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Mark of the beast and rev:16 1st bowl judgment

by D.C. - 9/10/17 10:55 AM
To retrieve info from these chips,the circuit must be opened By a small dose of electromagnetism,to much will make it explode under your skin.READ Rev:16,verse:1 nobrainer !!!

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Mark Of The Beast

by LMJ - 12/16/12 11:29 PM
In Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge....Lets look again at Rev 13:16 He causes ALL....to receive a mark IN their right hand or IN their foreheads. As it looks now the VeriChip or Radiant RFID appears to be the mark because the only 2 places they will put IN the body is either the right hand or forehead. Rev 17 and that no man shall buy or sell...lets us know we won't be able to eat or have ownership in a business without it. As long as we, God's believer's in Him(adults and our children) and the Holy Spirit remain on the earth, we will not be here to see this FORCED upon us. As the rapture takes place the Holy Spirit will also be removed from the earth, that is when the mark of the beast, the beheading, martial law etc. will begin to take place. This is when we will be in the 5th age. If you don't know Jesus you still have time to repent of your sins and accept Him as your Lord and Savior into your heart and ask Him for forgiveness of your sins. As John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Love You All.

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RE: Mark Of The Beast

by Andrew arnold - 10/17/16 4:46 PM
If the Holy Spirit is gone from this earth..... How then could you obtain salvation?

RE:Mark Of The Beast

by Warrior for Christ - 3/21/17 3:31 AM
Where in the Bible it said that during those days, "the holy spirit will be gone?"......again....when parts of human body can be used, such as iris, palm, and fingerprints, etc for the point of sale (POS)....how can someone said that it will be rfid chips??? Now with the advancement of technology, biometrics are being used in security, POS for cashless society, to curve the black money, to surveil and control, etc.... we can't just say that it's rfid chips.....as mark of the beast....

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Mark of the beast

by Duncan - 3/08/17 10:17 PM
Not me not ever, the bible is very clear and those who are too silly to see it, well Pity Them. I will never allow it and if forced will cut it out.

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Mark of the Beast

by Dann - 10/12/11 12:55 AM
It's Amazing to know that all this technology was forseen 3000 years ago. This Mark is no joke!!! Look At The Proof!!! DON'T ACCEPT THE CHIP!!!

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RE: Mark of the Beast

by Mar - 2/16/17 8:28 AM
It also matches up with the book titled "1984." Also, it is becoming more like the song...In the Year 2525.

mark of the beast

by Igor - 2/14/17 6:45 AM
From the book "sent by God", the fifth edition of Jubilee, 2013
Valentine Afanasevna Krasheninnikov. Memories of the lad Vyacheslav (1982-1993).
The final document will be the world's passport as a small, very cute small gray platelets. When people will get it, specially installed equipment will be on the forehead or on the right hand in the form of a tattoo applied three small rays of six. Initially, they will not be seen, but then they are electronic scoreboard on the forehead and on the hand, will glow green light.

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The thinking of man

by Gordon - 1/21/17 9:12 PM
The Number 6 is the number of man, remember Jesus said to Peter, get behind me satan you are a hindrance to me, for you do not mind the things of God but the things of man. The number 666 points to the 3 objects or targets of God's redemption, spirit, soul and body. If you haven't noticed most people think with the thinking of man, if you think the microchip is the evil thing, then He already has your mind whether you take it or not. These doctrines of hysteria come from the opinion of man, which serve the purpose of confirming other false doctrines like the rapture. God will bring all His children to a place of full redemption. One that seeks first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness doesn't consider this mark as an issue

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the heart of the matter

by jk - 3/04/16 4:36 PM
the mark of the beast has nothing to do with a chip. please read revelation 12-14 carefully. it has to do with worship. the word "worship" is mentioned over and over again. the mark of the beast is a worship issue, not a microchip issue -- worship of the true God vs worship of something set up by man.

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RE:the heart of the matter

by Pamela - 12/31/16 4:16 AM
Of course it is about worship! You will not be able to buy or sell without it! And today is all about our own comfort and what we can buy to keep that level of comfort and enjoyment of life. Would people be so willing to worship God if their houses were empty, they had little food, could not support their children. The first thing people say "well God does not want me to suffer or be poor" Money is a tool not a god to be worshipped...What is the first thing people ask God for....Oh please God send me a blessing...What they are really asking for is to be taken care of! Do they ever just say "IN Faith" well God I am having a hard time but I am just going to believe what you have in store for me in what you have planned for me....They dont have any real faith, they don't really believe, they are only happy when they have money and things are going good! This tells you what they worship! They have no patience to wait for God to answer anything. Its either a choice between God or money. Between the flesh and the spirit!

