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I am the 111

by Anas - 3/28/14 12:22 PM
Is that real ?? that 111 means my name (Anas) ... i got that from arabic numérologie ..

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RE: A call to come together

by by colleen3/22/14 - 3/23/14 3:27 PM
another 111 comment maybe just maybe we are all coming together for one very special reason we are all becoming more aware of something happening larger than ourselves

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A call to come together

by One of the 111ers :) - 2/14/11 12:49 AM
Hello All!
Could this possibly be a way to gather us all together? All of the people who see 111?
I have noticed many faiths and many beliefs.
What could it mean?
I've been seeing this number for 10 years now. At first it was funny. Then, the more it happened, the less of a coincidence it became, and I became frightened...afraid to look at anything with a number on it.. it was just too freaky.
Finally, I've come to the point of "whatever". I have all but given up on what it means. I knew there were others out there with the same experience. I've spent a long time reading all these posts.. and just as I thought, no one knows. No one truly understands the significance of this.
Maybe we should find a way to get together and combine our thoughts? Maybe that's what we should do? Hey, I don't know.. it seems like just as good of an answer as the rest! :)

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RE: A call to come together

by Derek - 3/12/13 11:38 AM
I`m not a religious person, but i have had this number follow me and has made its presence clear to me in a physical form. Not just in seeing it but things happening around me. like objects that have sat on a shelf for ages suddenly falling off or devices turning on or off. I have even had my name called when there is no one to call it.

RE:A call to come together

by dhea philippines - 3/19/14 1:05 AM
I am so confused ..thats why im searching for the meaning of,i just read all the meaning.seeing this number started just this year.almost 3 months til now .in my phone,in the clock and in my dreams.i dont know why.

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by Bobbi - 11/12/12 3:02 PM
Several years ago, before I knew about numbers connected to Scripture,(my husband and I had gotten away from our spiritual upbringings, he a Catholic, me a Protestant) and we were living for the good things of the world. We already had a nice home, but we wanted to live in a prestigious area. We bought a luxury condo, and the house number just happened to be 111.

From the very beginning, living there was a nightmare! Any and everything that could go wrong did. When we tried to sell it(my husband got transferred to a job 80 miles away )it just wouldn't sell, though, it was a very good market, and other condos in our neighborhood sold in a flash. Finally after 1 year and 8 days it sold. By then we were frazzled, nearly broke, and didn't make a dime in equity after living there 31/2 years.

I now know about God's numbers (we are devout Catholics)and I am always attuned to something odd. For months now the Lord has been showing me 111 but mostly 11:11. It was EVERYWHERE! The Holy Spirit told me it was a... more...

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RE: 11:11

by Anonymous - 1/22/14 10:30 AM
Amen Sista

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by Anonymous - 12/12/12 4:05 PM
hi i keep seeing 11,11 all the time . its freeky but i was born on the 11,11,1975 at 11 oclock do you think this has meaning ?

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RE: 1111

by Anonymous - 1/10/14 10:12 AM
Just look at the date you posted. 12/12/12.
I noticed 12.12 at first everywhere, then 1.11 followed, 11.11 and 10.10. This all started for me in 2012. So I typed these numbers into Google and it came up with enzymes responsible for DNA change in the human body. The enzymes have names but are given these numbers.


by Steven Forde - 4/09/13 4:12 PM
Hi I have been seeing 111 for years out of interest I added my birth date 1959 to my age 54 So 54+59=111 and I done the same with my wife's date of birth and her age 1964 so 64+49=111 Been seeing 111 for so long I am not surprised greatly now but I sure am curious

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RE: 111

by Anonymous - 12/24/13 5:48 AM
How does adding your date of birth 1959 to age 54 =111 :-( confused m8 ( 59+ 54= 113 ) so did the wife's NOT 111 do the maths and check!!! Soo please give us a explanation which is correct FANX

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keep searching

by Anonymous - 12/05/13 2:17 AM
No one actually knows what the meaning of 111 is... but i do know most of us are kind spirited individuals, So I'm going to say we should all continue to spread goodness in our environments, no matter how much bad is around us. Life is what you make it... peace.

