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What is Gematria?

In Greek and Hebrew each letter of the alphabet doubles as a number. This is very similar to Roman numerals which are still used in English today. Gematria is the practice of calculating the numeric equivalent of words and phrases by adding up the numbers associated with each letter. Technically, Gematria refers to calculation in Hebrew while Isopsephy is the Greek equivalent.

The English alphabet doesn't normally carry numeric values but this practice has been carried into English using numbering systems similar to the ancient languages. This has become known as English Gematria.

Using the Gematria Calculator

Words and names can be typed directly into the text box but it's important to note that each numbering system expects letters from the respective language. Hebrew for Hebrew systems, Greek for Greek systems, and English for English systems. The one exception is Greek Beta Code which is a represention of Greek using the English alphabet and various symbols. Usage of Greek Beta Code can be found on while offers the original Hebrew and Greek of the Bible for copy and paste into the calculator.

The built in keyboard () displays the values associated with each letter and can also be used to input letters for each system. A brief description of each numbering system and a link to further information can be found by clicking on the help icon (). After calculation the save button will submit a value to be considered for inclusion in the Gematria database.

What Next?

Numbers carry meanings based on the words associated with them, but those meanings are often contradictory and ambiguous. Ultimately the significance assigned to a number will be somewhat personal based on one's beliefs and preconceptions. To get started you can consult Numbers, Symbolism and Properties on this site or another good Gematria reference. Finally, a word of caution. The study of Gematria is interesting and can even be enlightening when studying the Bible, but for daily life it's no substitute for a genuine faith in God and the Savior Jesus Christ.

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Barack Obama

by Anonymous - 9/14/14 5:49 AM
Using the Gematria calculator I typed in "The Beast Barack Obama" and it calculated the phrase as 888. This was calculated using English Sumerian system. Which is odd because many divine names equal to the number 888. Could also mean he is a false God or thinks of himself as greater then God. Another calculation result I used was in the English Sumerian system, it is as follows "The Beast Named Barack Hussein Obama" equals 1680. In the English Gematria system it equals 1414 with the same phrase. If you subtract 1680 - 1414 it equals 666. Also the English Ordinal system calculates the same phrase as 280. Here's another way to count/obtain 666 if we take 1680 and split it into a equation 16-8 = 6. I'm not counting the 0 more of a place holder. Okay now take 1414 use this equation 4 + 4 = 8 (1+1) = 2 (8-2) = 6 and finally 280 8 - 2 = 6 each can be broken down into the number 6 which would be 666 by that process if we counted it in that manner. Daniel chapter 8 is also a good read and I believe it refers to President Obama as being the first beast.

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RE:Barack Obama

by Drayton - 10/10/14 7:32 PM
Spell 40 with a "u", FOURTY

"The Fourty Fourth President" = 2016

On inauguration day 2017, Barack will in his 666 month of life.

RE:Barack Obama

by CAMOFLAJJONES - 10/17/14 1:10 AM

RE: Barack Obama

by Anonymous - 10/20/14 4:22 PM
from what I have been hearing and reading, Obama is not his real name. he changed it before coming to USA. he is not even an American citizen. for what that's worth!!

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this mean

by cory - 10/19/14 9:48 AM
What I also did which seemed a lil odd to me. I spelled eight three eight in the calculator it came up 766 and my name came up 1766!! I also put my biological fathers name in, and my brother!! my dads came up 1361, and my brothers came up 1363. Could you give me any insight on this. Please help!! Also my grandpas came up 2281 and he was a great great person!! When you add them together you get the number 13 and he passed away last november 2013 !!does that mean ANYTHING!!

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this mean

by cory - 10/19/14 9:28 AM
I put my step fathers name in here, and his came up 838 was wondering what that meant. Cause I was very close to him. And loved him dearly!! he was my father figure in my life I never had!! And if you stood him up next to 1000 other men. You would of never thought he would of did, the thing he did!! He took his own life!! With his own gun!! Please help with this!! It's been 20 years now!! And he took his life on the 16 of July of 1994 which seems a little weird with the 2 eights on the outside of the 3!! Please help me understand!!

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This mean

by cory - 10/18/14 3:20 PM
Mine came up as 1766 what does that mean!!

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My name

by Patrice Thomas - 7/31/14 3:23 PM
I want to know what my name mean and ami the because i know i.have a gift of some.kind for as in going into different worlds i think the.devil back alot and i.have encountered.plenty of things happen where the devil.and My God was arguing over me can you please.tell me ...

