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seeing the number 22 and other doubles

by [email protected] - 11/18/09 2:12 AM
far as i can remember i have always seen the number 22. my birthday is 10/22.i was born at 10:10. everyday and everywhere i go i see the number 22 or 55, in a way if 22 is put beside a mirror it would be 55. with it being said that 22 is a spiritual number i do believe it is. i have visions of spirits have ever since i was a child. i hear voices of people not there. i work in a place that has motion detectors to keep the lights on, i go by the lights go off at times. i see 3 shadows that follow me one on each side and one behind. but lately i been seeing a white shadow like someone dressed in a white gown. i have so much that has happened that i dont have enough time to type it all. if anyone could tell me about any of this or want to talk about it or comments about it email me. the number 22 is also my lucky number, when i use it things are good. even in bad times. and the things i have read you have typed i too have experienced.

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RE: seeing the number 22 and other doubles

by Anonymous - 1/13/18 1:29 PM
I was born on 11-22. U see or hear things? Is it still going on?

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Great Pyramid tne house of God

by friend - 1/12/18 6:05 PM
Isa 2.2 And it shall come to pass in yhe last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains and shal be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow unto it. The Great Pyramid is symbolic of the house of the Lord,Eph 2.20-22 And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone; In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord. In whom ye also are builded together for the habitation of God through the Spirit. A Chief corner stone is found on the top of a pyramid exclusivly.The Great P yramid is the only biulding that is constructed incorperating pi and the golden means. Pi 3.14 the perfect number is also the number of references to mountain in the bible.

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why everyone is seeing the number 22

by paul leo fry ambrose - 1/10/13 2:17 PM
The prophicy of the future king from among davids desendents, that
will rise in the future ( from biblical history ). All the signs are here to show the 22nd king from among davis blood. And hes here.( along with the elect matt. 24 VERSE 22 ) (smile)

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RE: why everyone is seeing the number 22

by Anonymous - 12/21/17 1:04 AM
I am 778=22. Grandpa is David. My initials are A-Z.

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by friend - 12/19/17 7:43 AM

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by friend - 12/09/17 8:04 AM
On ones journey its prudent to leave a trail of bread crumbs to find ones way back home. Think of 22 as bread crumbs.

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RE: journey

by Anonymous - 12/16/17 9:54 PM
Raisin Bread :)

My bday equals 22!!!

by $hauna - 9/12/17 12:43 AM
My bday is 08/30!! 30-08= 22!!!

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RE: My bday equals 22!!!

by Paul C Allsopp - 10/25/17 2:33 PM
Only in the current times is that true. In ancient times there were only 10 months, consisting of 28 lunar cycles. We never used to use the sun as the point on which to based out calendar. "Sept" means 7 yet it is the 9th month. "Dec" means 10, yet it is the 12th month. December used to be the 10th Month. July and August were renamed by the Romans in honor of Julius and Augustus. If you wish to calculate things like modern day numbers against ancient calendars, you need to find out how many days have passed since before the calendar was broken. From that you can calculate your true birthday, based on the old/true calendar.

It is especially important when studying ancient dates to use the correct calendar. Many of the bible dates make little sense now because they are thought about in the context of a modern calendar. Use the old calendar and the dates have a completely different meaning.

622 922

by Roger - 5/20/10 9:05 AM
I am with all of you. I have been seeing my DOB 622 for the past 20 years. Half of the other times 922 and sometimes 722. Sometimes they appear more frequent and sometimes not. I believe they appear more when I am on the right track and appear less when I am being bad. I have even been seeing them duplicate times on the same seen like 622 622 or a sandwich 6226. I cant believe it took me 20 years to search this.... But feels good to know I am not crazy although I feel like Ive been in two different realities for some time now.

I believe I started seeing these numbers when I came across a UFO in my driveway October 10 1990. I felt like it was there to see me. It let me get close to it but took over like lightning when I got about 10 yards from it. After that I woke up every morning at 6:22 for a long period of time months or maybe a year or more straight.

Well we should all put out thinking caps on over the next couple years to piece this all together and figure out what we must do. ... more...

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RE:622 922

by karla - 3/11/15 10:36 AM
It has to due with kabbalah......if you aren't focused on where you wanna go....the enedgy will shred you to pieces.....there's a calm center in Pluto where you can see everything that goes on and where time doesn't exist.don't think too many go there think it's called the abyss.........but it's safer than any of the other spots from my very limited experience with it once I finally understood where the heck I was.

RE:622 922

by John - 9/11/15 4:53 AM
Same here, seems like it becomes most intense after strife in my life. Car crash, OBE in my 20's. Nearly left my wife 15 years ago, turned upside down, boom Spiritual awakening renewed. Now with no apparent reasons she just walked out on me. WHAM! I'm in the middle of it again, so intense, so many signs it's hard to interpret. And yes, everyone wants a piece of what I have, strangers in a store and especially the ladies (much younger than me). Just very odd, I'm just "chillin" and letting it happen. There is a direction to all of this just don't know why. Hey, is anyone else getting a high pitched ringing in their ears too? It seems it happens when it's quiet around me, especially when I go to sleep. Something is "downloading" inside of me and it is positive. Just have to wait and see I guess, just not sure of anything any more, the illusion is STRONG but apparent.