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did you say worship ?

by Truth Oguluzeme oji awolor maikenga gbam - 12/17/16 1:16 PM
there is nothing coincidental here and the bible is not an author of confusion. Tthe confusionist here is the author of this piece of junk written above .
now let us be logical here.
1 you mean people will be paid for worshipping Satan?
2. how is it that bible talked about buying and selling and the same this very chip is actually exemplifying ?
3. The notion "no one could buy or sell, save he that has the mark" suggest a medium of exchange. the same this chip is seeking to actualize.
4. The word of GOD will not come back void, rather would be fulfilled and must be clearly manifested without doubt or duplication. for instance, every sign mentioned as signs of end time is already manifesting such as war, earthquake, truce breaking, false prophets ( church becoming business hall) and many more out of which none is coincidental except for your claim that "currency chip is a coincidental to revelation in your wild dream, yet, it perfectly fit in the gap due to the fact that it is the future of money in other... more...

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for identify body microchip

by forozk1 - 3/14/13 5:11 PM
Hello i want to know How can be identified microchip in human body &
i know this microchip cannot be identified by Mri & CTscan
if you have information or reference please send me
iam waiting for your email please help me

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RE: for identify body microchip

by Anonymous - 12/15/16 5:11 PM
A microchip will show up in an MRI or C-T scan.

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God's fulfillment

by God's Son - 11/16/16 4:16 AM
truly the book of Revelations is being fulfilled. God forgive Your people please.

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reject or except

by wasi taylor - 4/14/15 5:21 PM
Do not be desturbed by these man made systems.Remember that God is almighty..prepare to get 777 on the other side

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RE: reject or except

by Israelism meditator - 6/28/16 10:14 PM
meant to have said "it's the mark of the Assyrian-devils afore the head" (which later became the mark of the "Assyrian-Judean-Devils") a catchy hook-line is it not

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by leeh - 3/16/16 11:51 AM
Barak obama is the main leader and supporter of this chip.just remember Obama.all this you doing is temporarily but the Kingdom of God is eternity.its forever.

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The Hebrew number 6

by Anonymous - 2/09/16 8:21 AM
My debit card's chip broke and when I tried to pay with it the machine wouldn't process the card in any way so it was declined and I didn't have the cash on hand. The vendor couldn't sell, though he wanted to and I couldn't buy.

John wrote his scroll in Aramaic and in it he wrote out the words six hundred and sixty six. Not the characters.

John was also a Jew who read the Torah and learned it in Hebrew.

John also saw his revelations while sitting alone almost two thousand years ago. How would you describe what he saw?

So the mark is in the hand and forehead. Do me a favour; google the Hebrew character for 6. Pull out a card with a chip or your SIM. Do you see what I see? Only 3 of the lines are complete.

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Mark of the Beast

by Anonymous - 1/03/16 9:45 PM
If you own a cell phone you have the mark of the Beast. Simply put it has brain washed many. This obviously will lead to smaller rfid's implants in the hand or head area, because of our faith in our technology device's. If you believe you don't have the mark: try not to use a computerized device, you shall see many can not exist with our their mark.(cellphone computer)

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RE:Mark of the Beast

by Larry - 2/02/16 6:17 AM
Thanks my Brothers in arms for your love of Christ and His word.
There is an old old family line out of Germany that was taught by Satan to do mind control. There are 4 cities in America where they are primarily located. They do some wild implants with demons assigned to the item implanted. It doesn't need to be electronic. It's spirit linked. While doing deliverance these devices literally come out of any place where implanted. Selah

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by johnny - 10/23/14 6:21 PM
the number 666 is in every barcode and has the meaning behind every thing bought and sold ..the true meaning of the beast is man !!!!! the atom which makes man is made of six electrons ,six protons , and six neurons, if one does the research it tells in ancient teachings when you reach a certain spiritual level you have to face all the karma you have created .After numerous lifetimes all of the negative karma manifests as a beast so terrible that without trainning and the understanding of what this is ,upon seeing it you will die , all of your karma is remembered in your third eye ,in your fore head, at this stage you should have learned to love all living things in all times dimentions thank you glen your imput is correct

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RE: beast

by Anonymous - 1/15/16 3:05 PM
www is 666!

Mark of the beast: X ξ Ϛ ...to serve and magnify oneself....freedom

by John Stefanyszyn - 8/24/15 11:26 AM
Mark of the beast: X ξ Ϛ ...to serve and magnify oneself....freedom

The “number” is neither a numeral, a code, a chip, person, nor the name of an individual.

