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Properties of the number 999999




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3 Comments for Number 999999 Symbolism, 999999 Meaning and Numerology

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by tve - 5/26/15 10:55 AM
Numbers 22-24

7 altars
2 sacrifices on each altar from
3 high places

9 9 9 ~ burnt offering ~ trial by fire like metals .999

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by THE SUN - 8/03/10 11:27 AM

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by CC - 1/19/09 1:02 AM
Interestingly enough, I was told in visions to move west..So I did..On the way here I new I was running out of time,was going to die, told my driver over and over that I don't have much time, he laughed. Didn't know how, but I did and was brought back. During this time I have researched my visions and they are not good (past).However, I had to get my tax returns done for the year I was beaten to death--2007 (quote"by accident") and I quote "it was a mistake" the acct. she put my occupation down as 999999---Doesn't exist..What's your take on this??/

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