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RE: My name

by Anonymous - 10/14/14 10:00 PM
Sorry I have munchkin fingers and forgot my whole name broke Ashley vinson I had a calculation of 1750 just wanted knowledge of how that number was produced and what it expresses

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Hidden-Manna Bible Code

by Lamar Tucker - 10/14/14 8:29 PM
Any one using the gematria code copyrighted the Hidden Manna Code should give the Author credit for his work and the Servant who copyrighted it.

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The Anti-Christ

by Against All - 9/26/14 7:13 PM
The anti-christ will come posing as Christ (Matthew 24:24-26, 2nd Thessalonians 2:2-11) I think he will come down in a spaceship. His two main lies will be 1. That he is an alien from outer-space. 2. That he is the Messiah the Jews have been waiting for. The secret of those that worship the devil, is that the devil plans on fooling the world into believing in aliens instead of God, the seeming revelation of the existence of alien life will fully spark the falling away spoken of by Paul, a world-wide disbelief in God because of seeming aliens; leading up to the world-wide killing of those that still believe in God. All the seeming alien contact being really all lies and staged events set up by those who worship the devil.

For this site, i think a point needs to be made, perhaps he will hide his real name (the one that adds up to 666) we know from the Bible that he will take on a name of blasphemy, he will be calling himself Christ/God.

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RE:The Anti-Christ

by Drayton - 10/07/14 10:22 PM
Swirling[666] Formation[666] In The Field's[666]

a=6 , b=12 , c=18...etc.

RE: The Anti-Christ

by Drayton Scott Bonyun = 1590 - 10/07/14 10:47 PM
I really felt I was on to something when I found that,so I went into a little more detail with the sentence.

"Crop Circles Appearing In The Wheat Fields" = [666+1590]

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center of the sun

by Obelisk 666 - 10/07/14 4:10 PM
33.3. 66.6 99.9

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by Drayton Scott Bonyun = 1590 - 9/05/14 9:13 PM
THE FLOOD was 1656yrs from Adam.

(ADAM)*1656yrs 450yrs 666yrs 1590yrs *1656yrs(YEAR 2016)

December Thirty First,Two Thousand Sixteen = [666 + 216 + 2016]

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RE: 2016

by Drayton - 9/09/14 5:02 PM
Jesus was born 483(69wks) years after The 70 Weeks of Years are determined in Daniel 9:24(Bible Verse 22013*), just as The Angel said he would be.

483 : "Four Hundred Eighty Three" = 1584
2014 : "Two Thousand Fourteen" = 1584

One two THREE = 888("Jesus" Greek Numeric Value)

+ four five six seven EIGHT = [483 + 2013*]

+ nine zero = [450+666+2016*]

Daniel 9:27 is Bible Verse 22016*

"The Number Set
one two three four five six seven eight nine zero" = 4032

4032(2016x2) are the years from Adam that Jesus was crucified.

RE: 2016

by Drayton - 9/09/14 5:45 PM
2014 - 483 = 1531

1531 : "One Thousand Five Hundred Thirty One" = 2316

666 + "Six Hundred Sixty Six" = 2316

2316 : "Two Thousand Three Hundred Sixteen" = 2316

RE: 2016

by jouvon - 10/07/14 9:29 AM
Jouvon Michael Kingsby

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Rand Paul

by Carter - 10/06/14 11:31 PM
There is currently 1295 comments for this. If you go to the 777th comment, that's me. I said a while ago, Rand Paul in Greek beta code=666. The number 7 stands out to me a lot. When I decided to put his name in the calculator after reading a thread about him, it came up as 666 on Greek beta code. There is a slight possibility that Rand Paul will be running for president in 2016. His race, if he gets the nomination, would most likely be against Hillary Clinton. This is just a possibility. I'm not saying anything about the guy, but I just found it so odd when I saw that I was the 777th person comment when I figured this out a while ago. See for yourself if you can, comment number 777.

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Rand Paul

by Carter - 10/06/14 10:25 PM
Rand Paul in Greek Beta Code=666

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Mother Earth Spirit Light Ray

by Jesus Lucifer - 9/26/14 2:03 PM
English Sumerian. Jesus444 lucifer444 =888

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by Anjali - 9/17/14 11:54 AM
who call this num 4044 and4041

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by Arjun - 9/17/14 11:50 AM
who call me from +4045

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presidents of the United States

by George W Bush - 9/11/14 11:11 PM
does his name represents 666

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RE: presidents of the United States

by Anonymous - 9/12/14 10:23 AM
No,not in Hebrew or other versions. in Hebrew he is 1354. Same as me.

