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What is Gematria?

In Greek and Hebrew each letter of the alphabet doubles as a number. This is very similar to Roman numerals which are still used in English today. Gematria is the practice of calculating the numeric equivalent of words and phrases by adding up the numbers associated with each letter. Technically, Gematria refers to calculation in Hebrew while Isopsephy is the Greek equivalent.

The English alphabet doesn't normally carry numeric values but this practice has been carried into English using numbering systems similar to the ancient languages. This has become known as English Gematria.

Using the Gematria Calculator

Words and names can be typed directly into the text box but it's important to note that each numbering system expects letters from the respective language. Hebrew for Hebrew systems, Greek for Greek systems, and English for English systems. The one exception is Greek Beta Code which is a represention of Greek using the English alphabet and various symbols. Usage of Greek Beta Code can be found on while offers the original Hebrew and Greek of the Bible for copy and paste into the calculator.

The built in keyboard () displays the values associated with each letter and can also be used to input letters for each system. A brief description of each numbering system and a link to further information can be found by clicking on the help icon (). After calculation the save button will submit a value to be considered for inclusion in the Gematria database.

What Next?

Numbers carry meanings based on the words associated with them, but those meanings are often contradictory and ambiguous. Ultimately the significance assigned to a number will be somewhat personal based on one's beliefs and preconceptions. To get started you can consult Numbers, Symbolism and Properties on this site or another good Gematria reference. Finally, a word of caution. The study of Gematria is interesting and can even be enlightening when studying the Bible, but for daily life it's no substitute for a genuine faith in God and the Savior Jesus Christ.

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FOX=666 confirms English gematria as valid.

by Jud Pewther - 11/12/14 8:33 AM
"FOX" is the shortest and neatest word with a value of 666 in English Gematria because F=6, O=60, and X=600. This word occurs only once in any English New Testament. It's in Luke 13:32, where Jesus has just been warned that King Herod seeks to kill him, and Jesus says, "Go and tell that fox..." Now because Herod sought to kill Jesus, he was clearly a type of antichrist. So Jesus himself described an antichrist king with an ancient word that meant "fox." That fact harmonizes remarkably well with the fact that FOX=666 in English.

Not only that, but look at the verse number in Luke where the word "fox" appears. The verse number 13:32 is very reminiscent of the number 1332, which is often read in the same way, as "thirteen thirty-two." And 1332 is exactly 2 times 666. We also have these gematria associations to 1332:

1332 = 2 x 666
= "for it is the number of a man" [See Rev 13:18]
= the number of the boss man
= The number of the gematria
= The gematria number of his name
= I am the... more...

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RE: FOX=666 confirms English gematria as valid.

by Better than a hen house - 8/21/16 2:45 PM
English Gematria provides a current context, derived from Sumerian "TRUTH" Ordained as Reduction for BETA @recurring numbers without amicable therion

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search my name in the gematria calculator

by Tiffanie Leanna Davidson - 8/17/16 4:09 AM
then look up the meaning of my names. i was also born 03/18/1991 the moon was a Waxing crescent
Visible: 6% ↑
Age: 3 days

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RE: search my name in the gematria calculator

by Anonymous - 8/20/16 9:43 AM
can someone tell me if my name and birthday are significant i dont know and iv been having weird dreams since i was a teen. it would be appreciated im a believer but im also logical so i just think im severely stressed about the past events over the last 8 to 10 years.....gah see crazy right

What my name mean

by Valbone - 8/15/16 9:16 AM
Please somebody coment on my name

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RE: What my name mean

by Anonymous - 8/19/16 2:50 PM
Your name comes up as 26, "The God Number" in English Reduction. Very good!


by Valbone - 8/15/16 8:59 AM
Quantum healing

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My personal Numbers

by Carmen Ribeiro - 8/15/16 2:12 AM
My good luck Numbers

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It seems unfair

by Naomi - 5/28/16 11:06 AM
Jesus is 74 which means The Beast. That doen't seem fair though. Anyone else agree?

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RE: It seems unfair

by Anonymous - 6/21/16 9:22 PM
I totally agree

RE: It seems unfair

by S.T.O. - 7/12/16 8:34 PM
That might be telling you something. Jesus wasn't His actual name. It's Yahushua.

