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10, divine order of God

by margco lee - 12/18/13 11:09 AM
thanks so much for Biblical teaching of number 10. I saw the vision of the cross recently, surrounded by the Chinese people. Yes the cross symbolize number 10 in Chinese writing (I am Chinese) The Lord had shown me several visions of number 10. He reminded me of a very important event, a possible big earthquake/tsunami will take place in the West Coast during October, 2014. God bless.
Margco Lee

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RE: 10, divine order of God

by 9to10? - 4/15/14 12:41 AM
Interesting, i didn't do it purposely, but apparently my post was posted at a time that adds up to 10.

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by tessa - 7/29/12 3:40 AM
this number appears on th digital clock,
it draws me 2 it

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by Jakazia Means - 10/29/13 7:21 AM
i can see sprits

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by Jakazia Means - 10/29/13 7:20 AM
Soooo holy

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Dimes and the Divine

by Cecelia Hart - 8/21/12 8:51 AM
I would find the odd change now and again in the THEATER where I work. I have this Psychic gift that I have kept secret for many years. I Just this year decide it was time to use it to help others.
Upon accepting what I had to offer my world open up to me in so many ways.It was like the Divine spirits and His and Her Angels filled me up with everlasting joy.I now find Dimes on a regular basis.More so then any other coin and in weird places. I take this as a sign of good changes to come and to continue to have faith in myself and the messages I receive.

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RE: Dimes and the Divine

by Rambo Ryan - 9/05/13 8:31 PM
My friend I would simply equate this matter to the truth that a Holy and Living God will one day judge all men according to the ten commandments.Please be cautious in your findings...they would be very deceptive if the opposite were to be absolutely true.

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by angie - 9/16/12 6:31 PM
i have been finding dimes everywhere...not nickles..not pennies,,not quarters...dimes...and there has been alot of activity in my house,,,more than you think someone is trying to tell me something?...and if so,,,what ?..xoxo

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by Rambo Ryan - 9/05/13 8:24 PM
I would go with the Ten Commandments if I were you. IF ... Just if the bible is true and God were to judge sinners by the ten commandments we will be found guilty. If this means anything to anyone we will be needing a miracle to escape the wrath which is to follow the conviction. Good news is that the Lord Jesus Christ took our sins upon himself and paid the penalty for our sin that we might spend eternity in heaven with our wonderful creator. I wonder if you'd place your faith in Jesus Christ and escape Gods wrath of an eternal devils hell.

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number 10

by justin maharaj - 11/20/12 4:24 PM
I grew up at 10 old brook road my bday is 10/10/1991 the first letter in my name "j " is the 10th letter when I turned 19 it was 10/10/10 it has always been a prevailent factor in my life my lire path number is 22 everything else is 4

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RE: number 10

by Rambo Ryan - 9/05/13 8:16 PM
I broke a vow made on 10-10-10 and was released from prison where I slept on bunk 19...Just sayin'


by LeeT - 1/14/13 1:26 PM
Today in the span of one hour: I found a $10 US bill outside in the garbage bin, then found a dime at the corner of our street, then won $10 on a scratch ticket. Can anyone enlighten me please to the meaning of multiple tens? or does anyone have any more information on the significance of the number 10? What is the Universe trying to tell me?

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Re: tens

by Rambo Ryan - 9/05/13 8:13 PM
It\'s merely a coincidence this has taken place... or is it? I made a commitment to God to stop abusing alcohol and drugs on october tenth of 2010...10-10-10...broke the vow and ended up catching a violent charge on 10-27-10 while under the influence of alcohol and xanax and pot which ended up costing me a 40 month prison sentence in the state of florida. all i can say is examine your life and make sure your flying straight.


by Lee - 1/14/13 1:27 PM
PS forgot to mention that I was born in the 10th month (October)!

