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14 surrounds me

by kelly theilen - 2/20/15 7:29 PM
my birthday and sons same 9/14/ my husbands and step daughter both 11/14 and I keep on bumping into more 14s what does it mean

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Born on the 14th

by Peekay - 1/02/15 4:33 AM
I am glad to be giving birth on the 14th. Thanks and glory to My Father in the Highest.

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RE: Born on the 14th

by Ambertonerre - 2/04/15 6:22 PM
Blessings be and congratulations on the new child.


by Hi - 8/26/14 3:02 PM
Forteen is 1+4(14)=5 there is five letters in the name Jesus

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RE: Hi

by ajsaviour - 2/03/15 5:36 AM
Hi, ours is the same thought. Jesus goes into my mind whenever I hear anything relating to number 5.

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I also see 14 everywhere

by Thumbellina - 5/24/13 3:44 AM
For the last 4 months I see 14 everywhere , too. On the streets, busses, at restaurants I get table no 14, taxi no 14:) Last night I dreamed it, too. It's a bit weird, I am born on October 14 but what is the Univers trying to tell me? Happy to have discovered this website and notice that other people see it, too

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RE:I also see 14 everywhere

by vas - 2/01/15 3:51 PM
My birthday is also on the 14th of October, and I was born at 02.14 am. I keep seeing these (1)4's everywhere!

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by ananomus - 12/04/14 12:05 PM
14 is my most favorite number ever

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4's in birthdays

by Anonymous - 12/01/14 8:19 PM
My son will be 44 on 12/14/14. Any special significance to this coming year for him?

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Kind of odd

by Kat - 1/03/11 5:41 PM
My infant son's birthday is 7/14, mine is 9/14 my 4 yr old daughter's is 10/14 and my husband's is 11/14. Our anniversary is also 7/14. Very odd. One of my friends told me I should look up the meaning or significance to this number and I have to say it's pretty interesting.... Still odd but interesting non-the-less :)

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RE: Kind of odd

by Anonymous - 10/11/14 3:33 PM
I have 4 children all except one was born on the 14 th and she was due the 14 th, my 5 th child is now over due and the 14th is three days away,


by Anonymous - 9/19/14 11:41 AM
I was born on the 14th of June 1997 which was the same day that my fathers mother died, but she died in 1991. I was 5 weeks pre-mature as well so it really wasn't time for me to come out. Ive always held this number close to me, but lately i keep seeing it in my everyday activities, like checking the time, homework, just lots of different small things. Its also the 14th year which makes this interesting. My grandfather (my dads mother's husband) was born on November 14th and my dad's brother on July 14th. My best friend was born on February 14th. I wonder how much further i could go with this number.

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my younger brother

by Angela Linzy - 9/17/14 9:13 AM
my brother is born on 10-12-79 i am born on 10-14-77 last night we talked for about 4hrs he told me it's about time i start looking up the #14 and anything i can find on my born date 10-14-77. so far this is the 1st thing i found. and i am wowed. MY EYES ARE NOW OPEN, I LOVE YOU BRO TY....

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There are so many 14's with us!

by Anonymous - 6/23/14 9:39 AM
I reunited with my first boyfriend. I was 14 when we dated, which happens to be 14 years ago, we got back together on 6-8-14 (6+8=14). It's crazy! I believe he's the one for me, and all these 14's are adding to what I already believe. :)

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I keep seeing 14

by Gerald Butler - 6/14/14 3:26 PM
Today is 6-14-2014 .I'm home my sons birthday is 9-14-09 I recently got married 4-14-2014 its crazy

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by Anonymous - 8/05/13 12:07 AM
i love fourteen and i also love the one who brings FOURTEEN in my life..

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RE: Katorse_14

by Anonymous - 5/06/14 7:39 AM
This whole 14 thing started when my brother was born May 14th 2008 same year i turned 14 on sept 27..2x7=14 first real ex later that year i asked a classmate in PE oh what lap are you on? She said 14th!

Is this the only year #s been noticed

by Anonymous - 3/17/14 10:36 AM
All numbers have significance it's what God used to create the it's nothing new under the sun. Your eyes are just now opening.

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RE: Is this the only year #s been noticed

by Anonymous - 4/16/14 3:39 AM
No! Other people knew it before me and taught me it! :) I guess people watch me more than they do them :)

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Reason for existence?

by IDK - 4/16/14 3:31 AM
This number is supposedly my personality number. I'm proud of it. :)

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we all end up here

by Anonymous - 4/14/14 11:03 PM
Uh woaw.

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noticing the number 14

by JK - 4/01/14 8:26 AM
Just realised that I have chosen to look up the number 14 (having started to see it connected to things in my life) and realised that the date today (in UK terms) is 1.4.14 (which is 14 twice!!). Very strange.

