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Properties of the number 84






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Bible verse Deuteronomy 8 4

by Dave - 10/21/17 1:43 PM
This is the first verse that God ever gave me when I was 40. And then he backed it up with another verse Nehemiah 921. I see 84 everywhere 2

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by Shani - 10/04/16 1:25 PM
Number 84 appeared in mi palm wen I was in primary seven but up to now I don't now ts meaning so plizz I would like request me with ts meaning plizzz

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RE: 84

by A.Al Hussaini - 12/24/16 4:39 AM
May the peace be unto you my friends... I was born on July 18th 1984 and I also keep seeing number 84 everywhere... I think someone is trying to contact me... help guys

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i keep seeing 84 everywhere?

by Joe - 9/24/12 3:11 AM
i don't know if this means anything at all but i keep seeing the number 1984 84" all the time in my sleep in books movies Internet now this might seem a little strange if you where born on the year of 1984 but guess what i was born on the year 8/6/1984.

not sure what it all means am i going to live till i'm 84 years old or am i going to be one of the angles it talks about in the bible?!..

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RE: i keep seeing 84 everywhere?

by Meimjustme - 12/22/16 12:00 PM
Born 1/2/84 I believe on license plates the 84 would show even on my order numbers or when simply ordering fast food. Simply crazy my parents anniversary is 8/4 and my son phone # has 84 I thought that's what it meant first my son, could be but I can't believe this happens to others. Even found 84 on sweat pants at Walmart. It goes for 48 and that's the year my dad was born on and the year Israel was established correct? Yup. Talk to me about this.

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Eighty Four more years

by Robin Edmondson - 6/29/13 3:53 PM
I was sitting on the couch quietly two days ago looking out of the window. The Lord spoke to me and told me that he'd given me eighty four more years and that He would fill me with His spirit. Two years ago he told me that my days in the Earth would number 150 years. Now, I'm 67. I turned 67 on May 10th. This would make me 151 years old and filled with God's spirit. Are there others like me?

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RE:Eighty Four more years

by michelle - 7/30/16 12:03 PM
No man, woman angel or Christ himself know the coming of oour Lord, but the Most High Himself...

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about 84

by chi - 6/11/14 4:07 PM
i was born on 8th april 1984 that"s 8,4,84 or 8484. i really would what to know the mean

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RE: about 84

by Anonymous - 3/11/16 9:08 AM
do you have a twin, or dreams where you have more friends than you do in real life?

84 and its relevance to the church's responsibilities in evangelism

by damienonline - 5/30/15 2:52 AM
In the 9th chapter of Luke's gospel we read that Jesus sends out the 12 Apostles anointed with the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Good news with accompanying acts of power. If we cross reference to Matthew 10 we read that the 12 were to only go to the people of Israel and specifically not to the Gentiles.In Luke 10 we read that Jesus appointed 72 "Others" into all the towns and places that he was about to go. I calculate with the original 12 and another 72 we have 84. 84 people sent out into the valley of bitterness and so making it a place of springs (ps 84)

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by 84 - 4/24/15 8:03 AM
84 84 84 84 84 84 84 84

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well, is 84 lucifer? or is it just a lumber yard. lol

by thomas - 3/11/15 12:00 PM
i'm sorry. lol. at one time i thought i knew.


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RE: number 84

by Anonymous - 9/16/09 12:45 PM
me too...84's everywhere...first started with 444's, 44 and 88 or 888, now it's 84's.....Not sure what this all means!!

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RE: RE: number 84

by Anonymous - 4/28/14 6:50 AM
The 4th of August (4/8) = the 216th day of the year. 216 = 6x6x6! It is also the birthday of Barack Obama, 4/8/61

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The number 84

by Anonymous - 4/12/13 6:50 AM
As already stated above, the number 84 [including 840] is found in both the OT & NT, but isn't always that obvious, e.g. after the feeding of the 5 thousand they collect 12 baskets, and after the feeding of the 4 thousand the collect 7 baskets: 12x7 = 84; in the OT, Exodus 15:27 there were 12 springs and 70 palm trees. The number 84 is also connected to the lunar calendar - the calendar used by the Hebrews.

