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My brother

by Anonymous - 4/16/14 7:45 PM
My brother was born on the 9 got sick on the 9 and died on the 9 does that have anything to do with the bible?

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Jesus Christ Numerology

by Michael M. - 2/28/13 12:28 AM
Message starred Saturday, October 6, 2012 2:53:57 AM Jesus Clears His Name

Jesus Christ Numerology

In the name of Jesus Christ = 9 = God of Heaven.

I use to wonder why I came to this..uh...planet. I use to wonder what I came to do, when I would do it, with who, and for what purpose. I have always been interested in philosophy and things beyond the box.. It wasn't always well received; these curiosities. After some time, I shut down talking about bigger, bolder and deeper ideas.
I was raised in the Mormon church and baptized at 8 years old. If I knew then what I know now, maybe life would have looked very different. I am no longer a Mormon. In any case, I have had a million angels with me my whole life, waiting for this article. One article. And, this is it. Make yourself comfortable.

We are roughly five years out from a monumental planetary shift, on all levels of being. You really can't imagine it. You've read some things here and there about The Venus Transit of 2012. Topics of Ascension and Pole... more...

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RE:Jesus Christ Numerology

by Michael de Yaohu ul - 3/23/14 10:29 PM
‘m Brazilian follow me on facebook: Michael de Yaohu

use google translator

Utilizando valores numéricos para as letras do nosso alfabeto, chegamos a conclusões que causam espanto com relação aos valores numéricos do Nome Jesus.

O nosso alfabeto tem 26 letras, e alguns afirmam que o 666 pode ter o mesmo significado de forma invertida, isto é, 999. No ensino esotérico, o número 9 é o número da iniciação (ou do iniciado).

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, e assim por diante. Então, vamos empregar o fator 9 para o valor numérico de cada letra do nome JESUS.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

J = 10 x 9 = 90
E = 5×9 = 45
S = 19×9 = 171
U = 21×9 = 189
S = 19×9 = 171

O resultado total é = 666.

Já ouvi e li a respeito de pessoas que falaram muitas blasfêmias contra Jesus, mas esses cálculos, acima, deixaram-me bastante preocupado. Acho que os líderes evangélicos que lerem esse artigo, ou outro sobre este mesmo... more...

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my birthday..could it mean something

by sabrina - 3/23/14 9:04 PM
My birthday is 06/19/99

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I have so many 9s in my birthday.

by Rissa - 3/17/12 5:10 PM
Hi I dont know if this is strangee. But I notice that I have nines in my birthday. 9-19-97 born at 9:40 in the morning?? O.o

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RE: I have so many 9s in my birthday.

by Anonymous - 3/19/14 1:55 AM
same here... 09-09-90, 10:26 ...

999 on computar

by kid - 2/06/14 7:16 PM
I have just seen the 999 what does this mean

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999 RIng

by Roy - 4/01/13 11:24 PM
We found a square ring that has 999 written on it in three rows.. We don't know who planted the ring in our home - does that means it is satanic ring or someone try to do a black spell on us? Please post comment if anyone knows what it is and why it has three rows of 999 or 666 if you do upside down...


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RE: 999 RIng

by Anonymous - 12/20/13 6:57 AM
Well according to Muslims wearing a 999 ring like you mentioned brings good luck to the wearer


by loybu - 12/02/13 3:10 AM
sarap ng pinay

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by Jay - 11/12/08 11:21 AM
Well, if you guys need help . Here is the answer .

The Human-Spirit is both male and female but it is actually genderless .

All odd numbers are "holy" because the universe works with odd numbers for reasons we don't currently know .

The number "7" is the ultimate "holy" number .

Numerology has nothing to do with "God" because "God" doesn't exist .

The universe is "God" and "She" ("it"/physical object/also an "intelligence") doesn't need or want "worship" because "worship" is WRONG !

I am "Praying" for you guys and your Spirits .

You are following the wrong Path !

999 is also a so-called "Holy" number because it contains three digits which are all odd numbers .

Male and Female adds up to the number two . which is an even number .

the spirit is the third factor, the number 3 .

Because a spirit, erroneously called the "human soul" . . .

Is what we are . . .

we are all number threes (we are the human spirit, we only "incarnate" as male and female/reincarnation)... more...

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RE: 999

by Zeeke89 - 12/04/12 8:20 PM
(Sorry messed up the first one)

Interesting.. but there is one complication to your story. If you insist God does not exist, explain DNA. DNA to scientists, is quote "the fingerprint of God". For every cell and molecule in our body there is an exact manual to what kind of job that specific cell has. What is remarkable to scientists, is that on our DNA strand we have these things called enzymes which literally minute by minute second by second travel up and down our DNA and corrects/repairs every cell that starts to fail. Scientists to this day are amazed by how enzymes work and claim "this is something beyond our human intelligence in which we are not able to even imagine". With everything we have on this planet and beyond, from honeycombs to DNA, bees, butterfly wings, trees, plants, flowers, stars, planets, galaxies, constellations,etc. the source to all questions ALWAYS leads to intelligence. You said that there is no God, only intelligence. Where do you think this intelligence comes from ? You think... more...