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Re: tesn

by Rambo Ryan - 9/05/13 8:04 PM
Does Ezekiel 10:10 mean anything to you?


by nathaniel - 8/12/13 10:33 PM
I was born 10 10 1993 I have been a foster youth since I was 3

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Re: 10

by Rambo Ryan - 9/05/13 8:00 PM
I hope it doesn't offend you to tell you that God is Father to the fatherless and though you feel like you have no one to turn to in life's unfair crises, you can always find a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle and cry your eyes out to a living God in heaven who will by no wise despise your cries. Best wishes friend...

my birth day

by Norah - 8/25/13 1:20 AM
I'm no 10 in my family ,born on the 10th day of the 10th month in the 10s of d year. Can u tell me what am i ?

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RE: my birth day

by Rambo Ryan - 9/05/13 7:33 PM
Your Birthday has incredible significance of which I don't know how to explain. But If you will notice 10-10 shows up everywhere for some reason. Could this be the numerical fingerprint of the living God who wants to guide and direct your life in a very specific course. Why is it that in most every advertisement for a watch or cell phone, the time is defaulted to read 10:10. I would encourage you to read John 10:10 and then go from there. Best wishes to you. May you discover a truth that will bring you a new purpose in life and motivate you to make the most of every minute of every hour of your precious life.


by Rs420 - 8/19/13 10:24 AM
My birthday is dec 10th

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number 10

by dasy - 5/01/13 9:59 PM
I was born 1/10/ 87 dose this mean anything?

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My girl

by Yah ghes deonh weh - 4/29/12 2:46 AM
My girl was born 10/10/10

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RE: My girl

by Anonymous - 11/20/12 4:25 PM
I turned 19 that day lol

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by chantelle - 10/28/12 2:03 AM
this did not give much iformation

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RE: 10

by Anonymous - 10/28/12 2:04 AM

10-10 is the date in the Bible for the apocalypse

by AntiLie Guy - 5/17/10 9:09 AM
10-10-09 appears at least four times in the Bible as the date of Armageddon. Two of the references state the "ninth year of his (invading king) reign" and this year (2010) is the 9th year of Vladimir Putin's reign and he is the one who has gathered the nations together to destroy America (the Mountains of Israel in Ezekiel). It will happen the same day as the next false flag (using the nuke the neocons stole in 07) to invade Iran. It will be 10-10-10. You can know it is now by all the chemtrails sprayed every day to hide the sign in the heavens, Planet X, which is causing all the seismic and volcanic activity.

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RE: 10-10 is the date in the Bible for the apocalypse

by 123 - 8/14/12 5:32 PM

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Im a Twin

by Gemini - 8/06/12 6:38 AM
so i was born 5/26/94,but im a twin. 5+5=10 2+6=8 and 94+94=188 which is a number that has been linked to the return of Christ....i even tried 94-26=163 and 1+7+3=10.....All i know is people keep telling me im special,but i dont know why,all i know now is im good with words and poetry

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RE: Im a Twin

by Anonymous - 8/06/12 6:45 AM
typo i meant 1+6+3=10 and i just checked the clock and it said 7:43......What is this man im scared. 7+4=11 11-3=8


by Lisa - 3/22/10 8:31 AM
I have been finding dimes everywhere for the past few months and just the other day I found a $10 bill just laying on the ground. I had been going back and forth from the house to the front drive carrying things in and out and thought that I had dropped it but when i looked in my purse my ten was still there, so it wasn't mine and no one else had been out there...strange. And I still keep finding dimes. I just thought it might mean something so I googled and found this site and read where so many people are also finding dimes. what can it mean?

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RE: dimes/10

by mmeeoomy - 6/06/12 7:53 AM
I also have been finding dimes for years. I have been searching for a meaning or explanation to this. Today I found one in my bra drawer. Lol. Way to strange.

RE: dimes/10

by L.G. - 7/02/12 9:54 AM
I went through a period of finding dimes last year, always found 3 dimes within a 24 hour period. This happened for about 3 months. Found them 3 times a week¡ I am a Christian and I thought this strange occurrence must have meaning, so I sought God for an answer. The only answer I received from the Lord was change was coming, I was laid off from my job of 6.5 years, then had to quit college, and my strained relationship with my husband changed for the better. Haven't found dines since then!