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by jessica - 11/13/12 12:37 AM
This isnt about the number 84 but a few yrs ago the number 666 kept popping up on me when Id go shopping it would amount to $6.66c or $66.60 and some other things. I cant remember particularly

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by Federico - 9/30/11 6:22 PM
I live in Italy... I'm happy to see that there are people like me obsessed with that number.... I'm tring to figure out if there is some strange meaning in that... I keep seeing the number 84 everywhere. In 1984 I was old 7 years (84 months). My favourite book is 1984 (Orwell). In 1984 I had a scar falling down disastrously..
My favourite song is Wham - Freedom of 1984 (I was really obsessed with that song). One day I did the tarot: I shot 6 cards and 8 and 4 came out...
If anyone had some explanation or experience like mine... well contact me (federico.sefusatti)

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RE: 84

by jasbir - 10/03/12 9:48 PM
i also see 84. i was born 19-8-1984 .i have no idea why this number come too my side when i open new bank account thats no.number also ..xxxxx84 .when i thougt what happend in my life i saw this no. 84 i saw it newpaper ,t.v., car number, rollno. currency no. etc help me...what todo

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demon says 84

by Anonymous - 9/19/12 10:09 PM
My ex was possessed by a demon I've meet before and kept saying,"84, oh you'll find out." I know it sounds nuts. You would have had to be there to understand. However, I am happy to know there are others tying to find its meaning.

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by Anonymous - 8/11/12 8:59 PM
As in the subject line. 8-8-84 is my birthday. On 8-8-08 i turned 24. I then realized that 8+8+8=24. Thats when i started thinkin about it more. And came to the realization that ever since the year 2000 my birthdays have added up to my age...

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The Number 84 is found more than once

by Final_Judgment_2011 - 6/09/10 9:26 AM
The number 84 is highlighted more than once in the Bible. First, it is found during the famine of Jacob's day. Jacob and his house went into Egypt after two years of a seven year famine. Incidentally, 7 years equals 84 months. Again, in the days of Jeremiah, in the 23rd year of Jeremiah receiving the word of God, God declared a 70 year tribulation period for the nation of Judah. Incidentally, this was four years after it had begun; 70 years equals 840 months. Comparatively, Genesis 7:4 declares that in 7 days a flood of waters would come upon the world. In 2 Peter 3:8, in speaking of his Final Judgment and how it relates to the flood, God declares a day as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. Effectively, declaring in Genesis 7:4 that in 7000 years his final judgment would come. Incidentally, 7000 years equals 84000 months.

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RE: The Number 84 is found more than once

by Anonymous - 1/01/12 9:25 AM
in 2012 the world reached the 7 billion rate of human population. equal to all that have lived before. 12 times 7 is 84. also end of the mayan calender.

Lately, Though ... I've uh...

by Chris Landreth (clock numerology) - 11/15/11 1:32 PM
84 seconds = 1:24 (min/sec)
--->min/hr hand at 12/4 (4:00)
--->Jesus = 444 (english gematria)

4:00 PM = 16:00
--->What is God's Number? = 1616(Jewish Gematria)

12/4 (dec 4) = 338th Day
--->min/hr hand at 3/8 (15:40/3:40PM)
--->One Hundred Fifty-Four = 234 (english)

The Number of the Messiah = 234 (english)

Yeshua's Numbers = 1140 (english gem.)
--->11:40 PM = 23:40

What is God's Number? = 234 (reverse english)

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Difficult harmony; disappointment... 84

by Der Mann - 9/19/10 1:40 AM
Someone very close to me was obsessed with the number and killed himself, his stated reason being the mismatch between what he was (and what he could have been in an ideal world) and what the world, being what it is, supposed him to be That seems to match the explanation by R. Allendy as on this site: the "ratio of the nirvana world to the natural law."

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RE: Difficult harmony; disappointment... 84

by Der Mann - 11/30/10 9:25 AM
From palmistry and numerology he found that 8 and 4 were both unlucky, but potently so in combination. In the books he read were stories of how 4 and 8 (when together) had caused continuing bad luck for some people. He planned his suicide, the date having only 4's and 8's (except for the "19..").

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84 sometimes is everywhere!!

by Marissa - 10/14/10 7:16 AM
I do not see it all the time but there are times that I see 84s everywhere. I was scared for sometime but I am trying not to be anymore and I am really interested in knowing its meaning..Maybe a psychic or a person who knows a lot about numerology can help us.

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RE: 84 sometimes is everywhere!!

by Anonymous - 11/06/10 5:36 AM
I have been aware of the number 84 for over 20 years. It always appears. For example, I did a search on youtube for Lustration (a band that played nearby recently) and clicked on an unrelated clip; and there you go, some guy mentioned 84 as a percentage.

number 84

by glynn - 10/01/10 5:00 PM
i keep seeing the number 84 everywhere. what does this own thing mean?

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by iwantthetruth - 9/18/10 1:33 PM
Hi to all:
I was born 8th of april of 1984. In the country I live now its 84-4-8...8448, what does it mean? Also my favorite book is 1984... and more things...
Thank you!

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number 84

by Anonymous - 7/05/09 9:08 AM
I dreamt over and over lastnight of the number 84. either as the number 84 itself, or the 8 and 4 then being brought together... strange dream for me. just trying to figureit out...

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