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What is Gematria?

In Greek and Hebrew each letter of the alphabet doubles as a number. This is very similar to Roman numerals which are still used in English today. Gematria is the practice of calculating the numeric equivalent of words and phrases by adding up the numbers associated with each letter. Technically, Gematria refers to calculation in Hebrew while Isopsephy is the Greek equivalent.

The English alphabet doesn't normally carry numeric values but this practice has been carried into English using numbering systems similar to the ancient languages. This has become known as English Gematria.

Using the Gematria Calculator

Words and names can be typed directly into the text box but it's important to note that each numbering system expects letters from the respective language. Hebrew for Hebrew systems, Greek for Greek systems, and English for English systems. The one exception is Greek Beta Code which is a represention of Greek using the English alphabet and various symbols. Usage of Greek Beta Code can be found on while offers the original Hebrew and Greek of the Bible for copy and paste into the calculator.

The built in keyboard () displays the values associated with each letter and can also be used to input letters for each system. A brief description of each numbering system and a link to further information can be found by clicking on the help icon (). After calculation the save button will submit a value to be considered for inclusion in the Gematria database.

What Next?

Numbers carry meanings based on the words associated with them, but those meanings are often contradictory and ambiguous. Ultimately the significance assigned to a number will be somewhat personal based on one's beliefs and preconceptions. To get started you can consult Numbers, Symbolism and Properties on this site or another good Gematria reference. Finally, a word of caution. The study of Gematria is interesting and can even be enlightening when studying the Bible, but for daily life it's no substitute for a genuine faith in God and the Savior Jesus Christ.

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by Mark - 3/16/14 8:07 AM
All 3 of my kids was born on the 17th,im in a new relationship of 3 years an our baby is also due on the nana mary wilson also lived at number 17 an was creamated on the 17th just before my first was born.

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RE: 2851981

by DSB 1590 - 4/06/14 11:32 PM
"The Sun Shall Be Turned Into Darkness, And The Moon Into Blood"
= [2016+1536]

It not only adds to 2016, but is also paired up with the Gematria of the number in words.

Two Thousand Sixteen=[1536]


by DSB 1590 - 4/06/14 11:39 PM
"And I Will Shew Wonders In The Heavens Above"=[405+2013]

1995 is Enochs 987 match, as I explain further down this thread of comments.

1995 Completed +6+6+6=2013 Completed
+four+five+six+seven+EIGHT=[483(1ST COMING)+2013]

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Absolutely Correct

by Carla Travis - 4/02/14 4:51 PM
We must correct the church the way God wanted it, not Mans way. Last chance.

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Finding the meaning to your number

by Click on the bold text above GEMATRIA REFERENCE - 3/28/14 11:27 PM
It has a list of all the numbers and what they associate with. My number is 532 and the page said that symbolizes the ALPHA, the all might God and savior. What does that mean for me?

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meaning of the number of my name

by Anonymous - 3/28/14 8:34 PM
the number of my name is 423, can you tell me what it means?

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my name calculated

by Rick - 3/26/14 8:34 PM
my first middle and last name totaled 1537. can you tell mewhat that means?

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Looking for words in hebrew with the following values 1-9-5-11 and 12-4-8-2

by michael - 3/26/14 11:58 AM
I have reasons to believe that YHWH was a decoy used to conceal the divine numbers that represent the true and secretly protected name og God.
If you look up the "Magic Hexagrams" (mathworld) and you count the 2 vertical lines of thw two-solution hexagrams you will find those numbers I've just posted for you. Both sum 26 and they contain the message. Why the hexagrams? The Star of David is a hexagram and the Carbon atom (the substance of life) is also hexagonal. The Carbon atom, Oxigen and Hydrogen bond through a process called "Hybridization" or resonance and that means too " a two-solution model".
Why I know this? Because I practice "Natural Magic" and I follow the teaching of the stoic's school of thougth. Find the logos or akasha and you will find God's home.

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Looking for words in hebrew with the following values 1-9-5-11

by mike - 3/24/14 7:34 PM
I need real word and meanning for the 4 letter values 1-9-5-11
Could anyone help?

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by Jody - 3/15/14 11:35 PM

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666 and 6660

by Judson T Pewther - 3/14/14 4:10 PM
Here's a neat gematria example which confirms that the first two methods in the gematria calculator both make some kind of sense in English: "Six hundred and sixty-six, the number of the trinity of sixes". These words add up to 666 using the English Ordinal method (the counting values A=1 to Z=26), and the same words add up to 6660 or 666x10 using the default English Gematria method (A=1 to Z=800) which imitates the gematria of ancient Greek and Hebrew. So yes, if you are interested in solving the Biblical riddle about 666, you can use both of these methods.

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Mining of my name and number

by Miriam Zaddkiel Eaton - 3/09/14 7:16 AM
I found incredible information and I now I Am Queen and Mrs of the light , and part of all Gods Anunaki , my you seed to me if is truth?

