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Born On May 5 , 1955

by DJT - 4/23/11 6:07 PM
I too was born on 5-5-55, my first, middle, & last name add up to 15/3 = 5, my street address is 55 and my age right now is 55. "5 " has always been lucky for me. I wonder how many people were born that actual day. I have a friend that was born on the same day but across town in a different hospital on the same day. We are a unique group.

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RE:Born On May 5 , 1955

by Larry - 10/17/15 1:59 PM
I was born on 5-5-55. I was the 5th child in the family. Also, I was the 5th day of the week. Finally, I was the 5th grandson. 5 is my number!

RE:Born On May 5 , 1955

by Kathy - 11/07/15 1:50 AM
5/5/55 weight 5lbs born 5:05 am first and middle name have 5 letters last name 10 letters divisible by 5 ' 15 months later

RE:Born On May 5 , 1955

by Anonymous - 1/14/16 9:36 AM
I was born at 5:55am and was born 5 lbs

RE:Born On May 5 , 1955

by Anonymous - 2/17/16 12:55 PM
Born on 5/5/55 at 5:25 am. 25/5=5

RE: Born On May 5 , 1955

by Anonymous - 2/23/16 5:35 PM
Born 5:55 p.m

RE:Born On May 5 , 1955

by Paul - 4/10/16 7:48 AM
Being born on a certain date doesn't mean that's your numerology number.
That number is determined by adding all digits of your birthday and reducing.
For instance the date you gave would make your numerology number 2, NOT 5!

RE:Born On May 5 , 1955

by Jo - 5/01/16 6:10 PM
I, too, was born on 5.5.55. Of course, for all of us that meant that on 05.05.50 we were 50. It also means in the UK, where driving licence numbers include your date of birth and 05 or 55 to denote whether you are male or female, as well as including my initials and a unique number, the middle numbers (for all women born on the same day as me) are 55 5505. For men it is 55 5555. And many of the things that have happened to me in life are way, way beyond coincidence.

RE:Born On May 5 , 1955

by Anonymous - 5/06/16 4:44 AM
I was born 5/5/55 at 5:11AM and weighed 5lb. 11.5 ounces.

RE:Born On May 5 , 1955

by Kim - 5/25/16 8:34 PM
Born 5/5/81 at 5:55am, been pooped on by a bird 5 times... Bet $5 on 5th horse, 5th race and my horse finished in 5th place... They don't pay for that.., lol. Lately I see lots of sequences 1:11, 2:22, 4:44, 11:11, 12:34 and not so many 5's

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by vnm - 4/21/16 10:31 AM
I have been depressed since the age of 5. this is symbolic for me.

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Phsycic opinion and spiritual sence of well being by a perfessional.

by nicole rigon - 7/24/15 7:38 AM
I woke up with the number 5 on my hand . I noticed it when I was using the bathroom and also showed my daughter. we thought it was weird I new it meant something... The number 5 was imprinted on my forehand right with an ink substance. I think the color ewas green or blue

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RE: Phsycic opinion and spiritual sence of well being by a perfessional.

by Paul - 4/10/16 7:11 AM
Perfessional huh?
I seriously doubt that since you can't even spell Professional!

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Birth mark is a 5

by Tommy - 2/19/16 10:47 PM
My birth marks a 5 just that it was weird

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RE: Birth mark is a 5

by Tim - 2/25/16 4:38 PM
I was born on 5-5-55 and am an identical twin. Does anyone here just happen to see 5:55 on any digital clocks? That happens to me often when I randomly look to see what time it is. Clairvoyance, deja-vu, past lives, etc.It does make you think that we're just a small part of a big thing. Other civilizations used / use numbers for different purposes, so there was / is some weight on their meaning. But one thing is certainly understandable and needs no explanation ...each time the calendar reaches 5/5, I'm one year older:(

The reality of my life.

by Navjeet Sara Bhullar. - 4/13/14 4:36 AM
I'm a 27 years old female. My birthdate is January 6, 1987, 10:21 am, in Kaiser Permanente, Hayward, CA, Alameda County. My lifepath is 5. My height is 5"5. A psychic told me my destiny is being taken away. I got married in 2007 and my ex husband revealed to me that my biological mother, her siblings, other relatives, including my biological father are all involved in witchcraft and astrology. They all have been asking astrologers about my destiny, and future events to lie for themselves and used witchcraft on me everyday to prevent me from living my destiny and earning he karma I need. My ex husband revealed that my biological mother is trying to switch me with herself. He couldn't take the fact that the witchcraft was infecting him and we got a divorce in 2011. I didn't have money to get my own place. I fell in debt right after our divorce. He owed me $5000 which he never paid for. My health was getting critical. I could not move. I had a psychic remove any dark entities around me for $500 and she warned... more...