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by Mercy - 10/19/13 10:09 AM
Mother born 6-18-55, Father born 9-11-50, youngest daughter born 1-11-81, youngest granddaughters born (twins) 6-11-2008, twins born in room 111 FBIC (Firm Believer In Christ)

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The meaning of 111

by Brian Nelson - 10/11/13 9:40 AM
check out my video "what does 111 mean", for me I saw it in a book "God's Greatest Hits" ... "I am Alpha and Omega" Rev 1:11 in NKJV ... God Bless ...

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by jose - 9/18/13 2:54 AM
I was drein of books then jesus pic and the #111 apears as I felt somthing chokin me at the same time....

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by Hooman Nasseri - 8/08/13 2:58 AM
I am trying to write a book about the meaning of no.111 . I've had to many experiences about this no. And it will be so interesting . I should say , all of the comments about no.111 here are true !!!
This is the Goal of our life !!!
God bless

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1:11 & 11:11

by Cendy - 7/29/13 5:00 PM
I have seen both these numbers all my life and have been blessed with many gifts.
These two numbers represents fulfillment to me. Rest.

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Angel gabriel

by pedro - 4/28/13 8:42 PM
i woke up one night with a big deep voice talking to me out loud and exited as if a long distant relative would of found me in an airport it told me to practice my music and to go to my native country that i should continue on my mission to get baptized as a Jehovah witness I been through a lot but way before this happened a man in the bus station told me he was GABRIEL since then the numbers have not stopped im still singing and writing and rapping and drawing and painting and i get random inspiration i suggest all you to find real truth in christianity they might not believe you as they did not believe in jesus but as long as your serving a purpose that serves gods purpose that you have come to understand then you are in the right path im not saying i will get recognition for my works but guidance will assure treasures in heavens part of the 144,thousand

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The number 111

by bonnie - 1/21/13 2:54 PM
every where I go,this number is there. On the express way, in stores, on the tv, on the computer etc...
What does it MEAN?

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RE: The number 111

by Anonymous - 4/23/13 7:36 AM
both hebrews 1:11, AND 11:1 are comforting verses for those chased by 111.

My birthday is 1/11 and my son's is 11/11 - are we doomed??

by Evan's Dad - 9/12/10 10:54 PM
This next year will be pretty interesting! On 1/11/11, I'll be 49 yrs. old and on 11/11/11, my son turns 4. Good times. BTW, I see 11:11 way too often on my iPhone.

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RE: My birthday is 1/11 and my son's is 11/11 - are we doomed??

by Anonymous - 4/17/13 5:09 AM
I hope are all ok. I just read numerology. One physic said it meant the angels are telling us to focus and not be stressed on life. That our soul is almost done here . I did not like reading that. After reading all these comments, I feel much better. I have been seeing 111 almost every day for 40 years. I grew up in a home with a 111 address. Rode a 111 bus to school. my son in 111 hospital room. Tooo many things to mention. Maybe we are all special.


by Uriva Palme - 4/14/13 2:48 PM
Hello! I am born on 01.11.1*** ... anyone knows any meaning of this? im getting more and more curious about this.

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Rist Watch

by Kelly M. - 7/29/12 7:13 PM
The battery in one of my old second hand rist watched stopped working at 1:11

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My Interpretation

by Azhiaziam - 3/15/13 6:53 PM
Do Not Let Those Numbers Fool You. It is not god, i promise you. They are demons disguised as god. The people that run this world behind the scenes use 11 to mark their destruction. The number has power behind it, dark mystical power. It is a sign that you are being lead in directions and that you are being watched. Here are some things that go with the number 11. "eleven 1. Number of incompleteness, disorganization, disintegration, one beyond ten yet one short of twelve (Gen. 32:22; Deut 1:2; Matt. 20:6); a. Eleven sons (Gen. 35:16,18; 37:9); b. Goat's hair, sin offering (Exod. 26:7); c. The eleventh "little horn" (Dan. 7). 2. Number of lawlessness, disorder, the Antichrist."


by Nevele Ghost - 5/21/12 10:05 AM
Hebrews 11:1 is what I came to believe it meant.

