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Properties of the number 12






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Stupidity and arrogance

by 1212 - 9/26/15 6:40 PM
The Illuminati Conspiracy and childish stupidity

This Awareness indicates some 2000 years ago, an entity by the name of Jesus moved into the temple and drove out the money-changers. This Awareness indicates this entity understood full well what he was doing and did create an action in consciousness which has been likened unto the planting of a seed which now bears fruit for all entities to glimpse and to harvest and to gradually understand. This Awareness indicates this entity was crucified for this very action and none other,

The money manipulation force

This Awareness indicates that the money-changers by whatever name, the evil which had controlled the economies of nations; this money manipulation force which moved from Atlantis through Egypt, Jerusalem, Israel, Babylonia, Rome, Greece, the European nations, the United States and Russia, and now has moved into the Orient; this force of economic control which did create the wars in Europe between France, Spain, England, Germany, Russia, --all of... more...

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by 1212 1964 - 9/08/15 6:18 PM
The Dark Force
may be celebrating victory prematurely

I am not the awareness but I am aware of it and it's message.
This Awareness indicates you are living in extremely interesting times, times of great significance to the human condition and to the history of humanity on Earth. Whether humanity moves into this new age as a two-level master/slave relationship or whether humanity throws off the potential tyrant to prevent that master/slave society from gaining foothold, depends on what occurs in the next four years . It is intended that the evil empire be established by the year 2015 it did not happen it will not happen if you wake up, but within that four year period it is possible that the freedoms many entities enjoy or have enjoyed in the recent past, particularly in the United States, may need a more solid foundation to let entities move into the new millennium with those human dignities and freedoms still intact, perhaps spreading throughout the world.

The Light Forces from higher dimensions will... more...

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by 1212 1964 - 9/08/15 5:56 PM

There are many ways in which you can communicate, keeping your friends and still inspiring deeper thought among your friends so that they look more deeply, think more deeply, question their own ideas, look beyond the assumed answers, looking to new levels and searching for ever greater truths. This Awareness indicates that all of this searching hither and thither, looking here then looking there, searching for the answer, finding an answer, giving an answer to someone who refuses that answer, searching for a still greater answer that will be accepted by all, looking for truths here and there, sharing your new-found truths...all of this effort is in essence the effort to discover who, in fact, you really are.


All of the effort to share your discoveries is in fact an effort to discover from others, who, in fact, you really are. As you present your ideas to others you seek feedback or agreement, and when the feedback is... more...

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Ironic almost..

by Taylor - 7/06/14 3:52 PM
well, i was recently thinking about the number 12. 12 hours in a day, 12 Olympians, 12 zodiac signs. all of these are Greek or have roman aspects.. then 12 planets to our solar system, which are named after the 12 roman forms of the Greek gods except earth. ex( Jupiter - Zeus , mars- Aries, Pluto though it doesnt count as a planet, would be Hades.) there are the 12 houses of night, which Ra would have to visit every day as an hour passes. it seems very much that 12 is an important number, but i have no more connections to why. why is it 12 is such a great number? - taylorbeadell

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RE: Ironic almost..

by Anonymous - 8/22/15 10:15 PM
don't we only have 8 planets in our solar system 9 including Pluto?


by 1212 - 6/21/13 10:56 PM
Obama is just a vehicle for a much greater evil plan that is like the wizard of oz. He is certainly evil but a much larger force controls him and most politicians judges etc. It is not difficult to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, we know this in our heart what is correct and true justice. Are we justified to condem people who choose a path that is incorrect, these people have made their own decisions and will need to answer eventually. I do not condem people who are on the wrong path but actually worry about them. But to justify Evil as being normal will not be accepted.

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RE: Obama

by Anonymous - 9/19/14 10:56 AM
stop spreading your lies, hatred about an humbly man who is your commander in chief, your king ,a man of great honor who has been chosen by the people of the Greatest nation on earth. Brought tears in the eyes all.know what, He is your President and have respect, take that .


by Truth Writer - 8/10/15 5:50 PM
I see many of my brothers and sisters are still asleep.

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12 meaning

by Arnold S Magtibay - 5/18/15 5:29 PM
Powerful presentation, very nice, it's so great.
God bless you more and more for your insight about the number of 12.

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by 1212 - 2/20/15 8:15 PM
We should not worry so much but your numbers 1212 are important. You can now see the lies and the liars. Good luck and God Bless. 1212

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My birthdate

by Anonymous - 1/23/13 12:58 PM
I was born on 12/12/91 and this year my birthday 12/12/12 i turned 21....i always find myself catching 12:12 when i look at the clock on 12/12/06 i turned 12 years old and it was one of the hardest years of my life. Ive always favored the number 12 and i know i have a anointing on my life.There are very few people in this world with the birth date 12/12. Im really trying to figure out the significances behind it all.

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RE:My birthdate

by Robbie - 11/05/14 4:17 AM
I also see 12:12 and you posted this on my birthday. May we speak?

RE: My birthdate

by Anonymous - 1/30/15 12:04 AM
I was born 7/15/53. 7+1+5+5+3 is 21.Multiply the numbers and you get 5565. 5+5+6+5=21. Now look in the mirror...12? On 7/15/65, I turned 12. 7+1+5+6+5=24 (2X12).You could also say, I turned 21 in 84. 8+4=12.This year I'll be 62. 6X2=12. 7/15/2015. 7+1+5+2+0+1+5=21. There's that 12 & 21 again. Now if I gave this more than the 15 minutes I just spent, I'm sure I could come up with more?! Ended up here while researching the teams in the Super Bowl! Is # 12 going to win?? Go Brady, and the Boston Patriots!!!