Prince "Harry Mountbatten Windsor"=666

by Mark Chiswell - 9/10/14 5:45 AM
הארי מאונטבטן וינדזור = 666
Prince "Harry Mountbatten Windsor" = 666 in Hebrew Gematria

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by Drayton - 6/27/14 10:34 AM
There are only 3 way's to write the number 2016 in word's
a=6, b=12, c=18..etc.

Twenty Sixteen = 1218
Two Thousand Sixteen = 1536
Two Zero One Six = 1248

1218+1536+1248 = 2016* + 1986*

In 2016* it will be 1986* year's from The Crucifixion.

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RE: 2016

by Drayton Scott Bonyun = 1590 - 8/31/14 6:52 PM
My Name = 1590 / Born Jan.1/1963 /3:06am

186 + 1590 + 186 = 1962

186 + "One Hundred Eighty Six" = 1590

RE: 2016

by Drayton - 9/02/14 3:26 PM
"The Beast" = 480

"His Number Is Six Hundred Sixty Six" = [666 + 216 + 1590D.S.B]

666-480 = 186

186 + "One Hundred Eighty Six" = 1590 D.S.B.

"Drayton Scott Bonyun, Will Count The Number Of The Beast"

= [1590 D.S.B + 2016]

RE: 2016

by Drayton - 9/02/14 9:07 PM
"Compute The Beast's Number" = 1590 D.S.B

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by kc - 8/31/14 12:43 PM
I want
To if he love me

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by Rob Mort - 8/16/14 5:05 AM
every calculater I've used online has given a different answer. So your working out is nonesense.

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RE: calculations

by Anonymous - 8/16/14 8:30 AM
I like to use my own calculator.
I think your hitting the wrong key's,and you need a little more practice,because calculators don't lie!

decode the bible

by Rob Mort - 8/16/14 5:15 AM
look at the numbers 137. They show up everywhere in the Bible, b1b73, 37616, 137-69. In Matthew Jesus cries out to god and calls him Eli, (flipped 180 it reads) 173. Weather it be 173 137 1379 1379-69 it,s there.

Daniel = dna137? Read it again with this in mind. You will see it.

The Bible is a Gene thesis. 137 is the value needed to tweek an EM field. Email me, talk about how blown my mind is right now, mortype1.

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by Drayton Scott Bonyun=1590 / a=6, b=12, c=18....Z=GOD156 - 7/21/14 10:05 PM
1,234,567,890 Divided by "Six Hundred Sixty Six"
leaves *1590* Remaining

1,234,567,890 Divided by 1590 = 776457x, which is 12345*666*30

"Behold I Tell You A Mystery"= GOD156 + *1590*
"The Wise Will Understand = *1590*

"His Number Is Six Hundred Sixty Six"=2472
measure into 2472 with 666 counted,
666+216 + *1590* = 2472

Count The Number Of The Beast

"The 450 And 666 Code" =*1590*

"The Four,Five,Zero And Six,Six,Six Code
= 2406 = January First Nineteen Sixty Three(My Birth)

One two three=[888]four five six seven EIGHT=JESUS CHRIST906+1590
.....................................OR 483(69WKS,1st Advent)+2013
nine zero = 450+666+2016

"Sixty Nine Week's Of Year's" = GOD156 + *1590*

1590 + One Five Nine Zero = 666 + 2016

Drayton Scott Bonyun
Drayton Bonyun - Scott = 666

Daniel 9:24 is the 22013th Bible Verse
Drayton Scott Bonyun - 924 = 666

Drayton = 582
Five Hundred Eighty Two = 666 + GOD + 666

Ive only shown less than half, but its plenty enough to show God's special design in my name in relation to Rev.13:18, and The Number Set where all number's come from.

Jason being the chosen one(or one of them), yours must be very spectacular!!

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RE: 1,234,567,890

by Drayton - 7/22/14 8:42 PM
WAIT,Correction, Lucifer is found "once" in the Book Of Isaiah 14:12, and the NIV twisted this verse and omitted the name Lucifer, and called him the same title given to JESUS, "THE MORNING STAR", so if your using an NIV Bible, toss it away and get yourself a KJV Bible, because this is a very serious error!

