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Hotel Management

by Narayan Chaudhary - 1/13/18 4:12 AM
Horizen college

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11, 11000, 1100.00

by Scott Elam - 5/04/16 2:56 PM
I saw the number 11, 11000, 1100.00 in a dream recently. This number, in my dream was the number on a check that my wife and I were looking directly at and discussing how best to manage this sum of money we had recently obtained. I interpreted this figure to be eleven million, eleven thousand and eleven hundred dollars.

In the dream, my wife and I were contemplating how best to spend this money on landscaping and driveways as well as fencing and such with regard to our new home that was clearly visible in the dream. My wife and mother were part of this conversation in the dream.

Then, the dream moved to another to speak. There, I was flying/floating through the air looking desperately for something I needed to find. At which point, I made contact with a commercial type airplane being piloted by an alien being who was plainly visible through the front windows of the cockpit. Beyond the alien pilot, I could see a small disk shaped object with an orange glow about it. It had smaller blinking lights... more...

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RE: 11, 11000, 1100.00

by Ashley Fantelle - 11/10/17 10:25 PM
Hey did you win some money?

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how do i feel about

by ana - 11/21/10 10:56 PM
im also number 11 ,,,and im very very lucky person i also do see number 11 quiet often but i ignore it(its sth special)..i just wonder whats the life of others eleven's are you lucky.unproblematic,master of peace ,intelligent ,happy ....Whats your eleven??
i was born 26 .07 .1985. all the best.

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RE: how do i feel about

by Kristina - 2/22/14 9:23 PM
I'm an eleven 02061992 I'm lost most of the time and constantly looking for insight.. I feel like something great is upon me but I'm scared because i feel as id I'm not worthy of something great or to die and feel like i was crazy because i did nothing great and all those years i thought i would.... Idk... Any advice?

RE: how do i feel about

by Anonymous - 11/02/17 3:52 PM

RE: how do i feel about

by Anonymous - 11/02/17 3:53 PM

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by Georgia - 10/17/17 11:22 PM
How close you guys, and in the comments look at these numbers and notice 11 everywhere as signs when its most likely coincidence. Amazes me. When its 11:11pm I make a wish. The time 11:11 is like wishing on a shooting star. With this logic all numbers that can mathematically end up in 66 or 6 or 666 seem to be these "signs" So the numbers are evil? I don't understand what point there is in investigating things as if they are signs from god. Its just a number.

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11 means resurrection in the NT

by Netan'el - 7/11/13 5:23 PM
The meaning of the number 11 in the NT is RESURRECTION.

There were 11 disciples who witnessed the resurrection from the 1st day till the 40th day. Judas was dead and Matthias was not chosen yet. Again and again they are mentioned as the Eleven.

Lazarus was resurrected in John 11. Our heroes in faith are described in Hebrews 11, waiting for a better resurrection. The Two Witnesses are resurrected in Revelation 11, verse 11.

There are 66 books in the Bible, 6 times 11. 6 is the number of man and 11 is the number of the resurrection. The Bible is the book about the death and resurrection (11) of the Son of man (6). If man (6) believes in this sacrifice, he will live again in the resurrection (11).

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RE: 11 means resurrection in the NT

by Anonymous - 10/09/17 3:19 AM
I just had to say that from all the explanations that I have read for this 11 thing I found this explanation of Resurrection as the most wonderful and the only one that I think and hope is true. It gives me hope. Thank you for that.

Number 11 and 3 pennies a day.

by Jenn - 6/20/11 11:21 AM
For 3 months now almost every time I look at the clock it reads 11:11, 2:11 5:11,7:11,9:11 and so on all day everyday and my receipts from the store are $11:11 and for the past week I have been finding 3 pennies on the floor, didn't think much of it at first but I no longer find it a coincidence. I have done some research on the internet and can find no clear answer apparently it can be good or bad, I feel it's a message but don't know what yet, I've read everything meaning your a light worker to only 11 is used in the bible when bad things happen. However I'm leaning on the brighter side Jesus Christ is 11 letters so is God almighty, Jesus is life and it keeps going. Still trying to figure out why I keep seeing 11 and now pennies

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RE:Number 11 and 3 pennies a day.

by richard - 12/04/16 1:58 AM
i had a dream last night when am in a church and the Pastor's wife was writing all who have attended giving them numbers and she reached me and told me that we already know your number is 11 but i was hiding in one of the member of the church for the Pastor not to see me . what does this dream mean ?

RE: Number 11 and 3 pennies a day.

by Anonymous - 10/08/17 9:39 AM
Romans 2:11, Hebrews 3:11, Psalm 7:11. God is angry with the wicked every day. Proverbs 11:11. These are not good numbers you fools.

