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Properties of the number 4






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4:12, 49, 42. 2

by Penny - 2/26/11 5:50 PM
I don't see these numbers anywhere they are just in my mind often..49 was the first number that stuck with me shortly after I gave my life to Christ..When I hold the Bible in my hands 4:12 comes to mind almost everytime..Often the numbers 2, and 42 pop in my head..I'm not haunted by these numbers I just wonder about them sometimes.

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RE: 4:12, 49, 42. 2

by Anonymous - 10/28/17 5:55 AM
Used to see it almost every day on clock at 333 ha. Now see it now and again but more often than less or 666 or 3

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symbolism of the number four

by Kanny - 1/03/16 9:36 PM
As I pray appears in front of me the number fourvin a form of a symbol written and surrounded in a circle and facing the southern direction. What could it mean, anybody please?

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RE: symbolism of the number four

by Anonymous - 10/28/17 5:50 AM
Why upside down tho.

meditation on 5/12/16

by Anonymous - 5/13/16 6:07 AM
i'm currently in an awakening and have been having a surge of visions over the course of the past two months, though i've always had visions, been able to access telepathy, and feel energies, but recently everything has been much more powerful. the other day during a group reiki meditation with my healer who channels the archangel michael, i had a very strong vision at the end of the session of a statue-like man in robes kneeling with his hands in his lap and with an aura of light surrounding him, something struck in my head "paul the apostle". last night, during my meditation, i lay with apophyllite, celestite, blue kyanite, fire agate, and black tourmaline in meditation while listening to isochronic tones and i had a vision of the number 4 repeated over and over again. i went into a trance and pulled myself from it 40 minutes later without realizing how much time had passed, because it felt like it had only been like 15 minutes. after the meditation, i passed out (it was around 6pm) and woke up at 4am.

i'm a bit concerned and i'm open to anyone else's interpretation.

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RE: meditation on 5/12/16

by Anonymous - 10/28/17 5:49 AM
Sounds like it's numbers you need to look up meanings for unless u know that too not to be smart. I have dealt with things of this nature my whole life but never could channel it properly, or not be so angry. I really love these gifts and the beauty and all the times I listen to a song, and it makes me melt, or make me wanna be so bd to these two guys. I think I love who one is, and in love with the other and he my bestest friend. My point was, all things can make my eyes sleepy aND my brain on overload. It's so exhausting sometimes mentally.

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by Anonymous - 4/28/17 6:47 AM
I am a broken man, will meditation halp?

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RE: meditation

by Anonymous - 10/28/17 5:42 AM
Meditation can help, yes. Don't think of it as rules you have to follow. Practice your breathing. We. It feels good to breathe, ND u get lost in a thought, dream, daydream, winkle, whatevZ try some muzic.

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by Anonymous - 5/12/17 4:53 AM
Wow just reading about an armed Hijacking in Heat magazine. Lazy journalism at best.

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The Force

by Marshall Cooper - 6/21/16 4:48 PM
Four is the number of TRUTH/JUSTICE
Law and Authority
the number of birth,foundation and fortitude

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RE: The Force

by Marshall Cooper - 6/21/16 5:05 PM
Four Connected to the Chakra of the Heart
True Knowledge, Wisdom and Power....
Key to the Gateway of HIGHER MIND

Four Means Death

by Charlie - 5/03/11 7:00 AM
I believe you are referring to CHINESE, not Japanese. I don't about Japanese but Chinese "death" definitely sounds like "four." Thanks for this website.

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RE: Four Means Death

by zee - 6/14/16 5:22 PM
Four=60=word dont sound like death sounds like LIFE

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you dont have a number in your arm just by random...surley.

by patrick - 2/28/11 6:17 AM
ive got the number 4 in my right forearm so i dotn know what to think about this still!

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RE: you dont have a number in your arm just by random...surley.

by Anonymous - 1/03/16 9:32 PM
I don't understand the symbol 4, facing the southern direction??!

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by Anna - 9/30/12 9:12 AM
My Husband who took ill 4 weeks ago had a night and his attacker had NU4 inscribed on his T shirt.Does this dream have a meaning?

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by Anonymous - 10/09/15 11:27 AM
it could be car tag number

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living with the number four

by christina - 10/09/15 11:25 AM
My whole life the number four has been a significant symbol throughout always shows up in my apartment addresses, places I go and even my birthday.

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What does this mean?

by Cyn - 5/10/15 1:41 AM
What force and what arms? "Number of the force, this symbol is often reproduced on arms."

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by Anonymous - 11/13/12 5:12 PM
four=60 word=60 four the true number 1234 is four letters four is four by counting the letters no other number does that

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Re: 4

by oh - 7/18/13 4:37 PM
four 1234 is four

Number 4 ALSO symbolic for...

by researcher - 3/25/10 12:58 PM
Geometrically, 4 represents any shape with 4 sides or 4 angles, including both plane figures and representational space, meaning the area BETWEEN FOUR points, such as a doorway, door, window, or other opening. This is especially significant because it conveys the sense of passage or movement out of one state (or place) and into another. For instance, in John's Revelation chapter 4, verse 1, "a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter."

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