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by Anonymous - 3/17/16 8:43 AM
good website!!

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by Anonymous - 3/15/16 11:53 AM
For the past couple of years I've been seeing 22 all the time. I feel I have a strange connection with numbers and always wondered what it meant. I moved home to help my dad fight cancer and on his last few days of life he was in icu. When I first arrived at the hospital the nurse showed me to his new room and I nearly fell over. He was in room 22. I told my family and they sort of looked at me funny. Maybe I'm crazy but I think it's a very symbolic number for as I see it multiple times daily and sometimes feel it's a deceased relative or maybe my dad trying to contact me.

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Its Jesus calling you!!!

by Soly - 6/04/14 7:17 PM
I have been seeing this number 22 the most for a while now and recently lots of 11's.

I strongly believe it is Jesus Christ. 22 in numerology means "master builder". Jesus Christ was a carpenter.

The year I started seeing the number 22, I just happened to have been doing a carpentry course that year.

My birthday is on the 22nd of March.

My favorite fictional character is "Sephiroth" from Final Fantasy 7. In the "Kabbalah" The sephirot are the 22 paths of the tree of life. In addition "Sephirot" means "numbers" and one of his forms "safer sephiroth" means book of numbers.

I was living next door to the room 22 last year. There was a prostitute living in there. I'm not sure if that has any spiritual significance, just throwing that out there.

I was looking for a church to go too, as I was doing self study. The church I decided to visit just happened to have a big #22 on its billboard outside. 22 Tennyson street.

There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, the 22nd letter tav, means mark,... more...

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RE:Its Jesus calling you!!!

by sankana - 2/17/16 12:37 PM
We 22s have a spritual duty to transform the world.Let us encourage the masses to want spiritual illumination not more material things that deprive the spiritman

RE: Its Jesus calling you!!!

by DelfI - 3/02/16 7:04 AM
Same here, my b-day is 9/22 but it's only been the last ten years or so that it's starting to show up everywhere. Id I'm watching tv the door number on screen is 22 or everything! I've been keeping count since Jan 6 2016 and I've seen 9/22, 8 unique times and 22, 55 times and I've been working in the yard and not watching that much tv. It's too weird.

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by Lioness - 2/16/16 4:46 PM

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Why have I been seeing same signs of number 22

by Kylie Livermore - 9/16/15 6:49 AM
Why have I been seeing same signs of number 22 every day like clock, house number street , plates, send msg , i had a brother born same number at me but he passed away., lucky number

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622 922

by Roger - 5/20/10 9:05 AM
I am with all of you. I have been seeing my DOB 622 for the past 20 years. Half of the other times 922 and sometimes 722. Sometimes they appear more frequent and sometimes not. I believe they appear more when I am on the right track and appear less when I am being bad. I have even been seeing them duplicate times on the same seen like 622 622 or a sandwich 6226. I cant believe it took me 20 years to search this.... But feels good to know I am not crazy although I feel like Ive been in two different realities for some time now.

I believe I started seeing these numbers when I came across a UFO in my driveway October 10 1990. I felt like it was there to see me. It let me get close to it but took over like lightning when I got about 10 yards from it. After that I woke up every morning at 6:22 for a long period of time months or maybe a year or more straight.

Well we should all put out thinking caps on over the next couple years to piece this all together and figure out what we must do. ... more...

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RE:622 922

by Jamie - 7/28/11 11:43 AM
I am born 9-22 and over the past few months every time I look at the clock it's 9:22am or 9:22pm. It really started making me think something or someone is trying to tell me something. I kept searching bible verses for 9:22 and found a few that scared the crap out of me. I am very intriguied by the end of the world theories and have been for many years. I have read anywhere from 20 to 30 books based on the subject. Now that I read this I guess my feeling are the same as others. I'm pregnant now with my second child, due Jan.2012 and the thought that we possibly don't have that much longer is really devasting to me. I keep thinking something big is going to happen and just can't get it out of my head.

RE:622 922

by karla - 3/11/15 10:36 AM
It has to due with kabbalah......if you aren't focused on where you wanna go....the enedgy will shred you to pieces.....there's a calm center in Pluto where you can see everything that goes on and where time doesn't exist.don't think too many go there think it's called the abyss.........but it's safer than any of the other spots from my very limited experience with it once I finally understood where the heck I was.

