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Properties of the number 72







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by Anonymous - 3/08/15 1:56 AM
did you know 72 percent of your body is made of water

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by Anonymous - 3/08/15 1:55 AM
the average adult heartbeat is 72 bets per second when resting

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the number 72 meaning

by Anonymous - 9/06/14 12:01 PM
i had a dream recently, and i was in a bus i knew i was supposed to take which was #72, and i got to a place far away from home and ended up in a hospital, but inside it was like a mall. and after walking around the mall , that i have seen in my dreams few times , i walked out and went to take the same bus home which was 72. i got on the bus as i was minding my own business when i see all the people in the bus pointing a gun at me and i was so scared. i didnt know if i should text my mom and let her know how much i love or her just give my phone and my ring to the girl sitting beside me (which was the only one not pointing a gun at me) and i thought of the ring i always wear, (the ring for me means a lot, since it the engagement ring of my parents, but obvs my mom doesnt wear it anymore cause my parents are divorced now) anyway i think i woke up from the dream and i couldn't continue it, but i was honestly wondering what that all meant.

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RE: the number 72 meaning

by bercanna - 3/05/15 9:08 AM
That was an important dream for you ! When a dream has that 'staged' feel it means that a message is being given. The hospital /mall : healing and also acquisition-meaning that you are to heal but also get something . The return home ... you faced great threat trying to get there- maybe this is speaking to you on a couple levels...the circle of the ring means wholeness maybe for and of yourself, allowing your feminine side to integrate-Jung said we all have and need both masc. and fem. qualities to be a whole person. You expressed such love towards the feminine when faced with death. You're awesome and headed for more awesome ! In the real world the choice to bond with a female-'you and me against the world' might be real life choices you will consider, and maybe this is a moment to get beyond your parents divorce and allow yourself to choose love and take a chance...The 72 ? I live off rt 72 in Jersey/it is haunted as %#!!!!*&! and that's why I'm here-


by Anonymous - 6/28/12 12:47 PM
I can't believe i'm not the only one who sees this number everywhere, i feel like i have a special connection to this number. This must mean something. Everything i do and everywhere i go includes the number 72. What if we have been chosen for something? Or it's a warning? could just be a group of paranoid people though haha

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RE: 727272772727272727277272727272

by i am - 3/03/15 7:04 PM
Showing up for me too, go Jesus

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Addition of successive 7's and 2's

by N'th - 2/06/15 6:53 AM
Btw, 7+2+7+2=18
18 = 6+6+6 !!!!!!

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Co-incidence ?

by N'th - 2/06/15 6:50 AM
Latest plane crash :
The flight, which had been bound for Taiwan's Kinmen Island, crashed into the Keelung River just 72 seconds later.
Also, It's my birthday tomorrow.....

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number 72 in reverse is 27 . 2 +7=9 . look at the occult links and the age 27 death list .

by seventy ll - 1/19/15 3:57 PM
Are numbers a man made creation . Do they really hold any power . Please explain this to me . Q

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by Anonymous - 6/28/12 12:40 PM
Ever since in year 4 i selected my favourite number completely at random as '72' it is everywhere, everywhere i go its always there, it either jumps out at me or i can look around to find it, but usually i don't look out for it, i read on wikipedia that there are 72 demons and its quite scary. It must be some sort of sign

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...and then there's

by Anonymous - 1/16/15 10:00 AM
The 72 virgins you get if you are martyred in the name of Islam.

Class of '72

by Michael301 - 12/30/14 1:34 PM
I have Recently discovered a '72 HS classmate (we both stayed back to get to) has used the sacred "honeycomb " symbol for his Very Profitable Business (higher profits during wartime).. Our mothers both died from their own hands. We both discovered their bodies. We Both erected stone monuments in their memory for public use (fountain/table ). We have both suffered broken-necks (mine 1st; a hangman's break).. & treated by same Dr. who moved from my area to his area 190mi. away in time to treat my ?Nemesis? .. He now lives in town I spent several yrs as a child living in. Our present towns use same letters: Tulsa/Altus. This is just the Top of List...there's my 1st Sex- he drove me to..He once piloted a piper,he & I only & when flying over "Devils Canyon, OK " lost All Radio contact for rest of trip... there's more... HOPE SOMEONE HERE HAS SOME INSIGHT INTO THIS ( SYNC )

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My Date of birth !

by N'th - 11/28/14 5:21 PM
I arrived here because of my fascination with numerology as a result of my date of birth, which is.....7/2/72
My life has not been easy as I was born with a brain malformation and survived numerous bleeds/haemmorages, radiotherapy and a few other head injuries and treatments/operations.
The word CHAOS would sum it up.
I am sure there is significance in my life as a result of this and to see all this up here is breath-taking !
(To say the least!!!)

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by Anonymous - 11/23/14 11:50 AM
Since June of this year that my son was killed together with my grandson and daughter in law I have been seeing the number 72 everywhere I go I want to know what it means...

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72 Hours

by Anonymous - 8/25/14 9:03 PM
Jesus was in the grave 72 hours 3x24.

