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ISIS, Daesh

by Caracicatriz - 5/10/16 9:45 AM
JESUS = 74 and consists of 5 letters.

74 / 5 = 14.8 or 148

JESUS referred to himself as the MORNINGSTAR.

Morningstar = 148 in simple gematria.

JESUS = 444 in english gematria.

444 / 5 = 88.8; 888 being the number of Jesus in Greek Isopsephy.

LUCIFER is 74 also and 444.

ISIS: The group is also known as DAESH (داعش‎ dāʿish, IPA: [ˈdaːʕiʃ]), which is an acronym derived from its Arabic name ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fī 'l-ʿIrāq wa-sh-Shām ("Islamic State in Iraq and Syria"

Daesh in Jewish Gematria Equals: 108
Daesh in English Gematria Equals: 222
Daesh in Simple Gematria Equals: 37

Daesh is 5 letters:

108 / 5 = 21.6 or 216 (6 x 6 x 6)

222 (Antichrist-chapter) / 5 = 44.4 or 444 = LUCIFER

37 / 5 = 7.4 or 74 = LUCIFER


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by Caracicatriz - 5/02/16 2:20 AM
The Beast is Nimrod, obviously. His name equal 666 in hebrew gematria.

Nimrod Ben Cush = NRMD BN KS in hebrew.

NMRD = 294
BN = 52
KS = 320

= 666

294 is the standard gematria value of "six hundred threescore six".

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What is this?

by Anonymous - 4/26/16 1:55 PM
So I've done a numerological search on my birthday and name:

Birth date: Born in the dragon year 1988.

august 8
8 = 8 8 = 8

1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8
8 + 8 + 8 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6

And my name ( the result is 6 ) but i will not simply put my name due to privcy... but if there is anyone interested, you may get it if you put your email if any interest shown. Also I feel like numerology cant be real because if it was, would i be some kind anti Christ lol?
and yes you may check it for your self if you show interest and i will give you the information and it will seem astonishing and unreal, but i tell you it is the truth.

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RE: What is this?

by Anonymous - 4/26/16 2:03 PM
I forgot to say full birthday exept the last 4 ofcourse: 1988 08 08


by Anonymous - 4/25/16 5:35 PM
Brothers and sister as we know 1+2+3+4 until we reach 36 add to 666 when we carry on at reaching 63 we achieve is impossible for numbers to lie .peace brothers and sisters

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by Anonymous - 4/25/16 3:59 AM
Recep Erdogan = 666

666/ 12 (12 letters) = 55.5; 555 = Hattanninim (sea beast in hebrew gematria).

111 i standard gematria. 111 / 2 (names) = 55.5 also.

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by Anonymous - 4/25/16 3:43 AM
Recep Erdogan = 111 in standard gematria, 666 in English gematria.
Recep = 47, Tayyip = 96, Erdogan = 64
The number of his name is therefore: 479664

4+7+9+6+6+4 = 36 (666)
Recep Tayyip Erdogan is 18 letters (6+6+6)

Satan’s gematria is in Hebrew 359 (Shin (300), Tet (9), Nun (50))
In English: 330
In Jewish: 232
In Standard gematria: 55

Since the Beast is empowered by Satan we multiply The Beast number with Satan’s, which the bible tells us is 666. 359 is Satan’s original number since it is in Hebrew.

359x666 = 23 90 94 (2+3+9+0+9+4 = 27)
23+90+94 = 207
Recep Tayyip Erdogans full standard gematria is 207.

479664 x 330 = 158289120
1+5+8+2+8+9+1+2+0 = 36, the same as the number of his name.

479664 x 232 = 111282048 (111 = Recep Erdogan in standard gem.)
1+1+1+2+8+2+0+4+8 = 27 (999; coming back to this)

479664 x 55 = 26381520
2+6+3+8+1+5+2+0 = 27

27+27 = 54: (Nachash (Serpent) in standard gem and the year of his birth.
27 is 999; 999+999 = 1998
1998 / 3 (names) = 666

The number of his (Erdogan’s)... more...

