had NO idea 79 was the number for gold until reading your commentary. Interesting.

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RE: Interesting commentary on 79

by Anonymous - 12/22/16 10:14 AM
yotub internauty


by Anthony - 12/10/15 8:38 PM
I had a dream of a earthquake. Then there were 3 ufo motherships taking tens of thousands of people off of the planet. Then I dreamed of a world map with the number 79. I exited the dream saying a mantra I use when I am ready to exit the dream state. I don't get it... Yea its bizarre. Truth, peace

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RE: Dream

by Anonymous - 11/19/16 12:46 AM
Heaven will come down and gather the true hearted . As it may resemble that it is reminding you of that .)


by Andrea angel - 1/31/16 3:29 PM
Just was curious to know meaning for an address 79 wise st
Thank you

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by Yoverlea - 12/13/15 5:14 PM
7779 was the pick 4 # after 666 in the Chicago lottery after Obama was elected president

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by Anthony - 12/10/15 8:46 PM
I believe this dream was sent for me. Not some type of sight...

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by Ali - 1/04/14 12:53 PM
My name is Ali I was born at 09-02-1979.
My first employee # was. 19791
My car # was. 179
My radio # was 179 and changed to 05931679


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RE: 79

by Anonymous - 7/07/15 2:52 PM
hello, 79 came up 2 days in a row. I got a rebate voucher in the mail last night for 79 i just got a speeding ticket for 179.


by Gina - 1/24/15 12:29 AM
Chakra colors=79

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i think im in love with god

by rose - 2/28/12 7:06 PM
I think I am in love with god... I'm pretty sure he truly is my king.. my bdate is 9-17-1979.. I think Im the rose he is looking for!

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RE: i think im in love with god

by Anonymous - 12/26/14 8:51 AM
Lol that's what I was thinking

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79 or 97

by greg - 8/03/13 9:48 PM
born in 79 graduated in 97 phone number 676 7997 daughter born 7lbs 9oz at 7:29 father died on 07/09 etc... ???

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by Steven - 8/27/10 7:53 AM
What are NT and OT abbreviations for?

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RE: Definitions

by Anonymous - 8/27/10 10:22 AM
New Testament and Old Testament of the Bible.