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Roswell 1947

by Roswell aliens - 1/17/18 6:05 PM
1947 is when supposed alien craft was shot down in Roswell, New Mexico.

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Biblical 47

by 4..7 - 1/17/18 6:02 PM
1 John 4:7New International Version (NIV)

God’s Love and Ours
7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

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Why your seeing 7:47 all the time

by Open your'll see - 1/09/18 4:05 PM
Its a glitch in our "matrix". If you truly realize what your doing as you see 7:47 its always something strange, because its familiar, your noticing the patterns, you"ve done this before, many times and ur seeing the reset...i can bring you the poison, but you have to drink it. AWARENESS = BALANCE.

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RE: Why your seeing 7:47 all the time

by Anonymous - 1/17/18 5:59 PM
What do yo mean by you bring the poison? We drink it? Can you elaborate in layman’s terms? 47 is then not good?


by Anonymous - 12/03/17 4:31 PM
What does this mean? I see this number whenever i look at my clock or how far i am into a youtube video, i aslo see this number when i look at license plates on cars. Can anybody explain this phenomenon to me because it is really freaking me out!

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RE: hmm...

by Anonymous - 1/04/18 11:14 AM
47 is the number of the Law, to keep the 10 commandments. According to the God of Israel, Jesus. The one true God.

4 in Chinese numerology is associated with death, and 7 is the whole number of God.

47 brings balance into the universe, wherein this world for so many generations there has only been war, excess, rich/poor, hate and love. The world is quite bipolar.

47 means the end is nigh...

47 all around

by 47 watcher - 1/04/18 11:11 AM
The show MASH, 4077 was the unit number.

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by 47 - 12/03/17 11:57 AM
I see this number everywhere

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47 the strange mystical number of the Universe ?

by Hal - 8/10/13 11:45 AM
I have also taken note of the number 47. My awareness of the number started in early 1980's when small cokes at fast food was 47 cents and the 747 plane was introduced. Like others it pops up everywhere for me. Like I turned 47 in 2000 or my wife thought she was 47 when she was 46 (math error) and she had to be 47 two years in a row.

Or the other week I visited IRS office to make my monthly payment. I have been doing it for a year and every time in the past the room is full and I have to wait an hour or more. Last week I went as usual and the room was empty. I noted the condition as very unusual pushed the button for my waiting room number. Number 407 popped out and I got instant service.

Indeed it is a strange number. I get impulses at 47 minutes past the hour, like look at my phone or pick up phone to call someone I am think about. only to be told that the called was thinking about me. Or I am sitting at a stoplight behind a car with 47 in the license plate number 9 times out of 10 it seems.

How... more...

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RE:47 the strange mystical number of the Universe ?

by Rev - 5/30/17 8:16 PM
So true.

RE:47 the strange mystical number of the Universe ?

by Jj - 9/24/17 7:22 AM
I keep seeing the no. 47 everywhere.. Inwonder why.. Its a bit crazy..

RE:47 the strange mystical number of the Universe ?

by Anthony Butler - 11/24/17 3:08 AM
Oh, hi Mark. Yeah.. ever since 2012, i've been seeing synchronicitys everywhere. Started to explore it and other things these last few years and oh man.. its amazing. Found out that I was a "light worker" from seeing 911 a lot (one of the signs of a lightworker, have all the traits of one) went into occultism and found out more. This universe and world isn't what it appears, but its beautiful. Time to awaken.

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by Anonymous - 11/24/17 1:59 AM
What is the symbolic proof that 47 is the symbol of the Law?

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by Sinister - 11/11/17 3:54 PM
Always seeing it

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by QGOD - 11/03/17 7:58 AM
Eye believe 47 is a representation of natural B47ANCE in the universe. Dropped a mixtape called the THE FOURSEVEN PROJECT to align your chakras actually! QGOD on SoundCloud to peep

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what is 47 in my life??? occured many time n sees it everytime. N i googled for it right now. the date itself is 4/7. Im puzzled

by Syiem - 7/04/17 7:45 AM
Well its been many years im seeing 47 very often. Same case as everyone is commenting here. Still trying to figure it out like all of you. Iake a point the moment i enter in today to google for the number 47. As i search for it on the internet n seeing many of u all experience the same way as i do. I was foguring it out, "why 47 everywhere??" I remember todays date its fourth of july. The number here is also 4/!!!!! Its no co incident Really want to figure this out.

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RE: what is 47 in my life??? occured many time n sees it everytime. N i googled for it right now. the date itself is 4/7. Im puzzled

by Anonymous - 10/27/17 11:45 AM


by Crystal - 5/02/12 9:04 PM
For a long time now, on a daily basis I always see the time 7:47, mostly pm. It really creeps me out. I always feel like its a warning, its never a good feeling. Wish I knew why.