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by Dustin James Kingdollar - 9/19/12 11:18 AM
Do the math. Dustin james Kingdollar. See You S00N

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RE: 1110

by Jesse Eichas - 4/19/16 8:35 PM
See me where DJK

English Gematria

by Anonymous - 4/16/10 7:12 AM
To learn more about English Gematria and 666 go to the google search engine and use the following keywords:

"Point Prophetic" or "666 calculator" or "666calculator channel You tube"

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RE: English Gematria

by 666 - 4/17/16 2:22 PM
between the years 1660 and 1760 (100 Years 1660-1760 (666) Britain come to power (little kingdom/horn) World #1 superpower was & is today. Royal state owns 6,600 million acres Todate what language does the world speek (ENGLISH). Number of a man 666 (english Gematria Table) The initials (JAL) J=60 A=6 L=72. 60+6=66+6=72 (666) The Islamic definition of the Antichrst in English DAJJAL (JAL) Chained up upon a island somewhere britain an (island) Now. Spread this information it's 100% please revise. The JAL initials find the name (First middle surname) What Gematria number is 6 is this man!

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666 or 33 33 33

by Mary Anne Brifman - 1/21/16 7:20 AM
Truth be Told I Scare Devils to Death, Normally!

Digits 666 plus 33 33 33 APPEAR frequently along with 10 or 1 in my life!

The number 5 over the past 5 years years continually props up but this has little to do with me at all except it is my last year of being in 50's!

Hopefully when I turn 60 on 18 December the mysterious 5 may leave me wiser as I hope to finsih the 50's with much more fulfilment in my 60's!

Over 35 years ago as well someone into NUMEROLOGY shared with me that:

My birthdate added up to + 33 & a also a 6!

My son's birthdate added up to + 33 & a also a 6!

My daughter's birthdate added up to + 33 & a also a 6!

They expressed my children were very lucky to me!

I, seriously wonder, if lucky in numerology represented, tears instead of laughter!

Often, when 3 X 6's & 3 X 33 doesn't equal a triple celebration in heartache on Earth!

I receive so may things with three six, six, sixes on it plus 1 which represents my name in numerology was deliberately imprinted on my AMEX card, too!

I tried to look it all up once upon a time but unfortunately, I am surrounded by far too many devils to worry about another circumstantial branding of 666!

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RE: 666 or 33 33 33

by Anonymous - 1/25/16 8:49 AM
sisters and brothers 2016 a year of all sixes begining 66th leap year of a 366 day year gregorian calender making march 6 the 66th day of year also 3rd month of year. chosen to represent mothers day.

number of a man 666

by jo lynn Shields - 12/13/15 12:37 PM
Revelations chapter 13. Number of man and his Nam is 6 three score and six. Francis born name is Jorge. The total worldwide names given at birth for Jorge is 1366600.

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666 English Gematria

by John - 4/16/10 7:10 AM
A=06 B=12 C=18 D=24 E=30 F=36 G=42 H=48 I=54 J=60 K=66 L=72 M=78 N=84 O=90 P=96 Q=102 R=108 S=114 T=120 U=126 V=132 W=138 X=144 Y=150 Z=156

Digital ID Chip=666

Bio Implant=666

E-Identity = 666

Mark of Beast=666

Satan's RFID = 666

RFID Body Tag = 666

RFID Scanner = 666

Image of Satan=666

Satanic Mark=666

Satan Cult = 666

Satanic magick = 666

Satan's Seal = 666

Zodiac Wheel = 666 Wiccan pagans = 666

Papal State = 666 Vatican Hill=666 Fatima Miracle=666

Islamic Lies = 666 Sharia Laws=666






Mondex Chip=666



Receive a mark=666

Sheol Devil=666

End Time Alien=666 (Aliens are really fallen angels)

Gray Aliens=666


... more...