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by hain - 6/15/12 3:27 PM
"lucifer" in the English Gematria system equals 443, which reduces to 11

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by Anonymous - 7/18/17 1:28 AM
This is going to sound crazy, but when I check time, there is almost always an eleven. Its like something makes me check the time and if its eleven, I have a bad day. Am I just being superstitious? Its only recently that I've noticed that I'm constantly seeing the number. So I want to know if it really is bad luck

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Dark path

by Anonymous - 10/30/16 4:14 PM
13-6-1990 and my life path is 11 but due to my 13-6th of the year 1990 i had many dark experiences so to say..

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Need explanation

by Jean - 3/04/16 11:37 AM
My life path is 11, 01-25-1974, why eversince i never see number 11 like those person have life pth number? Instead i always've seen ghosts or apparitions everywhere and also i always dream about the places or houses i am going to move in to... and in these dreams ghosts are always present. When I turned 37, my children started seeing ghosts in our house too...

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RE:Need explanation

by Debra - 10/20/16 11:35 AM
Meaning of Scorpion, 10.28.1951 & Sagittarius; 12.19.1955 hour born 5:47pm.

RE: Need explanation

by Anonymous - 10/28/16 8:02 PM
I'm 1-24-74 and see 11's 22 33 44 55

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by bbbbbbbbbbbbb - 2/19/11 11:34 PM
i love the number 11

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by Anonymous - 8/25/15 2:50 PM
I seeing changes all the time and learning to recognize them asap. The 11 has been showing up regularly in my life & affairs in the last 3 wks. It's been AMAZING!!!

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Disobey rules

by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:15 AM
My favorite - bypass the laws and rules. Sort of hack/cheat.

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12/21/12 & 11:11 & 333 & 111 continued

by Brandi Anne Jones - 1/22/11 6:45 PM
Gain salvation through Jesus Christ. The End Is Near! God is Love & Pure Light! Please spread this message to the world! Its more important than anything else you do. The Bible tells us so. God Bless You All! TRANSFORMATION

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RE: 12/21/12 & 11:11 & 333 & 111 continued

by Robin - 1/13/14 8:20 AM
Thank you for your post... As I read it so long after you posted it. Where did your get your information? I do believe seeing 11's or repeated numbers is a God prompt. Just wondering if you can send me to the source of your info.

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by todd - 11/10/13 12:13 AM
Using numerology:
Jesus=11 total, 8 vowels, 3 consonants
Lucifer= 11 total, 8 vowels, 3 consonants
Interesting coincidence, can only speculate on the significance of the connection

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by Anonymous - 6/26/10 10:36 AM
The source of the sacred light code 11 is the word light. Why light because everything is of light, since the beginning of creation. L = 3, i = 9, g = 7, h = 8, t = 2 this spells light = 29/11. Most people see numbers as just numbers whereas I see numbers as Light Codes. Each number as in 1 to 9 has a light code meaning. There are also numbers that I refer to as higher light codes but the base of each of these higher light codes is 11 the code that is of light that gives symbolically light to all the numbers from 1 to 9. For example:

1x11 = 11
2x11 = 22
3x11 = 33
4x11 = 44
5x11 = 55
6x11 = 66
7x11 = 77
8x11 = 88
9x11 = 99

The light code 9/11 is saying 9x11 = 99/18/9 the number of completion. When is this completion going to take place? It Is written in the Mayan calender. The Mayans live on Turtle Island that stretches from the tip of South America all the way up to Greenland and Iceland and covers all Islands as well. The Mayan calender will come to completion on 12/21/12 which is 333 = 9 at... more...

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by 11 letters in name. aka lucifer - 1/17/13 9:08 AM
Im trying to illuminate others but most like the dark side. Birth date 6-1-??=11 gem1n1= twins= 11'

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Seeing the number 11

by Bernadine Barajas - 11/29/12 4:39 PM
In 2005 I starting seeing the same stuff. I would wake up in the night at 1:11 2:11 5:11 and so on. The it started on my bills reciepts licene plates in front of me, it started scary me then my whole family starting seeing it too! Now i wasn't the only crazy one we all were.My son Joseph was in prison for a dui I prayed all the time for a sign. I believe now that it was a sign of FAITH and also that i should have filled a rule 11~Look up hebrew11:1 read what it means!