RE:622 922

by John - 9/11/15 4:53 AM
Same here, seems like it becomes most intense after strife in my life. Car crash, OBE in my 20's. Nearly left my wife 15 years ago, turned upside down, boom Spiritual awakening renewed. Now with no apparent reasons she just walked out on me. WHAM! I'm in the middle of it again, so intense, so many signs it's hard to interpret. And yes, everyone wants a piece of what I have, strangers in a store and especially the ladies (much younger than me). Just very odd, I'm just "chillin" and letting it happen. There is a direction to all of this just don't know why. Hey, is anyone else getting a high pitched ringing in their ears too? It seems it happens when it's quiet around me, especially when I go to sleep. Something is "downloading" inside of me and it is positive. Just have to wait and see I guess, just not sure of anything any more, the illusion is STRONG but apparent.

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by JAA - 7/04/15 3:30 PM
I looked up 22 because...I went to meet my future wife and I was sitting in seat 22 on the plane. She arrived after midnight when I landed and we met on June 22nd. We got married with 21 other couples, we being couple number 22, on December 22nd. A year later on the 22nd of December we went to the restaurant and searched and searched and finally she chose a table, when we sat down she saw the table number and she said you did that! I said you picked the table, table number 22.

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by Sabrina - 4/03/15 9:20 PM
Oh. My. God. I found people who see 22 everywhere they go!!! It's not happening to me at this moment in time, but before Thanksgiving of 2014, I've been seeing it plenty. Not just seeing it, but... You know what I mean. Here are some examples:
stepbrother's bday = 10/22/99
2014 parent teacher conferences = 10/22/14
teacher uses 22 a lot in problems
the day i flew out to see family = 11/22/14
catching the clock randomly at 22
shuffled through my songs and on the 22nd song, it was a song i deeply connected to in that moment
I found a random pair of dice, and thought to myself, "if this lands on 2 and 2... im gonna... idk what im gonna do". so i roll the dice, and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!! IT'S 2 AND 2!!!! now... what are the chances of that people?!?!?!?!?!

please feel free to comment on this. your input would be nice :)

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22 is my number too

by Heidi - 3/31/14 6:41 PM
Aloha! I see 10/22 all the time. I used to think it was because it is my birthday, but now I have to believe it is something else. I see things others don't. When I was a kid, I would dream of things a few minutes into the future. I have since lost that ability as I grew up but I still have an amazing ability to sense things and feel other people's energies strongly. I have seen ghosts and other things in my life too. Is this number really a gift or are we just different?

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RE: 22 is my number too

by Kathy - 3/18/15 7:16 PM
This is also my birthdate 10/22 and the repeating number I see on clocks and things counting down at times.

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Meaning number are bull. They are a man made thing not spiritual

by Papa - 8/25/14 3:38 PM
What a complete load of bollocks. For people seeing the clock at 22:22 all the time, instead of writing it down and thinking it bears something meaningful, you are wrong. The truth is you look at the clock thousands of times in a day but do you pay any attention to 10:12 or 06:01? no you don't. There's nothing divine about it just because you can relate the number 22 to your sons age or the house number you used to live in or how many chapters in the bible written by John if you add his Mother friends age on and take away the amount of legs his dog has. Sorry but if you are honest with yourself rather than trying to read something mystical into your life which doesn't have enough meaning or you are looking for signs from a higher being, Give up please and get on with your life. Enjoy and relish what is right before your eyes instead of trying to find comfort in nothing. Be fair write down the time as you notice it for two days. You won't even spot 22:22 anymore becasue you started being honest with yourself

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RE:Meaning number are bull. They are a man made thing not spiritual

by Mike Mandrill - 3/17/15 11:32 PM
Ok I just needed to tell you that you're wrong. I have that habit of spotting 22:22 on clocks several times a week (sometimes just once) since I'm like 10 (21 now). You say I check my clock thousands of times a day and that 22:22 is a recognizable pattern etc etc... I hear you but it just isn't true. Chances that in any given evening, my eyes will fall on a clock at precisely 22:22 are low. I don't spend my evening looking at clocks every 30 minutes. I feel like checking what time it is only a couple times max. Like anyone really.
And most of all, this has been happening to me for a long time and not once have I decided it was some mystical stuff or have I obsessed about it in any way. It just became part of me, I don't think ANYTHING of it. My mom has it aswell though less frequently. Sometimes when I lived with my parents my mom would go to bed and see the 22:22 while at the same time in another room, sitting behind my computer I'd see it aswell.
"You won't even spot 22:22 anymore because you started being... more...

