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by air sierra - 1/28/10 2:46 AM
why it is call as sweet sixteen?

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RE: question

by Jeff - 8/18/16 12:48 PM
y birthday a couple of days ago, I had the most bizarre experience. But for now, my sweet sixteen was 8-16-79. I had just escaped from many years of physical\mental abuse at the hands of my father. Somehow, my aunt took me into their home. This completed the near destruction of my prior life, and allowed me to rebuild under a kind, loving family. Every aspect of my life was affected. Since, I have been through seveeral other fight\flight life changes where I build up career, objects, relationships. At the highest peaks, I suffered, underwent abuse, and finally just ran to rebuild in another environment. it is 2016 and I am on my 6th revival\rejuvenation\rebuild. No regrets; everything has made me me.


by Anonymous - 7/25/17 12:23 AM
16 is the age of maturity in the old days. It's when girls were old enough to be accepted into society and choose a mate. Interestingly enough, I found some information on the number 16 in numerology and the occult.

The number 16 is a karmic number, and people under its influence need to keep their feet on the path of higher learning. They must cultivate their personal willpower, independence and initiative action to enable them to overcome obstacles that come into their life experiences.

Number 16 denotes that many will experience trials and defeats throughout their lives. Unforeseen events may seem to follow people with this number, and possible manifestations of this energy include illicit love affairs and/or money losses.

16 brings in the single number of 7, with its energies of obligation and responsibility to listen to its inner-voice which will always warn them of danger through their dreams and strong intuition. When this number is transmuted to the higher vibration it expresses itself as love... more...

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number 16

by Lucy Lopez/Pirrello - 9/17/13 4:33 PM
my birth day is 1/16 my daughter I lost was born 3/16/1990 I just lost my dog 9/16/2013 what does this mean, I had 7 misscarriages please help

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RE:number 16

by Anonymous - 7/24/17 11:56 PM
The number 16 is a karmic number, and people under its influence need to keep their feet on the path of higher learning. They must cultivate their personal willpower, independence and initiative action to enable them to overcome obstacles that come into their life experiences.

Number 16 denotes that many will experience trials and defeats throughout their lives. Unforeseen events may seem to follow people with this number.

16 brings in the single number of 7, with its energies of obligation and responsibility to listen to its inner-voice which will always warn them of danger through their dreams and strong intuition. When this number is transmuted to the higher vibration it expresses itself as love of humanity and the desire to uplift others in the cause of harmony.

The 16 Karmic Debt represents destruction of the old and birth of the new. The 16 is about the fall of the ego and all that it has built for itself; it is a cleansing. All that has been constructed and all that serves to separate the person... more...

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Whats in this number

by Judith McKenzie - 10/15/16 2:01 PM
I was born on 16 March, my daughter was born 16 January, My mother was born 16 November, her mother my grandmother was born 16 May. one of my mothers sisters was born 16 October. My address is 88 when added together is 16. I am soon to move to an address with 123 being a 6 again. The agent phone number whom we bought our house through ends in 16. The 16/6 follows me everywhere even in flights etc. Why?......

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RE: Whats in this number

by Anonymous - 4/16/17 9:11 PM
Ask god to change it to 17

John 3:16

by Yoana - 2/05/17 7:51 AM
Let us not forget one of the famous bible verses in the Bible.Life is all about balance and that is the most important part of living life.We cant have too much good nor the bad.So I advise you guys not to stress too much on the 16th number or any other numbers and go paranoid about it just because you think it is a bad omen for the most part.We just have to learn to apply positivity in our system.Lets not forget the earth was created beautiful in the beginning,just that humans messed it up usually ;)

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Last 3 Relationships 16

by Andrew - 12/04/16 8:44 AM
The last 3 people I lost in my life & love were all born on the 16th day. My mother 02/16 and each ex which ended terribly 09/16 and 03/16. When added verticality:
3 is half of 6 (666) ?
Am I paranoid or does this have meaning, the number of the beast 666 has chased me for most of my juvenile & adult life. Once I was so pissed the food handling cashier didn't wash his hands then argued with me my total came to 666 on a old school cash register when it clearly should have been over $10. We all knew it but no body said a word and got change from my $10. Guy next to me had same items no drink and his was $7.45.
Any help or comments, had no idea 16 had so much meaning

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by hanjila - 10/06/16 11:23 PM
my mairrage party is on 16 november. what does it signifies

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by ✨👀 - 9/08/16 10:20 PM
The Old Testament counts 16 prophets and the New Testament counts 16 apostles and evangelists.

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andre ethiers player number

by roy ethier - 2/14/15 5:08 AM
In Domain Name -- 8 ethier = 16 Syllables . ( Andre Ethier Dodgers Player Number 16 .)

.In email --- 8 sets of 16 @ 8 ethier

[email protected] .

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RE: andre ethiers player number

by Jeff - 8/18/16 1:08 PM
so cool! I have worked with computers since 1980, and have based my career and entertainment around them.

