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Properties of the number 95




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Meaning of 95

by Apostle Oscar Hoffmeester Cape Town South Africa - 11/03/12 8:50 AM
9 is the number of Judgement and 5 is the number of Grace.
9 plus 5 is 14 . 1 is the number of God and 4 the number of Man

God says my Grace outweighs my judgement. I love you and my Grace is sufficient for you.

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RE: Meaning of 95

by Anonymous - 7/25/16 4:50 PM
Wow! Amazing!

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by roma - 5/14/15 8:35 AM
turning 95

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Generational curse

by Helen Ruth Davis - 6/07/13 8:17 PM
My family despised the French for 95 years until I broke it and fell absolutely IN LOVE with the country, culture, and people of France. My great grandpa hated France because his friends were killed. Forgive is used 95 times.

"Forgive and you will be forgiven." Jesus

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