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What is Gematria?

In Greek and Hebrew each letter of the alphabet doubles as a number. This is very similar to Roman numerals which are still used in English today. Gematria is the practice of calculating the numeric equivalent of words and phrases by adding up the numbers associated with each letter. Technically, Gematria refers to calculation in Hebrew while Isopsephy is the Greek equivalent.

The English alphabet doesn't normally carry numeric values but this practice has been carried into English using numbering systems similar to the ancient languages. This has become known as English Gematria.

Using the Gematria Calculator

Words and names can be typed directly into the text box but it's important to note that each numbering system expects letters from the respective language. Hebrew for Hebrew systems, Greek for Greek systems, and English for English systems. The one exception is Greek Beta Code which is a represention of Greek using the English alphabet and various symbols. Usage of Greek Beta Code can be found on while offers the original Hebrew and Greek of the Bible for copy and paste into the calculator.

The built in keyboard () displays the values associated with each letter and can also be used to input letters for each system. A brief description of each numbering system and a link to further information can be found by clicking on the help icon (). After calculation the save button will submit a value to be considered for inclusion in the Gematria database.

What Next?

Numbers carry meanings based on the words associated with them, but those meanings are often contradictory and ambiguous. Ultimately the significance assigned to a number will be somewhat personal based on one's beliefs and preconceptions. To get started you can consult Numbers, Symbolism and Properties on this site or another good Gematria reference. Finally, a word of caution. The study of Gematria is interesting and can even be enlightening when studying the Bible, but for daily life it's no substitute for a genuine faith in God and the Savior Jesus Christ.

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Obama & Jesus Encoded

by Alexander Marcussen - 2/21/15 6:29 PM
I posted a video on Youtube with the username desmild some time ago with the discovery that i made about satanic gematria (A=36 B=37 to Z=61) and "Barack Hussein Obama" which equals 793 which is also the value of the English gematria on his name. Many of you may know that the value of Jesus in Hebrew is 397 which is reverse of 793. Fivedoves has alot info on codes on Obama.

John Tng discovered this in the vaues of the hebrew Genesis 1:1 - from the 9th letter to the 18th letter added = 793, from the next letter 19th to 28th added (last letter) = 793. From the 1st letter to the 21st letter added = 666X3 which is also the 4 English gematria systems on this page added to the name "Barack Hussein Obama".
The Bible has a total of 1189 Chapters so chapter nr 793 (Obama) is also chapter 397 (Jesus) counting from the end of the Bible.
The english gematria of "Barack hussein Obama" is 793 and the standard gematria of his birth name "Barry Soetoro" is 1458, there is 666 when counting from 793 to 1458. When Obama... more...

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RE: Obama & Jesus Encoded

by Drayton - 2/22/15 4:35 PM
Right On! Well done Alex!

Numbers Don't Lie

by Scholarly Pens - 12/23/14 11:22 AM
These two calculations are a "mathematical impossibility" to be chance. You can't buy or sell without the number of his name.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt | Social Security Number | Here is Wisdom = (267) + (252) + (147) = 666! Virginia Cassidy Blythe | William Jefferson Blythe III | August 19, 1946 = (241) + (252) + (173) = 666. As you can see Blythe's birthday & his mother's name (173) + (241) add to the same number as FDR & Here is Wisdom (267) + (147) = 414!
His mother's born name "Virginia Dell Cassidy" (202) + (414) = 616.

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RE: Numbers Don't Lie

by Jason Kiser - 1/11/15 3:22 PM
You have a CHOICE now, but your FAITH is not strong enough for you to reject it. None of you will accept life over death!

The world is full of COWARDS!

RE: Numbers Don't Lie

by Anonymous - 2/22/15 11:20 AM
Only he who now letteth will let until he be taken out of the way=666
Jesus is the Way he ant going nowhere 666 now we are 667 beheaded we lost 666 and put on 667 Jesus Nehemiah 7 v 18

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Harry POtter?

by Anonymous - 2/22/15 9:55 AM
Hi everyone. Try typing in "hogwarts" into the box. Hogwarts is the name of the wizarding school that each wizard and witch student attended in the Harry Potter book series (for anyone who didn't know). Try "witchcraft" as well.