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RE:666 English Gematria

by Drayton - 2/26/14 7:51 AM

One Thousand One Hundred Sixteen=[450+1590DSB]
One One One Six=[450+474YESHUA]


Immediately after completion of 2013 i turned 51,at "Three:Zero Six am"=[450+666] Jan.1/14

RE:666 English Gematria

by Drayton Scott Bonyun=1590 / a=6, b=12, c=18.....Z=GOD156 - 2/26/14 11:39 AM
The FIRST and LAST BOOK of The Old Testament,

The FIRST and LAST BOOK of The New Testament,

Their Values: 468, 282, 540, 726





The CENTER BOOK of The Old Testament

The CENTER BOOK of The New Testament
Second Thessalonians

Proverbs 690+1296 Second Thessalonians


Now come back to the FIRST and LAST BOOKS of O.T.and N.T.
add each digit of each sum of the four values
written in words:



[1590 + GOD + 666 + 1590] = [1986+2016]

RE:666 English Gematria

by DSB - 2/27/14 3:24 PM
GOD+666+216+Barack Hussein Obama=[2016]

The Fourty Fourth President=[2016]

Im still not sure what to make of this man,
whos name and details of his life, are saturated
with 666 features[enough to write a short book...really!]

RE:666 English Gematria

by Drayton - 2/27/14 6:17 PM
Barack Hussein Obama=[978]
Nine Hundred Seventy Eight=[*1650*]

Six Hundred Sixty Six=[*1650*]

RE:666 English Gematria

by Drayton Scott Bonyun 1590 - 2/28/14 3:35 PM
If Barack were to put in a third term, his inauguration date "January Twentieth,Two Thousand Seventeen"=[666+216+2016],would be in the 666th month from his Birth.

"January Twenty,Twenty Seventeen"=[888+1590]

RE:666 English Gematria

by Drayton - 5/31/14 2:46 PM
(ADAM)987yrs. 666yrs. 2368yrs. 1995yrs(yr.2014)

In Greek Jesus Christ=2368

RE:666 English Gematria

by mike check - 1/20/15 1:56 AM
count the COMPUTER = 666 explanation plssssss

RE:666 English Gematria

by check - 1/22/15 2:57 AM
world war 3 was come before jesus christ

RE:666 English Gematria

by Anonymous - 2/22/15 10:50 AM
Rev 20v4 beheaded 666 now 667 Nehemiah 7 v 18 Christ the head

RE:666 English Gematria

by oh - 6/27/15 7:13 PM
Jesus was made a curse for us to take away our sins 666
Curse=66 English ordinal a=1b=2 c=3 etc.

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I might be the antichrist

by Ian - 11/14/14 8:50 PM
my birth day was August 31 of 1985. August is the only month that has six letters in it. Also the 31st was on a Saturday which is related to the planet Saturn and is the sixth day of the week. My sign of the zodiac is Virgo which is the sixth sign of the zodiac. also the number 8 sideways is a satanic symbol. Also take 31 and reverse the number you will get 13 which is a satanic symbol. I have also been possessed on a number of occasions by a very powerful demon after playing on a Ouija board and they told me to worship Satan. I remember that this horrible odor followed me around the house. When I was laying in bed they began to control my hands than all of a sudden I began to perform enochian, that's what they called it. It was very scary because they used hand symbols to control the possession. when my finger was pointed at my belly I felt pressure on my belly and than it felt like fire rising through my abdomen. I am dead serious. My mom doesn't believe me because she thought that it was a dream that I... more...

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RE: I might be the antichrist

by The Anti Yehoshua Christ - 4/26/15 8:07 AM
You're not the beast.

I am an extraordinary close fit, much more so than you, and apparently more so than anyone I can find. The number of my name is the number of a man as well as the beast. It is also 666 in several transliterations, and corresponds with 1318 as well. And when I say that I mean multiple interwoven layers throughout the entire bible, in context. The exact time and date of my birth is the same numbers.

