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Battery Life

by N1000 - 12/18/16 6:25 PM
My ipad has 59% battery left as I'm reading this...

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RE: Battery Life

by Anonymous - 10/07/17 8:39 AM
Not right now it does not. C:


by Bashir - 7/15/17 4:15 PM
ok,i started noticing this number59 around 2010 when i was 22 years old.i still see it today 2017.please if there's anyone or group who knows what it means should please search me up on facebook with the name " MI Bashir ".thanks.

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RE: Help

by Jade Keirn - 8/16/17 2:09 PM
My name is Jade Marie Keirn, I am 15 years old and for some reason, I look at the clock and more than most of the time its always a 1:59, 2:59, 3:59 ect. And I'm not sure what it means, and I've been searching up online and I finally came to this. And I'm hoping I could get some answers...


by nivin - 8/08/17 2:10 PM
Thank you so much for ur helpful information I just for the past couple months see the number 59#appear everywhere and Google's helpful answer was wonderful as usaul 🌷th🌷💛💛ssanks

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by Anonymous - 7/02/17 2:20 AM
I saw this number in my dream today

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by Roky Erikson - 4/08/17 3:44 AM
59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles!

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RE: 59

by Anonymous - 4/10/17 12:01 PM
I noticed this too.

59 is everywhere!!!

by Marco V. - 2/15/11 12:15 AM
I just hope someone can help me, i see this number so many times!!! Specially on the clock, please help me to bring a better understanding....This is driving me crazy!!! Thanks.

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RE:59 is everywhere!!!

by SharkBite - 9/19/16 7:17 PM
For the last few weeks, I have been seeing "59" everywhere as well. Luckily, I was smart enough to Google it, and now I know. Xoxo

RE: 59 is everywhere!!!

by Anonymous - 4/08/17 1:09 AM
59 on a clock is the last minute before a new hour. A new beginning may be on the horizon?

RE:59 is everywhere!!!

by Kristina - 4/10/17 4:48 AM
Alpha and the Omega..."clock" before noon or afternoon...RA

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by jubu - 1/04/13 8:24 AM
Maybe we should start a club... :))

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by Cindy q - 10/05/16 12:14 AM
4 years with 59 now. So freakish even my husband is freaked out...

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by mariah - 8/25/16 2:46 PM
I see 59 everywhere..what does this number mean...since 10 years i am experiencing this...i could never find out a proper meaning for this...but i strongly believe there is a meaning ...there wl definitely be a reason for this.

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The number 59

by Anonymous - 4/27/16 9:41 PM
I have been seeing the number 59 for the past few years. It started on the clock and was always 8:59.the am or pm. Which is also the numbers on one of my old addresses. It so weird! But now it could be many numbers. 7:59,8:59,9:59 ect. I have been praying about its meaning for some time now. And seeking answers. I was driving out of state recently and passed highway 59. I believe there is something significant to this. And God will reveal the meaning in time if we seek.

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RE: The number 59

by Anonymous - 8/25/16 2:35 PM
I am experiencing the same thing....since i was a child...i see number 59 very oftenly...almost 5 to 6 times a day...i could never find the meaning of that yet..

'59 (the worst of the 50's)

by Chris Landreth (clock numreology) - 11/15/11 10:29 AM
59th Day = 2/28 (feb 28)
2:28 (min/sec) = 148 seconds
148th Day = 5/28 (may 28
Yehoshua = 528 (Hebrew Gematria)

5/9 (may 9) = 129.0 Days
Yehoshua's Number = 1029 (Jewish Gematria)

5/9 (Sep 5) = 248th Day
--->248 PM = 14:48

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RE: '59 (the worst of the 50's)

by Christ-Ian - 6/27/16 10:27 PM
What's this supposed to point out? I'd rather not dig in too hard, pls explain ur analysis for me

59 makes me remember a person

by swathi - 3/22/16 1:00 PM
i am really mad by seeing this no. very often . i thought it is making me remember the person who have this number as roll no . but it's not like that i have realised. what was it ? i would like t know the meaning really by any cost...hope god helps me do so....

