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Properties of the number 999





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What about your SS #

by UNknown - 8/19/12 11:08 PM
Does anyone have an eqaul of 999 on there SS #...Just curious

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RE: What about your SS #

by Anonymous - 8/24/16 7:15 PM
My name equals 999 is that bad?

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The Devil's Number

by Amy Martin - 10/09/15 4:14 AM
Is the devil's number 666 or 999?

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RE: The Devil's Number

by Anonymous - 8/17/16 1:03 PM
actually the devils number is 616 its just commonly mistaken as 666

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Any responses?

by Berrie - 8/16/16 5:09 PM
I am born on 5/13/63 and my only child, which they said I could never carry a child and want to abort her, was born on 9/19/99.

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Thank God

by ofaa - 7/07/12 7:30 PM
Thank God,i'm enlightened today about this number.Some time i had a dream of 999

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RE: Thank God

by joseph - 8/11/16 7:00 PM
how can I receive my free gift


by Jay - 11/12/08 11:21 AM
Well, if you guys need help . Here is the answer .

The Human-Spirit is both male and female but it is actually genderless .

All odd numbers are "holy" because the universe works with odd numbers for reasons we don't currently know .

The number "7" is the ultimate "holy" number .

Numerology has nothing to do with "God" because "God" doesn't exist .

The universe is "God" and "She" ("it"/physical object/also an "intelligence") doesn't need or want "worship" because "worship" is WRONG !

I am "Praying" for you guys and your Spirits .

You are following the wrong Path !

999 is also a so-called "Holy" number because it contains three digits which are all odd numbers .

Male and Female adds up to the number two . which is an even number .

the spirit is the third factor, the number 3 .

Because a spirit, erroneously called the "human soul" . . .

Is what we are . . .

we are all number threes (we are the human spirit, we only "incarnate" as male and female/reincarnation)... more...

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RE: 999

by Sam K - 2/12/15 11:21 PM
I was born September 9th 1999 (9/9/99) and i recently found a picture of my as a newborn with 999 imprinted into my scalp. my mother was also born with a tail and she things i'm the spawn of satan, am I?


by Anonymous - 4/20/15 7:20 PM
Learn your bible? The bible isn't the truth but merely points at it. Words are limiting as a form of communication and expressing the truth. Ok let's say that there is a higher intelligence that is responsible for creation via big bang as well as evolution that has been ongoing for billions of years. Let's call this essence God. So God does exist but is formless and under no identity. Now this spiritual higher essence we call God created 'free will' for us to experience. So with God creating free will, was God not creating the truth and the lies as an example?
Now think about this. The truth is the truth and always will be. But a lie can also be the truth. Let's say I spent my entire life lying. I am a liar. But now I see this is what I am and what I have done. I am seeing the truth in my lies and I call myself out on my lies. I am a liar. Does this not make it the truth. So no I do not think Lucifer created anything. Lucifer is a product of our own egos perhaps.
The bible was written how many thousand... more...

RE: 999

by eye I - 5/17/15 11:47 PM
God is real dnt neva say dat


by The Doctor - 9/14/15 8:15 AM
You are all funny. There is no life after death or reincarnation. There is nothing. Your atoms however will continue to exist until the end of the universe trillions of years from now when all that is left in our universe are black holes. The universe is not run by some great and all powerful being. It is run by mathematics.

RE: 999

by Velvetpaws999 - 5/08/16 3:31 PM
Yes, the soul is NOT the spirit. We are the spirit, eternal, all one, and indestructible. As One, we are the Divine, aka God. That is all there is to it. Don't tell me I'm blaspheming. I know who we are. And 999 means 1 step away from re-uniting with the Divine.

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Answer this please ......

by Anonymous - 4/26/16 3:15 PM
I was bon on 07/16/02 is that satanic ???

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i have mark of the best 666 and anti beast 9999

by Anonymous - 4/05/16 7:12 PM
I was born 5/4/81 666+999= 1665 16+65=81

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by tj - 10/25/12 2:44 AM
my bday is 01/19/1990. wat does that mean

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RE: bday?

by Anonymous - 10/12/14 3:15 PM
my birth day is on the 9 the day of the 9 the month in 1990 i was told 9 am i am christian


by SSKJ - 3/17/16 3:02 AM
You have been called to a higher calling.

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The Crown of Yahweh's Grace who Keeps the Law and is a son of Isaac.

by SSKJ - 3/17/16 2:59 AM
The prophetic fulfillment of the one who will overthrow the beast is at hand. The beastly system of the world will be overthrown by this man who is Yahweh's delegate. This man lives in the flesh now, yea he acts in the spirit. Behold 999.

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by Dumpala999 - 3/15/16 7:19 AM
999 is very interested

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RE: Mail

by Anonymous - 3/17/16 2:51 AM
Wait 'til you get a load of me.

I am 999

by Knoxsunamoon - 2/27/16 11:02 PM
I am 26, my numbers for this year are 17. Next year my numbers will be 18 and I'll be 27.

