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Properties of the number 144000






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18 Comments for Number 144000 Symbolism, 144000 Meaning and Numerology

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by Anonymous - 7/01/17 4:32 AM
144000 : 6 : 6 : 6 = 666, 666

6 x 6 x 6 = 216

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Tim eis NOW

by LeeAmber - 4/07/17 12:05 AM
since 2014 the earth has been shifting. God is finalizing His promises are coming to pass increasingly fast. This past "winter" in WV was more like all four seasons for the entire 3-4 mths it will continue to go this way till the end. God bless you all and may the force of Him be with you always in all ways. Be blessed hold to hope keep the faith and don't forget Love always Love.

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RE: Tim eis NOW

by Anonymous - 5/08/17 3:23 AM
Phi-Chi-PSI-Omega. The golden ratio is Christ spiritual energy. The true calendar 28 days 13 months 364 days a year. Groovin with nagari

144000 and the lie

by Gary Harden - 8/11/16 4:07 PM
Chi-psi-omega. 22x23x24=12144 the 12 tribes and 144000 Jews ???? The Greek alphabet omega. Is ohms. Christ spiritual energy. Free masons. 22+2+3+2+4=33' mason. Watch my utube Groovin with Nagari

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RE: 144000 and the lie

by Nagari Kalki avatar - 8/27/16 7:45 AM
Gary 04-11-1962 ??????

the true calendar

by gary harden - 6/04/15 11:33 PM
the true calendar is 28 days 13 months 364 days a year on a 33.3 year cycle.33.3x3x6x4 144000/99.9 = 144144144144 Calulus with this time line you can go back to the year month day hour min sec that they kill Christ at 33.3 years of age and Simon Peter the fisherman at 66.6 years of age and it took one more 33.3 years to complete the cycle. if the SUN changes magnetic poles every 11.1 the. the earth changes pole every 1010.1 years hold on it going to be soon Issic newton said sept 28 2015

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RE: the true calendar

by Anonymous - 4/25/16 8:14 AM
I'm not sure, but I don't think the pole flipped yet and it's now April 25, 2016.

Age of Leo

by Robert - 2/09/16 2:25 PM
Of interest to some may be the fact that in accordance with the true form of ancient astrology we are moving out of the age of Virgo into the age of Leo. Originally the age was defined by the constellation opposite the rising Sun. Hence, we are actually moving into the age of Leo, not Aquarius. Interesting to look at the Biblical symbolism of Aquarius and Leo and the fact that they are opposite one another. The King may indeed be returning soon.

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by mike&nitas - 1/13/16 7:23 AM

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by LaerrusFish - 1/13/13 4:23 PM
has it been noticed 2/16 is the beginning of the Aquarius/Pisces cusp?

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RE: 2/16

by Anonymous - 1/13/16 7:22 AM


by Georges Jean - 8/09/15 12:57 PM
This number, 144,000, implies God's providence
for the elects--the entire body !

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by Nine - 8/10/14 8:20 AM
...1+4+4=9...rhythm is the all, a little 123 or 369

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by Amin Raa' - 12/27/10 5:17 PM
144k is to us humans - like the 100th is too monkeys -- new behaviours will arise --

Even the darkness is light ---

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RE: 144.000

by LaerrusFish - 1/13/13 4:23 PM
Thank you, I feel the same

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RE: 1444 Relationship

by Anonymous - 8/07/10 7:50 AM
well said...

Meridians on the body, 144,000 'points' of your spiritual structure.

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1444 Relationship

by Anonymous - 4/18/10 11:55 AM
1444 buy intuitive understanding is by the life of the elect, which is in strong relation to this number. In regard to the rest of 144000/666=216.216...and a 144 rest.

38 x 38 = 1444
1000 + 444 = 1444.
44 + 100 +1000 =14400
444 + 1000 = 1444

38 Is the number of the celestial life, While keep in mind 37 is the number of eternity with appeal math properties. The numerical value of 44 is key in regard to cosmic balance Ultimately this will attract all beauty.

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