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RE: Hebrews11:1

by Walter - 3/10/13 10:24 PM
Me too

111 and1111

by DB - 3/04/13 1:50 AM
I and my 35 year old son have been seeing these numbers everywhere for the past year and 1/2. I pray all the time to jesus and God. this is what I found out for my own purpose. I would say to myself every nite after prayer, the word "Remember" over and over again until one morning at 1:11 I had awakened to the memory of what my mission is and that is to finish my book about Jesus and past lives. Sounds wierd but try it, what could it hurt? you may find your mission in life too. I still see the numbers on the clock aand I lived in a apt #111. there is a purpose for all of us and I also think we do need to get together too. DB

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by N - 1/03/13 1:49 PM
Me and my boyfriend hav different birth dates if u do the difference its 111 one year one month one day

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forwards and backwards?

by Anonymous - 12/28/12 1:16 PM
111 * 111 = 12321 add another 1, 1111 * 1111 = 1234321, and so on. Thought this was kind of interesting

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is it a good thing to see 111 all the time

by ionadeescampbell - 7/03/12 9:09 AM
me and my husband always looked at the clock at the same time everynight.111.we would laugh about it.well he died and now i see it everywhere,what does this mean for me.

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RE: is it a good thing to see 111 all the time

by Anonymous - 11/15/12 6:46 PM
he is saying i love you and you feel count the times he tells wont beable to keep up

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by Anonymous - 10/16/12 11:12 AM
I've been seeing 111 since 1995 the same year I got tinnitus..back then it was always one of the times I would wake the last two years I see it constantly I even lived in an apt.111 and signed the lease at 1111...can't even explain how much I've seen it.

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RE: 1:11

by Anonymous - 11/15/12 6:39 PM
me to

111 for over 20 years

by Eileen - 11/15/12 2:30 PM
I have seen the number 111 for over 20 years. It appeared to me first in a dream, as a pattern on the ground formed from trees/shrubs. Since that time, I have awaken more times then I can even begin to remember at 1:11, or just "happened" to look at the clock at exactly 1:11 consistently. I noticed my bills being the amount of $11.0l or something to the amount of 111. My friends begin noticing similar things because I became so obsessed with pointing out how often I would see it. My biggest surprise was over 21 yrs ago when my daughter was born - she was 11 lbs 1 oz - 111. Incidents of seeing this number are way too many to mention (my parents address was 111, my brother was diagnosed w/ cancer on 1/11). I now use 111 as part of my email address and user ID's because it seems like that is who I am - which is weird, I know - but I feel like it has some significance. I'm not sure what it is yet - but I think I will know one day.

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RE: 111 for over 20 years

by john dell - 11/15/12 6:34 PM
Wow 111 Is Been In My Life For 35yrs It Started When I Was 11 It started with the clocks I would wake up at 111or 11;11 then phone number liecene plates,movies,birth dates 1-11 or 11-1or 11;11 I Live 111 miles from the border of Indiana and 111 from the boder of kentuckey.I consider that Im Very Luck And Someone IIs telling me something.I feel Other People May feel the same way i do.I Would like to hear from them.If you can help that would be cool.

1:11 or 111 or 23:11

by MORPHINE - 10/10/12 4:29 PM
I kept seeing those numbers this entire's strange...I've never seen this number 111(taken as a single number or as a sum up)so often before as I saw it this year...Does it have a connection with this special year 2012??P.S.I don't believe in that ''2012-the end of the world''so-called Mayan prediction.

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