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Bible reference

by Simon - 4/08/14 1:09 AM
In the Bible, the number 22 is associated with spiritual knowledge, light, insight, and revelation. The first time the word “love,” for example, occurs in any of its forms in the Bible is in Genesis 22.

“In Genesis 22 happens to be one of, if not THE greatest, macro codes on the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ in the Bible,” says Jordan. “God tells Abraham to take Isaac. God’s not authorizing human sacrifice here, He’s laying out a pattern and a type and it’s one of the most complete ones.”

Genesis 22:2 reads, “And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.”

Jordan explains, “We know ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.’ When He said that to Abraham, Abraham had another son but Ishmael wasn’t the seed line. He had only one son that God recognized. But it was more than that, because... more...

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22 is my number too

by Heidi - 3/31/14 6:41 PM
Aloha! I see 10/22 all the time. I used to think it was because it is my birthday, but now I have to believe it is something else. I see things others don't. When I was a kid, I would dream of things a few minutes into the future. I have since lost that ability as I grew up but I still have an amazing ability to sense things and feel other people's energies strongly. I have seen ghosts and other things in my life too. Is this number really a gift or are we just different?

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by Shanti - 3/18/14 5:18 PM
Born on 1/22/1989 There arent enough words in the dictionary that can describe the feeling that I get..the energy with this number..Still confused as to if it means im on the right path or a warning..Clocks,phone numbers, liscense plates, anything and everything has..My bestfriend past away in an accident the day after my birthday in 2008 bad car accident ..I felt like some way I could of prevent that ..As if I already knew..But ever since then i felt nothing was the if there is something bigger we have to worry about and need to stick together .& as if god wants me to do something ..Im just trying to find that.:: purpose .::

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by Joshua - 3/18/13 8:29 PM
Born 10/22/1987, I see things no one can see (not crazy, I mean like foresightish) definitely feel things no one else can feel...... very strange, can't explain it, don't think I want to understand it because it seems it gets a lot weirder if I try to understand or control it.

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RE: Gifted

by Anonymous - 3/12/14 5:45 PM
Why wouldn't you want to explore the gift u have been given,I have the same sense of having a hidden power or gift however you choose to interpret the chosen few it is important for us to harness this skill.just try to utilize it.through meditation and concentration you will realize what we can do

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by Angelina - 2/22/14 6:18 AM
I went to see my best friend May 2, 2012 and we went out to eat at 2PM. I was customer 222 and I paid $8.22 for my meal which we started eating around 2:20.

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by Anonymous - 3/05/13 12:09 PM
I'm 17 years old and haunted with the 22:22. Everyday I look at my clock at 22;22. No matter what I'm doing, no matter how tired I am. Is there any non-religous explanation for this? Greets

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RE: 22:22

by Anonymous - 1/29/14 1:59 PM
I was born 02/22/78 and I see duces everywhere and I no I am a lucky person

22 :)

by Igor - 1/01/14 9:37 PM
Check this out. I am born at 22.08. I live in city with zip code 022. My home number and mobile numbers of me my mom and father have sum 22. My first banking number had 22 in frist 4 for numbers. My fathers now banking number has sum of 22. My mother born me when she was 22, excatly when her partens or my grandparents born her. I am born in same day as my grandpa and we are exactly same. When i was 22y old(im 25now), things happen which change my life complitly. Then i first time meet spirituality, echkart tolle, osho, budism, and all those stufs including numerology. In that year i had a girlfriend, she had a strange last name which is not usual in my country and once while we was walking in street we look at a house and house had number 22 and her last name below it(it was in street in my town near my house where i passed milion times and i never saw it), we was in shock, she was fimiliar with my story of 22 because many situation happens with that number in it and those situation were such that they could... more...

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RE: 22 :)

by Anonymous - 1/16/14 3:30 PM
Every night I look at the clock and it's 22.22 this has been happening to me for over a year. Wow about your life :)

Happy for 22.

by Tlsmith22 - 1/13/14 8:49 PM
Reading this page and the posts is like reading my life. Its been years for 22. Clocks it always 22 after. I'm behind cars with 22 in there license plates all the time. I've even been lost and know if I just follow the guy in front of me with the 22 on the license plate, it will always be the right way. Its creapy and comforting. I have it on clothes and have thought about getting a tattoo. It makes me smile, and makes me pay attention to what is going on around me. Saying to myself ok, what am I suppose to be seeing or doing.

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by Ashley LaQueen Hubbard - 1/11/14 4:32 AM
On 03/22/11 God showed me 11 22. I know I am one of the chosen few. :) Hello world. Are u ready for US?

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by moody - 11/21/13 7:23 AM
I too have been seeing the number 22 in all places in any scenario.
I'm never conciously looking for just appears.
My reaction is typically looking at the number and thinking in my head someone or something trying to make me aware or guide me in some way?

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by party queen - 10/25/13 9:51 AM
nice like it give it a 2

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by Matthew - 10/23/13 8:05 PM
My son was born on 2/22/09 and I knew it beforehand.