Coincidentally, those same numbers, when put in the proper order as described, works as a mathematical formula to describe a symbol. That symbol represents the meaning of my name. Call it the mark and number of my name.

And that's just a small part of it. When you combine that with a number of other things to specify my identity, it also all lines up. And when you further apply it to other religions besides Christianity, there is even more that fits.

I have natural 'horns', and my name backwards when considering etymology actually means "The Anti Yehoshua Christ".

I was born under the... more...

Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74)

by Brad Watson, Miami - 11/29/13 10:39 PM
A=1,B=2...Z=26 is Step 2 of Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74=G7+E5+M13+A1+T20+R18+I9+A1)

Step 1 of Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) is simply counting the number of letters in a word/name/phrase and giving that number symbolic significance, i.e. GOD(3) is symbolic of the Holy(4) Trinity(7), Sabbath(7)/Shabbat(7)/Shabbos(7) on the seventh(7) day, Hanukkah(8)/Chanukah(8) like Passover(8) is an eight-day(8) festival(8), E PLURIBUS UNUM(13) is symbolic of the Original 13 United States. Thus...

Ronald(6) Wilson(6) Reagan(6): the "666 1st Beast who was the 'Great Deceiver'. His actions were the opposite of the Christ. He was the ruler of the world, lied to all nations and was wounded yet lived." Actors Ronnie and Nancy Reagan appeared in only one movie together: 'Hellcats Of The Navy'. When they bought their California ranch, its address was 666 St. Cloud Road - they immediately had it changed to 668. Reagan was born on 2/6, Matthew 2:6 (KJV), "Out of you will come a governor to rule my people... more...

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RE: Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74)

by Anonymous - 3/18/15 8:09 PM
You are joking that is most ridiculous thing I ever heard you need to study Scripture and not politics

Agrippa II’s coin = 666

by Anonymous - 12/07/13 12:47 PM
Agrippa II's coin = 666

"the coin was in the market in year 6 of Agrippa II’s reign, i.e. A.D. 66."

Calculation solved by the "Greek Beta Code" system & some common sense.

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RE: Agrippa II’s coin = 666

by Anonymous - 2/22/15 11:02 AM
Jesus became SIN 666 for us but was without sin that we might be made the righteousness of GOD in him he was made a curse 666 for us and was numbered with the transgressors 666 now 667 our head CHRIST

Add my name to this list

by Dale Sebastian Mango - 2/08/15 10:24 AM
In English Gematria (a-1 b-2...) my name is D4 A1 L30 E5 S100 E5 B2 A1 S100 T200 I9 A1 N50 M40 A1 N50 G7 O60 = 666
I am the founder of the Royal Republic of Wolfland (don't bother looking it up) and a satanist. My nickname is Fox or 6 60 600. My friends call me Satan or Lucifer... that is just after they found out my name was equal to 666. This is all Coincidental.

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Felix y manalo

by chekcheck - 1/20/15 4:02 AM
can you count it for me plsssssss FELIX MANALO i dont know what middle name is him ASAP

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Carbon based life

by Ryan - 2/01/13 6:25 PM
Carbon has 6 protons 6 nuetrons and 6 electrons and all life on the material plane is carbon based.Coal,oil,diamonds...all carbon.Its just the vibration that life is tuned into on earth.All plants and all animals including humans.I think we are capable of tuning into higher frequencies of existence if we dont allow ourselves to become attached to these things and BE LOVE.

