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by Christian - 3/04/17 2:43 PM
The questions that's not being presented or asked is simple.

I too was seeing my dreams come true and seeing numbers, it wasn't until I exposed what was happening to me to another Christian who asked me to challenge the spirit and present these to the father.

Nowhere in the bible does scripture say anything about visions of numbers 111 in any form other than what man has made them up to be. Others will tell you its an Angel(s)- Man cannot call on Gods angels, only God will when we ask God to do so. Some will say its an energy form - again we have a spirit in us not an energy form, the energy form they are talking about has nothing to do with the God of the universe but from another source, you decide but its not from God.

Satan is the master of deception and trickery he will do all he can to distract and tear believers from the truths of God. God tells us to test the spirits, If you are seeing numbers I strongly ask you to please do this - Pray to God to not see these numbers ever again. also to remove the visions as well; after doing this both had disappeared from me immediately. Read the Bible daily, Put faith and trust in God always, and he will protect you from the schemes of Satan

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RE: 111

by Christian - 4/14/17 5:06 PM
I have been seeing 111 for many years. It is making me afraid. I do not want to see it anymore. I can't believe that God would try to frighten me like this, so this must be from something other than God. Just the other day, I came home and the electricity must have gone out for a bit and the clock in the bedroom was flashing 1:11. I am praying all the time not to see 111 anymore as it scares me. I will continue to pray because this makes the most sense to me.


by Ken - 2/09/17 10:58 PM
111 is my life! I was born 11/1/74 (7+4=11) Which is All Saints Day. I was born in Queens New York (The 11th State) and moved to CI Long Island its exit 56 (5+6=11) on the LIE. On the exit sign it shows Route 111. I got married on 11/11/11 If you write down my wife's birthday 10/11 and put it in the mirror you would get mine 01/11. My daughters birthday 1/29 (2+9=11) Her first 3 numbers on her SS# is 111. We had 5 boys after her here's their bdays: 7/1, 7/11, 7/21 Which is 10days apart x3= 111. My 4th boy is 11/7/11 and our last is 6/7. All on either a 7 or 11. I can't make this stuff up. 9/11/01 was very important to me cause that's the day I really started paying attention cause God revealed to me it was an inside job, before that day I never cared about politics. When I was a baby and lived in Queens I was able to see the Twin Towers from my apartment cause we lived on the top floor. I was obsessed with them, I remember when I was like 3yo my mom took me there cause she had a friend that worked on the... more...

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RE: 111

by Carla - 2/12/17 7:12 PM
Thanks for your message. My birthday is 11/1/1981 and I feel like I am always seeing combinations of 111. I used to live by rte 111, my mums birth year is 56 and interestingly enough I feel closely connected with 11 and 7.
Lately I have been seeing a lot of 444 and I thought that it was a bit bizarre because I usually see 111 or 333. I know 111 is an angel number and it indicates what we think will manifest quickly, which I really have an ability for doing. I am trying to understand the number better because I've noticed for example that places where I have worked have 111 or my closest friends have birthdays that add to the number. If anyone has anymore insight to the meaning, would love to hear what you knows. Thanks and God Bless!

111 and 1111

by Anonymous - 8/01/14 2:49 AM
Keep seeing 111 everywhere and have dreams at times that end up coming true. This is becoming almost obtrusive. I am an educated woman I am not crazy, but this number shows up not only on the clock, but in dates, on packages, my ex was born 11/11...some times i may see this 4-5 times in a day. No one seems to know what this means.

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RE: 111 and 1111

by Anonymous - 10/21/16 7:59 PM
first heart surgery was 1/11/11. second was on 11/11/ favority brother passed away on 11/11/06.Manny times I see 111. I was born 12-21-1946.I became ill at the age 64.What this means to my life. Mary

RE:111 and 1111

by Jonathan - 1/09/17 7:36 PM
In English if you number alphabet A-Z as 1-26 and add up the numbers in the phrase "mark of beast" you get exactly 111.

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Beautiful soul

by Telisha mae byford - 1/03/17 8:46 AM
8 25 80

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if you're born on 1.11 or 11.11 means Incredible things.

by Anonymous - 6/16/16 3:17 PM
up to you to understand especially if you dreamt of it and met One.

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RE: if you're born on 1.11 or 11.11 means Incredible things.

by Anonymous - 11/01/16 1:56 PM

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111 over 10 yrs now

by Vendetta - 11/01/16 12:29 AM
I've been seeing this number for over 10yrs now, also had a job that used a swipe card to clock in, I misplaced the card once and the manager Looked up my employee number to use, it was 111. My Costco card member 3 last digits 111. The vin number on my car has 111. Still see the number, I just try to look at it as a sign that I'm headed the right way.

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what 111 mean

by Andray mclean - 9/04/16 1:29 AM
My name is Andray mclean=111my date of birth is may 26 19 88 that= 111 what that mean for me?