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22, 22:22

by Lalita - 7/11/14 4:07 AM
i keep seeing the number 22 everywhere i go and like.. everyday! and i keep seeing the clock is 22:22 almost every night! what does it mean really??!! i keep seeing 22 since the end of last year!

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RE:22, 22:22

by Pete in Toronto. - 3/15/15 8:19 AM
Same thing.. all my life. Most recents are married on a 22nd... hospital room 22, pull my number in the line at a deli, 22... motel room 22.. my parking spot is 22... just flew a few days ago and my plane seat number was 22. I told the person next to me.. "I'm probably dying in this seat". ahaha

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22 and 26 in a dream

by Stephen - 2/26/15 3:09 AM
in a dream i saw this couple that i know and i saw the wife got married when she was 22yrs and her husband 26yrs in a dream and said to myself that i to got married at age of 26 too.... What dose this mean plz tell

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22 divided 7

by Anonymous - 5/30/14 12:13 PM
This will not give you pie, a number close to pi, but does not following the same pattern. Questioning the credibility of the site.

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RE: 22 divided 7

by Anonymous - 1/25/15 12:50 AM
Howdy papa ! Man made or not, everything can be broken down to mathematical rafting. I mean Everything ! So I wouldn't be so quick to discount numbers

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Close people passing on the 22nd

by Ashley - 12/21/14 11:51 PM
What would it mean if people and pets passed away on the 22nd of a month? My uncle, grandfather, close friend (26 due to brain cancer), and my mother's dog all passed away on the 22nd. Each different months. This has me terrified to leave my house or let my kids do anything on the 22nd of any month. Please help me make sense of this, if there is any sense to it.

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RE: Close people passing on the 22nd

by Anonymous - 12/25/14 5:39 AM
Hello Ashley. I am also very disturbed about the same subject. My mother passed away on the 22nd, my sister passed away on the 22nd, and now my father just passed away on the 22nd. All my family members have passed on the same day of different years and I am really at a loss for words here. I have no explanation, I am bewildered by these events all happening on the same day. I am the remaining member of a family of 4. It has me wondering if I will also pass on the 22nd, if I do then I would have to say it is much, much, more than coincidence, which I believe it to be already. All we can do is keep going on and ponder these extraordinary events in our lives. Are we blessed or are we cursed?? only time and a higher power can provide this answer. I am sorry for your losses of loved ones and share your sadness. Try and live each day to its fullest, I know in this day and age its hard to do, we must remember that any given day could be our last.

Bible reference

by Simon - 4/08/14 1:09 AM
In the Bible, the number 22 is associated with spiritual knowledge, light, insight, and revelation. The first time the word “love,” for example, occurs in any of its forms in the Bible is in Genesis 22.

“In Genesis 22 happens to be one of, if not THE greatest, macro codes on the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ in the Bible,” says Jordan. “God tells Abraham to take Isaac. God’s not authorizing human sacrifice here, He’s laying out a pattern and a type and it’s one of the most complete ones.”

Genesis 22:2 reads, “And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.”

Jordan explains, “We know ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.’ When He said that to Abraham, Abraham had another son but Ishmael wasn’t the seed line. He had only one son that God recognized. But it was more than that, because... more...

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RE: Bible reference

by cj "Little Hawk" - 10/30/14 9:09 PM
Wow! Make that holy wow, Simon! Excellent work. Thank you so very much for your dedication to our Abba Father & the Son He gave for us! You are spending this life well, my brother. And we 2faithfulbeachbums THANK YOU & pray well for you & yours in Yahshua's name. Amen, amein, & AHO!!

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"Shavuot 22"

by cj "Little Hawk" Randolph - 10/30/14 8:49 PM
Blessings...The Ancient of Days "I AM your Father" chose to answer my heart's cry, when He said, "I gave My Life, My Son for you!" January 2, 2006 as He sung His heart thru me. Then the Holy majestic ONE called "COME"! He took me into the heavens to reveal so much!! Including the very THRONE of G~d!!

A few nights ago, Abba spoke to me in the night, "Shavuot 22". I thought it as a book, but don't know for sure. Hebrew number system has been among much that Abba reveals.

Would be interested in your thoughts...also want to thank you for the work you've done here.