Re: 999

by Anonymous - 5/18/13 9:27 AM
Why can we not find things . That bring us together. Instead we look for more junk. Find reasons to stand as one. We all need each other to survive. If numbers are some how important. Let us find the reason to stand strong together. GOD plus man plus man plus man equals our future. Every number repeats its self some where. We can connect by our paths that cross. Live in peace with all men.


by 999 - 11/16/13 6:33 PM
I am the essence of 999, birth day, month and place .... you are right, there is no god .... there only IS .... when tolerance and compassion are of human doing, then all will see this.

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by Don - 8/25/13 3:47 PM
This is odd.
I was born on 9-18-1953
9th month = 9
18th Day (1+8) = 9
(1953) 1+9+5+3 = 18 (1+8)= 9

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RE: 999

by todd - 11/10/13 12:20 AM
wow!!! have you reflected on your pinnacles and challenges found in numerology. often contemplate what it would mean to have all zeros as a challenge.

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by Michael Free - 11/17/12 10:22 PM
111 words
513 characters
5 paragraphs

God is truth. Truth is to not lie. A lie action beget more lies. A truth action beget more truths.

"Do unto others only those things that they would agree to, as this is the path of peace". If called to judgment by those seeking truth, a truth will wait on your tongue (for your action was righteous).

"Do unto others as you please without regard for their agreement". If called to judgment by those seeking truth, a lie will wait on your tongue (for your action was unrighteous).

Respond to unwarranted force with restraint, but restrain those who would initiate force.

Love truth above all else. Respect and honor others.

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RE: Truth

by Michael Free - 10/01/13 3:20 AM
By the way, Jesus Christ said all this that I wrote previously. In John 3:21 Jesus says that when anyone speaks the truth it is done by God. In Matthew 18:19 Jesus says that when anyone does an action that affects another person if it is done in agreement with them then it is done by God. -Michael Free

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part of the truth

by Anonymous - 9/24/13 1:47 PM
these numbers means most powerful in the spirit world.were one is transformed from a humanbeing to an overseer half god

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by Don - 8/25/13 3:50 PM
999 in computer terms is the end. The last line in a computer program.

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999 in 153 words

by Michael - 5/23/13 6:29 AM
Before our words we have two choices and before our actions we have two more. These are the seeds of peace and conflict.

When you speak, speak the truth.

When you do something to someone else be sure to get their agreement first.

When you see someone in need help them when and where you can.

Do these things always. They bring peace.

Lying brings conflict.

Doing what you want to other people without getting their agreement first brings conflict.

Never helping anyone in need, and no one ever helping anyone in need, brings conflict.

Bring peace, not conflict. Be the good seed, not the bad seed.

A liar hides his lies in darkness hoping that no one finds out the truth, whereas the one that tells the truth, tells the truth in the light of day for all to see.

Be the children of light and be reborn. Do these things everyday.

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RE: 999 in 153 words

by Anonymous - 8/13/13 8:32 AM
Thank you.

315 999 666

by Meeka - 8/01/13 12:07 AM
I was born on March 15...315 seems to follow me...I thought I was crazy at first but it pops up all the time...years ago 315 came out in the lottery then the next day 513 and then a few days later 135 then a few days after say I was weirder out is putting it lightly...I would have played the numbers but I have bad luck at betting...if I bet I lose...I have also seen the number on receipts and license plates and houses...but I also run into 666 a lot also...if this article is true then I now know why I see those numbers dozens of times a week...

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by Reality - 7/08/13 6:44 PM
All of you are stupid obviously mixing up 135 in different combinations is going to add up to 999 wow my faith in humanity is completely gone

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999 or 666

by Cyruss King - 8/29/11 6:57 AM
Don't let these numbers/symbols confuse you. What I do find interesting is 153 + 315 + 531 = 999 & 351 + 135 + 513 = 999
On the other hand 153 + 513 = 666 & 531 + 135 = 666 & 315 + 351 = 666. I think is 315 we should be concerned about. I've been following this number since I was younger than 9 and has played many parts and exsist in many parts of my life. I've got well over 100 stories I could tell you about this number in my life, as well as show you many places where this number is and has been for many years around the world, in many cultures, movies, etc. What does 315 have to do with 999 and 666? Is it a link, bond, pathway, or connection between the two? Is it the universal number? Is it the perfect number cubed? Keep looking and watch where it takes you. A journey with a lot of questions answered.

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RE:999 or 666

by Bardoo - 6/17/12 3:43 PM
Maybe i'm a bit too young for this, but I found this out:
I was born on 07/20 1997, 20+7 = 27.
Now, when 1997 becomes 7991, then I got four numbers: 19, 97, 79, 91
79-91 = -12.
-12+97 = 85.
85-19 = 66 ???