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by L.G. - 7/02/12 9:31 AM
1 represents God, one and only true God, 0 represents no other Gods equal to the Almighty

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by Set - 6/20/12 7:07 AM

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Well check this out yall.

by anthony - 12/22/10 1:22 PM
This is weird.I wuz born on tha 10th of oct(tenth month=10)tha year 1973.1=9=10/3+7=10.Thats 10 10 10 10 and not only that Im now 37 and add that(3+7=10)Thats 10 10 10 10 10.AND THATS NOT INCLUDIN WHATEVER I DONT KNOW AS OF YET.iM A SUPER STRONG FORCE TO B RECKON.PRAISE JAH

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RE: Well check this out yall.

by Ria - 6/08/12 11:21 PM
I was born on 10/10/91 at 10.19am... I wanted to become a doc since im a kid... Went to med school on 2010... My name was on 100th in the student list... In small group discussion again my name was on 10th in the list.... There he students allowed to stay in a hostel n my room number was 10... After a year had to move and found a new place to stay... Found one... And after a week later i get to know tht the building number is 28(2+8=10)... I hv no idea y there is so much of ten in my life... Does it mean something???? I never planned any of this... I never Planned any of these!!!

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by jesse - 6/01/11 5:34 PM
if god is real why do i work at a dead end job full of rude people and tell me why should i keep praising himn plz tell me ill be amused how u can convince me

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RE: why

by Anonymous - 12/15/11 1:44 PM
I should of died ten times in my life, I should of been born, I was told to my parents I was a miss carriage twice, after my mom was in labor with me for 20 hours I was to be pronounced dead only to be breathing later, I then got in a car crash where we floors over several times only to walkout with a scratch, I then was told I have a heart condition called WPW (wolf parkison white) where I was a one in a billion case because of how severe my case was, I should of been dead for all m life, I was 14 and I needed immediate surgical procedure or else I would have go into cardiac arrest, which I was but I prayed to god if I am to die then make it quick, I somehow escaped out of cardiac arrest before I hit the ground because I fainted, ive had ambulances called before because I thought I was having a heart attack. Which I kinda was. But I wa always told I was to young and nothing was wrong with me. It's all in my head when all my life I had suffered from it, but then a small clinic was able to see it. So how can... more...

RE: why

by Anonymous - 6/01/12 7:29 AM
God put you there because he knows you can handle it. Also you are there to help those you are around. Not to Judge them but to build them up in Love and Fine Works. Life is a test, its not were he put you that matters its how you handle it. He is watching, Make him proud.

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by William V - 5/19/12 2:39 AM
Togarmah, son of Gomer, Son of Japheth, son of Noah also had 10 sons.

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Devine Creation

by R. J. R - 3/06/12 7:44 PM
I Thank God for this opetunity to let Me take My proper place in Space ,Spirot & Number My numbers being 10,10,10 on Sunday,Oct 10 th, in the 7,th day of the month . How great of a blesing can there be,That was the greatedt of all.I have another great blesing instore as well. I believe very much so that Darwin fell short in Hi search for Sience, as well as His Quest for Soul,s Salvation . I can prove Devine Creation & the fact that God is the "ROOT OF LIFE" . Let no man Sell Me Short For the Day of the Lord is Truly at Hand,I have moor to bring to the Tables of Man Kind ,

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by prince - 1/03/12 4:46 AM
I'm also born on October 10th 1986 . I notice alot of people are also Oct 10. Even though this page is referring to the number 10.

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by tammie - 12/29/11 9:25 PM
My birth is Jan. 3 1986 it equal 10 /1. My time of birth is 10: 06 a.m.
I been researching , i want to know more about 10 and the research i found, show some relations to the number 6 = connecting to tiphereth.

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