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answers for 36

by · i · am · K · - 7/01/12 10:37 PM
you all ask the same question, you all know the answer to however your human conscious mind won't believe it so it remains an unanswered question. 36 is the source, creator, god. one small mistake humans make is the concept of categorization; example african american, asian american, white american ect. when in reality they are all simply humans. god is the devil the devil is god. man makes negative correlations to the unknown, from sea monsters, hell in the afterlife, alien attack enslavement of man, to 2012 end of the world. what you all must realize is that you are not human beings, rather spiritual beings having a human experience. as soon as you are born you start dying so this can't be the real life, this is only your experience. your soul is energy and we all know energy can't die or be created, only transferred. when you see 36 it is a sign sometimes a warning sometimes guideline. fear is only entertainment. fear is the ever evolving creation of human nurture.
so why 36 well 360 is a circle and if you... more...

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RE: answers for 36

by Anonymous - 9/26/17 3:33 PM
You have a Facebook. Hit me up Johnny Lafayette on Facebook. We think too much alike to not be friends

RE: answers for 36

by I-am-T - 12/19/17 1:02 AM
Thanks K and J, but especially K for your insight. I have already started to see the changes, but it is hard to stay on the path, that leads away from this current reality, but we'll get there. "No wink or a smile, the stripes are also gone, the letters come and go and only me is in my mind, we move faster and faster, just like time, but to where to? Questions never lead to an answer"

RE: answers for 36

by Anonymous - 12/29/17 12:19 AM
I've seen 36 many times and I know many truth's about this world because of what I have seen how can I reach you?

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36, 316, 666, 111, 1134

by Skipp - 9/10/11 4:21 PM
I see these numbers all the time. Everywhere. On everything. I don't let the fear of what others want me to feel interfere. I'm constantly leaving and arriving at my destinations when 36 is on the clock or on the dashboard. Mileage, distance to empty, etc.

The last 4 digits of my girlfriend's number are 3636. We always text each other when 36 is on the clock. We work at a store and the store's number is 1134 and she works in dept 72. 36+36=72.

I started noticing this 36 stuff when my mind became aware of more things. After I read books that revealed the truth about our God. It feels so good to me knowing that there are others out there experiencing this. The stories on here have touched me and I hope mine does the same for you. Stay positive my friends and don’t let the fear overtake you.

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RE: 36, 316, 666, 111, 1134

by ZenOfMakaveli - 8/22/17 9:43 PM
I have thoughts on a few of your numbers but the one ill mention is 1 1 3 4.

That is hEll backwards.

1134 hE11

The opposite of hell is heaven of course, so that is one potential conclusion.

1134th minute of the day is 6:54 PM

AKA 18:54

This is 306 minutes before the end of the current day/start if next one.

1134 & 3_6 fit together like puzzle pieces.

306 minutes is 5 hours & 6 minutes.

5 & 3 can be seen as interchangable at times as the 5th letter of the Alphabet is E & this is 3 looking in a mirror.

306th day of the year is November 2nd & 211 is a number both mystical & close 2 god ( intelligent design source )

One thing about 211 .....

FLIGHT 175 on 9/11

175th minute is 2:55

On a clock 2:55 is Short Hand on the 2 and long hand on the 11.

RE: Mother

by Anonymous - 7/20/17 1:06 PM
Cosmic number...special...

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What should I do ?

by Prem - 7/19/17 4:21 AM
This number 36 is following me from my school days. My roll no was 36. In college my roll no. 36, my friends roll no. Was 36. My bike number ends in 36. My office id starts with 36 and my cooking gas number is 36. It got me intrigued.

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RE: What should I do ?

by Anonymous - 7/20/17 1:05 PM
It is a sacred number...auspicious


by AK - 6/19/17 4:25 AM
Has anybody figured this out yet? I have had this experience for the last 3 months or so. At first i didn't make anything of it. Kept seeing it in my car and on my cell phone. Every time i checked my phone i keep seeing an hour and :36. It happens at least 2-4 times a day. I know for sure know this can't be a coincidence, but I don't have a clue what it stands for and what does God want me to know. I have been praying about it. Hopefully i will receive an answer. If anybody has any info please share.

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by bigman - 6/13/17 3:52 AM
I saw no 36 in my left hand that's why I searched for the meanings and stoped seeking here

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by Anonymous - 5/02/17 7:18 AM
Love= 12 15 22 5.=3 6 4 5= .9.9.=18.

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by Anonymous - 4/30/17 3:52 AM
Love 12 15 22 5 3645

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by Anonymous - 4/29/17 6:22 PM

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by falguni - 4/20/17 12:17 AM

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To King's Owl

by God's Angel - 11/14/16 2:48 AM
I am God's Angel. God is in control, he is everything. We shall fear No Evil. Soon We will keep the gates of Hell seal for eternity.
It Shall Be Done.

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RE: To King's Owl

by 36 - 4/04/17 1:49 PM

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by 36 - 4/03/17 5:48 PM

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RE: 36

by 36 - 4/04/17 1:48 PM


by 36636 - 4/03/17 5:47 PM


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by Michelle - 2/26/17 10:40 AM
I'm 36 this year. I was born right after a solar eclipse in Leo. 8/1/81
There's a full solar eclipse rt after my bday this year.. I have a lot of ties/numerology/symbology around lion gods, eclipses, sun moon... I'm wondering if anyone knows about this.. liver al, Egypt, etc.. any leads..