Being more of a nerd type, I havent put much effort into occult, fantasy type of data. Howevere, the other day, I sat and observed many interesting phenomenon while researching the problems Youtube\google is having with self replicating channels, ids, links, and playlists.

Something popped up to focus on the 3, the three is key. Wow....WOW.

8-16-1963, sweet sixteen in 79. Just hit 53, and on a rebuild mode of one of many complete life rebuilds. Found I am linked to both good\bad descruction\construction, along with ancient areas of sun god, Horus, Isis, etcx. I just closed up the only music store around. It was named House of Rock which I sometimes abbreviated HOR. The same Horus was abbreviated. sick. sick. sick....Binary for 3 is 0011. Horus is perpendicular side of triangle similar to bible based trinity.

And the address for my home and music store. 1011 Hwy 2. Hi all!!

abby madows knapp loose custody of her child tomorrow i am her mother she was born n august 16

by louise meadows - 5/19/16 1:06 PM
see above please

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by Cris - 4/29/13 3:22 PM
I have bee seeing the 16th number for a long time almost 15 years adn i dont know what does it mean. every time i see a clock or any time 16th is allway there.

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RE: seeing

by Anonymous - 5/16/16 1:13 PM
i have the same problem!!!!!everywhere anywhere.....16

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Good and Evil

by Neko - 1/18/10 6:51 AM
16th always represents either something good or bad for me. I am CONSTANTLY paranoid about anything that happens on the 16th...
My birthday - Feb 16th
My dad's birthday - March 16th
My ex-boyfriend's b-day - October 16th
My brother died - October 16th
My best friend and I got into a HORRIBLE fight - September 16th
My grandmother slipped into a coma - June/July 16th (can't remember which)
My room number (a BAD room) - was 16
My Tip box # - 16
I got an appreciation gift from a customer - Jan 16th
My brother got into a motorcycle accident - 16th (don't remember month)

I am sure there are more... but... I haven't kept track of all of them... However for all I am EXTREMELY paranoid... I am afraid of these days and idk what to do with myself anymore... I was NEVER paranoid about things like this before...

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RE: Good and Evil

by Anonymous - 11/06/15 3:56 PM
My birthday is Feb 16

RE: Good and Evil

by Anonymous - 5/14/16 9:05 AM
Chester, Jesus LOVES you with ALL of His heart. That is why He died on the cross to save you from fear and all your sins so that you may live with Him forever. God said "Fear not, for I am with you, do not be discouraged, for I am your God, I will strengthen you, and I will help you, I will hold you up with my righteousness right hand." This scripture can be found in your Bible in Isaiah 41:10-13.
God also said "I will never leave you nor forsake you" Hebrews 13:5
But to be delivered from your fear, you MUST pray to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you of all the wrongs you have done and thought about. Tell Him to come into you life and heart. Tell him you SURRENDER you whole life to him. When you do this, Jesus will come Into your heart and be your personal Lord and Saviour. And if those evil things both you again, keep telling Jesus you are His, your life is His and that you love him and trust that he loves you.
You will be okay. Chester, believe me, Jesus loves you.

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The number 16 and how it relates to my son

by Anonymous - 5/07/16 1:13 AM
My son was born October 16, 1998. I learned of his passing on February 16, 2015. He was 16 years old when he was murdered. He was shot at 16 times. He was here on earth for 5916 days.

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by Anonymous - 4/18/16 6:25 AM
Wow my son was born 16 Jan, daughter 16 Feb, me 16 April, son 7/9 =16 . Father in-law died 16 June. Dad died 8/8 =16 mom died 17/8 = 16. First home no:16. Sons first home no 16. I could go on and on! Right down to my number plate = 16 .so does my post code!

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by Anonymous - 2/27/16 11:08 PM
16 is a great number. My b day is april 16, beothers nov 16, sis is july 16. My anniversary is dec 16, and my first son was born on feb 16 2016. So... works for me

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by Anonymous - 6/05/13 9:54 AM
Sixteen means me and Jesus forever.

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RE: 16

by Anonymous - 1/05/16 2:02 AM
By Mzubanzi Mdunyelwa psj
Number 16 symbolize a day or year of completion in whatever someone has started good or bad.

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16 is a wonderful number

by J.A.JARIWALA - 12/29/15 9:42 AM
In my life 16 is give me wonderful experience
1) I take lecture for 16 days of ship breaking coerce
2) I take visit plot of ship breaking it was also 16 number
3) I have given rest room it's number was also 16.
4) My lecture start from 16/11/2014
5) I give example of oxygen witch atomic weight is 16
6) My religious master died on 16
7) Now coming year is 2016.. so my feeling so high that something happen in 2016

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by natty - 8/02/15 11:36 PM
I am born on the 16th feb, my partner is the 16th of march, we live in house number 16 and he signed the lease on the 16th of february 2013 which was 4 months before we met.... since being 2gether, i have left him a few times and twice staying in 2 seperate hotels with my daughter, on both occassions, the room numbers were both 16. Alot has happened in our time together so far, is it a sign though that we are meant to be...or we are not meant to be??? Opinions are welcomed please...

