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Properties of the number 96




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96 So over there as over here

by Kaye E Scaretadat - 6/01/17 10:55 AM
9 Above
6 Below

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Occult,96 meanig

by Anonymous - 9/15/16 3:07 PM
What's the meaning behind 96 and the occult

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Prostration to God

by Usman Naeem Yamin - 1/28/16 5:45 AM
Muslims 96 times a day perform Prostration to Holly God in total of 5 Prayers daily.

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RE: Prostration to God

by Anonymous - 7/03/16 12:18 AM
Al hamduallah!

Don't know why so?

by varinder singh - 6/06/16 10:11 PM
96 is every where in my life. My exam registration number, roll number of same, my Bank account number, PAN number. And the crazy think is, it is always in the last of the figure. There so many other little things i notice in my daily life.

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by brother in christ....+++ - 1/03/12 12:54 PM
if you overlay the orb of the 9 and the 6 over each other . you get what looks like a spinning galaxy.....ajna chakra....galactic conciousness......whats next universal conciousness ....think universal- work galacticaly....i love this website.....numbers and letters are a truly amazing thing....they do make your mind go makes the universe go round...the universe was created by an act of love....all the wonders of the cosmos just waiting to be humanity gets its act together the technology will be born that will allow humanity out of its solar system .....the heavenly mother and father. wont allows us to take our squabbles out into the universe

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RE: 96

by Robyn Fenwick from Esperance, Western Australia - 2/05/15 2:28 PM
How did you see the number 96 firstly and how is it that you read things so well. I would really like to know.

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Fan are Follower

by Terrill T.C/Relic - 11/11/14 6:24 PM
In 1996 our First Lady was School Dean In 1996 Our President Was Senate In 1996 I was Police!

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by clankm - 12/19/13 1:33 AM
um im probly never going to be on here again but theirs a webcomic named homestuck theirs a someone named karkat it looks like he has a 69 on his shirt!?

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by brother in christ....+++ - 1/03/12 12:55 PM

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LiL Miss Incentive (678,900,000 Pounds)

by Chris Landreth (clock numerology) - 11/16/11 1:55 AM
96 seconds = 1:36 (min/sec)

The Number One Hundred Thirty-Six = 2340 (reverse english gem.)
The Number of the Most High God = 2340 (reverse eng. gematria)
---->The Numbers of Jesus = 1434 (reverse english gem.)
-------->14:34 = 2:34 PM

The Number of the Messiah = 234 (english)
Yeshua's Numbers = 1140 (english gematria)
---->11:40 PM = 23:40

--->One Hundred Thirty-Six = 1560 (english gematria)
--->What is Yeshua's Number? = 1506 (english gem.)
--->God = 156 (english gem.)

9/6 (jun 9) = 160th Day
--->160 seconds = 0.00444 Hours
--->Jesus = 444 (english gem.)

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96 is an odd number....

by Blake Austin - 10/12/10 8:55 PM
96 is an odd number for the total number of occurences of odd numbers. Clearly this proves that God either has a sense of humor or is even-handed or possibly both.

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RE: 96 is an odd number....

by looking for an answer - 2/09/11 10:35 AM
what is the symbolism or importance of the number 96? Anyone?

96 bottom right corner of your bills

by Anonymous - 10/23/10 7:25 PM
the "on us bill", your government is broke has been for some 80 odd years. Your birth certificate # was sold as a bond for the money you will make for the govt. later in life as taxes. When you cant pay for something some one else has too, good news that money is sitting there for you. Just follow the trail.

96 is 69 backwards you know it however now you think it!

best wishes

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