RE: It seems unfair

by Anonymous - 8/07/16 12:33 PM
Ah Christina, nobody ever said that life was fair.

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Name meaning

by Leef Smith - 7/09/16 7:22 AM
Would like to know the number and meaning of my name

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RE: Name meaning

by Anonymous - 8/07/16 8:49 AM
Janin turner

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by Anonymous - 5/04/16 5:00 PM
What does seven seven seven mean

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RE: 777

by the pattern - 7/22/16 7:41 PM
that pattern is an understanding of context between past present & future, and the knowledge of how to avoid hurting $elf

RE: 777

by Anonymous - 7/31/16 7:25 AM
777 would be the mark of the beast for that who is not 1. Which would be .5

RE: 777

by Anonymous - 8/02/16 7:17 PM
Hello, last night on 8/1/16 the score of the Astros/Blue Jays game in Houston was 1 to 1, bottom of the 11th, 1 out, 1 on 1st, with a 1 and 1 count. Sign behind them from sponsor was Mattress1One. Does this mean something?

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in light of letters and numbers

by SEMANTIC PIG - 7/14/16 3:12 PM
the test of the Beast is to c who will forgive the man who then accepted the sins of the world in order to become the giver of light into where the syn's/S/$ of the universe lied, and told the truth @e-motion .. WHERE c = Christ/Messiah (Deliverer) ~ #3 -- Ordinal

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RE:in light of letters and numbers

by seth - 7/22/16 6:29 PM
The authorized king James version=351

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storming deep purple smoke

by Lavina Nymphaea - 7/16/16 8:31 PM
Gem was a 101.Too bad.

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by Anonymous - 7/16/16 1:31 PM
Barack Husein Obama total comes to 693
but the reduces are 18 and 9 -18

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RE: 666

by almost but not quite - 7/16/16 4:59 PM
i tell you what isn't a coincidence.. Barack Hussein Obama = 64 @spell names correctly please

Why isnt this working

by Anonymous - 7/16/16 8:21 AM
Why won't this work for me? It literally will not search or find my name or any name. Can someone help me figure this out please.

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Name meaning

by Haley - 5/21/16 11:45 PM
I don't know

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RE: Name meaning

by Anonymous - 7/11/16 3:31 PM
Richard colbert

David De Meyer Rothschild

by Anonymous - 7/09/16 10:58 PM
Hebrew too. All forms.

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by Jason Kiser - 11/19/13 10:58 AM
February 22, 1732 + July 04, 1776 = (167) + (165) = (332) = The Great Seal of the United States! Trinity Broadcasting Network = (334)... + (332) = 666. The TBN symbol on the floor of their studio looks like a pyramid!

The phone number that is always at the left hand bottom of the television screen is 1-888-731-1000 = (1) + (731) + (1000) = 1732... the year of Washington's birth!

(888) + (888) = (1776)... the year of America's birth! Barack Hussein Obama II + Honolulu, Hawaii = (334) = Trinity Broadcasting Network = The Virgin Mary + The Catholic Church!!! The Image of the Beast = The Virgin Mary!

George Washington | Barack Hussein Obama II | Seal of Solomon | The Illuminati. (187) + (165) + (161) + (153) = 666!!!

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by Anonymous - 7/04/16 9:39 PM
Beware of the false profits in the end times. Only God knows when that time will be.


by Anonymous - 7/04/16 9:44 PM
Please put America in you daily prayers to God. Only God can save us now. Only God can change our doomed fait at this point. Trust in him and pray for us every day. Remind your Congressman who is in charge of our fait.

RE: T.B.N.

by Anonymous - 7/08/16 6:21 PM
TBN=216 6x6x6=216

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54 years old

by vanessa - 7/05/16 6:34 AM
Physical and spiritual and mental

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What does my name mean?

by Maria Eugenia Valencia Alvarez - 4/28/16 7:59 PM
My birthday is 9/1/1988, which is creepy because my three first names have the number 9 and 1 on them. Does that have any meaning? (I have illuminati people stalking me and I'm paranoid about everything)

"maria eugenia valencia alvarez" in the English Gematria system equals 2344 (40+1+90+9+1+0+5+300+7+5+50+9+1+0+400+1+30+5+50+3+9+1+0+1+30+400+1+90+5+800)

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RE:What does my name mean?

by Natasha Patricia Ann Creighton - 7/03/16 8:38 AM
Is there any meaning to my name?

