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You have an angel

by 1212 - 2/06/16 8:57 AM
He chose you

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RE: You have an angel

by Anonymous - 2/09/16 2:26 AM
My birthday is 12/12 and angel fellow me

12 follows me

by Liuba - 2/02/16 2:31 PM
Ever since I met my husband things have been odd. We got together on 12.12.12 our son was born 12.12.13 21 inches. 7.5 pounds. 7+5=12 born at 9:30 pm 9+3=12 the room he was put into was number 12. It still follows us everywhere

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by You - 1/21/16 8:04 PM
Plus they made a few Models all losers . 1212

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Boo hoo

by Have no defence against evil - 1/14/16 8:22 PM
Give me all your guns so we can make you weak. Boo hoo my tears that you will not listen so it will be done anyway. Crocodile tears coming out of my head so sad you will be forced to give up your rights. Boo who.

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by 1212 - 1/14/16 7:14 PM
The true meaning of this number is Father , Son , and Holy Spirit. I am glad you understand. God Has Blessed you

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by Faithef Son Holy Spirit - 1/14/16 7:04 PM
God Bless you, it is the trinity

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The 333 comment

by 333 seer - 1/14/16 8:56 AM
Seeing this 333 number all over the place - clocks, license plates, receipts, call durations zomg

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Free energy and Obama speech

by Main points of speech - 1/12/16 10:37 PM
And it is known on earth that free energy is available from my ass, natural gas. But you can keep your gas. I don't need it because it is hope and change gas. We have now developed Bitcoin gas in a bottle. Sting has signed up and it will be sold as a "message in a bottle " !

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In the name Jesus Christ

by Arrest - 1/10/16 6:47 PM
In the name of Jesus Christ arrest All evil on earth . We will repent and look to your salvation

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George soros

by Anonymous - 1/10/16 6:43 PM
Laugh all you want you are done

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Arrest of evil

by Anonymous - 1/10/16 6:42 PM
I declare these arrests in the name of Jesus . Even if ignored at this times they wil happen period

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The ultimate deception coming

by . - 1/05/16 8:29 PM
The Alien Agenda and the Satanic Khazarians as their main army which will be sacrificed for the ultimate deception for mankind

Are we alone in the universe?

The Tall Whites will defeat the reptilians and greys , the big problem is that on their planets they destroy life forms they find inferior . Imagine killing a bear or moose just because it can kill you. We have in our nature as humans to respect these animals and do not have a need to kill them because they could harm us. We may kill for what we need to survive but we live with nature and respect the animals. Imagine we have dogs that could harm us but we love them even though they could harm us and they also form a bond with us. The tall whites do not possess this mentality , because they do not understand Love. This is why we are special and superior to them . They don't understand Love. Are we alone ?

Of course not. We’re not even alone on Earth. Even assuming that a finite 3D universe is all there is, calculations show a high probability... more...

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Religion and islam

by 1212 - 12/30/15 2:33 PM
Have you been taken by someone and branded a certain religion. This is ridiculous, we know in our hearts if we do good or negative things. To be this or that is nonsense , Be kind and sincere.

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by Easy - 12/28/15 3:11 PM
Get lost. We don't want you here period. Go kill yourself before God. Does you useless piece of garbage

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People running to live

by 1212 - 12/27/15 5:19 PM
Saudi Arabis has done nothing to help this situation period. Obama is actually the boss of ISIS with George Soros and command from the Dracos. Stay in your world of not . It is the truth. Obama works for the Saudi government.

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Break the rules

by 1212 - 12/23/15 4:47 PM
And see

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The Spark of God

by 12121964 - 12/23/15 4:39 PM
We have the spark of God gene. Wake up , maybe we don't have superior technology but we have this special part which is love. Wake up and stop seeing yourself as inferior, this needs to stop.

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RE: The Spark of God

by 1212 - 12/23/15 4:40 PM
Anytime anywhere

Instead of losing which you will

by 1212 - 12/23/15 4:30 PM
Change or lake of fire . Choose

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Alll of you causing war

by 1212 - 12/23/15 4:28 PM
Leave the planet alone . You cannot stop the Devine DNA .

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Tall whites

by 1212 - 12/23/15 4:25 PM
If you want us to help, then we will otherwise your lack of love is not required . Get lost with All other interfering with our as escention . You have been warned. You seem to love your children, good this might be a good step. You mess with my divine boss is at your peril.

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by 1212 - 12/23/15 4:14 PM
Marduk is the deceiver period.

You all have divine DNA which makes you as a person far beyond any alien or demon. Do not let yourself because someone shows up with incredible technolgy that they are your masters. They wish they had our kindness. Why is it we can love animals that could possibly kills us, it is because we have respect and love for all creation. This is the exact feeling of God. He gave it to us, we are Rare because of love. We can tame a horse they can't. Stop thinking that you are inferior to these parasites and the faster you help the entire mess we currently are seeing. But I promise this, stand strong and no one or anything can hurt you because you have the Devine gene.

Love 1212 1964

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Here is a simpler version

by 1212 - 12/19/15 2:02 PM
The Lord will recover Israel in the last days—The world will be burned with fire—Men must follow Christ to avoid the lake of fire hell. And now understand as I said unto you that I would prophesy and speak the truth, behold, this is my prophecy

2 And the day that he shall set his hand again the second time to recover his people, is the day, yea, even the last time, that the servants of the Lord shall go forth in his power, to nourish and prune his vineyard; and after that the end soon cometh.

3 And how blessed are they who have labored in his vineyard; and how cursed are they who shall be cast out into their own place! And the world shall be burdened for a longer period of injustice dos not change the path of evil.

4 And how merciful is our God unto us, for he remembereth the house of Israel, both roots and branches; and he stretches forth his hands unto them all the day long; and they are a stiffnecked and a gainsaying people; but as many as will not harden their hearts shall be saved in the... more...

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by 1212 - 12/14/15 6:45 PM
Question: "Why doesn't God give the fallen angels a chance to repent?"

Because Lucifer is the deceiver.

Answer: The Bible does not specifically address the issue of fallen angels having an opportunity to repent, but we can gain some insight from what the Bible does say. First, Satan (Lucifer) was one of the highest angels, perhaps the highest (Ezekiel 28-14) Lucifer—and all the angels—were continually in God’s presence and had knowledge of the glory of God. Therefore, they had no excuse for rebelling against God and turning away from Him. They were not tempted. Lucifer and the other angels rebelling against God despite what they knew was the utmost evil.

Second, God did not provide a plan of redemption for the angels as He did for mankind. The fall of the human race necessitated an atoning sacrifice for sin, and God provided that sacrifice in Jesus Christ. In His grace, God redeemed the human race and brought glory to Himself.

No such sacrifice was planned for the angels. In addition, God referred... more...

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by 1212 - 12/09/15 11:16 PM
The trouble makers that is whom and what they are

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by 1212 - 12/09/15 11:11 PM
The two Countries that should unite is Canada and Russia. The media will make this impossible yet this is the truth. Russia is free from the Cabal and hopefully Canada will also see the truth. Otherwise the deception will make positive results take much longer and a tedious negative timeline.

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