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666 is not a number!

by Anonymous - 5/09/07 1:56 AM
People are so easily led astray when the key ingredient (ie., wisdom see: Rev 13:18) is lacking.

In the first place; ?666?, or more correctly ?600 60 6?, or more precisely in Greek ?Chi Xi Stigma?, is not a number. And if you find this hard to believe, then let me explain.

Rev 13:18 starts with the phrase, ?Hode este sophia?, or ?here is wisdom?. It is the colloquial way of saying, ?Here is a riddle?. And if there ever was a riddle in the history of humanity, this is it. It is the mother of all riddles.

But what is a riddle? Quite simply, ?a riddle is a phrase that can be read in more than one way?. Grammatically (or logically) it is called an, ?amphiboly?.

Here is Rev 13:18:

?Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.?

If we dismiss the fact that this is a riddle and simply apply the most rudimentary grammar to the phrase, then we will conclude that we are talking... more...

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RE:666 is not a number!

by Anonymous - 4/12/15 9:45 AM
It says count the number six hundred threescore six is 23 letters 23 is not Islam come on people WAKE UP

RE:666 is not a number!

by scott - 4/17/15 3:13 AM
"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.".....It says "buy or sell" and has to do with financial transaction...We are reaching that point now with this cashless society and one world market via the web. The antichrist will be revealed but the distinguishing act to identify him is the "abomination of desolation" Jesus spoke about in Mathew 24:16 where Jesus refers back to Daniel's original prophecy. So by all accounts, it sounds as if the antichrist will be revealed and then the tribulation starts... just after the antichrist is revealed He says "then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.".... Its my best guess based upon biblical prophecy that: 1) the antichrist is reveled, 2)then He tells Judea to flee to the mountains... and I believe its because the earth will be shaken and there will be tsunamis and that area is at a very low sea level. And we know He was not talking about a time that has already happened as some... more...

RE:666 is not a number!

by Kingdom Man - 5/07/15 10:27 AM
Wow, the world is truly lost... 666 = NERO, who was head of the roman empire at the time. John used Nero as a reference because of who Nero was and believed himself to be. Nero was Government, who thought he was also a god. The religion of Nero was Statism. Such is the same with the beast, that Government is God. This is important...so very important - The "Antichrist" comes from Big Government that is the modern Roman empire. Because he sits as the head of that empire (like Nero did) he takes up a god-like complex that he is bigger than the government itself, and thus leads that first beast as dictator to a new image (New World Order). 666 tells us to watch for the god complex in government and man.

RE:666 is not a number!

by Anonymous - 5/20/15 7:06 AM
"?Here is a riddle. Let him that hath understanding determine the multitude of the beast: for it is a multitude of a men; and his multitude [is] in the name of Allah.?"

I take this as when a large multitude of people do something "in the name of God" which will usually be something that is what they want to do rather than what God would want, and that is evil. An example would be the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It's what they 'thought' God would want, but in reality was evil in nature, and the exact thing that God Said NOT to do in the 10 Commandments, "Thou shalt Not Murder."

Allah, God, they all are referring to the same Thing. We need to quit arguing who is right and who is wrong, and focus on being good human beings and doing unto others as we would want done unto ourselves.

RE:666 is not a number!

by J.I.M - 5/24/15 11:15 AM
revelaFacebook talks about the Name, Number and Mark of The Beast. We all know the Number is 666.
The Chi,Xi,Stigma is three Greek letters making a Greek word. They make a Chee,Z,S sound. in Greek and English this is CheeZeus or Jesus.

Yahshua means salvation. Jesus means: the horse, the pig, son of Zeus, god is Zeus and heil Zeus. there is no salvation in that name, just filfth and abomination.

the first letter Chi is an X and stands for Christ, like in X-Mas. this is the Mark.

Did we really think that the cainite, Edomite Jews would replace themselves with the Judahites and then all Israel and notreplace our God, king and saviour with theirs? replace oit faith with a twisted version to destroy us?

In Christianity Jesus is the son of god.
In Judaism he is the son of David (the so called star of David is a six sided polygon, six triangles, making a six pointed unnatural star of Molech or 666).
In Islam he is a prophet of Allah.

Read through Greek and Arabic the three letters say Jesus Christ comes in the... more...