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RE: 36

by Anonymous - 2/26/17 7:21 PM
I'm 36 too, and im coming for you


by Anonymous - 11/23/16 4:01 AM
The number 36 a number and the only number of resurrection 3x6=18 6x3=18 18+18=36 the only number between 1 and 99 with the ability to come back

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System of a Down

by Peter - 11/05/16 12:31 PM
My favourite song, from my favourite band is Called 36. The lyrics are "Life so unnecessary" and some other rhythms like this. Is it bad?

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by taurus - 7/18/11 9:34 PM
My bday is 05/08/1985 n if u add it up it equals 36 now
am wondering is that a bad thing or good thing

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RE: 36

by Anonymous - 9/05/16 7:05 AM
No Worries.

The Number 36 and 2036 Apophis Asteroid

by Jeffrey - 7/18/13 11:54 AM
Had only one experience with a "number 36" vision...happened most randomly, emanating off the body of a Robin that flew toward me and landed on a nearby wash-line post (approximately 12 to 15 ft. away). I looked at the Robin and suddenly the number 36 appeared in big block numerals in my direct line of sight. I thought to myself, "alright, what is THIS all's too weird a happening not to look into". So, I went to the PC and typed in what came to mind at that moment..."the number 36 and the end of the world". With that, dozens of links for the Apophis Asteroid and its nearing the Earth in 2036 were at my disposal. NASA says "no, not to worry" but we should all take that comment with a big grain of salt...Russia is prepared to intercept the Asteroid in the future (land a manned space-craft on it) with ultimate hopes of altering its course.

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RE:The Number 36 and 2036 Apophis Asteroid

by Anthony - 8/19/16 12:46 PM
Same here almost 4x a day i saw the number 36 it weird..i want to know the answer too...

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The King's owl

by Anonymous - 5/10/16 3:55 PM
Embrace your true self, embrace the darkness within you. Accept hell as your only destiny and you shall be remembered as the Satan of men. 36 is just the beginning to your eternal suffering. If you see it, know that you were born to burn in hell, to prove to God that his creation is worthless. Follow the owl and you shall be with us...

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RE: The King's owl

by Anonymous - 6/10/16 11:25 PM
You have demons within you, turn your life to GOD before it's too late. Remain on your path and you yourself will experience the eternal flames of hell.....!


by Anonymous - 12/12/15 1:38 AM
36 Is a number of completion in terms of soul cycles. It is a number related to falling and a confrontation of the darkest places within ourselves, embracing those areas as a part of ourselves, and returning back to the light with this newfound knowledge and wisdom. Can we truly call the worst traumas in our life horrible once we have allowed them to lead us to a greater prosperity then we have ever known before? And can we truly say that the greatest wonders, loves, pleasures, and joys of our lives were truly the greatest experiences we have come across, knowing that those moments don't usually last forever and can easily make other moments of living seem more dull and dreary than if we had never come across such wondrous experiences. Quantum Mechanics tells us that every moment lives within every other moment and the ancient masters of the past have stated the same fact. If we take the time to look within ourselves with such insight, it can also become clear to any individual.

The 36 is a number of... more...

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RE: 36

by Anonymous - 5/10/16 12:30 PM
Both its simplest and significant basic mathematical number its a number 36 3x6 6x3 it appears as the only number to equal root.peace and thank you


by Anonymous - 4/25/16 5:59 PM
Brothers sisters the 36th book of bible Zephaniah I believe to be the most revealing and enlightening book within the bible.his name 9 letters said to be 9th minor prophet also claims to be written 630 b.c and the 36th book as I know you are aware 4x9=36 thank you brothers sisters please read and comment peace

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RE: 36

by Anonymous - 5/09/16 1:15 PM
Harrumph may I ask for your opinion of the book Zephaniah. and my in tensions harrumph was not to proclaim a sense that I may inform persons to something not already known. I apologise should this be impression taken.peace


by Anonymous - 5/08/16 8:58 PM
You aren't the only one who sees it...

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Bad signals

by Tanisha - 8/14/15 6:17 PM
Please don't keep this words

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RE: Bad signals

by Anonymous - 8/20/15 8:22 AM
Why bad signals? What words? ?

personal numbers from birth and name3,6,9appear from just about every aspect of my life

by Jesus Richard gonzales - 8/19/15 6:19 AM
Born9/12/1950=36/9 longitude33=6 lat.117=9 address 537=15/6 driver license36/9 vowels of name 30/3 con's.60/6 for a tot.90/9 missing no.s in name 2,4,9=15/6 the city and zip code i now live =36/9 the city I was born orange=33/6 e.b.t.Id.=45/9 bus pass I'd =30/3 food bank I'd.=21/3 library I'd.=51/6 medi cal I'd.=60/6

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three six

by Ty36 - 7/06/14 5:59 PM
3 6 = Father6 Son6 HolySpirit6 = GOD9 = 666 = .!?

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RE: three six

by Anonymous - 4/05/15 1:07 AM
nice. correct. well spoken,