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RE: 16....

by Anonymous - 8/07/15 10:47 PM
16 is the number for destruction and construction. You can create many great things together, and you will also destroy a great many things. Harness this potential energy, create love, and destroy hate.

Number Got Nothing To Do With Me

by Raaz - 7/20/15 9:32 PM
Human is the best creature of nature. Human discovered numbers. Numbers didn't discovered human. So numbers can do absolutely nothing to human. If you think that some mumbers are really very much related to your life then remember that it's just a game of the time which is running in it's own way and suddenly you got in the same track with it. So numbers are just numbers. They are not God to control your life.

I know many different persons of the same birth number and they are all of different aspects. If numbers really had something to do with then why those persons have different aspects in life???

Anyway, if you think your life is getting busted for numbers then consider my consultion. Hope that I can help you.

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by Anonymous - 12/20/14 7:48 AM
Maria Voltora was a pagan, I think.

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A warning sign or just paranoid?

by By destiny from Long Beach =) - 7/23/09 6:33 AM
I was born at 6:16 a mirror image of itself...I had not realized it was around until it was everywhere!
Every time I see that number I know something's coming, I actually hate it. I met my ex when he was 16 i was a year younger. When I turned 16 in 2008, I caught him cheating on the 16th of July. The birthdate of the girl was also on the 16th. Every time i'd see that number I would have to deal with unwanted drama. I knew it was coming, i'd get phone calls and visits from people who hurt me. If I ever want to make a decision and that number is involved I know it's bad. Whenever I meet someone and most of their text's or phone calls are sent with 16s attached to them I keep my guard up. It has happened too many times to think it's just me. I'm glad I'm 17 but 1+7 make 8 half of 16...

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RE: A warning sign or just paranoid?

by Sorry - 4/19/12 10:41 PM
616 x 616 = 379456
379456 seconds = 105.40444 hours

0.154444 hours = 556 seconds
5:56 is opposite 7:04 on a clock face
--->Yeshua = 704 (jewish)

God = 354 (greek)
--->3:54 PM = 15:54

154 seconds = 2:34 (min/sec)
23:34 is oppposite 1:26 on a clock face
1:26 seconds = 86 seconds
--->God = 86 (Hebrew)

Do you hate God?

RE: A warning sign or just paranoid?

by Anonymous - 8/20/14 3:45 AM
It was not bad when you caught your boyfriend cheating at 16; you obviously needed a new boyfriend. As far as people who don't like you and call or come by, get rid of them and find new associates.

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by Tyler Parkes - 7/14/14 5:36 PM
I just turned 16 and since then some weird things have been happening. I don't know if it means anything but if anyone knows about what a 16th birthday means in either religion or anything please creply with information. It's been really crazy lately and I just want some answers it doesn't seem to be happening to my twin brother yet but maybe it won't.. Idk just help please

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number 16

by Tibor - 1/19/14 2:05 PM
Hi, I was born in january 16. My brother was born in sept 16. The door number was 16 at our first house. My house number is 16 now. 2 month ago I started to see this number everywhere: when I look at clock, licence plates, bus stops or when I look at the charger state...
Don't know what is happening very mysterious.

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RE: number 16

by Anonymous - 4/23/14 9:16 PM
Sometimes the God that created the Universe, the One who sent Jesus to die for our sins, sometimes he speaks to me through numbers too!

me too

by Anonymous - 9/10/09 5:47 AM
It is Sept 2009 and I've been seeing the number 16 for months now. I've tried to reason it away but it keeps coming to me. I am a believer in God so I am looking for a Godly answer and know only God can provide it.
I too was born on January 16th 1964. I see it most when I am not looking for it. I can only pray for ansswers to see where God would lead me.

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RE: me too

by Val - 12/10/13 10:34 PM
Just the other day, while I was busy doing homework, my 9 year old daughter walked in the room and was chattering away. I clicked on my next homework assignment, which happened to be #16 and at that exact moment, she said the number 16. I cannot even remember what she was talking about as I was so busy but I do remember feeling that it was significant somehow. I have recently been struggling in a relationship that I am not so sure I should conrinue. Lots of drama but had just days prior asked God to help clarify what I should do. I am now seeking answers...I know it ment something...I felt it! Any knowledge would be helpful as I am still a baby in Christ but really want to grow!

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No way

by Oswaldo - 12/01/13 11:11 PM
I don't understand. 16 that number it just... Scares me. My birthday is oct 10/16 and I've seen that number so many times. When my birthday pass I thought it would stop but it's been showing the #16 everywhere. Oh my god I'm I going crazy or something.

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by Jesus - 11/10/13 7:35 AM
I bring forth the light! Having learned to use the internet in 16 minutes, I can lead you all to salvation faster than ever! Share this so people don't get left behind, the Judgement day is a scary thing indeed.

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RE: Jebus!

by Jesus2 - 11/10/13 7:37 AM
Amen to that brother, good thing we learned that Jesus Clone Jutsu so we can share the faith all over the world! Father is such a great sensei...