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RE: The reality of my life.

by Someone who cares - 9/27/15 10:22 AM
Are you seeing a therapist or doctor? If you've been diagnosed with schizophrenia, medication can help. I'm not saying to ignore spiritual help. And if your family is not supportive, sometimes giving them distance is best, especially if it seems unhealthy. I know you say you're Christian, which is fine. Having a spiritual foundation is a positive thing. Don't let fear rule you. Nothing can hurt if you believe it can. I ask you to consider contacting a Shaman. They will work with anyone who needs help, and can determine if you're being attacked by negative entities and force them to leave, but the Shaman may ask you to do some things for yourself to keep anything from returning. Best wishes, and I hope you are in better circumstances soon. Bless you.

RE:The reality of my life.

by Robert - 10/11/15 8:17 AM
Sarah, Jesus commands demons and they go at His command, Mark 5:1-13 ; Luke 8:29-35. What's coming at you Sarah are nothing but demons working thru humans , even some of the comments I've read are demons taking every available opportunity to destroy not only you Sarah but all of mankind. But because Jesus defeated satan(the demons) on the cross, thru "confession" (that is agreeing with God (the Father of Jesus) about who we are and what Jesus did on the cross in our behalf) Romans 10:9,10 we become God the Father's exclusive people. I don't no whether you have a personal relationship with Jesus or not but I heard you speak about Christianity and baptism, and as important as baptism is, it doesn't put us right with God the Father, only receiving His Son as our personal Lord and Saviour does. I've dispatched angels to encampment themselves all around you to keep you from harm. Sarah I'm asking you right now to take your faith and trust of what demons can do to you and put that same faith and trust on what God... more...

RE:The reality of my life.

by God - 10/11/15 7:01 PM
Only you can help yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: The reality of my life.

by Tony - 2/13/16 8:00 AM
Since my 30's I was never satisfied with life and always vexed. Always asking "Why". Why this, why that. I was homeless over 7 yrs. Every night when I laid my head down I talked to God. " God, please have mercy on my soul, I just want peace" I would repeat this with tears in my eyes repeating this til I drifted off to sleep. Every night for many years. Do this God will hear you keep on pleading. I still have bad days but the fog is lifted. Think good thoughts, eat fruits and vegetables drink much water, exercise, re-invent yourself. Think of the future and the things you want in life and set up a stragety to get there. Most all don't worry, God has you. Talk to him daily he hears the sincere cries of his creation. Furthermore, God is not "out there". God is inside of you.

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No Believe at all

by Muhammad Waris - 1/03/16 12:07 PM
I request to every Body .Please do not believe at all on nummers.These are just guesses and not reality at all.
Muhammad Waris

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I got with 5 circle Imprnted on my arm to my chest

by Anonymous - 12/24/15 10:15 AM
I would like to know what in means

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marriage date total is 5 so will we have happy married life

by isha and navdeep - 12/11/15 8:42 PM
Will we lead a happy and prosperous married life as our marriage date total is 5 which is numerically not good

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Mobile message?

by Steve - 11/30/15 1:19 PM
I glanced at my phone today and it the time was 5:55pm and I
Had 55% battery remaining. Seemed like an odd co incidence I'm starting to believe more about numerology
Lately, any thoughts on what this could mean for me?

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5 being related to world

by Israel IsraYAH - 11/14/15 12:02 AM
when he states that a 5 is related to worlds, I believe he means Earthly meaning that they would be aligned with the spirit of Earth.

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Born on 5th

by Shayanne - 10/21/15 4:27 AM
What does it mean in Islam if I was born on the fifth???

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RE: Born on 5th

by Rosa - 10/21/15 4:29 AM
I'm also trying to find that out xx

Roman number 5

by Anonymous - 7/29/14 6:56 AM
My son was born on Mother's Day this year and has the Roman numeral 5 on his for head.