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RE: Carbon based life

by Anonymous - 11/25/14 2:23 PM
Coal and oil are burned to destroy the planet, blood diamonds, carbon monoxide poisoning etc
I dont get your point

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by brother in christ +++ - 3/21/12 4:54 AM
for all those who are fearful when you see or hear 666 and think world ending catastrophies. just remember the book of revelation .....has *******A HAPPY ENDING******. if you have been good boys and girls.......MERRY CHRISTMAS. yes i know its nearly EASTER....but when god loves you and you love god back , its always a day of celebration in your life.....AMEN to that

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RE: 666

by nagari - 10/25/14 12:00 AM
packard and his DNA. Julie is the scarlet prostitute . geneticlly engineered fish and food.The third bush looks bad. Nuke waste dump site in Julie's sancuary and blackmailing the gov. to controll EPA -NOAA and overtake of all water ways . ( ASTRA POOLING) The players of the past ( DNA) the sons of the wicked are in power today (Kennedy) asasenation . MK ULTRA - Haarp ELF waves -roman catholic church they killed JESUS at33.3 years old Simon Peter the fisherman at 66.6 years. JESUS returned to complete the cycle at 99.9 years . The suns solar MAX. on GODs clock and his calendar 28 day 13 months 364 days a year. (CACULUS) 144000/99.9= 144144144144 Issic newton do math

my birthday

by small town something - 6/02/11 8:44 AM
Growing up everyone around me said i was evil...does it mean anything that my birthday is june 16th??...and now as i turn into a adult women i wonder if its true cuz my life is still bad now that ive grown up more...

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by Kaye - 10/02/14 8:59 AM
Read Psalm 139:12-16 and just believe this the rest or your life and stay in the word of God his thoughts are good toward you.

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Angelic number

by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:19 AM
Used by earthly angels.

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about the microchips....

by l.s. - 3/20/13 10:37 PM
my b-day is 5/27/81, birth time 6:33am; i don't know how/where the last "6" comes from,, but people who know numerology, say i'm that "number of man."

anyhow, i saw below, a post by Michael, which read about microchips, and, implied we all have them. i have to call his assertion into question, for i disagree with it.

the 99 team doesn't need "microchips" to control humankind. they are bio-electrical engineers,(B.E.N.) who have our minds on lockdown via electromagnetic frequencies. they have our "numbers" which is like being micro-chipped; they can simply "ping" us, should we happen to be out of line. (our brains work just as computers do).

and, all this free-think business is absolute nonsense. so, it was just by happenstance, that so many people suddenly became "free-thinkers?" NOT! that's mind-control. those people are just more enslaved by a higher level of the matrix.

if you can break through the matrix/paradigm/prison grid... you will know, because you'll be completely alone. people appear as... more...

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RE: about the microchips....

by oh - 7/09/13 12:41 PM
religious doctrines and names are the antichrist jesus was made a curse for us to redeem us from the curse of the law


by brother - 6/03/13 1:39 PM
check out the word play on this.....those 2 idiots who killed the solider in woolich london are called MIcHAel'S ADebowALe & ADeboLAJo. the islamic anti christ or false messiah is called MASIH AD DAJJAL. .look at the names of the 2 men. and you can make the word MASIH AD DAJjAL. these 2 really are the enemy within islam . just like the EBOLA virus which you can also make out of their names. their toxicity poisions their own kin as well as ours. islam isnt a threat to christianity bad muslims are . and christianity isnt a threat to islam bad christians are . we all share the same elders adam moses abraham . the enemy we are fighting is the evil one within ourselves......i am capable of doing bad but the grace of gods light within me and friendship with the almighty keeps me on the good red road .....peace brothers and sisters

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English Gematria Dictionary

by waronsatan - 6/01/13 7:54 PM
To learn more about English Gematria, please visit my blog "waronsatan" at Blogspot. My blog is titled: English Gematira Dictionary.

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CNN Ireport, Websites and a Live Channel with 666 Evidence

by steven odber - 3/04/13 11:42 AM
Ireport is CNN "the devil on earth 666" Justin tv Channel /monkeyjuiced The author has been crippled by satan and has dated 666 ID at the same time as his handicap startdate.

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religious and moral education

by Adwoa Amoafi - 1/31/13 2:40 AM
i want you to talk about the 666 and the apocalypse and revelation

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