RE:622 922

by Am I for real? 08/22/1982 - 10/02/17 10:13 PM
Hello so
I'm surfing the web for what I don't know and about 12 times the number 22 comes across ok so now I am reading about 622. That leads me to read people's post and though more highly intelligent then me but somehow I follow its almost like each one of you are me if that makes any sense expect I scare people they say I talk to much and @ the same time ask me what I mean lol so therefore I am alone. I'm completely numb and filled with confuseing I have never been involved in to number and there meanings but I think I was ment to find this. Can someone expiln to me this 8 22 82 I always felt I was here to save someone so I try and try to save people from themselves,I never give up, I feel for people even when they don't deserve it, I rather laugh then cry.I have forgiven people who have done unspeakable things to me. Help?? Please.

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its been going on for years

by sophie - 9/26/17 9:25 PM
for the past 2-3 years i have been haunted by the number 22. I see it approximately 3-4 times a day sometimes even more. there have been times where i dont see it as much but generally since 2014 I have seen it constantly. I see 22 on the clock, on my social media, on car registration plates... everywhere!! I wish i knew exactly what it means in my life. all i know is that it makes me feel content

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by Delfi - 6/07/17 8:27 PM
I have been seeing 9/22 which is my bday for a d cade. I'm up into thousands of unique sightings. The. Last one I saw was an episode of South Park. The one where the boys become detectives and as they were talking to the main detective in his office his calendar was said at September and the last day was the 22nd It was completely starting to freak me out until I realized that Rosh Hashanah in the year 2017 falls on the 21st and 22nd and on the 23rd the Revelation 12 signs in the heavens happens. I always expected the rapture to happen on the last Trump and the last day of Rosh Hashanah is called the day of the last Trump, The day no one knows the day or the hour and also depicts the wedding customs of the Jewish people so I think rapture is coming on the 22nd of this year or thereabouts

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RE: 23

by Anonymous - 7/04/17 11:57 AM
If you haven't got a tattoo don't it's a bad choice

22 divided 7

by Anonymous - 5/30/14 12:13 PM
This will not give you pie, a number close to pi, but does not following the same pattern. Questioning the credibility of the site.

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RE:22 divided 7

by Heather - 3/27/17 10:51 PM
My birthday.. is 7/22.

RE: 22 divided 7

by Anonymous - 6/07/17 8:21 PM
22 div by 7 = 3.142,,,,,

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by CuriouslyCynical - 5/30/17 11:24 PM
Was reading through the comments after the article. Someone mentioned they kept seeing :22 in the time and I laughed to myself. Looked at the screen and the time was 10:22

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by Sabrina - 4/03/15 9:20 PM
Oh. My. God. I found people who see 22 everywhere they go!!! It's not happening to me at this moment in time, but before Thanksgiving of 2014, I've been seeing it plenty. Not just seeing it, but... You know what I mean. Here are some examples:
stepbrother's bday = 10/22/99
2014 parent teacher conferences = 10/22/14
teacher uses 22 a lot in problems
the day i flew out to see family = 11/22/14
catching the clock randomly at 22
shuffled through my songs and on the 22nd song, it was a song i deeply connected to in that moment
I found a random pair of dice, and thought to myself, "if this lands on 2 and 2... im gonna... idk what im gonna do". so i roll the dice, and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!! IT'S 2 AND 2!!!! now... what are the chances of that people?!?!?!?!?!

please feel free to comment on this. your input would be nice :)

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by Anonymous - 5/28/17 4:47 AM
The St. Petersburg Metro Jihadist murderer was also 22.

Deadly attacks

by Anonymous - 5/23/17 1:37 PM
All in the UK
22-05-13 Lee Rigby
22-03-16 Brussels attack
22-07-16 Munich attack
22-03-17 London attack
22-05-17 Manchester attack
22-07-17 ???

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RE:Deadly attacks

by Anonymous - 5/24/17 7:21 AM
Age of bomber in Manchester - 22

RE: Deadly attacks

by Anonymous G - 5/24/17 1:31 PM
22 dead, coward who killed them aged 22

RE: Deadly attacks

by Anonymous - 5/24/17 4:25 PM
Munich.& Brussels aren't in the uk!

