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Properties of the number 50






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23 Comments for Number 50 Symbolism, 50 Meaning and Numerology

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RE: Revelation of 50

by Maggie waruiru - 1/10/18 1:10 PM
Am turning 50. A great number. Total and awesome number. I thank God for all his goodness

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Revelation of 50

by Evangelist Strong - 7/19/17 9:07 AM
This is very enlightening as I just turned 50 and wanted to see the symbolism of the amazing number!

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RE: Revelation of 50

by Anonymous - 1/10/18 1:07 PM
Am turning 50 on jan 21st. I wanted to know the meaning, symbolism and biblical meaning of 50.Am enlightened and knowledgeable.

50 = infinite transformation

by Ferenz - 10/14/11 10:29 PM
5 is the pentagram, the energy, the transformation. o is infinity. endlessness.
50 = infinite transformation, infinite evolution. it is the number of the magician.

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RE: 50 = infinite transformation

by Anonymous - 12/31/17 8:03 AM
Anonymous speaks the truth!!!!It does suck finally someone who undertstands!!!!!!!!


by Anonymous - 10/28/17 7:32 PM
America in numbers adds up to 50, having 50 states

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Dream 50

by Sabz - 7/11/16 10:27 AM
I saw no 50 in dream as my house number so what does it means ??

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RE: Dream 50

by Anonymous - 12/11/16 3:30 PM
I guess you have bad kuck

Repeating #50

by Apollo Mayaimi - 11/13/16 12:48 PM
I've witnessed the physical phenomenon of Angel NumbersĀ® manifesting to me on Federal Reserve Notes for the past four years. Out of all the numbers that have appeared or repeated themselves to me was the #50

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by vimbai - 1/09/16 2:37 PM
This has helped me find the answer

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Melting Ice Blockd

by Anonymous - 4/15/15 9:25 AM
What does melting ice blocks encasing a human tarsal symbolize

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Minor correction

by Anonymous - 3/29/13 9:36 AM
"Fifty of the brotherhood of prophets assisted with Elisha to the removal of Elijah on a chariot of fire. (2 K 2,7)". Read this chapter again (I also missed this when I first read it):

Elijah was taken up on a whirlwind, not a chariot of fire (2K2:11) -It was to test that Elisha's heart and focus was set on Elijah such that the chariot did not distract him from what was set before him. Seems this chariot in this verse distracted more than just Elisha, it distracted us too...

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RE:Minor correction

by Anonymous - 7/26/14 10:11 AM
It was a space ship

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by norma-lori - 3/13/10 2:05 AM
wait 'till 60, then it sizzles

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RE: 50

by Anonymous - 3/21/14 10:38 PM
Hey, I just figured it out! You don't have to send the answers. That's totally fascinating! You're right - God has numbers and all other things in the universe all figured out too, doesn't He?

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Divine Association

by Anonymous - 10/23/13 7:49 PM
50 is also the number rank of the Mesopotamian Deity, Enlil

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Ascended Master

by Anonymous - 8/05/12 6:07 AM
The number 50 resonates with the term ascended master.

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RE: Ascended Master

by Anonymous - 10/16/13 1:02 AM
Dont believe that. It is a deception. 50 correlates with the redemption of Jesus by the grace of God. Anyone who is in Jesus Christ (not Christ consciousness) will be redeemed. Ascended masters are a deception.


by Anonymous - 1/05/10 9:45 AM
50 sucks

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