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the number 111 in my life

by my name is benjamin calvin propst - 3/03/12 10:30 PM
for the last 3 months i have been seeing the number 111 i have seen it on buses i have seen it on my odometer i have seen it on signs i was 90 and im 21 that =111 my dad was born in 59 and is 52 that =111 i this is crazy people im glad im not the only one that has being seeing the number 111 for a long time i felt like god wants me to be a warrior in his army the war against th devil i now what it means its a calling for all of us god has plans for all usthat has been seeing this num 111 plans that will change the world people there is going to be great changes in all of are lifes the nubers 6 12 is coming up in my life i think it is the date that all this is going to start happening the apocalypse everyone needs to keep praying please if anyone wants to talk about there experinces i would love to here them please call me please feel free to call at anytime early or late i dont care this has been a conformation in mylife we might all meeting each other real soon god bless everyone

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RE:the number 111 in my life

by Andrea - 12/28/15 4:48 AM
Hi everyone! Im happy to find this page and all of you who see the same as me..i thought im going crazy and all of the numbers means anything. For maybe last 4-5 y i've been seeing 1111,111 then some other numbers too like:26, 77, 54, 65, 777, 7777. These are repeating quite all the time but i cant seem to figure out the answer why these numbers and why for so long everyday until i had a dream 2weeks ago.. of a hand reaching me from above and saying with some strange voice that not all can feel and it is a gift..
I know after that dream what it is my mission here as it is for so many of us.. For those eho are not awaken yet we need to feel for them and clean through us all the neg energy that is more and more in this world..we are not seeing this for no reason so you all know inside what you need to do and what that voice is telling you. Do it. Share that energy you have inside..fill the world with love and joy everywhere you go..spread it so strong..cause thats what we are for. OneLove.

RE: the number 111 in my life

by Christina wade - 6/27/16 4:55 PM
Ill help with the 11 111 11:11 305)305-2411

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number 111

by Anonymous - 12/14/08 12:17 PM
I dreamed that I was hospitalized with a fever of 111 degrees!

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RE: number 111

by Sara - 12/16/15 1:53 PM
Incredible - just seeing how many people are seeing 111 everywhere. I went through a pretty awful time just over 10 years ago and everywhere was 111 - I got to be quite scared to see it eventually, my own conclusion came to be - things are about to be difficult, stay close to God. Blessings all, Sara


by Robyn b - 12/12/15 11:18 AM
I too have been seen one one one for years. Almost weekly on my email numbers. I know that 111 points to the Trinity. I believe it's pointing to the tabernacle of the Lord within us. It's a word of comfort and encouragement. Check out witness Lee's sermons on the fulfillment of the tabernacle. He tabernacles the Trinity within us we are one. We are safe. We are saved. We are loveD.

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Room 111 in two different hotels.

by Ivan - 10/07/15 5:45 PM
I stayed in a hotel in England with work for 3 weeks room 111.
I came home to Ireland and went on a weeks holiday to a different hotel. Same room 111.
For some reason I opened the hotel Bible and the page said Book of Ruth, My mothers name.
I read the story.
Now watching tv gameshow Countdown at 1am and in the maths section a computer randomly selects number 111 which contestants have to calculate using 5 numbers.
I feel for the first time in my life God has given me a sign.

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my dream after being baptised

by linda - 9/29/15 11:31 PM
I dreamed of a white flowing robe against the clouds and on the robe it said JOB 111, so this is amazing ,I have had and have been dealing with trials and tribulations of JOB ,seriously ,my Faith intact!

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God's Plan

by Sunny - 7/14/15 6:49 PM
Hi everybody! Just thought you should know that JADE HELM, in Lord Jesus' language means, "GOD'S HAND", LOL!!! HE is going to "FLUMMOX" Barry, so keep looking for His Hand! Blessings of Joy
and Peace, your Sister-in-Christ Jesus. Amen.
FYI look up the POTUS' name, Barak O' Bama in Aramaic, Jesus' language. This will explain America today...

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RE: God's Plan

by Trish - 7/22/15 10:37 AM
LOL wow, you're gullible.


by Greg Sandifer - 7/03/15 12:18 PM

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by Ari - 4/26/15 12:41 AM
My name numerological number adds up to 111 I think it's scary, I've had so many dramas, and I'm terrified of the numbers 666 and I think something awful is happening to me. I've always been a good person but these numbers haunt me. Who else notices and sees these numbers? It could be a type of curse perhaps? I'm not superstitious but these numbers are annoying me to the point where I think I'm becoming very superstitious against my better judgement. Any thoughts?

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RE: scary

by Big Mystery - 5/17/15 8:21 AM
I've been seeing 111 since 2007. Can not make any sense of it. I wish our lives in America were more hopeful. Seems like one bad thing after another.

