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by Stephen Paul Wilson - 5/25/14 6:29 AM
The Logos Rhythm

“Did you know the number 666 the beast is that of the ‘human’ being

Yes the very ones who have got us in this ‘mess’ can you believe what you are seeing?

The beast 666 branded a ‘number’ you see the ‘devil’ is at work some call him Satan

What do we do the weak and the poor Jesus believers just ‘watch’ and stand there waiting?

Well maybe I have got a ‘solution’ that will suit us all right down to the ground

A ‘sign’ you want is it none believers, a message from the ‘other side’ ok that is sound!

Well here is my ‘solution’ as I am very good with maths E= Mc2 is 6666 = Fact

Earth = Mass Christ ‘squared’ the numbers are right so let’s all act

In all truth I tell you the ‘proof’ will be in the pudding, no more wine press

For the ‘bride groom’ is coming back watch closely will you all be my guests?”

‘the stone which the builders rejected that become the cornerstone’


“The lots are being ‘designated’ for the New World... more...

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by Chris - 10/19/17 1:21 AM
E = mc2. Turn E 180 degrees is 3. m turn 90 degrees is 3 c is third letter of the alphabet. 333 x 2 = 666. The truth is in plain sight. Also, the world is a stage and we are the fools, sorry I meant players. Wake up sheeple

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i was born 6-26-66 i'm the 6 son i have 6 brothers and 6 sisters and i was born at 6:06pm

by Anonymous - 12/22/15 5:04 AM
what does it mean cause 1 problem after another ever since i was born

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RE:i was born 6-26-66 i'm the 6 son i have 6 brothers and 6 sisters and i was born at 6:06pm

by God - 10/04/17 3:37 PM
You must be the devil

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RE: 6666 coment

by Anonymous - 6/12/09 6:35 AM

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RE: RE: 6666 coment

by Anonymous - 6/07/17 5:27 PM
Reviewing the meaning of 6666

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by Anonymous - 5/29/17 2:56 PM
3.27.1998 =3.6.666

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by OK - 2/28/17 10:34 AM
my friend told me about this site so i decided to go on this site and i do not get this

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by KamronAbrams - 1/16/17 10:06 AM

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by Anonymous - 7/10/16 1:50 PM
Have a question that Has been bugging me since I was a kid. I have always felt like things were not right or like the world was backwards. I have been obsessed with numbers because I see recurring ones a lot. But I was born on 6/21/08 at 11:28am. But what really bothers me is my mom gave birth to me in room #666. She at the time was reading some book that was about Damien. She told the nurse that if I was a girl that She was going to Name me Angel. Because she felt a girl would be a giift from God. Before me she had my three brothers. But to top it off my moms dad is mine. So serious question does this mean I was marked with the beast the minute I arrived in this world? Am I doomed for eternity or ? if anyone could give me insight It would be awesome because this is just driving me insane.

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RE: Confused

by Anonymous - 10/15/16 4:25 PM
Those could be angel numbers.

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The number 66666

by ... - 8/29/16 11:41 PM
Well i have one dollar back in change and the number on the dollar had 66,666 on it. Im actually not as scared as i used to be since this has been happening to me for about 4 or 5 years now. Not just with 6s' but with 111 222 333 444 555 and so on. Doesnt feel good all the time but sometimes im just okay with it. I accept that im a great sinner. I do what i think is right, and if its wrong then i correct it. If i cant then i accept myself as an imperfect human, with sins.

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just a heads up

by Anonymous - 6/11/16 2:21 PM
Anyone who believes the devil only has 6666 followers is greatly mistaken. The angels of heaven greatly outnumber the stars and that is after the devil was cast out. When Lucifer, the devil, was cast out he took 1/3 of the angels with him. And that's just of the angels, there are other things in heaven, hence the devil had even more just angels in his army. There is an old saying,"when taking a castle attack with 10 times the forces". LUCIFER was beautiful and wise in God's sight. God is infinitely wise, so we know Lucifer is far wiser than any man. If he didn't have more troops God then his troops were definitely stronger. Bottom line the devil is not someone you want to mess with.

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this stuff

by sherry - 4/08/13 9:11 AM
look i dont believe any of this i believe in god and everything but thbis devil stuff i dont thank its real we dont have any sine of proof this is real we dont have sing god is real but i am a proud christian and yet i dont belive in the devil i believe there is evil in the worl but i do not believe its the devil. see we can only make ourself bad thats it its not the devil in side of us its are actions and are controls. so as i said yeah i dont believe in the devil please respond and ik all of yall were not born 6666 it really tells you how many people in the world share the same birthday as you

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RE: this stuff

by Anonymous - 6/11/16 2:08 PM
None are as blind as he who will not see.I won't ask anyone to believe me, but I have seen the devil and he is very real, though I agree most of the contents are just people being paranoid. Lucifer the devil does not care about each individual the way God does, his eyes are on the masses. He was condemned and will take as many of us with him as possible in an attempt to spite God."the little fox spoils the vine" and that is the way the devil will get the masses. Many so called Christians will be in those masses. Lucifer seeks to spite God, not by fighting against him, but by completing one last job. Eliminating the weak.


by Anonymous - 1/09/13 8:02 PM
I dreamt about 6666, white dove, black snake, and the time is near, somebody can tell me whats that mean, tq

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RE: 6666

by Anonymous - 6/11/16 1:57 PM
The devil is black snake, to become as a white dove after bathing in the blood of 6666 demons

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It's Devil playing with our mind

by Anonymous - 12/18/13 5:05 PM
Recently I have been seeing 6666 too but in this situation I felt that maybe devil is playing one of his mind games with me so I said "There is no power nor might except with Allah(Almighty GOD)". By saying this and believing in it will make Devil and demons powerless and leave you alone.

