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aparently it's my number as well

by C - 10/17/14 9:52 AM
Did not notice this for some time but there are a few coincidences in my life. first of all i am born on the 7th of April. (Europe has dates as mm/dd/yyyy)
all my equivalent of social security No ( and it changes every 10 years at least- European country) contains 47 (not 0407 as per birthday, and checked other persons as well and their no's don't match their birthdays).

Strangest fact is something else - when i was a kid i broke my hand and had surgery as it was pretty nasty, also had a bar of metal(3 actually) inserted in my right hand, which were later taken out. so i had surgery 3 times - first is when they fixed my forearm( i had 7 stitches ) the other 2 were done later in order to remove the metal from my forearm and the were done at the wrist. i had 2 surgeries for that because the doctor(kinda stupid, but is also the guy that saved my arm from amputation, so over all i don't blame the guy) removed only 2 of the metal pieces and forgot about the 3 rd one which he later removed on the 3rd surgery when... more...

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47 meaning is perfect timing

by Enkhee - 10/14/14 1:10 PM
It's time to believe,return to God fully and seek him. 40 is full cycle, get out of your old cycle of your life. 7 is fulness, 4 is door by hebrew meaning, don\'t loose your momentum. Be watchful luke12:35-48.He will come so soon. Be aware of seasons and times that spirit of the Lord reveals.

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by Crystal - 5/02/12 9:04 PM
For a long time now, on a daily basis I always see the time 7:47, mostly pm. It really creeps me out. I always feel like its a warning, its never a good feeling. Wish I knew why.

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by susan - 6/25/14 3:51 AM
helo my name is susan from this small place called point cook but i was born in india


by maghanarhanderadhe - 6/25/14 3:55 AM
hello i come from turkey and the egsact same thing has been happening to me too


by Terry O - 7/23/14 12:46 AM
Same thing has been happening to me for the last 2 year. 747 keeps appearing everywhere I look. I don't know what to make of it. Im a bit freaked out


by soilfly - 7/24/14 10:40 AM
This is creepy. I am also experiencing this exact phenomenon. For 6years now I have been seeing the numbers 747. almost twice everyday


by Anonymous - 8/21/14 4:00 AM
I thought I was the only one on planet earth where everytime I look at my iPhone it's always 7:47 regardless of pm or am, always 7:47. I'm studying to be a pilot and i always think its a sign telling me that one day I will be flying a boing 747. Or can be a sign telling I'm gonna die somehow In relation to that number.


by Anonymous - 9/08/14 2:59 PM
I read somewhere that in numerology, 747 is treated as 7 + 4 + 7 = 18. 18 can be reduced to three 6's, or 6+6+6. It is satan's number. This is somewhat disturbing if true.


by Cody2321 - 9/18/14 7:10 PM
I started noticing it about 2 yrs ago I have like 100 screen shots on my phone cause everytime I check the time or pick my phone up it's 7:47!! Idk wat it means?? Bt anyways what is the FACEBOOK page is there one??


by Greg - 10/12/14 1:30 PM
Just seen 07:47 few minutes ago. Came across this page. After reading I find lots of people seeing it as far as from two years ago. Others more but majority two years ago. Just wanted to say this is true for me also. seems to be a nice site to visit to review and discuss others experiences. Thanks for all the above input guys. Good to know I aint going nuts!

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by raudel - 10/06/14 11:53 PM
why does this happen to us 47 millon dollares

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by raudel - 10/06/14 11:52 PM
I see 47

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by Kaleidoscope 47 - 9/25/14 6:36 PM
I have been seeing the number 47 since I got into a car accident 11 years ago. I see 47 everywhere, every day. My husband's initials are DG=47 & for me, 47 is my mirror. 4+7=11 & the number 11 is like a reflection of itself. 47 was just a huge question in my mind when I first started noticing it everywhere. It all came together for me on July 4th...the 4th day of the 7th month. Independence day really was one of freedom, but eternal & inward freedom. 47 is magical & I have never met anyone with my same obsession for 47. I'm glad to hear other people's views on our good friend Forty seven.

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RE: 47

by Alex - 10/03/14 1:37 AM
It's funny I came to this site looking for information about the number 47, I have been presented this number in almost everyday for the las year and I came to wonder if there is a reason for that. I'm looking for an answer like you did.


by Kay - 9/30/14 7:45 AM
Hi, I have been seeing 747 for about 4 months now. I was prompted with the 11:11 after giving birth to my twins 17 months ago. Since then I have been given 111,222,333 etc... progression numbers 1234, 456 etc... Lately, withing the last 6 months I have been given 711, 911, 227, 717, 919, 1011, 1114/5/7, and lastly 747. I have been noting these numbers, the times that I see them and what is going on around me... music, conversations commercials etc to track there specific meaning to me. When I see 747 it's usually not on the clock, but in random places like billboards, receipts or license plates. I don't get a bad feeling or any negative vibrations when I see it.It's actually the opposite, I feel joy, peace a knowing that my soul is in agreement about where we are headed and yes I said we as in me in the physical and my soul in the spiritual senses. Seeing 747 makes me smile it's like a high five from my higher self and my guides that I finally figured it out and all the effort I am putting into creating the... more...

