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Dreams of loved ones who have passed on

by Anonymous - 2/21/11 6:41 PM
I was wondering what does it mean when you have dreams of your loved ones who have passed away appearing to you in the physical world?

My soon to be daughter-in-law has received dreams of her grandfather coming to her and telling her not to be sad anymore but to be happy.

Another time she had a dream about my step-daughter who has passed away as well - coming to her telling her to tell my mother-in-law not to be worried because she (the daughter) is okay.

Are these dreams from God or the devil?


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RE: Dreams of loved ones who have passed on

by Sonia - 2/21/11 10:07 PM
Hi, if your soon to be daughter in law's grandfather was saved and knew the Lord and she is as well, then I consider the message from the Lord as He permits this as a blessing as an answer to prayer if she has inquired of the Lord concerning matters of her grandfather and desires closure.

If the step-daughter passed on under the age of accountability, then she is okay and the Lord is blessing you with "the message" to bring closure on this. If she passed on at an age of accountability and was saved and received Jesus Christ as her Savior, then again she is okay and the Lord is blessing you with the message to bring closure.

If your soon to be daughter in law is a physic and or involved in occultic practice, then she is operating through a door that is not Jesus Christ thus the dreams are from the devil to deceive.

RE: Dreams of loved ones who have passed on

by Anonymous - 2/22/11 10:20 AM
I don't believe that the grandfather was a Christian. And the step-daughter passed away at the age of 15 and was a Christian. So I don't know if it is a reassurance of having closure from her grandfather. I still don't know about the closure about the daughter either.

But there was occult activities - psychic readings and false religions presented in the home of the soon to be daughter-in-law. She claims to be a Christian but lives with her family that are not Christians and still practices certain occultic activities. And the soon to be daughter-in-law believes at times she has psychic abilities. So I don't know if her dreams are from God or they are from the devil.

So shoud I toss out what this soon to be daughter-in-law has dreamt?

RE: Dreams of loved ones who have passed on

by Anonymous - 2/22/11 10:48 PM
May I just add something in this post?
When love ones pass away they go on to wherever God sends them, be it Heaven or hell, but their spirits do no remain here on earth. If this person who had these dreams would have actually seen these dead people then she would not be seeing the real person but a demon spirit that took on the likeness of that dead person. (this is what the mediums and psychics see as they serve satan not God) But, in a dream, when we see a dead relative it could indicate a couple of different things. These relatives can represent a personality trait that is also in the dreamer that has been removed from the dreamer, or healed. The relative sometimes represents God,Jesus,the Holy spirit, the dreamer them self,the church or even satan depending on their life here on earth, or their relationship with the dreamer. Perhaps this young woman was still dealing with their deaths and she has finally reached a peace about it.
What concerns me the most is the fact that she is mixing the occult in with her Christianity, this is not good, she can not serve God and mammon too. If she claims to have psychic abilities it is possible she was called to be a prophet and because she is delving in this other stuff she will see only what satan will show her and not what God wants to reveal to her. She is treading in very dangerous territory. This is what needs to be addressed, not determining if this dream was from God or satan. If this dream gave her some kind of peace then don't worry about it, but, if it upset her then it would definitely have been from satan. These people are no longer here and there is nothing she can do for them now, so giving her peace about their deaths can only help her to move on and deal with her own problems.
If she is calling herself a Christian but delving in the occult then she is trying to serve 2 gods and this is not right, so she needs to decide which one she is going to serve. Is your son a believer? If so then I would be concerned for this marriage and this young woman's influence over him. Will he follow her ways and get mixed up too? This calls for a lot of prayer and seeking God as to what you should do in this situation. Ask the Lord to step in and deal with this for you, and remember to thank Him for His wisdom and knowing that He is very capable of solving this problem. Be forewarned that if you approach her with this she might not receive what you have to say as satan does not want to lose her and will very likely cause her to be blind to the truth. This could cause damage in your relationship with her. If you are able to talk to her then please let her know that the Lord loves her so very much and wants the best for her and He doesn't want her lost to Him or to be confused as to who she is hearing from. Tread carefully here, pray first, always, before you say anything to her.
Thank you for letting me share with you what I feel God has led me to give to you.

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