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Properties of the number 87






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by david - 9/26/14 8:35 PM
Born 6/20/87. I notice the number 87 on so many things, why am i looking for it? Its kinda new... then i typed what 87 means and found this. I feel like im going to acomplish something great. I dont know what i want, but i know what i like. I think im looking for something i know nothing about

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RE: #87

by Anonymous - 5/05/15 6:37 AM
I was in my bed on an early Tuesday morning when it occurred to me as a prophecy that I will turn 87 years old before I died. I wondered why 87? Who is giving this inspiration? If it is the Almighty god, let it be and let him prepare me for the journey to 87!!!


by Isaiah - 8/29/14 8:33 PM
My name is Isaiah. I was born January 20 1987, I see the number 87 on television, I see it when I read and not the page. It will occur at random. when I read the bible. When I'm in the world. I see it every where. The number 6 is my favorite number and every time I see 666 something good happens to me. I am a believer in the Jesus's father. I fallow as much As I can but I back slide yet the number 6 has always brought me luck.

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by Kendall Brooks - 5/23/12 9:46 AM
Since about the age of 15 I've been seeing the number 1 (87) but mostly 87 or 8 & 7. I am 28 now and am still seeing the number. I wonder what it means. Does anyone know?

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RE: #87

by Lk - 2/09/14 12:08 AM
Same for me. In middle school I noticed someone wrote 87 on the back of a report card, At age 20 after I was married and moved my mail had 87 written on the back of an envelope onceand I thought of the report card.- Strange. Later we moved and as I was bringing laundry upstairs noticed the step was carved with- 87. We moved 50 miles. My son wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and we found a small cave off a rural road and gotout to see it. On the inside was sprayed 87. At work we are supposed to date and inital our lunches. I went into the freezer and their was 8/ 7 on the food. I dont know if the number follows me or I am just subconsciously looking for it?

RE: #87

by Anonymous - 8/26/14 7:15 PM
the return?

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by Shawn - 12/26/12 11:02 PM
Cherub- has an amazing meaning in the bible and it is used 87 times and I looked it up I am going to paste what it means it is a little lengthy but is so awesome! It means Mercy seat!A cherub (Heb. כְּרוּב, pl. כְּרוּבִים, eng. trans kərūv, pl. kərūvîm, dual kərūvāyim lat. cherub[us], pl cherubi[m], Syriac ܟܪܘܒܐ) is a type of spiritual being mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and cited later on in the Christian biblical canons, usually associated with the presence of God. The plural can be written as cherubim or cherubs (sometimes cherubims in English translations[2]). In modern English the word cherub is sometimes used for what are strictly putti — baby or toddler angels in art. This article is concerned with the original sense of the word.

Cherubim are mentioned in the Torah (five books of Moses), the Book of Ezekiel, and the Book of Isaiah. They are also mentioned in the books of 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, and 2 Chronicles mainly in the construction of the House of God. There is only one mention in the New Testament, in Hebrews 9:5, referring to the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant.

*give credit where credit is due here is my source (wikipedia Cherub)

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by chosen - 6/28/12 10:56 PM
Last month my friend had introduced me to a 40 year old handsome, friendly, and an intelligent man. He had great sincerity and suttle nature about him..very smooth but reserved and almost childlike. Not long after we met i dreampt about him. I saw his face and shirtless brown bodis? Then the number 87
flashed in front of him and the dream ended. I have odd dream often but never with a number associated with a person...

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87 days till I go to jail?!

by Anonymous - 1/10/12 2:04 AM
I won't go into depth into the dream I had last night. But I was going to jail cause of what I did in the dream and I remember seeing this big paper and all these people were signing there name and saying they love me. They'll miss me and stuff and I think I remember seeing "it's for the better" then I remember seeing the number 87 in the room I was standing in and then I look outside in the window and I see a big "87" on a sign with it slowly fadding away then I started screaming in anger and sadness and pain and my teeth were clenched. Then after that i woke up.. It made me think 87 days till I go to jail because of the series of events that happened in the dream. But then then the room full of people writing their signatures saying they love me makes me think 87 days till something else that might happen.

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by parii - 11/07/11 11:15 PM
whats this mean 87 if a girl see in dream

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This is a possible count for the number of Prophets representing Judaism

by researcher - 3/28/10 2:37 AM
If one includes those whose contribution to prophetic scripture adhered to Divine Law as well as those whose prophetic "contribution" did not (namely Adam and Eve), the resulting number is 87. If you exclude those who did not prophesy consistent with their own faith in Divine Law, the number drops to (at most) 85.

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