RE:999 or 666

by Cyruss King - 2/25/13 12:51 AM
It's been awhile since I've been back here to visit. Since last, 315 is still making multiple appearances in my life. On receipts, clocks, gas pumps, registration numbers, you name it. I've shown quite a few people to always prove a point. I still don't know what this 315 thing means. What I can say is that it has shown me things as if it's a living thing. Surprisingly many realities that are contrary to what most people believe. I also must tell you all, we are not here alone.

RE:999 or 666

by zakes - 6/13/13 7:43 AM
my medical aid has 999 digit yesterday i bought a blackberry and my BBM PIN has 999 on it, please help i'm scared now.

RE: 999 or 666

by Anonymous - 7/01/13 12:56 AM
why would anyone possibly care?

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My father's car accident

by Monica Rosenda McGraw - 6/06/13 10:57 PM
He was in a car wreck on 6-9-99, he died on 9-29-99. I think the devil antichrist Mike Spero killed him.

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RE: My father's car accident

by Anonymous - 6/09/13 3:09 PM
If you draw a circle. Place north east south west points on the circle. Now turn each point towards you and place a 6 .At each point. Now turn it the proper direction. You will see 6999. Now explain this. The circle is the earth.


by Klaatu - 1/08/12 9:38 PM
999 means NO-NO-NO in the German lanuage. 999 also represents whatever is easiest to justify in "YOUR" mind.

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Re: meanings..

by Anonymous - 6/09/13 3:04 PM
I like this comment. This is a good one.


by Derrick from timetoawake - 5/12/13 9:07 PM
Cubits are the measure of man.
666 cubits equals 999 feet.

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by no - 5/06/13 4:42 PM

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bike number

by syamraj.p.p - 5/01/13 12:19 AM
good numer for me

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by tj - 10/25/12 2:44 AM
my bday is 01/19/1990. wat does that mean

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RE: bday?

by Jamie - 2/10/13 8:53 PM
that is neat, my birthday is 09-10-1990 :D

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by Anonymous - 2/06/13 7:22 PM
RE: 999
by kate - 12/03/08 1:14 AM
ok mister there is a GOD learn your bible

-what kind of idiot types that?
Your argument is that the bible proves to an athiest that there is a God?
A book written by those of its faith?
Ok, but then Allah real because of the Koran, and Jesus is fake beause of the Torah.

See how that works there superstar?

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Fate and Apocalypse

by Lucifer - 10/24/12 7:19 AM
Apocalypse is an ancient greek word that means enlightenment bit like what the buddhist monks get up to, numerology if practiced properly utilising both the three and four column systems of East and West will give you a more accurate numerology number according to you, take myself for instance i use the name Lucifer as it is a label it suggests that i am sharing knowledge with you, Lucce Ferra Latin meaning the bringer of Light as in knowledge and relates to the Roman God Mercury, aka Apollo, aka Adonis, aka Adonai, aka the metatron. Saton has been labelled with Lucifer, so has Apollo and so has Yeshua Ban Yohannon the hebrew name for the modern translation to Jesus, for your true number, comes in three parts the first being the final single digit of your given name, the second part being the final single digit of your common (Short)name and the final number being the final digit of your birth sequence, only then can you truly know your numerological number, mine is 999 but during the adding up 666 rears its... more...

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RE: Fate and Apocalypse

by Apophis God of Destruction - 10/24/12 7:52 AM
So why have i been demoted from Saton to a huge Asteroid heading straight for Planet Earth on a Collision course with the Eastern Sea board of the United States, Deep impact 2029?

RE: Fate and Apocalypse

by Lucifer - 10/24/12 7:54 AM
I think you got the short straw, remember what Pazuzu said! You are allowed to be Evil as long as it is funny!!

RE: Fate and Apocalypse

by JUDA - 1/17/13 8:50 PM

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two important numbers

by Sean - 12/05/12 11:32 AM
In this world there are many numbers that have been assigned to a
specific value or theory. The two most important numbers are 1 and 3. More specifically 3 in 1.the number 3 representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And one representing that there is One God. The Father is not the Son. The Son is not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not the Father. However, God is all three.
Jesus Christ existence is not just recorded in the bible. The Romans also have him in their records. They also have records of His miracles, they just refer to them as wizardry and other terms.
It has been stated that "for one who has faith no evidence is needed and for those who do no want to believe no evidence is enough."
There is so much evidence to prove the bible is one of the most reliable history books written. Most non-believers will not read the facts, or just dismiss them or ignore them.
A good place to start would be the book "The Case For Christ" written by atheist who's purpose was to prove that Jesus was not who Christians claimed He is.
Are you up for the challenge to read the book? Do you want to live your life in a closed circle in which there is no other possibilities? There is proof. There is evidence. There is faith. Are you brave enough to look?

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