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Meaning of my name,

by Anonymous - 3/08/14 3:15 PM
What is the meaning of 726

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Binary Code

by Jason Kiser - 12/12/13 2:10 PM
The name "Adolf Hitler" = (110)... and is the only name that shows up in the "BINARY CODE"! [ 0(110)010 ]

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RE: Binary Code

by Anonymous - 2/23/14 5:16 PM
"jan hendrik van de riet" in the English Gematria system equals 1011

what is meant by 2256, & 2270

by joyce p - 2/21/14 11:51 AM
what is meant by 2256, & 2270

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RE: what is meant by 2256, & 2270

by Dsb - 2/23/14 9:21 AM
(Adam)888.1590.666.888(The Cross)

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by patricia - 2/21/14 11:14 AM
what is 383 mean as Patricia.

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Rev.13:18 "666"

by Drayton Scott Bonyun=1590 - 9/24/13 3:25 PM
Re,13:17....,save he that had The Mark[6words]or the Name of The Beast[6words]or The Number of His Name[6words]


These 6,6,6, words have 666 written all over them.

Rev.13:18 "Here is wisdom=[666+216] + let him that hath understanding,count the number of the beast"=[777+2013+1590]

Twenty Thirteen=[1236]

"His Number Is Six Hundred Sixty Six"=[666+216+1590]

Jesus Christ in Greek=[2368]

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by Dsb - 1/13/14 7:52 PM
Ivan Panin's N.T translation :
"Here is the Wisdom, who hath Understanding=[888+1590]


by DSB - 1/14/14 10:57 AM
Dont know for sure if ill find the precise date for The Rapture using 666 [if there really is one] but this is encouraging,

"Find The Rapture Date using/ 666"=[1590+666]


by Drayton Scott Bonyun 1590 / a=6, b=12, c=18.....Z=GOD156 - 2/16/14 11:13 PM
[ADAM]888.1590.666.888[4032THE CROSS]

Im 1590 and 666 led me to 2016

= [888.2016.888]

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Meteor's Collide Into Earth=1590

by DSB=1590 - 2/05/14 10:05 AM
The first meteor to actually strike the earth since we've been
recording them, was in Syberia in 1908

"More Meteor's Are Coming To Earth"= [1908]
"Meteor's Will Strike The Earth"= [1908]
Joshua 10:11 is Bible Chapter 197
"The Lord Cast Down Great Stone's From Heaven Upon Them"
= "The Great Tribulation[1350+1908]

"More Meteor's Will Strike Earth"= [2016]

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RE: Meteor's Collide Into Earth=1590

by DSB - 2/05/14 11:33 AM
These strikes are 38216 days apart

108 is half of 216
One+Zero+Eight=[666+216] / a=6, b=12, c=18....Z=GOD156

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Trayvon Martin

by CorruptWorld - 1/28/14 5:47 AM
Trayvon martin gave out a code not long before he was killed ... it was on his twitter using japanese symbols which in english translated to 911 without being reduced... the words used were RUTH STAFF Ruth may equal Truth. I am still trying to decode the entire thing but I do find it odd to find this in his twitter.. it is obviously code. He was apart of the CRIPS organization and probably tied with the FreeMasons as well as his father and zimmerman... people need to wake up ASAP we are under attack from all sides.

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RE:Trayvon Martin

by DSB - 1/29/14 11:00 PM
George Zimmerman=1014 +666=[1680]
"Count The Number Of The Beast"=[1680]

RE:Trayvon Martin

by DSB - 1/29/14 11:04 PM
"Boston Bombing"=[666+216]

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by John Beckom Junior - 1/28/14 10:27 AM
Hidden vessel was right in front of me this entire time. Know when I type this this man does not stand up to his name. Many times his nature was in direct opposition to this number. I record this for the record for when the time comes. I will surely say he did not know nor did he understand anything. I confronted him many times with my suspicions he said nothing bold faced lied instead, he tried to play me for a fool many years (much more to this but that will be for judgement day). This man presents me with a FreeMason handbook again something told me that he was being misleading with information that he possessed. The book was that of his fathers. He reads his bible yet does nothing that is in this book (King James Version or as I call it the book for new souls). After putting his name in the Gematria Caluclator JOHN BECKOM JUNIOR I realized his father game him this name for a reason. There are many snakes in this garden at the moment even in your own home. This man possesses no power and possibly is a false symbol which is what I think it is. The only thing I was able to learn from this is you can't trust whats right in front of your face.

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by Larry - 1/14/14 8:35 PM
I stumbled across this site as i was looking up something on numerology, I have been having prophetic dreams for about 4 or 5 yrs now, and i had a very intense dream on the 29th of Dec about the antichrist being here, i have been seeing the number 119, and when i saw your site, when i put my name in your calculator it came up with 911, which is 119 backwards
Any insite on this??

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RE: 119

by Larry - 1/17/14 1:49 PM
ok that is creepy

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by Ehsan - 1/17/14 10:03 AM
The very idea of antiChrist is the antiChrist its own self. The very idea of anti-Christ Jesus of nazarath would fight with words of wisdom and truth. If Jesus walked upon the soil of this earth at these hours, he would call upon the ignorance of those Christian's or anyone else--whose games of deceit have brought darkness, ignorance and hate upon this earth. Jesus was a leader of humanity and truth and light and love--none of those things are born due to following traditions blindly.

