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Spica (In Virgo Constellation)

by Voln Gharst - 9/24/09 5:19 AM
Spica = 528 (Lower ASCii)
Spica = 891 (Greek)

Spica is encoded 17 times in Holy Bible.

153 / 891 = .1717171717


June 2nd (6/2) is the 153rd Day of Year.

627 x 273 [THE KEY] = 171,171

United States Congress approved the Great Seal of the United States on June 20th (171st Day), 1782.

It only works with 627, 628 (2008, June, Start of the 42 Months in Revelations 11..The Two Witnesses), and 629. Yes, 2008 was a leap year.

628 x 273 = 171,444 (Entrance of the Witnesses?)

6.3.2008, or 'June 3rd, 2008' (A New Moon!!!)

638 x 273 = 144,144 (The Two Witnesses??)

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RE: Spica (In Virgo Constellation)

by Anonymous - 1/11/18 10:25 PM
Elijah,Enokh .. you welcome.

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United Nations

by John Tilley - 12/03/16 1:59 AM
153 voted against Israel e.g. Occupiers of Jerusalem Gollan Heights occupiers !!!
Dec 2016

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Why is the number 151 not listed?

by Ed J - 3/18/12 1:36 AM
Nice Site,

But, why is the number 151 not listed?

LORD of Hosts=151 (AKJV Bible)
Jesus Christ=151 (The New Testament)
Holy Spirit=151 (Old and New Testament)
The LORD JEHOVAH=151 (Isaiah 12:2, 26:4)

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RE:Why is the number 151 not listed?

by 151 - 8/28/16 7:19 PM
Muslim american=151

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2 Kings 1 and the number 153

by carl - 10/17/14 2:27 PM
Ray Comfort put forth this theory:
2 Kings 1 gives a story of another 153. There are the first two groups of 50 soldiers and their captains (51+51) who are consumed by fire. The third group of 50 soldiers and their captain are spared due to the captain interceding on their behalf. This makes a total of 153 (51+51+51).

This just may be the picture of the professing church: many profess faith but only 1/3 are true believers. The true believers will be spared God's judgment due to the intercessory role of their captain Jesus Christ.

Can it be that only 1/3 of the professing church will be saved?
Very interesting for sure.

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by o - 9/09/13 7:45 PM
the numbers man=153 a=1 b=2 c=3 etc

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153 = three times 51 = threefold repentance

by Netan'el Otten - 1/25/10 2:53 AM
51 & 153
Fifty-one has the meaning of repentance in the Bible. The number gets its meaning from Psalm 51, king David's Psalm of repentance after his adultery with Bathsheba. The number 51 is confirmed by the 153 fishes (3 x 51) the disciples caught in John 20. Peter had denied Jesus tree times. After the catch he was asked three times by Jesus, if he loved him. The three times 51 fishes stand for Peter's threefold repentance, for the three questions and for the three denials. The Old Testament also gives an example of 3 times 51, with the third 51 being the repentance. Elijah sits on a mountaintop (2Kings 1)and is summoned to come down by a captain of fifty and his fifty (51). 'Man of God' says the captain, 'the kings summons you to come down.' Not in the mood Elijah says that if he is a man of God, let fire come down and destroy them all. And 51 charred bodies are the result. The second captain and his fifty undergo the same lot. When the third 51 arrive - 153 soldiers in total - the third captain starts pleading with Elijah. Repentance saves his skin. Most likely the 51 for repentance comes from the Jubilee Year (50th). When the people got their property back they would say in the 51st year: Let's not mess up now!

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RE: 153 = three times 51 = threefold repentance

by 23 - 7/10/12 7:00 PM

The Lord Jesus Christ (153)

by Anonymous - 11/15/11 10:40 AM
153 seconds = 2:33 (min/sec)
The Lord Jesus Christ = 233 (english)

2:33 PM = 14:33
143rd Day = 222 Days Remain

The Value of the Messiah = 222 (english)

2:22 is opposite/adjacent 10:38 on a clock face

--->Yehoshua HaMashiach = 1038 (english gem.)
--->The Messiah's Numbers = 1308 (english gem.)

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RE: The Lord Jesus Christ (153)

by 23 - 7/10/12 6:55 PM

153 and Our Lady of Guadalupe

by Maria - 11/18/10 12:11 PM
Interesting that this number 153 comes up in a video
I saw about Our Lady of Guadalupe and for people who are devoted to Guadalupe and her Tilma do a search on "Secrets of the Tilma : Amoxtli of the Apocalypse"

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RE: It is not 19 but 20 letters!!! so it is not 153 but 154 letters...

by Anonymous - 8/10/10 7:48 AM
Both 'gratis plena' and 'gratiae plena' are incorrect! The Latin adjective plena [full] (in this case in the vocative feminine form, as it is referred to Mary) takes an ablative noun: the ablative of gratia [grace] (feminine, first declension) is also gratia. The correct wording of the opening address of the prayer is AVE MARIA, GRATIA PLENA.

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RE: It is not 19 but 20 letters!!! so it is not 153 but 154 letters...

by Declan - 4/18/10 4:24 AM
Latinam Possum dicere. Pro quattor annibus apud Quigley North illam linguam studivi.

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153 occuring

by Stephanie - 2/23/09 10:01 AM
OK I have to say that this number 153 and 69 have been "appearing" to me in sorts, for instance when a number comes up on tv its one of the two or when i look at the time it seems to be either 1:53, 3:15, 5:13, even my social has all these numbers in it and I relaized my birthdate is 7/22 which is Pi day which was mentioned in being related to 153...interesting any comments?

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by J.H. - 2/18/09 9:36 AM
I believe there are 153 stars in the constellation Pisces (the fish sign)

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It is not 19 but 20 letters!!! so it is not 153 but 154 letters...

by John - 3/19/08 1:31 AM
You wrote:
The Hail Mary, the Ave Maria, in Latin includes 153 letters
but it is not true:
You wrote:
//Ave Maria, gratis plena (19)//
but is not correct!
It should be: Ave Maria, gratiae plena / so it is 20 not 19!!!
and it is 154 not 153 letters, but You think You can do this because no one speaks latin...

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