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the meaning for me

by Sori - 11/27/14 12:07 AM
So, I think that whenever you see the number your other half is thinking about or the person you are in love with..It's a telepathic sign. After months of seeing it and writting down all the events surounding it, I've come to the conclusion that is related to love..

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RE: the meaning for me

by Anonymous - 10/31/15 3:12 AM
I was thinking about something similar to that. Maybe it's a sign that whoever see's this number is similar to us or matches with us in any type of relationship.

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i see 59 all the time.

by Devona F - 8/27/15 9:27 PM
i always see the number 59

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by Ritzy - 11/12/14 3:59 PM
And its 22:59 now in London

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number 59 meaning found

by Ritzy - 11/12/14 3:58 PM
Hi all. I hv been seeing 59 past the hours for a few weeks after months of 11:11s, other repetitive numbers n my spirituality had begun with 1111s.
Here's copy n paste of what I found on 59 just came back to share with u guys

Here is a very special phrasing describing the True Meaning of the Number 59, PERSEVERANCE(59), which I could not have come up with unless I had been through such severe times:When you are down and out and just cannot go on...all looks so bleak, the challenges overwhelming, no apparent solutions and you are filled with are about to crash and then Miraculously you grad on to a scintilla of Eternal Energy, the True Source of Life Itself and YOU GO ON in Strength, Enthusiasm and with a heightened level of you have come to know and life PERSEVERANCE(59).This I know so very well.

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I m Also victim of no. 59

by Lalit : Punjab india - 7/13/14 11:14 AM
Yeah 5-6 times its appear as hh:59 at my watch or mm:59 (call duration)
Anybody can tell me its pros n cons...

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RE: I m Also victim of no. 59

by Anonymous - 8/23/14 3:20 PM
yea d same happens to me n i also uno y


by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:10 AM
59 is a sign of mental suffering.

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by Lalit Punjab india - 7/13/14 11:21 AM
Hey katie i m also want to knw same thing. N its significant also . IF u wld get the ans. Plz post d same here.

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mary in catholic is pagan worship of queen heaven of jeremiah

by here - 2/22/12 7:35 AM
pagan is rosary, mary givess no grace as grace was given at the cross.

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RE: mary in catholic is pagan worship of queen heaven of jeremiah

by Anonymous - 9/17/13 11:51 AM
i ask about the small letters because i have seen where 'catholics' are written this way and CHRISTIANS this way ... can you clarify?

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59 here and there

by Katie - 5/07/11 9:01 PM
Every single time I look at the clock it is always the 59th minute of the hour I wanted to know if there was any meaning behind that

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RE: 59 here and there

by eldon - 8/21/13 1:24 PM
numerology is a personal sort of thing between you and the Creator, but generally i start seeing 911's and 59's when time is nearly up/over, when i've been delaying on something, etc

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The number 59 (59C)

by K - 7/25/13 5:25 PM
I study and learn from my dreams.
Upon waking one morning,I hear a voice very clearly say "You must remember 59C". Just before waking someone actually showed me a paper with the numbers and letter in large black print. This has baffled me no end!

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what is 59

by Anonymous - 4/23/13 1:30 PM
Same thing.... 20 or 30 times a day.

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by pj - 4/14/13 3:28 PM
It's my lucky number, I am always starring at a clock when it shows the 59th minute for the hour to change. I wish I lived in a house numbered 59, but nonetheless I do not see it so too many times a day, maybe you just want to see it. But there's definetely something to it

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i see it too

by jubu - 1/04/13 8:21 AM
I also see this number very frequently, mainly as the time, the 59th minute, 5 or more times a day, this started happening to me a few years ago and i still see it every day. I wonder if it means anything.

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by Ar - 9/16/12 11:06 AM
the number 59, i always see it on good and bad moments in my life. i also found a red cross and it feels like someone more powerful wants me to keep it with me all the time!

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