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by Anonymous - 5/24/17 4:59 AM
what is the significance of the number 22 in islam

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RE: islamic

by Anonymous - 5/24/17 3:27 PM
Not that I disbelieve, but how so? Where does it say this? I'm curious

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Number 22

by Lisa - 5/24/17 1:38 PM
The Quran. Chapter 22. The Pilgrimage. On the Day when you will see it: every nursing mother will discard her infant, and every pregnant woman will abort her load, and you will see the people drunk, even though they are not drunk-but the punishment of God is severe. As for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be tailored for them, and scalding water will be poured over their heads.Melting their insides and their skins. And they will have maces of iron. Whenever they try to escape the gloom, they will be driven back to it: "Taste the suffering of burning."

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by buf - 5/23/17 11:41 AM
we will all reach the age of 22 (except those who die before their 22nd birthday woooooo spooky innit?! (p.s this is second of my 22 stupid jokes to come u with today before ten pm tonight (22.00hrs).. (am i serious?!! NO i'm just bored)

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RE: 22

by Anonymous - 5/23/17 4:20 PM
This is a serious matter not a joke , can all these dates 22 really be a coincidence ??


by Heather - 3/27/17 10:54 PM
I was born 7/22/1987

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V 22nd number in the alphabet

by Version22 - 3/23/17 2:19 AM
Every 4th letter of my first,middle & surname is V the 22nd number in the alphabet which before I relised this was & still is my favourite number. After reading this information about 22 I feel well informed of its significance. :0

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22 Everywhere

by Oceanno - 1/30/17 2:27 PM
11/22 when my husband was born, 10/22 my birth, our Daughter passed in her 22 year. Our whole family see 22 everywhere.

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RE: 22 Everywhere

by Anonymous - 3/09/17 9:49 PM
My bday also 10/22...I see it constantly on the clock...I know there is a deeper meaning behind why I see it besides proverbs 10:22

722 is here

by libra master 722 - 10/14/16 6:07 AM
love love love love love love love love love

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RE: 722 is here

by kv - 3/05/17 2:58 AM
Love love love love love love love

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22, Hebrew alphabet and ancient scripture in the old and new worlds

by Eddie Lewis - 2/27/17 9:07 PM
22 symbolism has changed my focus for a few years now. My birthday is 2-11-1978, which is 22 years before 2000.
I'm also writing about it. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet being the major topic, but also that of the first book in the Book of Mormon, written by a prophet from Jerusalem who travelled with his family to the American continent.
That first book has 22 chapters, and can be compared to the Book of Revelation (also with 22 chapters). His dividing of the different chapters correspond to each letter in the Hebrew alphabet in thousands of ways.

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Number 22

by Andreas - 3/07/12 2:40 AM
So I'm not alone. I truly thought that I was the only one. On every digital watch , even my tv, pc clock or wrist watch, for about 2 years, almost every night I m seeing same time - 22:22.. Hum what does it mean??

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RE: Number 22

by Anonymous - 2/09/17 5:29 AM
Spiritual is what I felt

The Number 22

by Anonymous - 1/12/10 6:18 AM
There is a group for those of us who experience the number "22" with frequency. It's called the 22 Numerotropes. It was a blessing to me when I first started experiencing these events a few years ago. It was wonderful to know that I was not alone!

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RE:The Number 22

by YourDreamsMean Nothing? - 2/01/17 12:01 PM
In my dream, I took 3 driving tests one after the other. After each test, the test-master said that I had failed for 13 reasons. When I looked at the failed test papers, the reasons were identical.

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if you like the way 22 is king

by king seeker - 10/14/16 6:08 AM
who is the 722 he is alive?
was he also born a jew? eclipsed? american or canadian?

I bless him

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Its Jesus calling you!!!

by Soly - 6/04/14 7:17 PM
I have been seeing this number 22 the most for a while now and recently lots of 11's.

I strongly believe it is Jesus Christ. 22 in numerology means "master builder". Jesus Christ was a carpenter.

The year I started seeing the number 22, I just happened to have been doing a carpentry course that year.

My birthday is on the 22nd of March.

My favorite fictional character is "Sephiroth" from Final Fantasy 7. In the "Kabbalah" The sephirot are the 22 paths of the tree of life. In addition "Sephirot" means "numbers" and one of his forms "safer sephiroth" means book of numbers.

I was living next door to the room 22 last year. There was a prostitute living in there. I'm not sure if that has any spiritual significance, just throwing that out there.

I was looking for a church to go too, as I was doing self study. The church I decided to visit just happened to have a big #22 on its billboard outside. 22 Tennyson street.

There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, the 22nd letter tav, means mark,... more...

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RE: Its Jesus calling you!!!

by DelfI - 3/02/16 7:04 AM
Same here, my b-day is 9/22 but it's only been the last ten years or so that it's starting to show up everywhere. Id I'm watching tv the door number on screen is 22 or everything! I've been keeping count since Jan 6 2016 and I've seen 9/22, 8 unique times and 22, 55 times and I've been working in the yard and not watching that much tv. It's too weird.

RE: Its Jesus calling you!!!

by Anonymous - 9/23/16 1:11 PM
Thank you I believe you

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