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by Anonymous - 12/10/17 8:12 PM
"calculation" in the English Sumerian system equals 666

nailed on
The King
posessed i
islam e liez
crossed d x

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RE: calculation

by Anonymous - 1/27/18 5:59 AM
I have to keep repeating myself for memory . I tend to skip because of my dyslexia . But I was working at GODIVA when 9/11 happened .If you look at 9/11 the year it happened you will see 2001 = 3 and September means 7 but is the 9th month and my step brother's full name and birth add's up to 379 and my step brother died in 97 and was born in 79 and his first 5 letters of his last name is Reich and his 3 last letters is ert . You know like emergency response team , you know like 911 ? Allot of people tell you to remember 9/11/2001 when I have to remember only because of my dates . Like my 3 children's birthdays is 1 day before 9/11 2nd 1 is 91 days from 9/11 and 3rd 1 is 1 day after 9/11. Where you get Saturn speed 969 .Since they were born the 9th month then the 6th month and then the 9th month , Where my birth is 47 days away from 9/11 and that is how tall building 7 was . Which the day I turned 18 they buried my step brother and his baby . The teen who killed him was about 17 . He was some rich kid who was speeding down the street 110 and only served 1 year in prison because they said my step brother made a U turn that is why he served less time . But if that was a poor teen he would have served a very long time for that and if my brother was rich he would him and his baby would be alive today . Which my step brother use to live on governor rd 322 near Freemason's lodge number 666 . Before he died he ask for the 1997 Jordan sneakers that had a piece of gold that laces up the shoe strings .But he didn't get them until his funeral in a coffin.. Which Jordan connects to Saturn and is also known for Micheal Jordan's number 23 . Which is the same number my brother's plug was pulled - 7/23/1997 where they pronounce him dead . And Micheal Jordan's father I think died 7/23 but not sure . . He could not survive because the insurance company would not pay to keep him and his baby on the machine .

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