Shalom Blessings to the heart of your home from ours,
cj "Little Hawk" Randolph

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The mysterious number 22

by lilbidS - 10/04/14 12:21 PM
I have read many sites, many articles, many comments..nd pretty much everything about the number 22..but still haven't figured out whats the true meaning behind it. I was also born on 22nd septemnber 1993..As I have read many people's thought in this site.. I noticed that it has been pretty much the same for me. I asked a psychic about it, nd he told me it was kinda lucky number for me, try new things out at that time or date, that it will be rewarding. That's what he said. But that number haven't brought me anything but bad luck. When I start seen it frequently I am afraid. Next year i'll be 22..Pray to god that its not my last day..there's more to it thsn meets the eyes..

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RE: The mysterious number 22

by Anonymous - 10/04/14 12:22 PM
WTF I just posted it.nd that time makes me shiwers..


by RAYNALI - 5/01/10 7:59 AM

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RE: 22

by Anonymous - 8/25/14 3:57 PM
its a shame spell-check doesn't follow you everywhere you go

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guide222 your where your sapose to be

by dee - 6/29/14 7:13 AM
there is many appearance of this that amazes not only myself but my wife and now my three has been going on for atleast ten to twelve years that I notice, but truly it reaches 18 years with the birth of my daughter on july 22.1995. my second child jan 22 and with him, on top of this he was born with a perfect number 7 fancy style between his eyes. it vanished after awhile but that was third child was born april 11, didn't fit at all,so it seemed. until my daughter figured out that we gave him a name that had exactly 22 letters in it,without realizing father. in law passed away feb 22 about 10 years ago. my youngest son when he was two of three was having sleep ceasures, he went to emergency twice (2)and both times he was in bed #22.we went to quebec city a stayed in a hotel, room son played football while he was in highschool and ended up getting his jersey with the number 22 on it the last three years.i believe it was kinda protection because in the last year he hit hard... more...

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RE: guide222 your where your sapose to be

by Anonymous - 8/25/14 3:51 PM
would you think the same if your son was wearing the number 4?

What Does '22' Mean To Our Lives Now-?

by Johnnie & Tanya - 8/05/12 9:35 PM
Both My Wife And I Are Born On The Same Day - (Sept.-22nd.) ... We Met On - (Aug.-22nd.) ... Our Daughter Was Married On - (Sept.-22nd.) - (Not Planned That Way) ... We Were All Born In The Same Month - (September) ... Our Grandson Was Born On - (Oct.-22nd.) ... We Have Had Our Share Of Severe Ups And Downs Over These Past Years ... The Greatest Event In Our Lives Was The Day Our Grandson Was Born-!! ... The Number (22) May Have Symbolism To Others And In The Bible - But There Has Been No Real Exemptlatory Phenomenons That Have Carried Over Into Our Lives - (Let Me Reiterate - Yes - Our Grandson) ... Most Of The Dates That I Have Mentioned Within Our Lives Are Just That - 'Coincidental' ... There Is No Significance In Numbers - If That Were True (we) Could Put Every State Lottery Into Bankruptcy-!!!

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RE: What Does '22' Mean To Our Lives Now-?

by Anonymous - 8/25/14 3:47 PM
hooray!! a normal and well adjusted person on here, thank you

Lost fight

by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:18 AM
Represents the fight which is going to be lost whatever you'll do.

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RE: Lost fight

by Anonymous - 8/25/14 3:45 PM
It represents 22 minutes past 10 at night nothing more. I noticed 22:22 tonight, I also noticed 22:35 and later 22:44 but didn't jump to ridiculous outlandish conclusions because I have enough meaning in my life

222 Viewers on Facebook

by Mirla - 7/12/14 11:19 AM
Please come to our 222 group on facebook.

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RE: 222 Viewers on Facebook

by Anonymous - 8/25/14 3:41 PM
why? that's not 22:22. They need the 2222 club

3 years

by Anonymous - 8/17/14 1:57 AM
I was born 2/22 and I will be 22 in three years, I am as excited as I am nervous.

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RE: 3 years

by Anonymous - 8/25/14 3:39 PM
But you are not 22 now so what does that say


by Anonymous - 8/19/14 1:13 AM
for those of you reporting seeing 22:22 a lot... check out angel numbers and starseeds in google.

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This is so weird

by Tiasha - 8/14/14 12:21 PM
I was actually BORN AT 22:22!! And I keepi seeing that time everyday totally randomly O_O 13:13, and 18:18 are pretty accurate too omg

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