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Properties of the number 4






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by Anna - 9/30/12 9:12 AM
My Husband who took ill 4 weeks ago had a night and his attacker had NU4 inscribed on his T shirt.Does this dream have a meaning?

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by Anonymous - 3/14/15 5:08 AM

Four Means Death

by Charlie - 5/03/11 7:00 AM
I believe you are referring to CHINESE, not Japanese. I don't about Japanese but Chinese "death" definitely sounds like "four." Thanks for this website.

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RE: Four Means Death

by Anonymous - 7/23/14 9:22 AM
you are both right

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4:12, 49, 42. 2

by Penny - 2/26/11 5:50 PM
I don't see these numbers anywhere they are just in my mind often..49 was the first number that stuck with me shortly after I gave my life to Christ..When I hold the Bible in my hands 4:12 comes to mind almost everytime..Often the numbers 2, and 42 pop in my head..I'm not haunted by these numbers I just wonder about them sometimes.

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RE: 4:12, 49, 42. 2

by traves - 6/30/14 12:41 PM
With me the time 4:44 I almost always see this time by. Turning to see the time and there it is always on accident if not time I just noticed the number sticks with me


by Anonymous - 11/13/12 5:12 PM
four=60 word=60 four the true number 1234 is four letters four is four by counting the letters no other number does that

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Re: 4

by oh - 7/18/13 4:37 PM
four 1234 is four

you dont have a number in your arm just by random...surley.

by patrick - 2/28/11 6:17 AM
ive got the number 4 in my right forearm so i dotn know what to think about this still!

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RE: you dont have a number in your arm just by random...surley.

by Anonymous - 1/25/12 2:29 PM
that is impossible

Number 4 ALSO symbolic for...

by researcher - 3/25/10 12:58 PM
Geometrically, 4 represents any shape with 4 sides or 4 angles, including both plane figures and representational space, meaning the area BETWEEN FOUR points, such as a doorway, door, window, or other opening. This is especially significant because it conveys the sense of passage or movement out of one state (or place) and into another. For instance, in John's Revelation chapter 4, verse 1, "a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter."

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