Zachary K Hubbard

by Anonymous - 4/24/16 7:42 PM
Y'all heard of him? He uses this sight a lot for gematria. His YouTube channel is very interesting, y'all should check it out.

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RE: Zachary K Hubbard

by Anonymous - 6/28/16 8:00 AM
Zach with his blog and YT channel "Zachery K. Hubbard" has really shown how the mainstream news is scripted. You have to watch a few to see the pattern of the media. He's even got videos for beginners to watch so they know what he's talking about and is a Teacher by profession.

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by Eric Aguilar - 6/22/16 10:01 PM

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Prejudice as Chief Just US

by CARES - 6/22/16 1:21 PM
a beast carries the challenge of overcoming labels and adversity associated with mainstream existence. this "one" BEAST in particular gets no special favors except for the connection glory creates through an almighty whose relief rests with the other-side, where verses are still remembered @the u-n-i-verse

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by Self-ie - 3/25/15 10:00 AM
Birth Date: 10/26/64 Year of the Dragon

SSN: E# last three digits = 666, 51#-#6-#24#

Gematria Name Values

English: 1134 = 9, 3 squared
Ordinal: 216 = 9, 6 to the third power
Sumerian: 1296 = 9, 6 to the fourth power
Reduction: 72 = 9

English: 765 = 9
Ordinal: 99 = 9
Sumerian: 594 = 9
Reduction: 27 = 9

English: 253 = 1
Ordinal: 73 =1
Sumerian: 438 = 6
Reduction: 28= 1

English: 116 = 8
Ordinal: 44 = 8
Sumerian: 264 = 3
Reduction: 17 = 8

English: 111 = 3
Ordinal: 30 = 3
Sumerian: 180 = 9
Reduction: 3

Revelation = 42 Years Old (Vision of the Lord\'s Crucifixion, 2007)
Letters in Name: 6 + 5 + 6
Letter in Name (Normal Spelling w/ Middle Initial): 6 + 1 + 6
Mark on the Forehead = Yes
Prays for the Living and the Dead = Yes
Mark of the Beast Knowledge = Yes (relates IoT)
Past life = Yes (SACRED)
Exists for real = Yes (praying truth set\'s US free)

Key: Last Name Gematria

Note: 9 to the fourth power = 6165

Have MERCY ~ @pls

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RE: Revelation

by 0h - 5/29/16 2:52 PM
144 the tribe of juda=144


by Anonymous - 3/25/16 4:42 AM
Number meaningp

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RE: Faith

by oh - 5/29/16 2:46 PM
Faith=44 Abraham =44


by Lise - 5/22/16 4:49 AM
What does 1277 mean?

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RE: Question

by what does 12+77 equal #forever truth - 5/22/16 8:48 AM
numbers aren't mean, people and interpretations are... try family of trust and love @


by Jud Pewther - 3/29/15 1:56 AM
If you like to see coincidences that confirm that gematria is a little better than random nonsense, consider these facts. Using the Ordinal system with the simple counting values A=1 to Z=26:
Square = 81 = 9x9 [A perfect square]
Squares = 100 = 10x10 [Another perfect square]

If you use the Sumerian Gematria method, you are just multiplying all the counting values by 6. So your results for these two words will be 6 times bigger:
Square = 486 = 6x81 = 6x9x9 [NOT a perfect square]
Squares = 600 = 6x100 = 6x10x10 [NOT a perfect square]
So Sumerian gematria messes up this neat little pattern of squares, and thus confesses its ignorance.

Moving on the method called English Gematria at this site, where we are imitating ancient Hebrew and Greek, using A=1 to Z=800:
Square = 576 = 24x24 [A perfect square!]
Squares = 676 = 26x26 [Another perfect square!]

And since the squares are bigger numbers than the ones found with the Ordinal method, they are more spread out, and less likely to occur by random chance. Not... more...

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RE: Squares

by oh - 5/21/16 8:36 PM
I agree with you jud except english ordinal is not coincidental simple=74 english ordinal=147=posterity=147 square=81 =kinsman


by Anonymous - 5/15/16 4:21 AM
Justus born leader

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