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Properties of the number 90





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a poemI am to place in my book with your explanation of the total number of 90

by Authored Statements: ysureican.____ - 10/26/13 3:46 AM
Rough Draft:

Title:  “What has called me”?

I await in darkness, ---------------------------------------------------------6
holding on--- to my unlighted candle. -------------------------------------10 
My match eludes me in the present past-----------------------------10
& future______  existence.------------------------------------------------6
Once, Within — Once, all Moments…. "The Spark" I-------------------------------10
need, ignited within me for my path to:-----------------------------------10

Be lighted____. -----------------------------------------------------------------3

The spark leads. -------------------------------------------------------------3
Speaks softly. -------------------------------------------------------------------3
Glowing my*  ---------------------------------------------------------------------3
path with light. -------------------------------------------------------------------3

The... more...

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