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by Anonymous - 8/19/14 1:13 AM
for those of you reporting seeing 22:22 a lot... check out angel numbers and starseeds in google.

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3 years

by Anonymous - 8/17/14 1:57 AM
I was born 2/22 and I will be 22 in three years, I am as excited as I am nervous.

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This is so weird

by Tiasha - 8/14/14 12:21 PM
I was actually BORN AT 22:22!! And I keepi seeing that time everyday totally randomly O_O 13:13, and 18:18 are pretty accurate too omg

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22, 22:22

by Lalita - 7/11/14 4:07 AM
i keep seeing the number 22 everywhere i go and like.. everyday! and i keep seeing the clock is 22:22 almost every night! what does it mean really??!! i keep seeing 22 since the end of last year!

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RE: 22, 22:22

by Anonymous - 8/07/14 7:23 AM
I have got the exact same thing! I keep seeing 22:22 on the clock. Still trying to figure out why...

Lost fight

by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:18 AM
Represents the fight which is going to be lost whatever you'll do.

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What exactly does "Anniversary of Marriage: Weddings of Ebony" mean in relation to this number?

by Anonymous - 7/19/14 8:56 AM
What does this number have to do with anniversary of marriage? Does ebony mean African American or any person of color?

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222 Viewers on Facebook

by Mirla - 7/12/14 11:19 AM
Please come to our 222 group on facebook.

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guide222 your where your sapose to be

by dee - 6/29/14 7:13 AM
there is many appearance of this that amazes not only myself but my wife and now my three has been going on for atleast ten to twelve years that I notice, but truly it reaches 18 years with the birth of my daughter on july 22.1995. my second child jan 22 and with him, on top of this he was born with a perfect number 7 fancy style between his eyes. it vanished after awhile but that was third child was born april 11, didn't fit at all,so it seemed. until my daughter figured out that we gave him a name that had exactly 22 letters in it,without realizing father. in law passed away feb 22 about 10 years ago. my youngest son when he was two of three was having sleep ceasures, he went to emergency twice (2)and both times he was in bed #22.we went to quebec city a stayed in a hotel, room son played football while he was in highschool and ended up getting his jersey with the number 22 on it the last three years.i believe it was kinda protection because in the last year he hit hard... more...

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22.22 every nignt i walk through my door.

by one of many gifted. - 6/11/14 9:57 AM
I come home almost everynight with no set schedule as I do not work and everytime it is 22.22pm.
for months this has been happening frequently so there has to be something spiritual about it like a spiroti guide telling me there here for me as I am motivated about life but things seem to fall perfectly into place even when something bad happends a positive is waiting for me to walk into it.,
And as of today I got really curious about 22/22.22 to realise my female companion 'girlfriend' our relationship is on the 22nd.,

keep positive and stay true to the inner gift we are given altough I'm yet to find my purpose.
**Jaycee out**

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RE: 22.22 every nignt i walk through my door.

by Anonymous - 6/27/14 1:44 AM
Our only purpose is to surrender Wholly to Gods will. After that the whole world begins to blossom! All you have to do is give ascent to HIM! May God bless and protect you!


by Ellie - 6/25/14 1:17 PM
Me and my boyfriend got together on the 22nd and every day I at least see it once and if not more. I don't know why I see it everywhere, I just feel like it was meant to happen?

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by No names - 6/13/14 6:39 PM
Well here's my story, when I was 16 I'm 17 now I got locked up in a juvenile facilty for 2 months but. In there I learned my lesson but while I was in there I grew closer to god I always read my bilble cus it gave me hope
1 week into being locked up I had found god, even tho I was bound I felt like I had no sin in mi I didn't curse at all when I was in there, God himself placed me there because he knew I was running wild, out in the free world there's all kinds of time but I never had time for god, till I got Locked up.
Tha police picked me up one night n send me to juvie,
Spend 3 days there got out went to court pled quilty on feb 22
N I was sent to a group home, I spent 2 weeks thier and then I ran away ,
I turn my self in a week later, back to juvie for 2 days n then court n then sent away for 2 months
March 22 I was reading my bible while siting down locked up tha t.v and it was tha news and I saw tha number 22 I can't remember what tha number had to do
With tha news but when then outa nowhere I... more...

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Its Jesus calling you!!!

by Soly - 6/04/14 7:17 PM
I have been seeing this number 22 the most for a while now and recently lots of 11's.

I strongly believe it is Jesus Christ. 22 in numerology means "master builder". Jesus Christ was a carpenter.

The year I started seeing the number 22, I just happened to have been doing a carpentry course that year.

My birthday is on the 22nd of March.

My favorite fictional character is "Sephiroth" from Final Fantasy 7. In the "Kabbalah" The sephirot are the 22 paths of the tree of life. In addition "Sephirot" means "numbers" and one of his forms "safer sephiroth" means book of numbers.

I was living next door to the room 22 last year. There was a prostitute living in there. I'm not sure if that has any spiritual significance, just throwing that out there.

I was looking for a church to go too, as I was doing self study. The church I decided to visit just happened to have a big #22 on its billboard outside. 22 Tennyson street.

There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, the 22nd letter tav, means mark,... more...

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22 divided 7

by Anonymous - 5/30/14 12:13 PM
This will not give you pie, a number close to pi, but does not following the same pattern. Questioning the credibility of the site.