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by Birdy - 2/22/17 6:53 PM
Neat to find you all. 747 has been "my" number since I've been a child and I'm in my 40s now, I've seen it everywhere since, including today. Someone told me once she thought it could mean two spiritual (7) columns on a solid (4) base, making a kind of doorway, which I thought was a lovely image.


by Anonymous - 2/27/17 12:52 PM
@ aubs Even though I always see #47 (in all combos of time) after you said "I just looked at the clock & saw 7:47" I decided to look at the clock & saw 11:44 lol Interesting set of number even for a deliberate glance.

Also, by the time I found the 'leave a reply' button & started commenting here, by chance I looked at my PC clock & saw 11:47, which is nothing new to me. I see 47 multiple times a day.


by Sirhc - 3/03/17 2:26 PM
Wtf, I thought I was going mad, too much confusion reading through all of this. I'm not the only one....


by Sirhc - 3/03/17 2:38 PM
I'm 46 lol no pun intended, I've been seeing 7:47 for a number of years, I travel a lot and have often thought about air travel on that particular airplane.
I'm drawn to the clock at this time of morning and night and I don't understand why. I even know the time before I look now so it doesn't surprise me much anymore but I still don't understand .
My religion is Christian. I'm a good person, don't trust much anymore, don't know why I'm even telling you all this. My hands go numb all the time. I feel supercharged. Where's life because I want to live it .


by Sirhc - 3/03/17 2:45 PM
We all want something to make sense in our meaningless lives is suppose, why not 7:47. Sure we'll all find out sooner or later or not but most likely at 7:47


by Anonymous - 3/03/17 3:16 PM
Mattix reset 7:47 , 11:11 dont look at the time


by Neffdee - 3/06/17 12:09 PM
I've been seeing 7:47, no matter am or pm. I see it everyday. I've seen it for the last past 20 years. What does this mean? I've tried adding the numbers together, subtracting it, changing it into months, Heck, I wish I knew what it means. My luck has not been good these last few years. Hmmm.


by Canadian lady - 3/07/17 12:11 AM
I live in Canada and went on a trip to Hawaii last week with a good friend and while in Hawaii i started to notice that i kept looking at the time at 7:37, 7:47 and once even at 7:57..i mostly started to see 7:37 in am and pm but i think now it is more 7:47. Even when i got back to my room yesterday after my long flights, i checked the time and it was 7:47pm. I've been going through a hard relationship which has been on and off for 2 years and a half and i think today it is actually over. I still love my now ex-bf very much but deep down i always felt something was off..and i still couldn't let go. It was extremely hard but today i told him it's over for me after he became distant with me while i was on my trip. A few minutes ago i decided to look at old pictures of him and saw an old screenshot he had sent me, which was taken at 7:47pm. Before my trip, i felt the end was near for my relationship and always felt a strong intuition, maybe i was ignoring it for a long time though. I like to believe that my... more...

RE: 7:47

by Greg - 3/15/17 6:57 PM
I also am seeing the number constantly. I started my job 30 years ago and they gave me an employee ID number0747. If I look at the clock it is 7:47. Not 46 not 35, not22 ...constantly 7;47 OR 47. Driving myself crazy to find any meaning.


by Anonymous - 10/21/17 8:58 AM
I've been experiencing the same thing, but it doesn't just occur with 7:47. Every time I look at the clock, it's hour:minute hour, so like 3:53 or 9:49, and so on. My phone also freezes, and since it's old, I have to take out the battery. Once it turns back on after returning the battery, I see hour:minute hour. Unlike everyone here, this doesn't necessarily creep me out, or give me a negative feeling, I just see it, think "oh cool", and move on. It has been occurring for a long time though.

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by jackie johnston - 10/07/17 2:23 PM
47 on bottom of gilt German coffee pot

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by Samo - 9/28/17 10:24 AM
Mile marker 47 right in front of my house, 7:47 and 4:47 on my phone constantly, battery percentages, license plates, music, I've read that 47 might be something called the angel number/ angelic number but haven't gone that far into it. The page I saw stated that once you start seeing the number, the higher powers that control you are letting you know that they are aware you have started a committed spiritual journey. I appreciate that description. It's crazy that people who have no reference to Pro Era or Capital Steez think about this number. Blows me away. I'm not alone. The fourth Chakra of the body is the heart, the seventh chakra of the body is the Crown, or the brain, possibly implying confliction between mind and heart. Any additions?

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It's about B47ANCE

by Delysid1947 - 9/16/17 6:47 AM
4 represents the heart, so, emotion, intuïtion and connection.
7 represents the mind, so, thinking.

And it's important to find a balance (B47ANCE) between the two.

I, for example, have too much of the 7. This causes me to think a lot, I'm going really deep! But because of this I tend to "forget" to actually live, feel and experience, here, in the present.