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RE: Roman number 5

by Anonymous - 6/24/15 1:49 PM
Wow I have the number 5 for a birth mark and I'm 47 years old i feel a lot of things and see things

born 12/15/1983 = 3 15 21

by Lucy - 5/10/15 7:49 AM
today is 5/10/15 and today I am making a change in my life for the better

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i was born in 14-2-1991 in gampalagudam

by nalla.sunil kumar - 12/23/14 2:02 AM
can i got govt job or not and tell my future,name corrction

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My Son Graceson

by Anonymous - 11/12/14 10:34 AM
I have always been some what spiritually aware, I knew I would have a son one day, and like my father, I could never get a good on ourselves. I did not know for sure I was pregnant til later. 5 months later. I would pray all the time that he would be healthy because I seriously thought I was just sick and took a l lot of Nyquil, fever meds ect. I prayed 5x before I had to push him out. SURPRISE! He was born at 5:55 pm. I dont know if there is a significance of the number 5 for sure but I just wanted to share my story.

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The number 5

by The Inquiring one - 8/01/13 7:22 PM
When I was child and as adult I would write the number 5 on the palm of hand when I was worried or depressed about a situation. Just recently I decided to ask a friend of mine if they know why I still do that. My friend mention this website and it seems very interesting. Do you know of anyone that has had a similar experience and what this might behavior might define..I am a little embarassed writing this but I take this quite seriously..I hope you do too.

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RE:The number 5

by Mandi - 9/28/14 3:07 AM
A Feiffer - the same is happening to me. Are you also getting messages?

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number 5 I dread

by annitawestley - 7/14/14 12:09 PM
I had 5 chilfdren list them all. Got married on the 5/5/75 fivorced due to relugious persecution. Had 5 mslteses- spca took them away. Had 5 lemon trees on my pavement - municipality got the off. Had 5 brothers, no disters- all died prematurely and bulouex me. Got job on the 5/5/ ,,5 year git fured unjustly wgen I couldbt affots it

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RE: "Occurrences"

by Truth Seeker - 7/11/14 9:16 PM
The information regarding the occurrence of the numeral 5 in the Qur'an is completely inaccurate. If "five" occurs three times in the Qur'an as stated, it is certainly not located in the Surahs (chapters) or Ayats (verses) indicated in this site. I was very impressed until I researched this matter. I now question the truthfulness or usefulness of the entire offering.

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5 Principles of Reiki

by Anonymous - 6/24/14 8:03 AM
Just for today I will not anger, I will not worry, I will be grateful, I will do my work honestly, I will be kind to every living thing

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RE: 5 Principles of Reiki

by Alisa - 7/09/14 9:21 PM
Hi to everyone. I am not a believer in numbers, or their supposed meaning. I am a Christian, and believe as written in scripture, it is GOD who decides our birth and our time of death.What is weird about myself, is that I was born on 5-5-1955, on Thursday, the fifth day of the week, and to add to all this, I was born at 5:07, the. Fifth hour, and to be complete, my birth name has five letters and my maiden name has 7 letters. So, I trust that God of the Holy Bible chose to bring me to life inHis timing and way. so, my last day will be on a five, only He knows. God's love to all, in Jesus's precious love, alisa

5 in my life

by Anonymous - 7/05/14 8:03 PM
Have a female friend that it seems when I think of her, I find money in multiples of 5. Nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar bill denominations. Most recently, today, texted her about a key of hers I had, looked down and picked up a 5 dollar bill. A little later on found a nickel. This has been going on since she moved up here in March. Just recently started putting the money aside, and am up to $7.40. Is it weird coincidence? Could be. Or is there something I am needing to see?

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question......... about credit

by Emmanuel Gonzalez - 6/21/14 9:55 PM
To who do i owe credit for this investigation of the number 5?

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the number 5 is a number of power

by Jamil Wyatt - 5/05/14 1:52 PM
I hope people take note

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4 and 5 are all over my life

by larrie collura - 3/18/14 1:29 PM
1955---01/04/55/my address adds up to 5

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Linked to the number 5

by SConley - 2/11/14 3:06 PM
Not my birthdate, but was born at 5:55 CST in room Hospital room 555. Hmmmmm

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Birthdate all fives!

by kenneth vick05 - 10/25/13 6:48 AM
kenneth r. vick. Born on the 5th day, the 5th year & the 5th month. May 5, 1955

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RE: Birthdate all fives!

by Anonymous - 1/26/14 11:22 PM
I am also born on 5/5/55

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