The very life of Jesus was a revolution against blind rules and traditions; the very love of life and light is not equal to rules and guidelines that create antiChrist b.S that human beings worship in deceit of truth, humanity and love and life and intelligence.

The antiChrist is divisions of deceit--it is greed, hate, wars and destruction and hate and misery and pain and suffering. These are all a universal conditions of humanity everywhere. The antiChrist is trying to mold people into a certain viewpoint,... more...

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Re: money

by Anonymous - 1/04/14 12:03 AM
Math might be a good one? but not just adding random words to create 666, that jobs already taken. How about searching for Julia set instead?


by Erkin Chinasylova - 12/18/13 6:39 AM
What number 37 means for Erkin

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by Jason Kiser - 12/14/13 3:56 PM
Matter & Antimatter are one. Matter + Antimatter + One = (77) + (121) + (34) = (232) = Satan: Prince of Darkness!
There are three 6's in CERN'S logo. This organization is really looking for something that is related to nuclear research. The true name of CERN is "European Organization for Nuclear Research" = (434).
Nuclear = (74) = Lucifer?

Satan: Prince of Darkness = (232)... + (434) = 666! Lucifer: Prince of Darkness | April 20, 1889 | Adolf Hitler: The Fallen Angel. (251) + (183) + (232) = 666!

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by Jason Kiser - 11/19/13 8:53 PM
June 06, 1944 | Normandy, France | The Antichrist: Adolf Hitler | Carholic Church. (119) + (151) + (264) + (132) = 666! "The Rapture" = (132) x (3) = 396 | September 11, 2001 = (135) x (2) = 270 | (396) + (270) = 666!
Social Security Number | The Third Reich | The Rapture | The Holocaust. (252) + (135) + (132) + (147) = 666.

June 06, 1984 | Ronald Wilson Reagan | Normandy, France | The Antichrist. (159) + (202) + (151) + (154) = 666! Reagan gave a speech on this date! The Antichrist William Clinton was rising to power at this time. He made sure Reagan won the presidency. He represented Satan, because each of his names has six letters in it.
Reagan was also the only actor to become president.

Ronald Wilson Reagan | Hollywood, California | The Pythagorean Theorem. (202) + (217) + (247) = 666!
The attack at Normandy was carried out on the (6th month) - (6th day) - (6:00)!! June 06, 1944 | The Rapture | The Antichrist: Adolf Hitler | Jesus Christ. (119) + (132) + (264) + (151) = 666.

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by Jason Kiser - 12/11/13 6:20 AM
September 11, 1935 | Rapture | Social Security Number| Here is Wisdom. (168) + (99) + (252) + (147) = 666! Sixty Six yrs. later to the day September 11, 2001!
September 11, 1935 = (168) = New York City... + (99) Rapture = (267) = Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

September 11, 1935 | September 11, 2001 | Statue of Liberty | United Nations. (168) + (135) + (198) + (165) = 666! 911 is described in Revelation 17:1-18!

There will only be 144,000 redeemed from the earth. The rapture of the Gentiles has already happened!

RE: D-Day

by Jason Kiser - 12/11/13 6:38 AM
The United States Army | Shanksville, Pennsylvania | September 11, 2001. (247) + (284) + (135) = 666!!

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Branch Davidians

by Jason Kiser - 11/29/13 8:31 PM
The attack on David Koresh was an assault on Christianiy & Jesus Christ! It was also a trial run for 911... by the Antichrist. It happened on April 19, 1993. David Koresh = (116) = Angel of Light!
Book of Revelation | August 17, 1959 | April 19, 1993 | Branch Davidian. (185) + (184) + (187) + (110) = 666! The dates are Koresh's date of birth & date of death!

David Koresh | Branch Davidian | April 19, 1993 | American Horror Story. (116) + (110) + (187) + (253) = 666. David Koresh + Branch Davidian = (226) = Memorial Park Cemetery... where Koresh was laid to rest! Branch Davidians | Vernon Wayne Howell | William Jefferson Clinton. (129) + (231) + (264) = (624)... + (42) = 666!

Branch Davidians | Vernon Wayne Howell | Jesus Christ | Christianity. (129) + (231) + (151) + (155) = 666! Branch Davidian Ranch | David Koresh | False Prophet | Seven Year Tribulation. (154) + (116) + (141) + (255) = 666. L.I.H.O.P. = Let It Happen On Purpose = (265) = Branch Davidian Ranch + Waco, Texas = (154) + (111) =... more...

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RE:Branch Davidians

by Jason Kiser - 12/11/13 5:24 AM
Made It Happen On Purpose | The United States Air Force | Terror Attack. (251) + (265) + (150) = 666. They shot Flight 93 out of the air over Shanksville, Pennsylvania! It was also rumored that it was a missile instead of a jet that struck the Pentagon!

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