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nisan 14 on 14/04/14

by Andy Bibby - 2/28/14 3:36 PM
2014 the Year of the horse(men)

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RE: nisan 14 on 14/04/14

by Anonymous - 3/28/14 11:52 AM


by Anonymous - 12/20/13 9:06 AM
I always see the number 14 everywhere i go. All the people in my life that has made me who i am to day was born on the 14th. My first love, bestest friends. New love interest .. its so mad but somehow it all links to love and tradgity.
My grandparents were married on the 14th now currently divorced.
Its bloodly crazy... for the first few months it was really odd and now its madness

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RE: 14

by Brooke Slusser - 1/11/14 9:47 PM
my son was born and died on the 14th. my best friends kids were all born on the 14th. she is now due with a 5th child on the 14th. I see the number everywhere. its a sign from my son i believe now. I have the number tattooed on my body 3 times. I see it 10x a day. I dont even look for it. Id love to talk to you! my name is Brooke Slusser on Facebook

My dream

by Chyna - 12/18/13 11:24 PM
That's so crazy to find all of this. I had a weird dream last night but to make a long story short... I was preganant in the dream with 14 babies. Everyone wanted a baby and was questioning if they would love however I knew that they would and they were determined to be born. So crazy but it was like, an amazing dream... (No I'm not trying to get preganant nor am I sexually active)... Long dream I'm just making it short. In the process of trying to find the meaning of the number I found this blog

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i realize that i am the 141 person makes comment on this site :) when i just looked at it it was 140 :O listen!

by Asker - 11/28/13 6:34 AM
i realize that i am the 141 person makes comment on this site :) when i just looked at it it was 140 :O listen!maybe we should creat the community of the 14 viewers! i am also see it everytime last 5 years. Find me from facebook by the name Asker Ali Hacizade. İ think the time coming up!

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RE: i realize that i am the 141 person makes comment on this site :) when i just looked at it it was 140 :O listen!

by Anonymous - 11/28/13 6:49 AM
People! Listen to me! We should get together!! İt must be phrophesy!

born feb 14

by bradley - 10/24/13 5:51 AM
I cant belive i found some people with the same thing happen to them ..i thought i was trippin seeing the number 14 everyday like it pops out right at me to the point i noticed it and i wasnt trying to look. It makes me look like its calling i started telling my friends aboit it and i would point it out to them everytime it pops out at me and its alot they think im crazy or got a sence of time like no other but it aint just the clocks its all kinds of things its weird how its happening to me.But now i found others my friends will be the crazy ones now lol name is bradley hdking jackson on facebook we should share are 14 pics who know we might even make a miracle happen teaming up ...14 till i die i guess look for me

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meaning of 14

by rosemary - 10/23/13 2:21 AM
I have been seeing the. number 14 lately. I have been thinking about it for 2 days which the time i have seen i looked up the meaning n found this site.'s weird and amazing, thank you

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Meaning of 14

by AHAVA - 6/16/13 4:44 PM
this Rosh Hashanah-it will be 14 yrs since the Lord told me that He was COMING.In 2000-Rosh HaShanah He sent me to pray after receiving the JOEL Prophecy & the Rabbi qouting the Same Passage from JOEL- declaring it was the TIME of Jacob's trouble
YOM KIPPUR id the 19th Day of Tishrei-the Lord told me that it was the Day of the LORD- Fast Pray Repent-It's the 19th Day- meaning YOM KIPPUR may be the Final DAY of the LORD-when He bids His Guests to purify themselves (JUDAH & ISRAEL)
Those branched into ISRAEL understand!

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RE: Meaning of 14

by Anonymous - 9/04/13 1:28 AM
You will be interested in reading april14inhistory at blog spot. I did a study on my birthdate through history and it's pretty amazing. It tells a story of the coming wrath, in it's way.

Number 14

by Anonymous - 4/29/09 3:20 AM
ok maybe the number 14 hasnt follwed me my whole life but since given the number 14 in school wen i was younger, i felt like it meant something to me. however over the past few years im just the same i see it everywer i go. i think im even becoming slightly obsessed by it. no matter wer i go if i see any number i work the number 14 from it. in the past iv lived in a flat numberd 41 n the following year i was in college in a flat numberd 14 as well as loads of other freaky things. it seems everywer i go i see it, its 10.14 rite now 4 example lol. i think its kinda hv become intentional at this stage but its my favourite number of course n im even thinkin of gettin a tatoo of 14(in a symbolic way or different language or sumtin dat means sumtin)anyone have any good ideas how i could represent this number in a tatoo withou it bein stupid?

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RE: Number 14

by Anonymous - 8/05/13 12:05 AM
i love fourteen..

Number 14

by Angelene - 7/11/13 12:58 PM
God is reconciling all things unto Himself.

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