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Properties of the number 86




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10 Comments for Number 86 Symbolism, 86 Meaning and Numerology

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by Isiirangeen Udarath Wanigasekara - 9/21/16 11:05 AM
I like 86

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Dreams and mind

by Goda - 6/25/15 5:43 PM
I have recently started unconsciously thinking of the number 86 as my mind as if buzzes off and keeps repeating it. Yet I do not come across this number anywhere in what I do. What is my mind trying to tell me?

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Is 86 lucky in finance

by Isiirangeen Udarath Wanigasekara - 4/16/15 8:17 PM
I want to know about the finance matters of 86

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Eighty-Six & 16.4 billion years (Age of Universe)

by Anonymous - 8/23/12 7:40 AM
Mayan calendar suggests that the universe is 16.4 billion years of age

hr/min/sec hand at 1/6/4 = 1:30:20
--->13020 sec = (217)* min

2:17 is opposite (10:43)* on a clock face
---->1.43333 min = 86 sec
---->God = 86 (hebrew)

2:17 PM = (14:17)*
--->14.177777 hr = 51040 sec
---->5:10:40 = hr/min/sec hand at (5/2/8)*

/ Yehoshua = 528 (hebrew)
/ Salvation = 528 (hebrew)

16.4 min = 984 sec
--->hr/min/sec hand at 9/8/4 is oppposite (3:20:40*)

324 = 18 x 18
---->18:00 hr/min hand at (12/6)*
---->1:26 = (86)* sec /GOD/

3:24 = (3.4)* min
--->00:34 = 12:34 AM
--->12:34 = (754)* sec

Yehoshua HaMeshiach = 754 (hebrew)
Shem Qadshi = 754 (hebrew)
------------->"My Holy Name"

1.8 min = 108 sec
---->1/108 = 0.00925925
---->Yehoshua HaMeshiach = 925 (jewish)

9.0925925925 min = 545.5555 sec
--->5:45:5 - hr/min/sec hand at (5/9/1)*
--->The Name of the Messiah = 591 (jewish)

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Tomorrow is 86

by Anonymous - 8/05/12 2:18 PM
Most people are convinced that something is going to happen at the olympics in london tomorrow is 8/6/2012=(8+6+5=19)=(1+9=10)=(1+0=1)

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by brother in christ +++ - 3/13/12 3:32 AM
FURTHER TO MY LAST POST. fact.. we are spiritual beings in a physical can go off and commune with our divine source and still have an earthly life full of love and happiness........check out the animal spirit guide of giraffe........sees far reaching higher than all the other land animals but still permanently my animal guide is WOLF the teacher.....which is why i am speaking openly to you..........choose PEACE and have a great life . to quote our great teacher and brother jesus.....there will be war and rumours of war but hold can still be a knights templar of christ and not go to can still be a saracen warrior of islam and not go to war.....the war on drugs, racism , lawlessness and the evoloution and advancement of humanity is going to need a joint effort....we are all children of god.....let us fight to keep the peace understanding and tolerance that makes humanity SHINE. let us modern crusader, saracens, warrior monks, red indian warriors ,... more...

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by brother in christ +++ - 3/13/12 2:53 AM
the state of some red traditional phone boxes had been bugging me of late . i even said to my missus if we lived in a nice village and had one i would make a point of keeping it in pristine bright red condition . in another what was an unseemingly unrelated occurance that leonard cohen song halleluah sung this time by alexandra burke i thought i heard my surname MANIFOLD in the lyrics. i checked the lyrics online and was mistaken...... after years of being on the fence with believing i went into the liverpool anglican cathedral for the second time in my life ,the only other time was for a chris de burgh concert but it was a straight in sit down and back out again affair .... anyway this time there was a young school girl practicing her solo for an up and coming carol concert singing halleluha and thought i heard my surname again.......further into my visit, in one of the corners of the cathedral i got the shock of my life and was surprised to see a traditional bright red telephone box, in a cathedral of... more...

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by SandiHa - 1/05/11 11:01 AM
Number of the Republicans elected and sworn in to the House on 1-5-11. New to numerics. 8 means.. resurrection, 8th day is 1st day of the week, circumcision is performed on 8th day, in "principle" it's one who abounds in strength. 6 means..6th day of creation of man but 8th day when Adam was created(important to carry Yesuha's lineage), Cain's decendants only go to the 6th generation. Interesting!

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by big arms manhattan - 12/25/10 12:52 PM
Why are you people hoping to string dna molecules in groups?

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Pi & its 'Peculiar' Adjustment

by Mr. Todd S. Quior - 2/18/10 6:26 AM
i see this one in our studies.
we chart dna molecules in hopes to string them in groups.

ex: 1 + 56 + 30 -1 = 86

the above equation is the basis of our theories

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