The reference to this “number” is found in Rev. 13:16-18, as written by the Apostle John. It reads as follows:
Rev. 13:16, “And he¹ caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads,
Rev.13:17, “... and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
Rev. 13:18, “Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666.”

When reading this translation it seems obvious, because of such words as “number” and “calculate”, to expect the “number” to be a numeral. All bible copies, even as far back as the Codex Sinaiticus (4th century), have translated the old Greek text (X ξ Ϛ) to mean the numeral “666”. Instead... more...

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RE: Mark of the beast: X ξ Ϛ ...to serve and magnify oneself....freedom

by Anonymous - 1/10/16 11:46 PM

end result

by the last days - 8/21/15 6:13 AM
The chips final destination is a means of controlling, tracking, and labeling those who take part what the book of Revelation talks about chapter 13:16-18 Satan has set up his system so you will not be able to live without it and he gets your soul- you will be eternally seperated from GOD and you will go to hell anyone taking that mark! That's the bottom line here! Satan's mission is to take as many souls that he can right under peoples noses-

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Mark Of The Beast.....

by Shelly... - 5/06/15 8:31 AM
Remember God is a Spiritual God? Never forget that he desires all to worship him spiritually? Ask yourself sincerely what the Marks represent to all who seek its revelation? There will be NO physical sign the Mark of the beast is a Spiritual one. Man looks at the outer appearance hoping for evil works to reveal itsself? I tell you truly God looks at the Heart and there truth is found. Satan is well known in the WORD of GOD to be the host of manipulations? Don't let him take your eyes off the Son of God for he plans to lead all to destruction. Jesus overcame SIN and tis Mercy who is our keeper, Christs compassion helps all to overcome. Through Christ's ressurection we All have grace to fall upon when signs of the world push us down.

Through Jesus we have all overcome the worldly torments and temptations, We have a faithful Father and his Word commands Satan to Get behind. Have Faith in Jesus and trust his WORD he is coming for all who believe in the ressurection. I ask God in Jesus name that all who read be blessed by his Holy Spirit and that God's truth sets you free.

Glory Be To God...... Amen!!

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RE: Mark Of The Beast.....

by Tim - 8/20/15 8:54 PM
As far as the "spiritual mark", we are physical beings. Not having the mark will physically stop you buying and selling. God looks at the heart and not the outside appearance to judge WORTHINESS (1Sam16:7; Rom2:28). This doesn't mean God ignores and neglects all physical things (1Cor11:15, Tim2:9 etc.); HE CREATED THEM! Also note: to the churches in Rev2-3, Jesus says "I know your WORKS..." not "your hearts". There is a physical display of your spiritual condition (Gal5:13-25). God is spirit, but the god of this age will drive all to fleshly indulgence, and this is HIS mark; not God's. God's "seal" is invisible; His Holy Spirit. Satan likes to parade himself and brag openly, but subtly.

who do you believe?

by child of the most high God. A believer. - 7/09/15 7:07 AM
You must read again God' holy word. God is not a liar. The devil is the god of this world. Take the chip in your hand or your forehead and then after you have done it , be prepared to taste and feel hell fire . You will not b able to scream out for someone to take that chip off you. You did not believe. Now BURN AND DO NOT CALL JESUS?

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RE:who do you believe?

by Jesus Believer - 7/22/15 6:47 AM
Yesterday I heard now all the debit cards master cards will have a chip in them !!! Is this a sign of beast as well ?

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I disagree with this microchip/barcode stuff

by Glenn - 10/02/12 7:42 AM
You people who believe that "taking the mark of the beast in the hand or forehead" as literal, as in the sense that you have some sort of physical effect (chip or visible code), are making things much more simpler that what this likely means. if you read Deuteronomy Chapter 6 verses 4-9 paying particular attention to verse 8 you will see what I mean!:

4 Listen, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone. 5 And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength. 6 And you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands that I am giving you today. 7 Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up. 8 Tie them to your hands and wear them on your forehead as reminders. 9 Write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

My view is this is that it seems much more likely that this "Mark of the Beast in the Hand or Forehead" is the... more...

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RE: I disagree with this microchip/barcode stuff

by Anonymous - 1/22/15 11:15 AM
GOD is coming soon this one of the signs of many Jesus is coming for his loved ones and the ones that obeyed him

RE:I disagree with this microchip/barcode stuff

by Noelene - 3/05/15 10:13 AM
People must wake up tbe end time is drawing near Jesus is coming for a slotless bride. Do not take tbis chip on yohr hand or forehead you will be lost forever without God it is scary to think you will not be able to buy or sell without tne mark but so we have to make a stand for Jesus we will die for Him one day but the reward will be far above what we can think or even imagine!