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RE: It's Devil playing with our mind

by Anonymous - 6/11/16 1:54 PM
The devil only leaves you alone when he has won.

Im scared

by tim - 10/08/15 2:37 AM
i have a social security number with 6666 in it.... i want to change it but its not possible as per government rules.... actually i have so many problems regarding govt. requirements and dealing with people related to government... im so scared!!!! i had an a dream so scary and it happend... the good thing is that i think God saved me... God out of the situation but still having trauma and threats.... im just keeping praying an remembering my faith....

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RE: Im scared

by Snoop Satan - 5/30/16 8:20 AM
Sure GOD has time to save you from your paranoids BUT not saving millions starving LOL = HOAX HOAX HOAX

I'm screwed am I not

by Anonymous - 5/04/16 8:09 AM
My BC (birth certificate) is 6666....
Something big is going down

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Spread the word.

by NorthwoodsChippewa - 3/18/16 4:38 AM
Lets hope to see more posts on this forum anybody who reads coppy and paste url into more active forums related to the material but express the fact its important to read most of "The General" section of the page before the forum posts

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by lenard chenayagot - 2/05/16 9:44 AM

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by 666 - 10/06/15 7:38 AM
i have kids

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by im Labeeb - 4/27/15 10:02 PM
I was born june 6 an was 6lb 6 onces i was fighting for my life at birth an it was between 2 blood types an ever since i was lil i can hear them speak an somtimes see. When people ask me questions the word of God comes out after my own sentence i need some words from anybody to keep my mind an spirit pure contact me email princebeeb09

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RE: hi

by Jason - 6/23/15 7:12 PM
Keep calm and prasy Jesus.


by Jason - 6/23/15 7:09 PM
on my Florida license my name date of birth equals out to the number 6666 for my security

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by Anonymous - 7/15/12 12:20 AM
6+6+6+6 = 24 =2+4 = 6

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RE: 6666

by Jesus - 11/07/14 8:43 AM
10+9=21 omg
6+6=2 number of the beast I found it lel

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REV. 13:18 "666"

by Drayton - 10/29/14 10:25 PM
"Drayton Scott Bonyun, In Revelation Chapter Thirteen Verse Eighteen, You Are The One Who Will Count The Number Of The Beast"

= 666 + 6666

a=6 , b=12 , c=18....Z=GOD156

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RE: REV. 13:18 "666"

by Drayton Scott Bonyun = 1590 - 10/29/14 11:07 PM
666 + 6666 - 1590DSB = 5742

5742 - [1590DSB + "Count The Number Of The Beast"]= [1590+666+216]


Count The Number

"THE 450 AND 666 CODE" = 1590

450 + 666 = 1116 (1THESSALONIANS 5 is Bible Chapter 1116)


Noah's Ark was 450 feet long
"RESCUED" = 450

11:11 Misconceptions

by Anonymous - 8/03/14 9:50 AM
People misinterpret the 11:11, which like how ascension has been taken from rapture and then twisted, the 11:11 significance has been misunderstood as well. It relates to the 11th hour workers who are called into God's service the last hour before tribulation. Which, look at the earth, we are not in a positive place and all our manifesting and focusing on materialism (the vibration of 6) is harming us. In the bible numerological system, 6 represents man and materialism. 7 represents divine perfection. We stay stuck in materialism and never reach our perfection. During the 11th hour, when the Earth is in peril due to the work of the hands and minds of mankind and his inability to "repent" for this work and the plagues created, God calls upon his servants to come into service, for the opportunity to atonement (at-one-ment). This isn't about focusing on ourselves to manifest our hopes and dreams but about serving a higher cause. In Matthew it states that it is not a time to be idle.

Yes, numerologically, the... more...

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by Stephen Paul wilson - 5/25/14 6:17 AM
Eureka I Have Got Your Number!

“Better the devil you know is this ‘saying’ a trick

For aren’t all human beings ‘numbered’ with a 666

Surely there is a number missing just to ‘even’ things up

Well that is the ‘problem’ they are drinking from the devils cup

You see the problem with numbers is that even ‘Einstein’ got flustered

Me I just turned to ‘Jesus Christ’ told you the man was mustard!

“He was nearly right, Jesus said, just got his sums ‘mixed up’ all wrong”

So it’s left to me to ‘add’ and ‘subtract’ wish I would of known all along

If you simply divide E = m the number of Satan 666

Now this is where Jesus Christ comes in dead handy full of His tricks!

then if you add ‘c2’ to the ‘E = m’ by magic you get 6666 squared

But because we are all ‘just numbers’ no one, could of would of dared

To grasp the real ‘meaning of life’ I mean it’s more than a number

It’s alright ‘squaring’ your carrots or even ’adding’ your... more...

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RE: I am a muslim

by Anonymous - 5/04/14 12:15 PM
You are not a Muslim my pathetic friend. You are a prisoner, a deluded sociopath in need something greater than tunnel vision.

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by Anonymous - 5/04/14 12:05 PM
6666.06. the six cents were eliminated when penny's lost virtually all practical value. Prior to 6666.06, 6666 was another way Christian mutant mind benders were able to thicken the deception of God, the Devil, Jesus and all the other constituents of Christian mythology.

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