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Only this year along with 11:11, 38, 55 etc

by keygee - 9/29/14 12:22 PM
I've began seeing 47 only this year, along with previously seen 11:11, but also all other sequences incl. 12:21, 14:41, 13;11, 15;55, 16:44, 17:13, 20:20 etc then the two new numbers joined perhaps in September 2014; 38 and 47! Each sum up to 11 so that would be again 11 11 and they sum up to 2 & 2 = 4. I've been on my awakening path since late December 2012 (not the nicest experience) and I see these numbers every hour, every day. I even started writing them down. It may be that 4 is the heart chakra and 7 is the crown chakra as one of you mentioned so that could mean "balance your heart with your mind". Heart goes first since it's 47, not 74. Ego hides in the mind most often, so - give the priority to your feelings, to your heart, heal your negativity, don't judge, don't make assumptions, don't expect, etc. It could be also about chakras mentioned above: from 4 - 'love' to 7 - 'highest spirituality', ascension. Then you get 11, the balanced Self; soul vs human (ego). Does it make sense?

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the same dream three times,

by john 777 - 9/27/14 2:49 PM
when i was 7 i had a dream, in the dream were 3 people, myself, a man and a woman, there was a being in a cave of horrible power, there was a ledge in the upper right top corner of the cave, i told the 2 others to stay outside the cave and try to keep the attention of the being while i climbed onto the ledge, i was going to get behind the being and kill it, i knew i would not physically come back out of the cave alive, i was not frightened. i had the same exact dream when i was 27, then the exact same dream when i was 47. in all the dreams the same date; 2014

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by Dw - 9/18/14 12:13 PM
I see many 47s througout the day, so many i dont think anyone would understand, and instead of since warning, i feel as if im being guided, as something much deeper is meant for me. One day when i saw a 47 pop up, i imediately thought, "the world is ours, but the universe is mine"

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RE: Guidance

by B - 9/25/14 2:18 AM
I definitely understand I actually just looked up it's 4:17 am


by i am god - 9/08/14 11:38 AM
you guys are stupid... It means nothing, other than how ignorant you people sound. God isn't real. This makes no sense.

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6-7-67 (47 years ago)

by Livingstone - 4/28/14 7:29 PM
Just a curious observation. 6-7-67 the Jewish reclaimed Israel, fulfilling prophecy. This was in the middle of four blood moons. Now 47 years later we are in the midst of blood moons falling on jewish holy days and all prophecy is coming to a head. We're lucky to live in such dynamic days. I expect to see the rapture in my lifetime. Look up! Search your heart. Are you ready to meet Jesus?

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RE: 6-7-67 (47 years ago)

by Anonymous - 8/24/14 5:11 AM
This is what I think Amen

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RE: 47

by Mandy - 8/24/14 4:55 AM
I am glad I found this site, God kept saying to me number 47, remember that number, I think it is relevant to biblical end time events. I have a sense,that something big is just about to happen in the world, that sense is growing everday.

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The number my dream

by Anonymous - 8/21/14 3:40 AM
I just woke up, and yes my dream of the number 47.
I saw a huge red Airplane it was a 747 roering low across the skies. And at once it passed and a huge number 47 apenarend in the sky. Right after the skies started to shatter like glass..and fell tp the grounds.
I got a feeling this dream has a meaning so started to Google and came upon this site. Now i realise I'm not the only one with this number.

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The Number

by The Writer - 5/09/14 5:26 AM
Me too. I have been flooded with this number for the past four years. My story is beyond comprehension. I am a doctor and a writer and am still struggling to wrap my head around this. I have a lot to say and add. I know this is the time, just not sure if this is the place, the right place to be discussing this. We need a chat room or something. Be safe and be well everyone. Spread the Love.

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RE: The Number

by Anonymous - 7/26/14 11:09 PM
Are we being predictive programed about this number? I never post comments on ANYTHING. This is a FIRST. Sorry if I don't say anything in response to your yes or no answer...Thanks for sharing...

47 meaning

by Matt - 4/06/11 4:58 PM
Hey guys, God speaks to me in numbers, its the language of the spirit. He has shown me 13- rebellion , 33 - promise, 44 global trial, 37 -word of god, 36 -enemy, 70 divine spiritual order, gods government through the 5 fold minstry, 30 - beginning of service.
most of these i see on the clock or in dreams, God either explains the meaning in a dream or i will see the number at the exact moment that im thinking about the topic of what it means.

47, I believe is Gods message to us right now, it is this 40 trial, 7 spiritual perfection. GODS PEOPLE BEING PERFECTED THROUGH TRIAL.

The message is this, Luke 21:35-36 (New King James Version)
35 For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy[a] to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

God is calling out his end times church, he wants you to take part in the greatest outpouring of the spirit the creative order will ever know

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RE: 47 meaning

by Anonymous - 7/24/14 11:13 AM
I have just created a group in fb. search "I see numbers 747 everywhere". so we can help each other understand more about this unusual phenomenon.