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The number 12 in our family

by Anonymous - 9/16/13 12:06 AM
I was born on May 12 my daughter Jan 12 My newphew Jan 12 my garand daughter June 12 My son was due on Jan 12 but came early on
dec 11 but his hand bracet say Dec 12. what does this mean?

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RE: The number 12 in our family

by Anonymous - 1/29/15 10:38 PM
12, 12
What year?
I googled the significance of the #12 in the super bowl and ended up here?
I heard on sports radio that the number 12 has played a significant part for the winners (30%) of the super bowl!
Brady wears the number 12 with the Patriots!

How I see it...

by Mimi - 1/25/15 1:25 PM
From all the religious accounts,from the number's importance in nature as the number of months in a year, as the 12-th hour of time, I conclude that when you see this number, you should think of whatever you were just doing, opportunity you just missed, as being the last one of it's kind in the 12-year cycle you are in. Number 11 woke you up to the last hour. Now that 12 has passed, you have started a new cycle of some sort. New opportunities await you,the past is behind, you have stepped in the future.

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I know what all this means.

by Anonymous - 1/01/15 11:33 AM
the number twelve is very very mysterious already, but have you people come to think of the coincindences in it with the alphabet? specifically english, the twelf letter is "L" and "L" is the first letter of "left" which is supposedly evil, but think how 12% of men globally are left handed, and how "L" is Lucifers(another name for the devil) name starts with L!

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RE: I know what all this means.

by Anonymous - 1/01/15 11:38 AM
all gods are the same people just explained differently and covered up by a mass of history and fairy tale that we can't figure it out

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by anonymous - 12/10/14 6:12 PM
the 12 Greed and Roman gods/goddesses

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by 1212 - 5/30/13 9:28 PM
I did not mean to hurt your fealings but you will be punished because,balance is required between good and evil

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RE: President

by Anonymous - 8/05/14 11:33 PM
Nut. Organized religion is downright creepy now.

Man and the #12

by Anonymous - 7/31/14 8:21 PM
I always see the number twelve associated with one name... What does that mean?

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12 Meaning and Numerology

by The Truth Writer - 6/29/14 10:18 AM
The true meaning of the number 12 can be found in the Gamatria of the bible. This a mathematical code used for those who haven`t heard of this. ( Divine Authority, Power and Rule )

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by six of seven - 11/13/13 4:43 PM
Mathew 7:1 judge not. Never bear false witness. I will pray for you.

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RE: obama

by Anonymous - 6/16/14 8:46 PM
Oh sorry the planet is flat . I forgot to ask CNN

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Witness or Judge?

by ME - 4/22/14 5:20 AM
Our place is to bare 'witness' to our beliefs not to judge nor condemn others for what they believe. Be careful in lashing judgement as a means of baring testimony. We are not to judge others by which light they choose to walk but share the walk with them and set testimony by means of Peace and Respect for All not walking as False Prophets.

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RE: Witness or Judge?

by Anonymous - 6/16/14 8:21 PM
Why should we bare witness to our beliefs. A fool always professes his own beliefs like you.


by Jody - 12/30/13 2:48 AM
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Your purpose, your peace and your joy comes from and through Him. Jesus came that you might have life and have life abundantly. Entrust your life to Him and give Him your life today.

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RE: Jesus

by Anonymous - 12/30/13 5:46 PM
Life without Christ is just
Like asking for trouble


by six of seven - 11/13/13 4:33 PM
Jesus is GOD and GOD,appoints and He also removes He knows every thing an we dont, trust in his Holy Spirit an not in our own wisdom or what our lower nature thinks. Pray and ask GOD for truth. Lean not on your own under standing.

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by Adam - 7/10/13 12:01 AM
Jesus and the father, YHWH are one. Hence the father is in me and I in the father. When you pray to Jesus you pray to the YHWH. When you pray to YHWH you pray to Jesus. What Jesus gave was the way. The way to adhere to god. Become one with god. Singularity in science. Oneness in buddhism. God is one in hebrew. You take your pick, all paths eventually go the same place. He didn't say worship me as that is against the Ten Commandments. He said follow me. That means his teachings, not the man. That means to go against things, such as ego and belittling people for their belief. Such as hatred and many worldly pleasures if they controll your free will. To get to oneness requires self referencing the cosmos within each individual. The kingdom of heaven within. Your 1212 or 111 or whatever number you synchronized with is for the purpose of self referencing and shedding the veil. The Mayan calender the same thing as all things both good and bad come from the creator with the soul purpose to return you to Eden. The... more...

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Freakin political junk heads

by CHOICE - 5/21/13 11:19 AM
The attacks on the president aren't drawing me toward the far right in America. If anything I am certain they are the problem. Praise God. You are sick people. You think you are walking with a Good God. Extremism isn't my God.

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RE: Freakin political junk heads

by 1212 - 5/28/13 8:33 PM
Far left far right what is the difference when you have no way of seeing any from of truth but make excuses that will be your down fall


by 1212 - 4/17/13 6:25 PM
My apology Not not nots but many knots and nuts. I love America and Americans and am sad.

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Wake up

by 1212 - 4/17/13 6:22 PM
People are judged by their actions not words or empty speeches. This time is very important and the result is not yet defined. Miracles can happen. Love 1212

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by 1212 - 2/06/13 6:24 PM
This is not sermon on the mount. A war is happening and always was between good and evil. Good wins because the true ones are strong.

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RE: 1212

by Anonymous - 4/07/13 11:27 AM
Yes. I'm not religious but I believe in a creator whatever it is!

Donkey Commander

by 1212 1964 - 4/04/13 8:53 PM
Do you trust the current donkey commander ?

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