RE: 1,234,567,890

by Drayton - 7/29/14 12:05 PM
one two three = (888) four five six seven EIGHT = (J.C.906+1590)
nine zero = (3132)

3132 Dvided into 1,234,567,890 = 394,178x, Rmdr. 2394

3132 + 2394 =[1590+1680+666+1590]
Drayton Scott Bonyun+Count The Number Of The Beast+666+Drayton Scott Bonyun

RE: 1,234,567,890

by Drayton Scott Bonyun 1590 - 8/14/14 8:57 PM
Rev.13:18 /One Thousand Three Hundred Eighteen = [6+6+6 +2016]
D.S.B.1590 / One Thousand Five Hundred Ninety = [6+6+6 +2016]

One Thousand Three Eighteen = [1590]
One Thousand Five Ninety = [1590]

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by Jason Kiser - 11/19/13 10:58 AM
February 22, 1732 + July 04, 1776 = (167) + (165) = (332) = The Great Seal of the United States! Trinity Broadcasting Network = (334)... + (332) = 666. The TBN symbol on the floor of their studio looks like a pyramid!

The phone number that is always at the left hand bottom of the television screen is 1-888-731-1000 = (1) + (731) + (1000) = 1732... the year of Washington's birth!

(888) + (888) = (1776)... the year of America's birth! Barack Hussein Obama II + Honolulu, Hawaii = (334) = Trinity Broadcasting Network = The Virgin Mary + The Catholic Church!!! The Image of the Beast = The Virgin Mary!

George Washington | Barack Hussein Obama II | Seal of Solomon | The Illuminati. (187) + (165) + (161) + (153) = 666!!!

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by Anonymous - 12/03/13 3:02 AM
This whole web site is deceived and practices in the occult to come up with this bull.

RE: T.B.N.

by Jason Kiser - 12/03/13 11:25 AM
Hollywood, California = (217) = Adolf Hitler's Bloodline = Psychological Warfare... which is taking place now in D.C., and through the media!
New York | September 11, 2001 | Osama Bin Laden | End of Days. (111) + (135) + (110) + (93) = 666! New York + September 11, 2001 = (246) = Christian Persecution!

End of Days = (93) = 1776... The height of the new Tower! One World Trade Center | 1776 | The King of Terror | Barack Hussein Obama II. (219) + (93) + (189) + (165) = 666. The King of Terror = (189) = King Nebuchadnezzar = John Forbes Kerry... the S.O.S., and a Skull & Bones member.
George Walker Bush + BONESMEN = (177) + (87) = (264) = William Jefferson Clinton = The Antichrist President!

It is strange that when typing the word " BONESMEN"... it automatically capitalizes all the letters!


by Kamara bayuo - 8/13/14 3:09 AM
I love ur ministry so much .....Pary dat God bless each and everyone the ministry

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It happens in 3's

by Anonymous - 8/01/14 4:50 PM

three sevens=777? Jackpot in "sin city?" My birthday is September 12th 1987 and my name adds up to 246? I also have a peculiar mark on my right hand that I see no one else has! Is there such thing as the mark/seal of God? It has seven stitches in it and I got it when I was three years old. It also looks like one of the slashes off the monster energy drink (but only one of them) and I got it by putting my hand in a coffee can when I was three years old and the daycare didn't check the serrated edge and it was sharp and dug into my skin lining up in-between my index finger and thumb! My name is Kevin Matthew Zevely which means.... Kevin in Irish meaning handsome at birth, Matthew is Hebrew meaning gift from god, and Zevely is a derivative from Zevel meaning garbage in Hebrew, because Hebrews were treated like slaves or garbage!? I view 123 as The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost,4 being... more...

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RE: It happens in 3's

by someone - 8/12/14 9:18 PM
The slash of the monster drink is actually 3 numbers maybe Hebrew but the line each are a 6.


by Anonymous - 8/11/14 12:52 PM
English Gematria > Enter "Pope is Satan"

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RE: Pope

by Drayton - 8/11/14 2:55 PM
Using increments of 6, the total is 666+144. After Rev.13:18, the next 144 verses are marked at first verse(14:1), and last verse(21:17), with the words "One Hundred Forty Four" or "An Hundred and Forty and Four" . 144 cubit's is 216 feet(6x6x6)

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hi just want to know

by kishore Singh my number 466 - 8/07/14 3:16 PM

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