RE:666 is not a number!

by symbolmirrornumber - 5/26/15 11:41 AM
777=666 7+7+7=triangle=21 777+777=42(hexagram)seal of solomon/saturn 42 divided by 6 is 6 to the 7th power when the as above triangle and the as below triangle come together and become a hexagram they create 6 more triangles that all equal 21 6x21 =126 126 divided by 6 is 6 to the 21st power symbolically the star of david has 6 outer points 6 inner points and 6 inner inner points 666 represented symbolically so if we add the inner 42 with the outer 126 the inner inner value 42+126=168 168 divided by 6 =6 to the 27th power the core value of all three numerical representations of the symbol divide down to a power of 6 666 777=666 infinitely if you draw them on paper .... Symbols/shapes have very specific numerical values that have very specific shapes ...... If this isnt exactly easy to see how these numbers work draw 3 sevens slightly disconected in the shape of atriangle when drawing out this equasion on paper

RE:666 is not a number!

by pasquale michael leone - 6/05/15 1:07 PM
i get all the numbers you get an more.. my birthday is 9-24 9x24 is 216. can u tell me what you think of me?

RE:666 is not a number!

by Koin Magus - 6/16/15 8:47 AM
Islam doesn't persecute Christianity? Doesn't behead them? What is ISIS doing again?

RE:666 is not a number!

by Jonathan - 6/18/15 2:14 PM
Awesome, only Satan would argue with this! john wrote what he saw, men have tried to make sense of it but few with "Understanding", translations arr done in context, but without understanding, many have used the wrong context, the Anti-Christ denies Jesus the Christ as Son of God, this is the "Spirit of the anti Christ" and no more prevelant than in Islam today and since it's conception 1400 years ago. Islam fulfills so many prophesis about the "Beast" and allegorical descriptions from Daniel, Isaiah, and Revelations we finally have some who can interpret this text with wisdom and clearly identify Islam as the religion of the Beast.

RE:666 is not a number!

by '_' - 6/24/15 10:36 PM
I don't agree with you, I think you were thinking too hard about it.I wouldn't blame you,since those Isis people are bombing the world and turning it to ashes. They have killed alot of people and destroyed the life of others more, the have been doing horrible things under the name of Islam I have known some Muslims and they were pretty nice, kind and generous. Those Isis people are murdering Christians but they murdered Muslims too in more than one massacre they are bombing their Homes , under the name of Muslims.Isis is a bunch of Terrorists who have no true religion. They will keep beheading people they don't care what is your religion they won't stop unless someone fight back I don't care if they killed Christians or Muslims aside of our diffences we are still humans, we have to accept that both Christians and Muslims have lost alot. and that the riddle of 666 will be solved eventually,when the right time comes😃.

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Rulers of the World

by David Prentis - 5/08/15 12:38 PM
Any...Pope... President... King... Queen...Dictators...Etc. that say they are rulers of the world...Beware they...are false Prophets...for their is only one ruler of this world between Heaven and Earth: Jesus Christ and no other...!History repeats it self. What must it take for all to see the light...?

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666 is not a number.

by Anonymous - 5/07/15 1:47 PM
6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons = Melanin...

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by Robert Franz - 4/28/15 10:20 AM
The bible is of no private interpretation.itis revealed only to those drawn by the father to the elect. Islam is indeed about to inflict jihad on the worlds manmade Christians, but not the true elect. The world doesn't know them.even though they expose Islam as false and every other catholic daughtered religion.95 % of the true fell away and became leaodicean.those fallen elect are the spiritual antichrist conquered by Satan when he was cast down.The tribulation is Satan's wrath to irradicate the elect.all nations of Isreal and man in general face extermination from the earth by nuclear WW3.The Kingdom cometh and his time is short.the beast is indeed a holy roman 7 th head about to be led by the 4th Reich of Germany. This King of the north will smash Islam when it attacks its protected sheep meal Judaic Isreal. He is to decimate the King of the south.( Iran led Radical islam)Then he becomes Gods rod of anger on the birthright nations of Isreal. US+ Britain. All that punishment in the prophecies is mostly end... more...