A call to come together

by One of the 111ers :) - 2/14/11 12:49 AM
Hello All!
Could this possibly be a way to gather us all together? All of the people who see 111?
I have noticed many faiths and many beliefs.
What could it mean?
I've been seeing this number for 10 years now. At first it was funny. Then, the more it happened, the less of a coincidence it became, and I became frightened...afraid to look at anything with a number on it.. it was just too freaky.
Finally, I've come to the point of "whatever". I have all but given up on what it means. I knew there were others out there with the same experience. I've spent a long time reading all these posts.. and just as I thought, no one knows. No one truly understands the significance of this.
Maybe we should find a way to get together and combine our thoughts? Maybe that's what we should do? Hey, I don't know.. it seems like just as good of an answer as the rest! :)

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RE: A call to come together

by Anonymous - 6/10/14 3:56 PM
111 x 6=666

RE:A call to come together

by activ8ted - 8/11/14 8:17 PM
My mother wrote 11 11 on a page of paper the day she died, she couldn't talk as she was hooked up to a respirator, she would write it, look at us and we tried to guess what it meant, I said, lock combination, adress etc. Each time we were wrong, she would write it again, underline it and look at us with exasperation. It's all she wrote. A whole page of 11 11, front and back. that was 13 years ago, I still haven't figured out what it means.

RE: A call to come together

by Anonymous - 5/13/15 9:41 AM
Yes. So my name I recently realised adds up to 111 and I've only just looked at this stuff recently. I wonder what we have to do, because I've fought a lot of evil around and I'm getting tired and worn out. But I would love to know what more I could do.hmmmm, strange huh

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I see 111 or 11:11

by Kimkim - 4/18/15 4:51 AM
'My mother died in 2013 . Every since I ve been seeing 111 , 11:11 on the clock so already know it's a spirtual connections I tried not to get to deep but my husband number 621 and my sister gets a a number a number a lot but I know its definitely God hebrew 11 chapter and 1 versus it's amazing verse.

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not alone nice

by Johnathan - 1/10/15 5:39 PM
Yes and the 111 everywhere for the last few years

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RE: A call to come together

by by colleen3/22/14 - 3/23/14 3:27 PM
another 111 comment maybe just maybe we are all coming together for one very special reason we are all becoming more aware of something happening larger than ourselves

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RE: RE: A call to come together

by AJ - 9/05/14 8:28 AM
My YouTube video of strange sounds heard around the world on Oct 2 2013 that I taped, when I looked at it today on YouTube its exactly 1:11 minutes long 👽


by Nevele Ghost - 5/21/12 10:05 AM
Hebrews 11:1 is what I came to believe it meant.

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RE: Hebrews11:1

by 1 - 8/04/14 2:05 PM
good answer

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The number 111

by bonnie - 1/21/13 2:54 PM
every where I go,this number is there. On the express way, in stores, on the tv, on the computer etc...
What does it MEAN?

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RE: The number 111

by Anonymous - 8/04/14 2:03 PM
by using English Ordinal A=1 B=2 C=3 the word Strength=111 also Perfection=111 and Witchcraft=111 look up all scriptures on these three words

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I am seeing many numbers 111 222 77 777 888 55 555 and others as well

by Damian Hollis - 7/08/14 1:01 PM
I see them repeatedly everywhere so I know these numbers are not just random. I decided to put the scriptures together and see if it have me a clue. These are numbers I got within a certain time frame. Any idea why we are seeing these? I have had an experience awhile back that brought this on. I saw a scrolling of numbers in a specific way.
11 111 333 1111 111 55 119 411-12 518 519 522 211 132 115 65 63 1126 45 2911 1011 908-912 575 613 15 35 22
Psalm 1:1
Blessed is the man (or woman) who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.
Romans 1:11
I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong--
Jeremiah 33:3
Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.
Numbers 11:11
He asked the LORD, "Why have you brought this trouble on your servant? What have I done to displease you that you put the burden of all these people on me?
Proverbs 11:1
A false balance is... more...

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The time is always 111 or 1111

by Anonymous - 7/08/14 7:44 AM
i'm glad I'm not alone but I am pretty sure God is speaking. i have been looking up Bible verses with 1:11, 11:11, 11:1 and it has been very meaningful. I take the negative verses as warnings and the positive verses as something I should be focusing my energies on.

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111 and 1111

by David - 4/27/14 7:41 AM
For years now it seems every time I look at the clock either on the microwave, cable boxes, or even in the car the time is either 111 or 1111.

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RE: 111 and 1111

by Anonymous - 5/30/14 2:42 PM
It is bizarre though isn't it. Maybe you are a medium... Find out what 111 means to you. The same thing happened to me. I was facing hardships. 111 was associated with the miracle that became my new address.

I am the 111

by Anas - 3/28/14 12:22 PM
Is that real ?? that 111 means my name (Anas) ... i got that from arabic numérologie ..

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