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RE: I am 999

by Anonymous - 3/17/16 2:50 AM
No, I am 999

I am 999

by knoxsunamoon - 2/23/16 12:52 AM
My birthday is 1 16 1990
The digits add up to 27. Also my birth n name numbers together after reduced is 69 or 96

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RE: Free minds

by Anonymous - 1/06/16 3:19 PM
My brother's and my birthday's are the nineth day of a mounth thats 999 999 is the hour of the beast and its holy thars 3 of us and the third choir is close to earth so we are holy

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gift from god

by Janie - 12/20/15 8:57 AM
Adding up my name it is 351, birthday is 9/29/1971. I need to talk to a Rabi, I was in a fire and did not burn invisible girl11111

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by Anonymous - 10/17/08 5:56 AM
does it mean end of all days

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RE: 999

by Anonymous - 12/13/15 3:01 AM
The cancer fathered by the Gemini and mothered by the Scorpio and brother of twins who am I? Do you see of course not cause I have not told you yet. You all are right but all are wrong who am I who stands before the do you see of course not cause I have not showed you yet # OPEN YOUR EYES THEN YOU WILL FIND THE TRUE ANSWERS YOU Seek For I am he 101

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The Devil's Number

by The Devil's Number - 11/13/15 4:38 AM
The Devil's Number

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by J.R. - 12/18/11 6:32 AM
666=Devil or angel of death, 999= satan or god if you believe. the number reversed are 999 would be heaven and 666 would be hell.

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by lefebvre - 9/15/15 7:31 AM
666 repr├ęsente le diable!
666=le chiffre 0.
999 et le chiffre 6 sont parfait


by lefebvre - 9/15/15 7:34 AM
6=60 aussi
777=6 le chiffre parfait.


by lefebvre - 9/15/15 7:35 AM

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by Reality - 7/08/13 6:44 PM
All of you are stupid obviously mixing up 135 in different combinations is going to add up to 999 wow my faith in humanity is completely gone

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RE: 999

by Anonymous - 9/06/15 12:57 AM
What are you doing in this sight

Michael Tillman

by Anonymous - 8/31/15 1:57 AM
Surpassed my expectations.

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try and error

by Anonymous - 7/27/15 8:10 AM
12 = 1+2 = 3
240 = 2+4+0 = 6
49392 = 4+9+3+9+2 = 9+9+9 = 27 = 2+7 = 9

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999 RIng

by Roy - 4/01/13 11:24 PM
We found a square ring that has 999 written on it in three rows.. We don't know who planted the ring in our home - does that means it is satanic ring or someone try to do a black spell on us? Please post comment if anyone knows what it is and why it has three rows of 999 or 666 if you do upside down...


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RE: 999 RIng

by Anonymous - 5/20/15 6:20 PM
Dat my ring it belong to the king dezmond jamal mcdowell

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315 999 666

by Meeka - 8/01/13 12:07 AM
I was born on March 15...315 seems to follow me...I thought I was crazy at first but it pops up all the time...years ago 315 came out in the lottery then the next day 513 and then a few days later 135 then a few days after say I was weirder out is putting it lightly...I would have played the numbers but I have bad luck at betting...if I bet I lose...I have also seen the number on receipts and license plates and houses...but I also run into 666 a lot also...if this article is true then I now know why I see those numbers dozens of times a week...

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RE: 315 999 666

by I lord of host - 5/17/15 11:43 PM
No 315 mean 21Century And 15 YEAR

Jesus Christ Numerology

by Michael M. - 2/28/13 12:28 AM
Message starred Saturday, October 6, 2012 2:53:57 AM Jesus Clears His Name

Jesus Christ Numerology

In the name of Jesus Christ = 9 = God of Heaven.

I use to wonder why I came to this..uh...planet. I use to wonder what I came to do, when I would do it, with who, and for what purpose. I have always been interested in philosophy and things beyond the box.. It wasn't always well received; these curiosities. After some time, I shut down talking about bigger, bolder and deeper ideas.
I was raised in the Mormon church and baptized at 8 years old. If I knew then what I know now, maybe life would have looked very different. I am no longer a Mormon. In any case, I have had a million angels with me my whole life, waiting for this article. One article. And, this is it. Make yourself comfortable.

We are roughly five years out from a monumental planetary shift, on all levels of being. You really can't imagine it. You've read some things here and there about The Venus Transit of 2012. Topics of Ascension and Pole... more...

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RE: Jesus Christ Numerology

by Ing Freyr aka Lord God - 1/28/15 8:12 AM
Jesus was a spelling mistake by William Tindale 1645 Rotterdam, Holland and the same spelling mistake was introduced into the King James I bible in competition of the commoners bible written by William Tindale. Greeks pronounce the word "YeZeus" Ye in Old English means "The" Zeus in ancient times, since replaced with Deus, Dias, Diety, the Hebron Word for Salvation is Shua, the Hebron word for Lord is Ya so lord salvation would be spoken as YaShua, Surnames only came about in Christendon in the era of the Crusades 12th to 13th Century AD. if he had of existed then he would have been known as Yeshua Ban Yohannon, the Christ name came from Syria circa 600BC, it relates to Darius I King of Kings, and was one of the Christie Kings, Christie was chanted by the prisoners in return for Mercy, so Christie basically translates as forgiveness or Mercy, the Modern word God comes from GodFrey, Germanic word, also Eing or Ing, meaning Lord God.
When it comes to this Solar System God is the Star you call the Sun as without... more...

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Antichrist Beast

by Shak William Tahar - 11/28/14 6:49 AM
03 03 1992 999 - 9 Antichrist Beast

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666 Theory

by Jefferey Dickerson - 11/10/14 9:42 AM
lately i've been seeing 666 in a lot of numbers.Like if i do something that involves numbers with something im physically doing it would end out as 66 and i wouldn't notice til' a minute later

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