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by Stephanie - 10/06/13 9:16 AM
I keep seeing the 22 everywhere and have done for the past two months. I believe this is propelling me forward into my own destiny. The angels are guiding me to take up everything that is presented to me unless I truly feel in my gut that it is not good for me and my soul growth.

At the moment I planted a seed to the universe that I would like to move town, the best place for me that would fit around my work timing has cropped up, I also believe it means finances and in general sorting yourself out, creating your own destiny coming into your own power...godess like energy. I'm feeling it and I'm living it. WOW

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The #22

by Calvin - 9/15/13 4:59 PM
I was born July 22, 1974. So my entire birth has some biblical significance. I was born on the 7th month, of the 74th year in the 19th Century. Both the numbers 7 and 22 have some powerful significances in the bible. For some reason, 7 is my favorite number.Now thinking about it, I went back to school and started on August 22, 2007. To this day, I have no idea who the lady is that I just happen to come across online who asked me to visit her site where I was directed to a page that listed online schools. Funny thing is, I was planning on trying to go back to school. I had no idea how I was going to do so, but I had planned it. Then she popped up. I just can't explain it. Either way, I'm just trying to make a connection so that I don't feel or look like a weirdo, lol.

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the number 22

by Anonymous - 8/17/13 7:03 PM
i think you have obviously put a lot of work trying to come up with reasons as to why 22 is a awesome number and i am impressed

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by william freeman - 6/22/13 8:25 AM
I have seen the number 22 a lot in the past few years. Me and my older brother both born on the 22nd him sept me oct. Wich makes me barely a libra which get along in the aquarius world so I'm good there. And balances is used 22 times in the bible and my sign is a scale. I also have met a few other key ppl in life with birthdays on the 22nd. Crazy!!!??? Na fate!!! Jus wished I knew what my fate was!!!!!!

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First comes the proof, then

by the truth - 6/13/13 1:33 PM
A few minutes ago it was 22:22, 22 is used 13 times and guess what date it is today? 13.06.2013, nailed.

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22 22

by Anonymous - 5/24/13 12:49 AM
22definetly has a purpose i have the gift of seeing things unexplainable and have for years now and ever since my eyes were peeled back i have seen 11 11 22 22 33 33 it is nearing the end of a cycle for earth not sure when but the earth is entering aquarius soon and when it does our evolution may possible morph or leap forward in ways unamaginable hope all u sleepers out there wake up

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by Anonymous - 5/21/13 11:19 PM
I read this site . . also read some comments . . about 22 and unaware of the date . . and was shock its 5/22/2013

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by Anonymous - 2/27/13 9:43 PM
I was born on 02/02/1994 at 2:22 pm and i have been seeing 22 everywhere i think it is a good thing

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Re: 2

by Anonymous - 5/19/13 6:08 PM
This happens to me all the time. It is very odd I have come to accept it! Once I did that it was everywhere even more! Apparently it happens to a lot of people or at least it seems like it does.

''Obsession with 22"

by Anonymous - 10/22/11 6:12 PM
well today is the 22nd. I've been like obsessed with 22 for a while now. I see it everywhere. everytime i look at the clock, its , something:22 .... I love the number now and the beginning of this obsession, I was a little creeped out by it. but now I'm used to it and I accept it. I love 22. Everytime I see 22, I make a wish. I feel like there is a purpose to it, but i dont know what it is. Im so glad you all have the same type of thing.happy 22nd everybody!

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RE: ''Obsession with 22"

by Anonymous - 5/19/13 6:04 PM
I know exactly how you feel. It is so odd to see all there is on 22. I love 22 I also accepted it, I know it's good I know that much! My sister today said google the numbee 22 sure enough here I am!

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I see it everywhere, I have proof it's not madness!

by Dominic John Di Santo - 5/19/13 6:01 PM
I am in awe that there is so much on this number I see it everywhere. I am not crazy. I point it our to my sister when it happens. I have always wondered what this could be, coincidence, sub consciously looking for or what! Very curious as to its origin!

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by ty - 5/03/13 4:12 PM
my english isnt so good.i m from montenegro but i hope you will understand.i have similiar problem with number 22.everything starts with looking at watch.i used to look at watch but,if anyone asked me whae time is it i would not know because i m wasnt intrestea in that.but a few months ago i started to see the.begining it was wired.two times by day i look at watch 22.22.and than started some,time,and 22.but what is,so wired.two times happened to was night i was in bed.i didne know what time is it.i was thinking its my obce moment i rememered number 22.and i looked at my was 04.22 next time when that happened it was 02.22.

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by EP - 5/02/13 5:10 PM
Born 7/22/86 at 2:22 pm. I also see the number 22 everywhere and I love it! I especially love checking the time and seeing 22 as the never fails to put a smile on my face :)

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22's everywhere

by Athena - 4/18/13 12:19 PM
I was born 4-22-70 at 12:22am. Daughter born 8-22-02 at 2:22pm she is a twin in cherokee. I have fraternal twins and my husband is my twin flame. What in the world does this mean? 2's everywhere. All of us are extremely gifted with foresight.

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