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RE: It's about B47ANCE

by Anonymous - 9/20/17 4:48 PM
And that's where 4 comes in to help ground you. Same dilema here :)

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have to fimd out the meaning of yjis. It has driven me

by Jennifer Kerns - 9/12/17 3:43 AM
what does this personally mean for me to see this everyday, and i see it about 40+ times a day!!!,

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RE: have to fimd out the meaning of yjis. It has driven me

by self - 9/12/17 3:46 AM
so sorry for the type-o's. I was typing in the dark!!


by Anonymous - 8/19/17 2:46 AM
Intuitively pulled towards our center. Eye see 47 synchronicities. Through symmetry eye see our evolution. What is the next branch for humanity? Eye believe seeing b47ance in the chaos and in the beauty will. Seeing evolutionary ingredients like the fibonacci sequence and the Pythagorean therum which guide the hand weaving our awareness. We are all fractals being birthed into existence by this ever expanding web of life. Chaos is the sperm and beauty is the egg that impregnates and carries our evolution forward. It's the key that harmonizes our universe/orchestra:) A key that will unlock our hearts and help us sync. Evolution never and always sounded so sweet 47

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by Anonymous - 8/23/17 6:42 PM
Rip Capital Steez kid

47 Lifestyle

by Anonymous - 6/18/17 12:22 PM
As stated 47 is the Quintessential Random Number of the universe. I've been seeing it everywhere, every time eye check the clock eye been seeing 47, on ads everywhere. 47 is a balance, a pattern thats been replicating human life as we know. 47 is our literal understanding of it since we can't actually interpret what it means. Thats why humans make up God and other deities that are beyond our power for understanding the basis of life. Or it could just be some bs we seen and think it means anything. Trying to understand life is the goal of the human mind and that is everlasting.

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RE: 47 Lifestyle

by Anonymous - 8/19/17 2:27 AM
Yes eye love you! Our eyes do all the talking ;)


by Anonymous - 8/15/17 5:05 AM
For the last 20 years or so everywhere I go I notice the numbers 1147. When I check the time, when I shop, when I'm just passing a sign. It became so frequent that I told close family and a friend that it was a regular occurrence that started to make me a little uneasy. Over time they began to notice it while with me as well. I started looking into the meanings of these numbers a long time ago but I never really found anything that stood out . Just recently started looking into it again, thus how I reached this site. I'm still unsure as to what it means or if it means anything, but this site helped at least give me some insite.

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my personal number 47 symbolism

by anonymous - 1/03/17 3:23 PM
Ever since i was little, i would associate my father to the number 47. I never really knew why, but whenever seeing him, i would think of the number.

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RE: my personal number 47 symbolism

by Lazaro - 8/09/17 12:46 AM
So strange that you said that because since I was a kid I also for some reason have associated 47 with my dad! Lately I have been seeing 47 everywhere and my birthday is 4/7


by 47 - 7/14/17 4:27 PM
Illuminati I see the number 47 in prices in the shops, for example, one day a price was 90.47 pounds and when I look at inspect element there is always a 47 it's really weird My bro said that when a number keeps appearing it's trying to tell you something but what?

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RE: 47

by Anonymous - 7/31/17 6:12 AM
I just started seeing 47s last year. When I see them, it is never when I am looking for them, and it is always in clusters. Very often there will be ones mixed in sometimes zeros. And lots of 74s combined. So it seems that the way it works for me, is that whenever something uncomfortable is going on in my life, I will have a series of these "jump out" at me. 7447 on two license plates in a row, or I will pause my TV and the clock and show's time line will both be 47, or like the date of your post, 7/14/17. I started putting 47 in my art and taking photos of some of the biggest 47s. I know that 47 does not appear on my odometer or clock more than other numbers. I do know that my attention is drawn to that number far more frequently than any other number, especially waking up at night.


by delo - 7/24/17 9:31 AM

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Sighting of the number 4747

by Anonymous - 7/20/17 11:45 PM
The first time it happened I was making a phone call and my call was interrupted when the numbers appeared on the screen. I just now had a dream similar incident on my tv....I have witnesses of both....I kinda wondering wth!

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by Anna Goodman - 4/29/16 7:38 AM
I see the number 47 everywhere. Also my initials are AG...this is the atomic symbol for silver which is atomic number 47. Silver is in group 11 on the periodic table. Also my first name has 4 letters and my last name has 7 letters. I was born on 1/1. No coincidence here.

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RE: 47

by Juan - 7/07/17 9:45 PM
Back then I had friends who told me about this number even he had a tattoo of that number 47 and ever since then I've been seeing it everytwhere , I'm 17 and In 2047 I'll be 47 like I mean every where I've been seeing it ever since I got introduced to it

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by Bryce - 3/23/17 1:28 AM
Every time I check the time it's in increments of 47. Like I'll check it and it'll be 2:47, then the next time it'll be 3:47. And every time I glance up at my battery percentage it's always 47% just when I so happen to look.

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RE: 47

by Anonymous - 6/18/17 12:26 PM
Are you autistic

RE: 47

by Anonymous - 6/18/17 9:56 PM
Me too, whenever I check my phone I see it. You're not alone.

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