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Properties of the number 56






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Devil's Time

by Anonymous - 4/14/14 7:43 AM
The Devil's time is actually 3:33 am.
I see this time quite frequently due to bouts of insomnia.
I do however think it is a bit of a gimmick seeing as 666/2 is 333.
Seems human made although spirits could always mimic our beliefs to tease us.

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I'm back with more information

by Anonymous - 10/19/13 9:48 AM
Hey, I'm back. I'm the person from THIS CAN HELP ALL OF US and I've found better information. While digging, I found a few websites with meaning to the number and I found this

Satan's schemes:
When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it, Then it says "I will return to the house I left." When it arrives it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and out in order. Then it takes with it seven spirits (in this case, all of us) more wicked than itself, and they go and live there. And the final condition of that man is worse than the first

I don't know how reliable this is, but at this point, nothing sounds crazy unless someone says, "This is just a coincidence." Because it's obviously not if there are more than 3 people who are seeing this number.

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This can help all of us

by Anonymous - 10/19/13 8:38 AM
I have also seen the number 56 and it appears everywhere like the clock, channel, everywhere and I did some digging and in the bible, psalm 56 is. . .
Be merciful to me, my God,
for my enemies are in hot pursuit;
all day long they press their attack.
2 My adversaries pursue me all day long;
in their pride many are attacking me.
3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.
4 In God, whose word I praise—
in God I trust and am not afraid.
What can mere mortals do to me?
5 All day long they twist my words;
all their schemes are for my ruin.
6 They conspire, they lurk,
they watch my steps,
hoping to take my life.
7 Because of their wickedness do not[c] let them escape;
in your anger, God, bring the nations down.
8 Record my misery;
list my tears on your scroll[d]—
are they not in your record?
9 Then my enemies will turn back
when I call for help.
By this I will know that God is for me.
10 In God, whose word I praise,
in the Lord, whose word I praise—
11... more...

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by samru - 12/28/10 6:20 AM
so i see 56 in everywhere(really)
whats up with me.

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RE: hola

by Maggie - 9/06/13 9:01 AM
I 've been seen this number 56 costanly,sometimes i had showed it to my co worker and relatives and they agreed.

my birthday is 5/6/81

One inciddent caught my attention.

one night i woke up at 2:56am
it was weird, and some people said that at 3:00am is the time of the devil

what do you guys think?

Fifty six

by Peter - 5/31/13 9:13 AM
I was born in 1956
I am now 56 years old
This year in the Buddhist calendar is 2556
I liked all of the Heinz varieties except their broth
If you add “changing the locks”, “changing your number”, “emigration”, “NGO work abroad”, “becoming a bum” and “becoming a monk” there must be 56 ways to leave your lover.
It's getting cold in here – must be around 13 degrees Celsius
And it's getting late – 4 minutes to 1 in the morning.
I know this is too loony – or do I mean two lunar months?

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number 56

by Anonymous - 11/11/10 6:04 PM
I was born 12/12/1956. On 12/12/2012 I will be 56. I see the number 56 on my digital clock several times a day, every day.
Your information has been most helpful to me. Thank you, thank you

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RE: number 56

by Me too - 4/04/13 1:51 PM
I have a first love whose father was born in 1956, he would have been 56 years old now which is the time I started seeing 56 everywhere. I never met the man when his son and I were dating. Later I found out he passed and he has given me signs that he is around me. I don't know what this all means, but I know 56 is his signal to me regarding his son, whom I am not in contact with now. Since 5+6 = 11, I have longed believed that his son and I are twin (11 11) souls.

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by I Am - 3/26/13 10:12 AM
This number I found can represent testing and hope together. I know they seem an abstract mix, but I feel, at least in personal experience it feels so. For instance a powerful number in my life is connected to 56 and my birth number. BN x 56 = (after break down)a very powerful number in my life. I am still being hit with it.. Also be careful.. It always feels as though it is a a universal acknowledgement of a time of trial but of hope. This however may only mean that numbers. All of them possibly effect different aspects differently. For example, if you are even somewhat familiar with archetypes, look at numbers similarly. Maybe if you receive 56 when you start a new job it effects and represents something different enough but of the same energy source (or archetype) than if you see it your whole life, or etc etc

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Stop clogging the feed

by I Am - 3/26/13 10:00 AM
No offense, but I feel these pages would be more adequate if people only spoke when they had some insight to share.. Everyone just blurting out "yea I see it too" clogs the information filter.. Yes there is more to this reality that meets the eye, can we get deeper now though?