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by me - 2/20/15 9:38 AM
What dose 1612 even mean this is what I got when I punched in my name

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by X - 11/18/14 10:33 AM
I heard that 666 was the address of Nero in Rome!!

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RE: 666

by Anonymous - 2/17/15 1:10 AM
Anonymous, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. The little pink house on the left brought me back to reality. Thanks. I was almost drowning in a numerological whirlpool.

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More on 666 & 1332

by Hulver - 2/07/15 12:39 AM
President Ahmadinejad = 666
In the Bible "good" occurs 720 times
"evil" occurs 612 times
for a total of 1332 times

Gematria on "matter" & "antimatter" total 1332

Where you see the darkest tones are 171 & multiples thereof.

The purpose of life: to become part of the God Family
and help rule over the universe.

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RE: More on  666 & 1332

by lance ross - 2/14/15 6:10 PM
That's for that working on the number 107 take the 720 -612 =108 ?


by Logan Alexander Donati - 1/02/15 1:09 AM

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RE: ?

by Anonymous - 2/14/15 6:05 PM
Put the number 107 in to your cal.

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Alexis Tsipras

by Carol Cole - 2/13/15 1:18 AM
I have noooo idea how to figure if this man is 666, the coming antichrist. Help ? Thank you !

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RE: Alexis Tsipras

by Anonymous - 2/14/15 6:00 PM

The Whole Truth

by Jason Kiser - 7/13/14 6:16 AM
The Antichrist: Adolf Hitler | Prince of Darkness | The Great Tribulation = (264) + (177) + (225) = 666. Franklin Delano Roosevelt | The False Prophet | The Great Tribulation = (267) + (174) + (225) = 666! You people have it all wrong.

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RE: The Whole Truth

by JAK - 7/24/14 3:59 PM
September 11, 2001 | September 11, 2012 = (135) + (146) = (281) = "O Lucifer, Son of the Morning". United We Stand, Divided We Fall | Apollyon | O Lucifer, Son of the Morning = (275) + (110) + (281) = 666. ISIAIAH 14:12; Revelation 9:1; Revelation 12:9 & Revelation 12:12 - KJV.

According to Rev.12:9... Satan deceives the whole world into accepting the Mark of the Beast... Rev.19:20. The (Number) was issued during the lifetime of "The Antichrist: Adolf Hitler" & the (Mark) has been issued during the lifetime of "William Jefferson Clinton".
They both just so happen to add up to the same number... (264)!

The Great Seal | O Lucifer, Son of the Morning | William Jefferson Clinton = (121) + (281) + (264) = 666!

RE: The Whole Truth

by p's and q's - 2/12/15 8:04 AM
Thank you brother jesus took away the sins of the world how for he hath__made him to be sin for us who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in him

RE:The Whole Truth

by p's and q's - 2/12/15 8:12 AM
Only he who now letteth will let until he be taken out of the way=666 in English ordinal jesus is the way ___the son of perdition is taken out of the way

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The Above Chart is incorrectly named. Obama 793 comes from Decimal English Gematria.

by Frank McCarthy - 2/06/15 10:43 PM
The Above Chart that calculates Obama as 793 should be named Decimal English. (Which Derives from the Greek System) as it starts off in Units Tens and Hundreds. Common English starts off A= 6 B= 12 etc to Z 156.
Ordinal is A=1, B=2, C=3 Z=26.

Satanic Gematria starts off at A=36 B=37 and Ends with Z=61. 36 being the Triangular Root of 666 and 61 being the 18th Prime Number 18 = (6+6+6). You will Get the same value of 793 for Barack Hussein Obama in Satanic English as you would in Decimal English. Also Satanic Gematria calculates to 666 in its own chart.