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by Anonymous - 7/31/14 1:44 PM
In my opinion.

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RE: Synchronicity

by christopher k - 8/23/14 8:28 PM so? just the number itself?... 7-2=5 and 5-2=3 and 7/2=3.5 ahhh.. maybe?! definitely has the qualities of syncrotic. let me know


by Anonymous - 8/04/14 12:02 AM
i was walking with my friend down the street then a random guy came up to us and started saying weird stuff but after he told us to remember the number 72 and im feeling kinda weird about it now that i've read some of the comments

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by ckc - 6/08/14 6:38 PM
Playing bingo yesterday with lots of people I needed O72 and won $72 that round. Thought it was weird. who knows

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At work

by Anonymous - 4/14/14 3:44 AM
As a cashier a few weeks ago I started noticing the number 72 because it came up all day long. A customers total would be 13.72 or 72.64 or their change would be .72. I brushed it off as nothing until it became unnoticeable. Their total would be 72.72 or 94.94 which would also come up all day. I even told another girl to watch this transaction. It would be the same two numbers for the total or the change. Sure enough the change was 72.72. That night my aunt was rushed to the hospital and died the next night. Now I cant stop thinking about these numbers and why they showed up all day long if for any reason at all... And im feeling pretty crazy...

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by Interested - 3/24/14 5:39 AM
Felt I should have a say considering what it was that got me to find this page.
I watched a video on Youtube last night about Sonic Geometry and the relevance of the number 432.
I spent the night and then today playing with it and maths and found some interesting things.

72 is 1/6 of 432
720 is double 360, 360 being 6x60.
1/3 of 432 is 144.
144 ÷ 432 = 0.333333etc...
72 x 12 = 864
432 x 2 = 864 - 1% of seconds per day (86,400)
72 ÷ 6 = 12
12 x 3 = 36
36 x 2 = 72
72 x 5 = 360
720 x 3 = 2160 (One Great Month "Mayan Calander" also diameter of the moon)
(1/12 of "One Great Year "Mayan Calander" 25920)
2160 ÷ 5 = 432
432 x 60 = 25920
72 x 360 = 25920
25920 ÷ 6 = 4320 ÷ 6 = 720
6 x 6 = 36 x 6 = 216 x 12 = 2592
36 x 24 = 864 x 3 = 2592 ÷ 72 = 36

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this info and I highly recommend watching the sonic geometry movie as it covers a lot about numbers and music.

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RE: 432

by Anonymous - 4/02/14 2:25 PM
you make some big mistakes


by french - 2/06/14 2:50 AM
Still researching the number 72-my cell phone was hitting this number for several minutes in december.The address to my new job is 7200.I just received this info a few weeks ago!

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by Anonymous - 9/19/11 8:24 AM
The phi ratio is made with the sides of both Isosles triangles that use 72 degrees. Interestingly both of these triangles feature in the pentogram.

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by PHIL - 1/07/14 1:56 AM

6x6x6 divided by 3 equals 72.

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number 72

by lashawn - 2/25/11 10:23 AM

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RE: number 72

by Kary - 10/20/13 12:30 AM
72 septuagent priests determined what books in the bible would be canonized. The downfall of man.


by Aston - 7/17/13 7:02 AM
I had a dream that only 72 people in the world could fly and I was one of them

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by Anonymous - 8/09/10 6:52 AM
I just had a dream last night about 72 n saw it three times. Is it symbolizing999?

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72 lxxii

by Radical Edward - 5/26/13 6:12 AM
I have a shirt that says
Supplies'. Indigo and supplies are curved to fit in the circle it is in and the rest is like how I wrote. It is like a seal. It is weird because it says indigo which to me relates to indigo children or whatever.
I wanted to know what LXXII meant in numerals and it is 72. I wonder what it means.


by Susan Olsen - 4/08/13 9:52 AM
I had a visitation from Judy in a dream this morning. I hugged her very long and very tight. My eyes were wide open because I was sooo happy to see her and feel her. I asked her what Heaven is like two times. She said it had increminations of 72!

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Catholic and Protestant Bibles

by Anonymous - 4/02/13 7:34 PM
The number of books in the Catholic Bible is 72. In the Protestant Bible, it is 66. 66 plus the other 6 makes 72.

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RE: Catholic and Protestant Bibles

by Anonymous - 4/02/13 7:37 PM
Strangely similar to the division of the word "curse" mentioned above.

AC Brotherhood

by Desmond17 - 7/30/12 6:42 PM
How many of you Played AC Brotherhood? The Number 72 is the code to the god's throne to receive the apple of Eden. 72 must be really important. This year they say it's the end of the world. It's not. In 2084 the end of the world will occur. Believe me. It will be the end of the world. Thank You for your time.

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RE: AC Brotherhood

by Kristin - 1/03/13 3:11 PM
I played Assassins Creed brotherhood...great game!!! Yes, the code was 14-19, 14-20, and 14-21. The character explained all of it. Found it very interesting.