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About 56 And All Of Us Who Are Obsessed With It

by PinkDiamond - 3/19/13 11:13 PM
I think that all of us who see 56 everywhere should talk to each other, see what we have in common, and try to figure out what the common ground is. We should try and find out why we in particular have such a crazy obsession with this number.

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RE: About 56 And All Of Us Who Are Obsessed With It

by Erom - 3/23/13 9:38 AM
I agree totally, I've been seeing it constantly for two years now, I looked it up online for meaning and i don't know what to think now, I sort of liked it thinking it was a positive number but now I'm not so sure! Great to hear I'm not alone!


by Anonymous - 3/22/11 7:08 PM
Yes this number is driving me crazy, i always happent to look at the clock at X:56, my locker number is 56, my Boy scout troop is 156, what the heck dose the number mean. The only thing that kinda scares me is that 5+6=11, meaning chaos, and judgment!

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RE: 56

by Anonymous - 1/24/13 9:36 PM careful what you wish for

On 56

by Marc - 4/25/11 7:02 PM
I also happen to gaze at the clock and see the time X:56... then I started to search for its meaning. I pray that this does not mean something at all. My faith is stronger than anything that controls outside our being.

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RE: On 56

by Anonymous - 1/24/13 9:26 PM
I see the number either "56" or 5:55 and i know 5 has to do with grace and 6 has something probably to do with the devil.


by Anonymous - 11/19/10 12:45 PM
so i was in deep meditating. and i saw the numbers 51. 56. and 1. any purpose to that or no?

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RE: hm

by Anonymous - 1/24/13 9:23 PM
The same thing happens to me..I always see the number 56 and feel something weird...And my ex boyfriends screen name was "Itraitor56 which i think has something to do with the creepy illuminati

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by love shade - 11/25/12 1:56 AM

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Number 56

by Denise - 9/07/12 10:30 AM
I was born 2/22/1956. Which makes me 56 yrs old.
I have a lot of turmoil and financial issues in my live. Why?
When will my Liffey turn around?

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by Wayne - 4/24/12 9:45 PM
I wore the #56 in football. I also had it tattooed on m incorpted into one of my tats. Everytime i see the click it guves me the number 56. And I wanna live to see my 56th birthday :-) i know obsessed!

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The number 56

by Patty - 4/10/12 2:31 AM
The number 56 has been coming up in my life extraordinary amount of times. I was also born in 1956 and I have to say I'm firghtened.

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56 stereo

by Anonymous - 1/19/12 12:16 AM
My father expired at the age of 56.. Often ill be in my room n have the mysic on n be on the complete opposite side of the room doing something n the volume will increase by itself stopping only on thr numbe 56. I like to think my dad is visiting me.. But its a bit creepy n my frnds think Im doing a magic trick lol clearly no explanation other than dad.. =)

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Etch the Letters into Zero's, Please

by Not Voln Gharst - 11/15/11 1:28 PM
min/hr hand at 5/6 (17:30/5:30PM)
--->Yehoshua HaMashiach = 173 (english)
--->Jesus the Messiah (Hebrew Language)

56 seconds = 0.001555 Hours
--->1:55 (min/hr hand at 1/11)
--->1/111 = 0.0900900

9:00 PM = 21:00
--->21:21 = 9:21 PM
--->Yehoshua HaMashiach = 921 (Jewish Gematria)

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56 etching

by paranoid? - 8/16/11 3:35 AM
So I noticed today that someone etched 56 into my living room window... Any advice or any reason behind this would help

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number 56

by optional - 2/05/11 2:44 PM
I see the # 56 all the time as well. So much I made it my lucky #. It all started when my parents moved to 56th street.

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by jan - 1/20/11 7:15 AM
i see it too every day 10 times minimum i am going crazy about it!!on clock,tv,computer,everywere...

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by jan - 1/20/11 7:47 AM
could somebody tell my what it means? mi name on facebook is jan dudok..send my friend request if you can help