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by Joseph A. Sprute ~ - 1/15/15 12:23 PM
numbers never lie when spoken in context. understand where the beast came from and you will know his attitude. if you want to know his name, then you must care about the environment creating "it" ~ The Beast (MDCCLXXVI INTERNET ECONOMICS) 216@Nuts&Fruit

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RE: "Selfie"

by Anonymous - 2/05/15 12:05 PM
Here's more detail: name = literal (JAS), rank = figurative (DOB), serial # = subjective (SSN)

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Barack Obama

by Anonymous - 9/14/14 5:49 AM
Using the Gematria calculator I typed in "The Beast Barack Obama" and it calculated the phrase as 888. This was calculated using English Sumerian system. Which is odd because many divine names equal to the number 888. Could also mean he is a false God or thinks of himself as greater then God. Another calculation result I used was in the English Sumerian system, it is as follows "The Beast Named Barack Hussein Obama" equals 1680. In the English Gematria system it equals 1414 with the same phrase. If you subtract 1680 - 1414 it equals 666. Also the English Ordinal system calculates the same phrase as 280. Here's another way to count/obtain 666 if we take 1680 and split it into a equation 16-8 = 6. I'm not counting the 0 more of a place holder. Okay now take 1414 use this equation 4 + 4 = 8 (1+1) = 2 (8-2) = 6 and finally 280 8 - 2 = 6 each can be broken down into the number 6 which would be 666 by that process if we counted it in that manner. Daniel chapter 8 is also a good read and I believe it refers to President Obama as being the first beast.

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RE: Barack Obama

by Anonymous - 1/27/15 8:31 PM
Barack Hussein Obama = 978 / a=6 b=12 c=18
God = 156
156 + 666 + 156 = 978

RE: Barack Obama

by Anonymous - 1/27/15 8:50 PM
Barack Obama = 408 / 408 + The Beast = 888

RE: Barack Obama

by Anonymous - 1/28/15 7:18 AM
978 : Nine Hundred Seventy Eight = 1650
666 : Six Hundred Sixty Six = 1650

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Pyramid Code

by Angel - 1/19/15 9:54 PM
MMXVI giza's encoded pyramid height = 2016

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Something new!

by Anonymous - 1/12/15 10:29 AM
I would like to show you another name which, unfortunately, nobody realized that equals the number of evil! I've calculated it before nearly about 2,5 years.

Brian Molko - 660. The singer of the musical band "Placebo". What have you say?

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RE: Something new!

by Anonymous - 1/18/15 2:36 AM
660 is not 666. Hello....

numbers in names

by Betty - 1/13/15 10:45 AM

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Incorrect Calculation

by Mark - 12/30/14 8:56 AM
Your calculator is incorrect as the value of Jesus Iesous in Greek is clearly 888 and results in 885 your calculator.

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RE: Incorrect Calculation

by Anonymous - 12/30/14 6:42 PM
What did you try exactly? Looks ok to me.
"Ἰησοῦς" in the Greek Isopsephy system equals 888 (10+8+200+70+400+200)

The tree of knowledge of good and evil

by Jud Pewther - 12/12/14 12:01 PM
Using the default English gematria (A=1 to Z=800) in the calculator,
1956 = The tree of knowledge of good and evil
= The first psychedelic drug

So try reading Genesis 2 again, with the understanding that the fruit that Adam and Eve ate contained some mind altering drug. And when it says their eyes were opened, that means their pupils became dilated or opened up wide, which happens with drugs such as mescaline. And it was a bad "trip", because they realized how naked and vulnerable they were, and they felt ashamed.

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RE: The tree of knowledge of good and evil

by Jud Pewther - 12/15/14 2:29 AM
Another phrase with a value of 1956:
"The forbidden fruit theme of Genesis three"

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by Scholarly Pens - 12/08/14 7:59 PM
"WUSMRR" = "CRNEOE" = "DCLXVI"? Ponder on this. It should keep you busy for awhile.

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RE: Enigma

by Scholarly Pens - 12/13/14 9:47 AM
"HITLER" = "BLYTHE" = "666". Add (99) to each letter in their names. The only other name that I know of that works with this method is Darius, which is an Anagram of Radius. Once again it points to these two individuals.

The Antichrist:Adolf Hitler = (264) = William Jefferson Clinton. Those whose names are not found written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world shall be dumbfounded at his reappearance.

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by Anonymous - 12/10/14 2:31 PM
my number is "Can Kutay Kahyaoglu" in the English Gematria system equals 2402. Is there a meaning for this ??

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RE: Interesting

by Judson Pewther - 12/13/14 2:25 AM
There are probably millions of words, phrases and sentences that would have a gematria value of 2402. But most of them would be irrelevant to you. If you are really interested, you'll have to do your own search for things that are relevant to who you are or might become. For example, you might be a "Monstrous Judson Pewther". But probably not.