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The Beast

by David - 4/20/15 1:26 PM
I'm sorry, but the Beast cannot be Islam or any other theocracy, for this reason: 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4 "Let noone deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God."
As we see, he is a usurper and cannot allow any deity but himself and this is why He was cast down. The similarities between him and Islam is that they are both demonic and both usurpers.
The Beast's government must be secular until he exalts himself as deity. He is however the force behind every false religion. That is the greatest wickedness perhaps. People are lulled into a false sense of security because they wrongly believe they are safe in their religion. If they have no atonement, the blood of Jesus, then they have no salvation. Sin must be atoned for and Christianity is the only religion which provides a covering for sin. God will destroy all sinners who are not covered by the blood of Christ.

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money is whot I need

by shedrack - 4/14/15 5:57 AM
I need money

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RE: money is whot I need

by Anonymous - 4/14/15 9:00 AM
It's not what you need, it's who you need. Jesus!


by fredrickferguson - 3/04/15 6:11 AM

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Gold and the Sun = Seal of Solomon (star of rephan)

by a Christian named Matthew - 11/06/14 7:12 PM
The symbol of gold is an O with a dot in the center. The same as the sun. and similar to the Seal of Solomon. A connection to Solomon and gold. The sun, because the Star of Rephan who is Jupiter who is Baal.

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RE: Gold and the Sun = Seal of Solomon (star of rephan)

by o - 2/21/15 2:30 PM
Gold tried in the fire Jesus of nazareth. Buy of me saith the spirit of God

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by o - 2/21/15 2:24 PM
Jesus became the mark of the beast for us and destroyed him that had power over death in his ressurection he.was numbered with the transgressors 666 667

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mark of the beast

by victoria b. - 1/20/15 8:43 AM
Its very hard to acceb. pt the mark of the. Beast.

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by Ambless - 1/12/15 1:28 PM

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Join 666

by Vein mamekah akama - 1/05/15 10:24 AM
I love it , i am redy to sell my soul and womb just to join

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kingdom of god is near

by sundeep varghese - 11/20/14 6:26 AM
only jesus christ can save you. beware of satan ,he will despise you no matter what.he only wants you in hell while jesus takes you to heaven.this is the end time be careful and vigilant.Praise god for everything.pray pray pray in the name of Jesus. He is the living god

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666 lovers

by Anonymous - 11/06/14 7:36 PM
666 is a slave brand.Only a fool would sell his soul for a dollar!
Repent, pray, and read the Bible. Church won't save you, only GOD through the Son of God! And be watchful to how you hear.

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by Otite christy - 11/04/14 8:42 AM
I want to make money

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by Anonymous - 11/06/14 7:22 PM
If you join 666 you will loose your soul! Satan dosen't care about pleasing you; he wants rid of you! GOD cares about you! Repent of your sins before it is too late, and you will save your soul!


by kwame resty - 11/02/14 9:04 AM
i want to be rich

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I want to be rich

by chinonso young - 10/10/14 10:45 AM
I want to be rich and power. Plz if you are day real one show me you self today other tomorrow.

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i need singing and danceind

by muhammed - 9/26/14 4:28 PM
I will be glad if you will do it for me

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mark of the beast=US dollars

by CJ - 6/27/14 10:34 PM
7 heads with blasphamous names... $1 washington, $2 Jefferson, $5 Lincoln, $10 Hamilton, $20 Jackson, $50 Grant, $100 Benjamin Franklin. And they all have heads on the paper bills with their "blasphamous names.

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RE: mark of the beast=US dollars

by Anonymous - 9/13/14 7:13 AM
i need your help, i have been lOOKING how to get in touch to this contact . if you are the real then get back to me

moeny is the roots of all evil mark @666.Satan

by Bashir - 9/10/14 4:16 AM
People are so easily led astray when the key ingredient (ie., wisdom see: Rev 13:18) is lacking.

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get money

by okwai john - 6/23/14 2:35 AM
I wont to join

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by precious eze - 6/17/14 4:54 AM
the 666 is one of the most sweet thing in life.and all I need is the 666 to give money to win more souls

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by Sofiea B Love - 5/29/14 6:49 AM
Everything is energy by the way 666 is not evil no at all, it is the no of abundance

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by luvuyo - 11/16/13 9:12 AM
i want to be astar in township

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Revived Roman Empire

by Truth seeker - 8/30/13 11:19 AM
*I meant the commonality between Catholicism and Islam.

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