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Asked for a sign...

by Anonymous - 5/21/14 6:14 AM
I was visited by a spirit guide in my sleep. A women approached me from the shadows I asked her name and she replied "My name is TWO the word not the number" I'm not sure what that means. Anyway, since then I have been seeing 22 constantly. Thinking I'm a functioning psychopath I disregarded it. Long story short, I finally spoke to my spirit guide and said " OK, I will go along with it but you have to give me a clear and obvious sign" later that day I was driving home from work and in the middle of the street in front of my car was a bunch of hellium balloons with a giant golden "2" sticking straight up from the middle....Huh!!!! Ok spirit guide you have my attention.

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by Shanti - 3/18/14 5:18 PM
Born on 1/22/1989 There arent enough words in the dictionary that can describe the feeling that I get..the energy with this number..Still confused as to if it means im on the right path or a warning..Clocks,phone numbers, liscense plates, anything and everything has..My bestfriend past away in an accident the day after my birthday in 2008 bad car accident ..I felt like some way I could of prevent that ..As if I already knew..But ever since then i felt nothing was the if there is something bigger we have to worry about and need to stick together .& as if god wants me to do something ..Im just trying to find that.:: purpose .::

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RE: Purpose

by Brianna Mackey - 4/25/14 11:05 AM
All of this has somthing to do with the law of attraction and physic abilities research it all then u will know your way. And it means we all have this power from god that's what people have been trying to hide .. Find out now! Anything from god is beauitful and loving and dnt forget safe .

Bible reference

by Simon - 4/08/14 1:09 AM
In the Bible, the number 22 is associated with spiritual knowledge, light, insight, and revelation. The first time the word “love,” for example, occurs in any of its forms in the Bible is in Genesis 22.

“In Genesis 22 happens to be one of, if not THE greatest, macro codes on the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ in the Bible,” says Jordan. “God tells Abraham to take Isaac. God’s not authorizing human sacrifice here, He’s laying out a pattern and a type and it’s one of the most complete ones.”

Genesis 22:2 reads, “And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.”

Jordan explains, “We know ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.’ When He said that to Abraham, Abraham had another son but Ishmael wasn’t the seed line. He had only one son that God recognized. But it was more than that, because... more...

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22 is my number too

by Heidi - 3/31/14 6:41 PM
Aloha! I see 10/22 all the time. I used to think it was because it is my birthday, but now I have to believe it is something else. I see things others don't. When I was a kid, I would dream of things a few minutes into the future. I have since lost that ability as I grew up but I still have an amazing ability to sense things and feel other people's energies strongly. I have seen ghosts and other things in my life too. Is this number really a gift or are we just different?

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by Joshua - 3/18/13 8:29 PM
Born 10/22/1987, I see things no one can see (not crazy, I mean like foresightish) definitely feel things no one else can feel...... very strange, can't explain it, don't think I want to understand it because it seems it gets a lot weirder if I try to understand or control it.

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RE: Gifted

by Anonymous - 3/12/14 5:45 PM
Why wouldn't you want to explore the gift u have been given,I have the same sense of having a hidden power or gift however you choose to interpret the chosen few it is important for us to harness this skill.just try to utilize it.through meditation and concentration you will realize what we can do

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by Angelina - 2/22/14 6:18 AM
I went to see my best friend May 2, 2012 and we went out to eat at 2PM. I was customer 222 and I paid $8.22 for my meal which we started eating around 2:20.

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by Anonymous - 3/05/13 12:09 PM
I'm 17 years old and haunted with the 22:22. Everyday I look at my clock at 22;22. No matter what I'm doing, no matter how tired I am. Is there any non-religous explanation for this? Greets

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RE: 22:22

by Anonymous - 1/29/14 1:59 PM
I was born 02/22/78 and I see duces everywhere and I no I am a lucky person

22 :)

by Igor - 1/01/14 9:37 PM
Check this out. I am born at 22.08. I live in city with zip code 022. My home number and mobile numbers of me my mom and father have sum 22. My first banking number had 22 in frist 4 for numbers. My fathers now banking number has sum of 22. My mother born me when she was 22, excatly when her partens or my grandparents born her. I am born in same day as my grandpa and we are exactly same. When i was 22y old(im 25now), things happen which change my life complitly. Then i first time meet spirituality, echkart tolle, osho, budism, and all those stufs including numerology. In that year i had a girlfriend, she had a strange last name which is not usual in my country and once while we was walking in street we look at a house and house had number 22 and her last name below it(it was in street in my town near my house where i passed milion times and i never saw it), we was in shock, she was fimiliar with my story of 22 because many situation happens with that number in it and those situation were such that they could... more...

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RE: 22 :)

by Anonymous - 1/16/14 3:30 PM
Every night I look at the clock and it's 22.22 this has been happening to me for over a year. Wow about your life :)

Happy for 22.

by Tlsmith22 - 1/13/14 8:49 PM
Reading this page and the posts is like reading my life. Its been years for 22. Clocks it always 22 after. I'm behind cars with 22 in there license plates all the time. I've even been lost and know if I just follow the guy in front of me with the 22 on the license plate, it will always be the right way. Its creapy and comforting. I have it on clothes and have thought about getting a tattoo. It makes me smile, and makes me pay attention to what is going on around me. Saying to myself ok, what am I suppose to be seeing or doing.

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by Ashley LaQueen Hubbard - 1/11/14 4:32 AM
On 03/22/11 God showed me 11 22. I know I am one of the chosen few. :) Hello world. Are u ready for US?

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by moody - 11/21/13 7:23 AM
I too have been seeing the number 22 in all places in any scenario.
I'm never conciously looking for just appears.
My reaction is typically looking at the number and thinking in my head someone or something trying to make me aware or guide me in some way?

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by party queen - 10/25/13 9:51 AM
nice like it give it a 2

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