What is my life purpose?

by Drayton - 12/09/14 9:12 PM
Hi Anna, the first thing you should do is realize that you were fearfully and wonderfully CREATED, and that you are not just a coincidence that popped into being.Next thing you do is talk to your CREATOR, and tell him that you sincerely want to be on his side and serve him to the best of your ability. The GOD of The Bible is THE TRUE GOD, and his son JESUS CHRIST is THE TRUTH. The Gospel of JESUS CHRIST makes the most sense out of all the religions, and offers the best and greatest rewards. The only means we have to make contact with him, is with our voice and a sincere heart, and he promises that he hears us. WHOSOEVER CALLS ON THE NAME OF THE LORD, SHALL BE SAVED. Salvation is a FREE GIFT from CHRIST and we cant earn it ourselves, and if we try to do just that, it will lead to more frustration with GOD. I speak from experience,because i went thru many years wondering if i was good enough to be saved,and never felt secure that i was because i knew i still commited sins,and would always think "What if im... more...

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RE: What is my life purpose?

by Drayton Scott Bonyun - 12/09/14 10:40 PM
Anna, your middle name has the same value as mine, which is the same value as
CHRIST= 462 (A=6 , B=12 , C=18....Z=156 / GOD=156) Do what i did,and put him in the center of your life as well, I promise you won't regret it.

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what is my life purpose?

by anna caroline ohlsson - 12/08/14 10:21 PM
Please, what am I ment to do? What is my true purpose in life? Thank you. Carann0505

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RE: what is my life purpose?

by Jason Kiser - 12/09/14 4:12 PM
Your purpose in life is to worship God... Creator of Heaven & Earth. You must also reject the number & mark of the beast... the Social Security Number, and the Universal Products Code found on every item you purchase.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt = (267) = United States President = (UNITED STATES) + (ADOLF HITLER) = (157) + (110) = (267). The Third Reich still exists in the line of Presidents.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt | Social Security Number | Here is Wisdom = (267) + (252) + (147) = 666. There is a lot more information concerning my calculations, but It would take a long time to write it down.
"The calculations are in some of my other comments".


by chris - 12/08/14 3:13 PM
my number is 2196 and my sons is 1287. What do they mean?

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False Prophets

by Roland Bernhard Stadler - 12/02/14 6:57 AM
You are all False Prophets, one astonishing subject is that you are all excluding the teaching of the True Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Jesus said, you could recognise them by their name, not by the title not by a phrase.
The word Jesus in Greek calculation = 888.
Benediktos = 666, this means that one man who had chosen this name will be the False Prophet. The AC is mentionedby the woonding, the false gospel, the verneration by the False Prophet. The first and Third beast came out of Rome but behind the third there is a secret. The first beast is Wojtyla a false Pope, followed by a False Teacher, Ratzinger his nam is a beast out of the Erath. The third, the 8th King is not the EU is is Germany which is behind the EU.
The Fall from Faith was launched up in Germany and it was an event only in a spiritual dimension. This is only possible in the Roman Catholic Church which is also mentioned as Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Church was raptured in the desert befor Rome fall in... more...

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Gematria calculator

by Michelle k. Gunn - 10/23/14 12:56 PM
I'm looking for a gematria calculator that is like the basic but it also accounts a different value for both spaces between words and capitalization of letters in a word.

According to this varying system "president barack obama" = 666

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RE: Gematria calculator

by Anonymous - 11/30/14 9:20 PM
Anyone can be antichrist or have antichrist spirit. Please read the Bible--what Jesus said about this. He said there are many antichrists that were already in the world. (See 1 John 2:18)

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Looking for words in hebrew with the following values 1-9-5-11

by mike - 3/24/14 7:34 PM
I need real word and meanning for the 4 letter values 1-9-5-11
Could anyone help?

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RE: Looking for words in hebrew with the following values 1-9-5-11

by Anonymous - 11/25/14 7:58 PM
Very easy
On the first day of Xmas my true love gave to me:
1 Turtledove, 9 french hens, 5 golden doves and 11 partridges in a pear tree.