RE:I disagree with this microchip/barcode stuff

by Thomas - 4/14/15 11:48 AM
In an age of tyranny, compliance is complicity and resistance is our moral duty.
Those churches who are preaching compliance to government authority using Paul's letter to the Romans as their justification are like the blind leading the blind into the pit.
We must be focused on obedience to the commandments of Yahova and his holy son Yeshua ha messiah.
If in the eventuality of a government mandate we are told we have to receive an RFID chip in order to purchase goods then we must refuse.

God has made us in his image and he wants us to voluntarily choose him and receive his son Yeshua ha messiah as our saviour.

The Book of Revelations is very clear about what fate is in store for those who receive the mark of the Beast-the smoke of their torment will rise up forever and ever.
We must prepare ourselves for the possibility that mandatory chipping,like mandatory vaccination might be implemented in the near future.
If we haven't already prepared an exit strategy,stored up on life support provisions and... more...

RE:I disagree with this microchip/barcode stuff

by bill - 4/25/15 4:10 AM

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Mark of the beast

by Nicole - 10/17/14 2:52 PM
One time I went crazy nut again. (Out of control) seriously. So my landlord called 911 and a bunch of EMT's came into the house and started talking me down and moving in slowly at me, likd I was a wild beast, in which I was. They even referred to me as a spider monkey to one another. Anyway they finally got me restrained. All strapped down on a gurny. While this was going on a chip was injected into my thumb. I once had three cops tell me I'm possessed. Anyway this kinda stuff has happened all my life. I'm used to it. I truly believe I'm possessed by the devil or I'd be able to controll myself at times. I'm only on here basically to say something about this chip. They never asked me about it and I know I sure as hell never get answers anywhere. When I was a little girl and went to church and learned all about the mark of the bease I promised god I wouldn't get the mark. That I'd trust in him to help me through the hard times in the end. What doesn't kill you makes you know for sure god still needs you around this place.

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mark of the beast

by child of the one true king jesus christ my lord - 10/09/14 3:49 PM
Why waste your time on the mark of the beast let us those who are really the children of god saved only by the blood of Christ spend our time reaching out to others. Let's tell the unsaved people how to know Jesus. Please read romans chapter 10 verse 9/13 if you read this and you confess just like it says and you believe god is true to his word. You have just been saved

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Diz mark z nt 666 u dis conspiracy theorist

by Anonymous - 8/23/12 1:40 AM
D microchip hs nofin 2 do wit 666...666 'll only cum after rapture nd it signifies dat dose pple 'r already doomed 4 hell...wat u pple dont know z dat all of us 'r already in possesion of diz micro chip.....itz merely a coincidence dat itz bn placed on d forehead nd ryt hand....

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RE: Diz mark z nt 666 u dis conspiracy theorist

by teejae - 9/14/14 1:12 PM
Someone teach this guy English, then ask his simple minded opinion

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The Third eye?

by Wild Child - 2/20/14 9:24 AM
Isn't that called the THIRD EYE in every other culture? Something that is deliberately destroyed y the American government with the infusion of fluoride into the water?

You don't need to tattoo anyone to control their brains...look at most religions, TV shoes, the food, Water, education system. Come on people. you are so worried about the devil on the inside, you fail to notice the legions surrounding you in the name of fashion, medicine and government.

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RE:The Third eye?

by Anonymous - 9/07/14 8:17 PM
People don't even realize what all these "SYSTEMS" are . (DESTRACTIONS)

SYSTEMS real meaning is SEWAGE ........ Do the research !!!!

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its true! I had a dream of God!!

by Harmoni - 6/30/14 9:52 PM
All this is true we are getting closer to the apocalypse with this..i didnt realize what two of my dreams meant until I read revelations that said we will be hit by a asteroid or missile but the first dream I had was I was looking at this screen and red dots appeared and it was suppose to be either where asteroids were falling or missiles. The second dream I had was a huge asteroid coming after us and I decided to not run because we would get hit and my friend told me that God said he's ready for me so I went up to heaven and talked to him. All I remember him saying was well harmoni we finally meet. I also can't tell you what he looks like because his image got erased when I woke up like it says in the bible that we can't look at his true form otherwise we would die. All I can say is he is so normal looking its unbelievable. Dont get the mark! The end is near.

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