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47 is happening to me

by Martin - 7/15/14 12:28 AM
I am 47 years old this year, and after 32 years of wandering my faith in Jesus has been restored. My wife can't handle this, Jesus is no.1 in my life now, and she is not a Christian. I took her to lunch one Saturday and I told her I want to work for Jesus full time, she told me she wanted to divorce me. I agreed and told her we needed to tell the children as soon as possible. Before we left the restaurant I noticed the waiter had seated us at table no. 47. We didn't get to speak to the kids that night, but the next morning my wife tearfully apologised to me and said she doesn't want to leave me and she wants to make our marriage work. This year is 47 years since the start of the last blood moon tetrad, Israel captured Jerusalem in 1967 (the year I was born) 47 days after the first blood moon in that blood moon tetrad.

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in need of understanding

by robyn - 5/22/13 9:34 AM
So I dreamth of the numbers 47,3 last night and after reading some of the comments I freaked a bit just because a lot of it made sense and that's a bit scary for me.....also I've always seen the numbers 23 and 3:14 and I always get a spiritual feeling from these number as if I'm pose to be doing something important but rather then exploring what that might be I tend to ignore it because I don't know if I'm ready to take on the burden I find that everything that happen to me isnt just fate but exactly what was intend to be and I find as much as I run from myself I somehow come back to it and I feel like I've been chosen to do something and I don't know what or have anyone to talk to that understands and I just want to reassure myself that I'm not the only one who feels like this...please comment

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RE:in need of understanding

by red - 7/05/14 1:25 AM
I've been seeing the number 747 since about 1994. I started seeing everywhere right after my father in law passed away then i mostly just started seeing it on the clock. Its as if i know intuitively that the clock reads 7:47 and am drawn to look at it. The house i grew up in had the address 14547 and the phone # at that house was 784-9847. I've been trying to understand what this means for so long. My instincts tell me that its not a bad thing. To the person who was worried about dying at age 47, please don't. I thought that at one point and I'm still here,age 53. Hope we can all understand what this might mean soon.

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Welcome home

by 47 ------> west - 5/06/13 12:58 PM
we are the chosen ones. There is nothing else to say except that- everything we do, everywhere we go, everybody we meet, everything is right for us. No matter what the circumstance is, but you can also use this number as a "tracking code" if you get good enough at decoding the "real" world. It is simply our guide.

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RE: Welcome home

by Anonymous - 1/17/14 11:28 AM
yea 47 is like balance or something with the chakras 4 is the heart chakra 7 is the root one i believe or maybe the crown

RE:Welcome home

by Rose - 6/15/14 8:26 PM
Yes, i've thought of this as well. The 4th chakra (heart) needs to be balanced before you can further develope your 7th chakra(crown)

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The 47 Society

by ... - 5/13/14 5:53 PM
Hi if anyone is interested there is a yahoo group called ,The 47 Society.
This site is worth checking out .

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surrounded by 47

by Rita - 5/12/14 6:06 AM
everywhere I Go I have to see 47, every corner I turn to I see 47, whenever I look at the time it has to be 47 mins .. I see this number to the fact that my God daughter was even born on the 4th of July at 4:47 Am I don't know what to make of it. one thing I've heard is that number 7 is a perfect number and Jesus came down on earth to preach his word to all the four corner of the world, North, south east west.

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RE: surrounded by 47

by 3rd eye guy - 5/12/14 12:12 PM
Pro era 47

All 47 of us

by 3rd eye guy - 5/12/14 12:10 PM
47 is everywhere, impossible to ignore. Believe in 47, believe in the PRO ERA

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by Dina - 5/05/14 1:56 PM
I got mad of seeing the number 47 every day 3 or 4 times at least, every lottery I buy must contain this number, every time I look at my the cell phone watch I find 47. After deep thinking I believe now that something will happen to me when I'm 47 years, I'm 40 now. I don't know

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The Dream

by Concord P. Delphi - 4/29/14 11:57 PM
I had a lucid dream that I was in a luxe hotel. There was staff injecting folks w/ a needle a virus. They would become week & eventually die. I was on the 47th floor. I was ok but saw the tactics of staff & for some reason needed to get to the 47th floor.

I kept saying & looking for the 47th floor. This number has 0 meaning in my life but have saw EXTREME coinsciedences after a traumatic brain injury. Last time I had a dream like this I was right before a HUGE shift in my life bringing me from Brooklyn back to Chicago. Now I'm back in Chicago & going through a huge life change & involving legal things too. I believe in G-D, JC, & HP. It stayed w/ me for over 3 days & can't forget it like last one. Didn't make it to 47th floor but didn't get virus.

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Number 47

by Susan - 4/16/14 5:48 AM
I have been seeing this number everywhere. I have seen 47 on clocks , license plates, billboards. I meditate every morning and two names came to my thoughts one was Josefina the other was Luisa. I found these names on the internet they are saints that passed in 1947. Several matyrs and saints passed that year. Several historical events happened that year as we'll. Hiroshima happened in 45. Delores Cannon, hypnotherapist of 50 years has gotten information from putting several people in a deep trance. Roswell happened in47. Lightworkers started coming in after that time. I can't hardly believe it myself but I have been searching as well. I feel like I need to let people know this message I received.

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