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by Anonymous - 11/01/12 1:40 PM
Jesus name in numerology is 11 which makes him a spiritual builder

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by 123 - 8/07/12 4:54 PM

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1:11, 2:11, 9:11, 11:11

by Anonymous - 2/21/11 5:16 PM
I had a near fatal bike crash on 2/11/2000. Past few years I have been seeing this number on clocks, cell phones, either that or 9:11, like every day, hating it because they both reminds me of impending doom. Lately, though, I've been seeing a lot of 11:11, a few 7:11, 10:11. On 1/4/11, I was reading through Ephesians, the 1st chapter. I memorized a particular verse for no apparent reason, wrote it down, and threw it on the table beside me, where the sunlight shone on it. I later realized it was Ephesians 1:11!! and here it was the beginning of'11, 2011! A definite epiphany for me. But what do I know? nothing. I'm still trying to figure out what it all means

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RE:1:11, 2:11, 9:11, 11:11

by Karen - 4/21/12 11:27 PM
Its happening to me too... unless its happening to you you dont understand.

RE: 1:11, 2:11, 9:11, 11:11

by 123 - 7/28/12 6:26 PM

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by ron - 2/02/11 12:32 AM
i was born on 11/11/1948, see 11's all the time, this year my birthday will bo on 11/11/11, i am lost on the meaning of all this

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RE: 11

by Anonymous - 5/05/12 7:44 AM
Note the code the top of the page 117 11 11.

RE: 11

by Anonymous - 5/05/12 7:46 AM
Since my last entry it changed to 118 and will change to 119. This has to do with Psalms 117 and 119 in the KJV of the Holy Bible. I will explain later. If you so chose.

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a question of predestination

by Anonymous - 4/17/12 11:32 PM
my birth date is 6/20/1992=11
things are happening
my name is trevor amadeus maldonado=22

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Life path 1 Expression 1 Soul urge 1

by Daniel Thomas Crawley - 1/12/12 10:35 PM
Hah i think im the one who sparked this whole debate on this page here about numerology and crowley and such. i hadnt checked this page in awhile, unfortunately i missed the comments referring to my posts. Michael seems to be quite a wise fellow (one with that name would prove to be) because as we learn in numerology your name is an important detail in your fate. look into my names, "daniel" "thomas" and "Crawley" Aside from the obvious crowley connection daniel and thomas are both figures in the bible, on opposite sides of each other, i believe. i know who i am, and i had that KNOWLEDGE for a long time, it wasnt until i learned about true WISDOM which is Knowledge applied to your problem or question or concern. But i digress, this post has continued for too long. ill write more tomorrow.

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RE: Life path 1 Expression 1 Soul urge 1

by Anonymous - 1/18/12 2:15 AM
The debate is over. Has been for sometime now. It is either acceptance or denial.

Wow. Lindsey. I agree.

by Choice - 9/14/10 2:03 PM
I have been on an androgynous kick for several years now. God is the omniscient, and I have always sensed God as male/female. I told the pastor one day that I thought Jesus was androgynous. I didn't go back to church after that. I also had suggested how we should be familiar with other religions so we could better understand things. They didn't like that. I'm open minded, but also, skeptical. When I recently read that the Scottish Episcopalian church acknowledge God as F/M I had a vison from my past. I sense what's coming, but not exactly when. So I keep journals. I write to see the future in my writings. Not that I'm always good at it, but I'm getting better as I get more comfortable with it. I'm not afraid now. I just don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm lost with it, and seeking my purpose and I'm getting frustrated. lol


I have had a bad feeling with the Republican movement. I really don't like party labels, but I came froma Republican background and I have never... more...

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RE: Wow. Lindsey. I agree.

by Anonymous - 11/28/11 9:05 AM
Look at the republican party emblem on the back of an elephant it is the same emblem as the american pentagon.

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11/11/11 11:11:11

by Brianna - 1/20/11 9:37 AM
I just came across this. Very interesting. When I was 14 or so I really got attached to the number 11 11 and through all my teenage life just really held onto it. I met my husband when I was 17 and found out that 11:11 was something he had going on in his life too. When he was younger his mom set his clock so that when it was bed time it said 11:11, he called it four stickies. When we met that was something we discussed how cool it was to have that in common. That was 13 years ago. I have been looking forward to 2011 since 1994. We became Christians 4 1/2 years ago. So now I wonder why 1111 has been significant. I see it all the time on the clock, I am wondering if God has made it so profound for a reason in my life. I guess we will have to see. I just wanted to share this with someone who see 11 in some of the same ways I do. I am looking forward to November 11th 2011 at 11:11:11, for one second it will be all ones across the board, I can't wait.

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RE: 11/11/11 11:11:11

by Anonymous - 11/23/11 3:37 PM
Read the above post. Its my response to yours

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by kathryn - 11/23/11 3:36 PM
The number 11:11 means soulmate, or twin flame. Sounds like you found your soulmate since he also has 11:11 going on in his life.

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by brandice - 7/23/11 4:07 AM
i was also the 101 comment here

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RE: 101

by Anonymous - 11/12/11 1:31 AM
Aleister Crowley is not the answer